♥20111020♥ I'm Officially NINETEEN!

21 October 2011

Herloo People ♥♥!! I'm legally & officially Nineteen years old~ :3 
Happy Birthday to me..Happy Birthday to me..Happy Birthday to me..Oh nooo! I'm going to be twenty next year :) I'm so happy but as usual I still need to attend my class today...Lyvia and Mr.Kitty skip their afternoon class..Sorry make you guys skipped your class :P
 Miss my BabyG 12?! HAHAHA long time didn't use it since I bought my Iphone4 :3 Attending the morning class today with Hweesin and she pass me a present :D Thanks sweetie! with a small little note paper there.~ awesome..
I'm crazy because I'm in a good mood today*i'm bday girl! Prepare and can't wait for the end of the class..Waiting for Alvin gor to join us :3 All of us planned to enjoy the promotion @ Sushi King but still waiting Lyvia to come~ with her boyfie~Can't wait to see them i know there will give me surprise  :P
Lyvia was late and she ask us to eat first before she reach there :) So we just go Sakae Sushi to enjoy our Lunch! Thanks Alvin for the delicious meal :3 Thankiuuuuuu..He purposely come to join us too..Really appreciate much ya! 

Then finally my Dear ,Lyviareached~ with her super kind Boyfriend!We  meet @ Sushi King..Yea second round but I didn't eat a lot cause I'm super duper FULL!Sorry for rushing you guys to come early cause i need to back home early to take my dinner with my parent :'(..I dunno Lyvia with her bf fetching our Xiaojingalong :P But thanks really surprise me at the time I-ky came out at the front of Sushi King :P HAHAHAHA love you Love you x1000000

Have a great time with them:) You know..Finally I saw Lyvia's bf :3 Awww He's so shy *lyvia also*~ HAHAHAH my Kitty also so shy .____.  imaging the situation ! It's really the first time...but I'm so messy and oily -.- My hair oil like hell...The weather damn stupid..Suddenly so hot then rain :'( I hate you,weather!! 
Thanks for the present people :P Sorry if your present no show in this picture cause I just receive it after I took the picture :) Love the bracelet my dear :3 and the notebook ..watch..mask..leopard tight dress !! Thanks Thanks Thanks !!

Thanks for the people who sms me today and I replied you guys..
Thanks for the wall post ! Thanks all my fb friends..
Thanks Lyvia's bf for fetching my dear Lyvia and join our celebration although it's just few hour..
Thanks for the lunch Alvin..
Thanks for the bday song Hweesin ,Kitty and dear Lyvia♥..
Special Thanks to Steven and all his housemates..Andrew&Alex Yong...and so on for the name on the b'day cake~HAHAA sorry I couldn't join you guys but really touching when I saw it :'( 
Thanks to EVERYONE who sincerely wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY...with love with love

I can't really sleep today cause I'm having menstrual pain now! fml .__. special kind of bday present for myself -.- ARGHHHHH!!

HAHAHAH i really feel like crying when I received my daddy's gift..I'm still a little princess to him..see the wrapping paper...x) HAHAHAHA
 HAAHHAHAHA Disney Carton Wrapping paper! HAHAHAHAHAHA my daddy is so cute..We actually planned to go buffet but my dad sick! just now :( So cancel! Blame to the weather! lolx..Sometimes, I really feel like my dad know my mind and what I'm thinking..I planned to get this accessories box soon but then now I GOT IT..Thanks daddy..

 Do you know..this is my 2nd time receive present from my dad..Normally my dad just will give me an 'Ang Pao' [money] as present..HAAHAH but still I received an 'Ang Pao' too..My brother keep complain to my mom why he got nth on his birthday :) Love you!!
 Time to bed..Tomorrow Morning Class at 8am -.-  I'm late for sure! 3rd round tomorrow! Dinner with all my close buddy tml at Star Village! Can't wait to see you guys tml!

Lastly♥ Thanks for the wishes people..Muackxx 


by Chanwon
Lol I just realize we always wear the same colour clothing recently! LOL