Belif New Aqua Bomb Ampoule Serums

26 August 2020


Hello Sweeties, welcome back to my blog. So happy to be here today because I'm going to share my tried & tested review of the NEW* belif Ampoule Serums. If you watched my exclusive appearance on the instagram live few weeks ago you must be knowing this already. Yes, so happy that belif finally came out with few new products this year. Compare with other Korean brand, their R&D takes more time to come out with a new product.

So when I heard of this from belif team I was like, OMG I can't wait to try this out. I received this product a month before this and it normally takes me 2 to 4 weeks + to try on new product. It's why my review normally takes time. But late better than nothing right 🤣 I was really surprise when I know about this new ampoule serums because ampoule product is normally act as a booster for our skin. It's more concentrated than a serum and essence.

As we grow older, our skin need more 'food' and for product which is slightly concentrate, it's mostly really greasy and too heavy for our skin. One of the reason that I love belif product is because of its texture. No matter it's an anti-aging product range or their rose oil, it's not greasy at all. Same goes to this product. When I heard of concentrated version of serums, I tend to think of maybe it's something like oil, but this ampoule actually has a soft & gel / light jelly alike texture.

I'm surprise with how its texture actually align with all their product. Like their aqua bomb and both of these are the extension from Aqua Bomb Family. There are two members added into the Aqua Bomb family:-

  1. belif Aqua Bomb Refining Ampoule Serum ( + skin smoothness)
  2. belif Aqua Bomb Brightening Ampoule Serum (+ skin brightness)

Available in 50ml and both targeted for different skin concern. What impressed me was it can be use together as well. Whether you prefer to use both in once or Refining as your morning skincare routine then follow up with a Brightening ampoule as your night skincare routine also can. It also can be use as a SOS ampoule mask. Read till the end of this post so you can learn some beauty tips for yourself.

I have tried the first aids brightening sleeping mask from belif. It's good and if you wish to achieve brighter complexion in the shortest amount of time, then you should try the yellow one, which is the Brightening Ampoule Serums. On the other hand, if you want to smoothen and make your skin softer, just go ahead and try the blue one, Refining Ampoule Serums. 

Since both of them are made with concentrated formulas, it also means that it's more effective than any lotions or creams products. If you haven heard of or trying any ampoule product then you might be surprise because ampoules were really trending in 2019 and making the most-talked products in Korea.

Next you might be wondering, so I should use toner first or ampoule? Or ampoule at the end of our skincare routine step? I'm here to help! Here's the easiest way to remember, the ampoule will replace your serum and we use it before applying moisturiser / after toner.

Cleanser > Toner > Ampoule Serum > Moisturiser

It's easy right! You can use both together or like me, I'm using the Refining Ampoule in the morning and at night I will use the Brightening Ampoule. Sometimes when I feel my skin less elastic , dull and tired, I just use both together as an instant booster for my skin.

Due to the amount of work and changes in environment especially the amount of time I'm dealing with my house renovation, I can really feel my skin is so dry due to that. Thank god this come just in time and even during this period of time, my skin got less breakout and also less skin problems. I really love the refining one and you guys know I really dislike using brightening product because my skin tend to react badly with the other brand but I tried belif first aid sleeping mask, I got no problem and now this ampoule as well. I'm really happy for it!

So for this Brightening one it's famous for its anti-oxidant power of Herb-Too Formula and of course Vitamin E. I believe using this in long term basis on your skin can lighten your skin pigmentation. I want to try it and see if it can helps on lighten my leg scars lol but honestly, I'm surprise with how it reduce the dullness of my skin. Like when I use at night, the next day I can see how it helps to brighten up my skin complexion.

Apart from that I really love the after-use feeling and texture. It absorbed really fast into our skin, not really like an oil texture and I love how my skin feel after using it. Really love it because no feeling greasy at all!! OMG

For a smoothen and soften skin benefits, the blue one is the best. It also helps to exfoliate gently on our skin and honestly I can't use those face scrub because my skin will turned really red and sensitive each time after I using the wrong face scrub to exfoliate my skin. So I guess this is just a good one if you wish to exfoliate your skin gently with minimal irritation. For moisture care purpose, go with this blue one as well because it also comes with the Napiers Original Formula (also the Napiers Aqua Formula).

Also after using this together with the brightening ampoule, I can feel my skin has less dry and like I stop using the sleeping mask through the whole try and test period, my base makeup really go well on the next day. Skin especially on the area that I always wear mask also become smoother and I hoping can achieve baby skin after using this slightly longer!!

Not just like that, it leave 0 greasy residue on each application. As you can see from the texture itself, it's sooooo light and can you believe it's actually an ampoule?!! Always surprise with the jelly alike texture of belif skincare products. It's why I'm addicted lol. Trying from just 2 products and slowly added one by one lol. 

In addition for the product review, belif team also shared some belif's special beauty tips for you guys. Now you can maximise the benefits of your product. You can use it in both method: (1) as an Ampoule Mask and  (2) 3-layer application method.

  1. Ampoule Mask: Treat this as an SOS emergency to give your skin an instant boost. First apply any of your toner on your skin. Then, give yourself 3 to 4 drops of this ampoule product on a cotton pad and then place the cotton pad to problem areas such as around your eyes, cheeks or mouth. Rest it there for 5 mins and then you can remove the cotton pad and warm your face with your paws for better massage experience and absorption. This should be a good tips for dry skin due to long hour wearing of mask. 
  2. 3-layer Method: Apply first layer, wait for 30 seconds, apply the second layer and lastly another 30 seconds for the 3rd layer and gently tap your fingertips on your skin until everything is fully absorbed. The first layer helps to moisture dry and cracked skin, second layer provide you a deep-skin moisture and last layer helps to create a moisture barrier on our skin. If you are experiencing extreme dry / rough skin, try this method. If you are having combo skin like me (or having oily skin), the 2nd and 3rd layer can use slightly less.

I guess that's all about my sharing. If you are experiencing trouble skin and looking for a booster that can give you the brightening , smoothing and softening skin benefits, then you should really check this new Aqua Bomb Ampoule Serums from belif now. It will be available at selected THE FACE SHOP stores all across Malaysia or if you prefer to shop online you can CLICK HERE to shop or look for belif product through Zalora flagship online store.

The selling price is RM239.90 and sometime there will be having special promotion available for belif product, just remember to follow and check out the latest promo there.

That's all for today and hope you guys enjoy this new beauty review. I will see you guys on the next post! Love, xoxo. Take care and stay safe ya!

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