First camping experience

10 August 2020

Guess where I'm heading to? It's my first camping experience in the middle of nowhere lol. I can't imagine I'm saying a 'YES' for this. Throwback to mid-July, I remember I'm super busy on my work and then all in sudden, I received a call from my friend asking if I would love to go camping with her. The first thing that came in my mind was definitely a YES as I never think too much on it. I just want to have a short getaway during the weekend.

So guess what I'm doing next?! While having my dinner with Smelly, I told him our weekend plan during the first week in August. He then smiled and look at me be like 'are you sure?' I told him with a higher voice and saying that I'm so looking forward and super excited for it. Smelly went to camp last time during his secondary school life. It was a 5D4N and 7 days camping trips. He then shared his experience with me.

The first thing he told me was...

'Are you sure that you aren't afraid of bugs anymore?'
'Are you sure you can bath in the public toilets?'
'Are you sure you can sleep on the middle of jungle?'
'Are you sure you can........'

Then I'm telling him that I'm sure! But maybe not for bugs lol. But I worried the max is the weather. You know our country's weather isn't cold at all. I just afraid I might be sweating all day long and feeling 'pek cek' over the super duper hot weather. Then, I just don't freaking care about it and start plan about when to go and get our camping shopping list done lol.

We went to Decathlon few days before our camping trip. It's quite rush but I just grab a set of sleeping bag in my favourite color, a hat to protect me getting sunburn, mosquito spray, reusable spork (spoon + fork) and some night led lights. I'm getting so excited and can't wait to take this challenge. 

I think most of you knew that I'm always looking forward to try or experience on new things and learning new skill too. So when I posted that I'm going to a short camp trip everyone telling me like' ARE YOU SURE YOU CAN' But I'm so looking forward on that as I totally got no ideas on what's going on there since I never been to any camping trip before.

So yes, here I am. With Smelly's doughnut backpack and my new mint color sleeping bag lol. Actually it's just a 2D1N trip but I brought extra clothes just in case I get wet from jungle tracking and all sort of activities. Inside my backpack I brought 1 extra long sleeves jacket just to avoid being bite by the mosquito. I dunno why but mosquito always love to bite me and suck my blood lol. Like most of the time compare with my friends, I often get kissed by mosquito lol.

We arrived here at noon. No joke, it's so hot. The weather is just crazy. I keep sweating and in the afternoon, the tent inside is so freaking hot too. Like the moment I'm entering the tent, I can feel my bra and panties slowly absorbing my sweat lol. We are quite lucky our camping venue is surrounded by fruit trees. It's my first time having fresh rambutans and mangosteen right from the fruit tree. Like having a free unlimited fruits buffet hahahaha!

It's too hot so we just throw every of our backpacks and food supplies into our tent. I drink tons of water just to avoid that my body overheat. We also put on a light in front of our tent. Then we ate lots of fresh fruits as well.

Also chilling with our own hammock. Like it's super fun lying on the hammock. It's also fun that we learned something like how to tie knot to secure our tent, to hang on clothes and also dip myself into the river for the first time. 

Really sibeh hot till can't tahan anymore, so I just anyhow jump into the river  lol. At first I trying my best to avoid entering the river as I just can't stand myself stepping into the brown color river lol. 我很有洁癖

Also preparing and cooking our meal in front of our tent. I think it's really my first time trying to cook outside of my kitchen lol. We actually went to Jaya Grocer to get our food supplies few days before our camping trip. We just grab instant noodles and also some naan, butter, eggs and snacks to enjoy at night.

Not sure if we were too hungry or what, this is the best naan combo with ham. hotdog and curry chicken ever. I'm not a spicy lover so I didn't eat the curry chicken but the best combo go to ham + naan. Damn love it and also we bought iced and make some milo / Coca Cola iced to enjoy in such weather lol.

Our camp organiser and instructor's tent. Look at the DIY set up and all using bamboo and wood only. I think it's pretty amazing to sleep at here it's just located right beside a natural river. I really looking forward for the first night staycation inside our tent.

Also learning how to make this floating thing with just banana trees and bamboo stick. So surprise and it can really float and it takes almost 45 mins to DIY one. With lots of sweat and strength lol. Have to fix and hit the bamboo stick across all these banana trees batang lol. I'm so surprise I do enjoy communicate and meeting new friends. The organiser is super duper friendly and his friends all greet us with a bright and cheerful smile. 

Time flies, the sky turned really dark at 8pm. Time for our dinner and also everyone just chilling at the middle of the camp area. Also I forgot our camp trip included a dinner meal for each of us lol. We bought so many instant ramen and noodles there to make our life easier but end up everyone just enjoying the BBQ dishes prepared by them. 

Loving how they set up this kitchen area in the middle of nowhere lol. Totally got no idea how they set up everything here. The retro looking cups and set up. So cute!!

Our dinner is ready!

Also someone's birthday that night! Bobo brought over her cafe's best selling cake to celebrate and have our luxury night supper here lol. 

The best time ever during our camping trip. The night is still young! HAAHHAHA

At last, our camping trip ended like that! HAHAHAHA I'm so afraid of the amount of mosquito and spiders there. But everything is outside of our tent, so I just make sure I go out and zip back the entrance door of our tent lol. So I thought it will be quite cold inside the camp, but in fact, it's quite stuffy. I feel quite alright to sleep inside the tent and due to the weather I just sleep over our sleeping bag. I thought it will be cold at night so I bought a thicker sleeping bag lol. Ended up I dont even feel like covering myself with any extra layer of blanket and sleeping bag too lol.

The next morning, it's quite uncomfortable to wakeup because all our body feel quite sticky and the tent is so hot after 10am lol. So our body alarm automatically awake at 10am sharp. To be honest, I never thought I will miss this camping experience with new friends I met in this camp trip. If you haven been to a camp trip before, just try this out with a brunch of friends. It's so fun despite the weather is so hot, but it creates memorable memories together with your friends.

Hope one day I can bring over Smelly for another camp trip with my friends too. That's all about my first camping experience. Hope to have more #CutiCutiMalaysia or short getaway like this. 

See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.