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January 4, 2016

Oh yes!! I can't wait to start my Melbourne Travel Post soon but before that I'm going to answer and share more about my travel experience with Travel Recommends Pocket wifi.  (CLICK HERE to read my part 1 on how I stay collected anytime and anywhere) I'm planning for both of my coming trip this year and I think I will be renting the same pocket wifi again from Travel Recommends

As usual when i'm travelling, I can't live without instagram and facebook because it's the only place to share my travel tips and must-visit place with all of you. Usually I will share and check-in the place / tag it on the photo when I share it on my instagram / facebook. Then, after I back from my trip I will take a note on each of the place and come out with a complete + proper travel post. 

I'm so happy that it served me so well. I'm not the only one who enjoy this because Smelly & I actually connected our phone with it for most of the time. Surprisingly, it never out of service at all. This totally changed my mind and the coverage was super good. This is the reason why I'm now prefer TR as my travel companion each time I travel. Keep reading until the end of the post because you are entitle to enjoy RM20 off when you rent a Pocket Wi-Fi from Travel Recommends for your next trip. 

Not just the coverage and speed but the whole trip was super wonderful because I'm able to google some new spot or recommended place from other website and also using google map / tram app to explore new area. It allows me to share almost everything I want and stay connected anytime.

The super huge library in Victoria, Melbourne

Kickstart my day with this lovely dessert at one of the best cafe ever in Melbourne.

With TR pocket wifi I'm able to contact and text my friend via watsapp or online msg so that we can have a surprise meet up in melbourne!

It's super duper easy and now we no longer have to buy a simcard in order to enjoy the internet. Just click on and book your pocket wifi before your trip and then you can enjoy unlimited data and stay connected anytime. You can choose to collect at KLIA or by courier. So easy right!!? 

Not just that because it's really easy to use too. First, you just need to turn the device on and connect your phone (wifi connection) with the password and user name stated on the screen of the device. Not only australia, Travel Recommends pocket wifi also available to use in Singapore , Tawain , HK , Japan , China, Korea , USA , Australia and Europe countries!

Omg so many!!! This is the reason why I still stick with their wifi because they offer pocket wifi service in so many country too. Not just Japan and Australia only and this cost as low as RM15/day for the taiwan trip. Few years back during my taiwan trip I still need to register for a sim card to enjoy the internet data and that cost me a BOMB!!!

Luckily someone invented pocket wifi router for us! OMG Thanks god i found them and here's some new promotion from TR.

Taiwan Promo- 
Rent pocket Wi-Fi as low as RM15/day starting from 1/12/15 to 31/1/16

Collaboration with Superstrap
FREE baggage wrapping or strapping when you rent a Travel Wi-Fi Router 

Last but not least in order to benefit my readers here, I requested a promo code for you to redeem the RM20 voucher. Just quote :Chanwon25 and enjoy RM20 off when you rent a Pocket Wi-Fi from Travel Recommends for your next trip. 

Haven’t start planning a trip yet? No worries, the promo code expire only after 2 months from today.
Thanks Travel Recommends for such opportunity and i hope all of you can enjoy to rent a pocket wifi from them too. For those who interested you can check them out on :-

Official website: 


  1. Hi, would like to know do you have any problem with their deposit refund?

    1. Hi Jm,

      No yea nothing bad so far because I pick up and return on airport. You can direct contact them for the deposit refund tho~

  2. Hi, do you make any video call during your trip? If yes, how was the connection? I was told that Google, Whatsapp, IG is unlimited data. Is this true? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi I use it when I'm going out from my homestay. I connect homestay wifi to video call my family ya. But if you want to double confirm with it you can ask the TR team they will assist you <3


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