Curtain Makeover Experience with Baagus #ChanwonHome

09 September 2020

Welcome back to my blog. It's been a long time that I haven keep you update regarding my #ChanwonHome and my renovation progress. I'm so done with the renovation and so glad that I'm able to be here today to share all of these with you guys. Upcoming blog post will be sharing all the lesson and experiences I learned from my house renovation. Today, I'm here to share with you guys my curtain shopping experience.

Yes, as you guys noticed from my instagram stories posting, I'm so unsatisfied with my previous curtain color, style and look. I'm really frustrated and was wondering why my contractor never discuss and let me choose the curtain before he actually did one and submit all the final work for me. Not just that, I'm also super disappointed on the renovation work that he did. He never reply my Watsapp msg, leaving all the remaining touch up renovation work for me. Ended up I have to find another contractor to fix all the shits he leftover to me. 

I have been dealing with my renovation since Dec 2019 and then when the contractor told me it takes only 2 months to get everything done, ended up you know due to his irresponsible attitude and poor workmanship & covid-19, things only get done in mid-August 2020. 8 freaking months, just a 3R2B condo, it takes me freaking half year plus to deal with it. At the final submission day, he just send a msg to Watsapp group telling that he's now final handover the whole thing to me and refuse to meet up to do the final submission. Smelly damn angry and I already close my eyes and wish that I can find another contractor asap to fix all the shits he leftover for me.

What I saw is just poor workmanship like all my hard earn money go with his damn irresponsible work and poor workmanship. I leave all these stories on my next blog post but today I mainly share about the reason why I decided to change my whole curtains and how important it is to get a good curtains. When comes to curtain shopping, it's always the last step before you actually move in to your new home. It's also the last step in your new house renovation. I always believe that a nice curtain can really helps to bring out the whole house ambiance and also it's an important decision that you have to decide before it fit your whole theme / style. 

As you guys noticed from my sharing, my house is mainly stick with 2 theme color and 2 elements. It's wooden with gold touch and also mint and pastel color. If you ask me to choose for my curtain, black or dark color is definitely not my choice. Now you can imagine the moment I unlock my main door and saw the curtain that hang on my rooms and living area, one word disappointed. 

The living curtain is in dark black color shades and the rest of the room is either some black grey shades or black sheer curtain. Which definitely not my whole house's style and theme. I closed my eyes and feeling so so so sad because I feel like I'm wasting of my money and throwing all of it into the sea lol. So so so disappointed and I even questioned / asked why he never discuss with me the color and just go ahead to do everything in once and then giving me all these shitty work.

So this is my living area curtain. My house isn't go for modern theme so black and classic color like this isn't what I want. Totally not my cup of tea and never go well with my whole theme as well. So the moment I look at this, all I want is just wish to give my place a new makeover and faster fix a new one so that I can move in faster in mid of August. If you look closely, you can see the sheer layer of the curtain also too long and till it touched the floor, all the rooms also fix with black grey color curtains.

For small space like this, I normally will prefer to choose for a lighter tone / shades so that it look slightly bigger. Dark color like this only making the space look so small and less spacious. I feel like my whole space look so cramp and just not my cup of tea. Not just that, when you look at my room, like how much effort I put on decorating it but just with the wrong curtain, everything look so bad 😭

These are my master bedroom, working room and guest room curtains.

The worst one must be the guest room. I prefer roller blind for small window and space like my guest room but look at this, it looks so suck. I must say I'm so unsatisfied with the final look. Really have to let you guys know, with the wrong curtain, your house really will look that bad. Like really suck to the max. Who the hell will think of a long curtain with dark color to put on in such small room. I feel like it's so wrong man!! The contractor told me they will put on the roller blind first but I guess because of his miscommunication with the worker team, the team open a space for the curtain to be hang up on the plaster ceiling. I told him I want it normal blind one but he say guest room should look good with the same curtain like the rest of the rooms. Look how much shitty explanations he told me.

So after figuring out how to fix all his poor workmanship I finally found a new contractor to takeover his work, I just want to get thing done and then at the same time I visited to few curtain store and thinking for a new curtain makeover.

I went to few store to consult and ended up I decided to let Baagus curtain team to fix it for me. Yes I decided to go for a new makeover. At the first few visit to the other curtain store, most of the style isn't what I want. It's either too old school or too much for me. I prefer those Scandinavian color theme and more of a Korean / Japanese kind of curtains look. Like in the living area, I wish to have the best lighting to brighten my whole living area, in my study room I prefer lighter color and enhance my working experience while the guest and master bedroom which I wish to get a rest, I prefer blackout curtain but lighter color like brown or light grey. 

