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24 August 2020

Hello Sweeties✨Welcome back to my blog and it's mid-August now. Time flies it's been few months now after the end of the mco. Been really busy and feeling so stress about my renovation for the past few months and finally, everything settled now. In the past, like 4-5 years ago whenever I feel stressed, maybe for more than a month when I'm really really busy, I can see how it affected my health and also if you met me through one of my meet & greet with Nunature workshop last year, you will know that one of my body alarm will be the sudden appear of dandruffs over my bed or itchy scalp.

I remember that's a hint from my body. Also a reminder for me to take things slowly and don't too stress about things that are out of my control. How I know it is all thank you to google. Whenever something rare happened on me, the only teacher I will ask is of course, one one other than Mr. GOOGLE lol.πŸ˜‚ Then I slowly understand about my hair, scalp and of course, I got myself the right product to solve my hair scalp problem. It been few years now, I'm still using Nunature products.

In the past I always tell people that it's an anti-aging haircare line for everyone. It slows down the ageing process of your hair scalp, keeping your hair + scalp healthy and always safe to use on everyone's hair. No matter what range / series you are using, they are famous for the Indian Kino Tree as its main ingredients. Like me, I'm using hydration range now and I still can enjoy the benefits of Indian Kino Tree, which is to prevent hair loss, promoting hair growth and mainly all go for its anti-aging benefits. Remember this post Nunature: Shampoo made for all?

Today, I will be educating you gals on the new term ‘Anti-Glycation’, which is another word for anti-ageing. The term ‘Anti-Glycation’ has been widely used in the medical world and now recently taken over the beauty world by storm. So, now I should ask google what is anti-glycation?!

A good anti-glycation haircare solutions can be a next level of treatments to treat, prevent or reverse skin damage caused by releasing the sugar molecule's bond with protein, allowing the cell to return to its natural shape and state. It helps to maintain our hair scalp in its natural condition and keeping it young and also control over the sugar level. You can google to read more research on the anti-glycation products as well. From skin to daily food intake, now we have anti-glycation haircare products. I'm really surprised for the new knowledge!

Due to our humid weather in Malaysia and of course our daily food intake for example oily diet like always consuming deep fried, spicy, sugar overload food/drinks can really easily led to scalp ageing. So now it's not only because you are using the wrong hair products, but also about your stressful lifestyle and air pollution. All of these can fasten our scalp ageing process. Which is quite scary 😣

As it turns out, there are more and more haircare product in the market which helps us to solve our hair problems. POLA, one of the famous hair and body care brand in Japan also introducing its famous anti-glycation range products. In Malaysia, I'm so proud to know that we also have a locally made, anti-glycation hair and body care brand – NUNATURE! Compare with the price, to be honest, this is more reasonable as Nunature products are being at one-third of the price of it. 😍

From hair shampoo, conditioner, hair masque and hair serum. It's now a complete haircare range! I tried anti-hair fall one and then stick with hydration range for few years now. Last year we also collaborated and launched our limited edition large bottle for the shampoo. I'm so happy to be a part of NUNATURE family because I'm really confident with their products and its power of Indian Kino Tree Extract. It's a powerful anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties that can inhibit the loss of collagen, caused by the glycation reaction of scalp ageing and a high sugar diet. Daily use can help to repair damaged scalp and roots, making hair stronger and healthier!

Many women deal with the same hair loss issue after giving birth and if you are facing that, why not to give Nunature product try. You can try their anti-hair fall shampoo which has a proprietary blend of natural botanical extracts to promote cell regeneration and stimulate hair regrowth. I often receive dm and email asking which range most suitable for their case, honestly I'm not a pro but nothing beat Nunature Team because they are here to help you! If you have any enquiries on choosing the right product for your daily hair concern, just drop them a whatsapp @ 019-2628189. They are ready to help on your enquiries. If you prefer consulting them face to face then stay tuned for their road show, they often provide free hair scalp test for everyone who visit their roadshow booth.

So far I have been using that for years now, countless bottle of their product and I always keep it and recycle their empty bottle to exchange for the mini size. I'm so looking forward to each of their recycle campaign period which can receive lots of goodies and exchange for empty bottles. For me I often keep it simple by using Shampoo and Hair Masque daily. Serum will be the last add on steps for me whenever I want too!! I often skip the conditioner and straight to hair mask as I personally love how smooth and manageable my hair is right after one use. In addition, all of their products are FREE from SLS / SLES and Parabens. No harmful ingredients added into it and safe for everyone to use it everyday. 

As for their body range, my favourite will be their relaxing, anti-stress lavender shower cream. There is another anti-acne one which I wish to recommend for people who are facing acne body skin. If you are interested you can easily get their product through their Lazada Online Store or offline pharmacies too. I also grab 2-3 sets during the last promo few months ago and keeping it nicely until I move to my new home.

HAHAHAAH I think they should hire me as their brand ambassador now! The best spokesperson for them xD I really love their product so much and everything comes in an affordable and reasonable price. If you haven't try this out, feel free to do so! You will be amazed by their full range and how it change your bad hair and scalp problems.

Hope it helps and that's all for today's sharing. I will see you on my next post! Love, xoxo.

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