After few consideration and personal shopping experience, I'm so glad that I decided to get my curtain done by Baagus team. Worth for the money I spent with them. Like their site visit and installation service. I never thought and expect my curtain shopping experience like that. It is fast, reliable, professional, trustable and what I love the most is they label everything out clearly and have full transparency on the pricing too. No extra hidden cost.

I remember when my parent get their curtain done they have to go to get the right curtain material and those traditional way is to find those curtain aunty, need to wait 1 or 2 months early to book and wait for the curtain to be fix. Then end up also have to measure it yourself and install it all done by yourself.

Now it's totally a different story. I thought I can buy those pre-made curtains from Aeon or store, but the reality is most of my house including furniture are customised based on the size I want, including the plaster ceiling which is slightly higher than a standard size curtain / window measurement, I can only go for curtain store which allow me to customise it based on my ceiling height and so on. So ended up, I have to find a reliable curtain store so I pay and get for what I want.


I shared about my experience through stories twice and most of you request me to blog about it so you guys can refer it back whenever you want. So here I am, updating my experience on purchasing Baagus curtain. Unlike other curtain store, I love how professional Baagus team handling us. They give useful advice on the style and material for me. One ++ point go to their trendy curtains, modern color and better concept.

I search on their website and knowing they have few branch here in Malaysia. I went to their HQ so I can have see more on their concept showroom and also look around on their curtains and blinds too. The process is super duper easy!

(1) make appointment for fabric viewing and selection
(2) site visit to your house and get your measurement 
(3) finalise curtain material and design 
(4) fabrication and production 
(5) installation

So around end of July I decided to make appointment with Baagus team to look at their showroom and deciding which design and material I want for my new house curtain makeover. I know exactly what color I want so the viewing and selection process is around 1 hour. Without their advice I guess it might take longer time but thank god they have giving me some useful advice such as whether how to match my whole house ambiance with the curtain color and sheer curtain combination and should I change my ceiling waver or track and so on.

What surprised and impressed me the most is their showroom isn't those old school kind of curtain. I love their concept and how they mix match their curtain in their physical store. Everything look really beautiful and they provide the latest curtain trend to all their customer too. Unlike other curtain store I visited, most of their style is quite traditional and old which I dont really like. Like those big flower paint or old vintage style curtain which is too much for me and not trendy like what I saw in Baagus.

Even just roller blinds itself they have more than 50 designs. From fabric blind to zebra blind, roman blind or just a normal plain blinds, you just let them know and they will show you what you want. Also they are so many diff material too! 

After one hour of visiting the showroom and selection, I finally decided to get all these color for my living area, working room, master bedroom and guest room. For the guest room I go for zebra blind rather than the normal plain color roller blind. 

These are my choice and selection.

I decided to get a light grey curtain with some unique trendy pattern (if you look closer) for my working room, a brown blackout curtain for my master bedroom, a trendy dusty pink one for my living area so it match with my pastel color sofa and last but not least a grey zebra blind for my guest room. The rest of it I also choose some trendy sheer curtain to mix match with my curtain too.

Other than that I also decided to change and upgrade all my curtain track to a smoother one with Baagus and also add on waver on the living area curtain. So my living area should look more beautiful now! HAHAHAHA So looking forward for my new makeover. Personally I think it's pretty hard to imagine how the curtain look like without visiting their actual showroom. I think my actual visit to their showroom really helps a lot on selecting the curtain style and material I want.

Honestly if I show you the before after photo, you will be damn shock with it! I will show you guys at the end of this post, so no worries 😍

Next, after the selection they gave me the quotation right away and then start to make appointment on the next site visit to my house to get the exact measurement of all my living area and rooms. I book my appointment with them and they will visit my house on the next 3 days and I love how they handle their customer and be punctual on all visit. Even installation day they came in time and fix it within 1-2 hours. If not mistake they install everything within 1 hour 30 mins for my living area and 3 rooms curtains. Damn efficient!

After getting the measurement, they ask me to do a final confirmation on all the color and material based on the quotation they quote me with no hidden cost. Like during the day I visit to their showroom, they already show me the exact quotation based on the curtain I want. So I know the budget and based on it I decide what kind of material or should I add on some budget to enhance the ceiling curtain waver or track. I also decided since I got the whole curtain from them I also get their tassle to mix match with my curtain. It will be looking great together!

After confirmed everything, it takes around a week for them to continue for the production and fabrication. Then their team drop me a Watsapp msg and match my schedule for the actual installation day. Honestly you guys know that I'm busy working during weekday and normally I will prefer to install during weekend but due to the limited time I have, I asked them how long it takes for the installation and it's really impressive that they only need longest 2 hours to install everything like the whole house curtain. Damn efficient and really love their service as I'm super busy but because my move in date is at this coming weekend, I decided to blank my schedule on the morning slot for the installation.

What amazed me the most, honestly is their installation service and experience. Like it really makes me wish to share and shoutout for them. It is super fast, professional like their installation tool they use which is dustless drilling tools and they also wrap their ladder nicely so that it protect my wooden floor and less time consuming.


Now is the most exciting part! The installation day! Honestly the process is really fast until kenot. Like when I headache about my curtain and then decided to give it a try, wahhh-lah!! It's all done now. Real quick until I shocked. So after I booked with their installation team through Watsapp, they came to my house for the second time. Super punctual and on time. 10am then they call my phone and waiting me at guard house at 10am.

For installation time remember if you staying in condo, must check with your management office see whether if you need to apply permit or not. I almost forgot to apply permit luckily I double check with my condo management office. So they came to my place and bring all their tool together. At first I thought that I need to clean all over my house after the installation but really surprise the dustless drilling tool really so pro. Just a little dust drop from the ceiling and takes only 10 mins for my cordless vacuum to clean it at all the window area only.

Not messy like how I imagine lol. So everything goes smoothly and they wrapped their ladder and everything with cloth so it wont 'hurt' my floor lol. I also secretly taking photo and wanted to share this experience with you guys!

Not dirty and not messy at all. Say hello two my new curtain track. It is smoother than my previous one and making the whole curtain look so nice at all my rooms and living area.

The bottom white one is new curtain track I ordered from Baagus.

If you can see from the photo above, Baagus team who come to install my curtain all wearing their own uniform. They doing their work seriously, look how well they arrange everything and protecting my furniture. When they install the curtain track they carefully move my sofa away and making sure not spoiling anything. Also not one but 2 of them came and I guess it's why they done everything really fast. Normally they will install it for around 2 hours but for my case since my house isn't big, for 3 Rooms + Living area curtains it takes around 1 hours+ only. It's really fast and efficient x3. 好到要说三次 lol

I can't wait to see how they transform my space. Bye bye to old ugly curtain lol

The dustless drilling tool. Thank to them so I have 0 worries about the mess.

Look at this 😭 so so so nice!

Also installing the zebra blind for my guest room.

Proper installation step, all curtain customised based on the material and design I want also comes in new and latest trendy color / design combo too. At first I thought installing it might take the whole afternoon but ended up just 1 hour 20 mins! I really happy that I decided to choose Baagus. Baagus founded in 1993 and until now, I really impressed by my experience here. From selecting the curtain till the installation. No delay or postpone at all.

Now if anyone ask me for curtain recommendation, definitely Baagus is my top recommendation!


Now, this is the part that you guys have been waiting!! The before and after result. I will show you the before and after photo first and then will show you the full closer look of all my new curtain and you can see how well it blend into my house now. It's so beautiful, nice and I love my working room and living area the most. The sheer layer on my living area and master bedroom is special pick from me based on the latest and trendy design Baagus recommend. 

So are you ready for it??

This is my living area before & after. More natural light and spacious looking space with lighter color. Look so beautiful with my pastel color sofa and also my bee. In my living area the sheer curtain I choose the one which is more trendy so my living area can be more 'stylist' and easily mix match with my furniture theme as well as the whole ambiance.

This is my master bedroom curtain. I tie the curtain straps in diff style so it gives my space a diff ambiance. Look how important it is to have a nice curtain style and matching it with your house theme.

This is my working room. Working room is the room that need sunlight the most so I didn't choose blackout curtain like the now I choose for my bedroom. This room I decided to go for light grey shade and it makes the whole space look so much better than the black ugly curtain lol. I really love Baagus sheer white layer curtain too. It's thicker than the one I use to see in Ikea and more long lasting. Baagus team told me that their sheer layer wont spoil easily as some might easily spoiled due to long expose to the sunlight. 

Remember these? The most ugly curtain ever lol
Now with the zebra blind, it's nicer than the previous one. The space look bigger and not too cramp. Still need to put on some furniture like drawer wardrobe and all but for now, I'm really satisfied with my purchase and shopping experience / service from Baagus curtain.

So after showing you the before and after photo, is time to let you guys have a closer look on my new curtain makeover!

Living Area Curtain

Next, my working room curtain final look.

Look how beautiful this combo is <3

Here's my blackout curtain for my master bedroom! I choose a dusty light brown color.

Last but not least, my guest room zebra blind.

Just feel free to compare the before and after. It looks so much better after this new makeover and I'm so happy that I proceed and decided to spend my money on this new curtain. It's so different from what I have previously and now you know a nice curtain can really make a diff. 

It blends really well with my whole house nice. I love the customise curtains experience with Baagus and now my space has the best and natural lighting ever. The whole ambiance and style look so much better. How to say No!! You tell me now every single cent I spent is worth it. Value of money and everything is really what I want.

If you are still struggling on choosing your curtain for your new house, or looking for a new curtain makeover for your house. Feel free to check out Baagus curtain, they have a huge range for you to choose from and most importantly, they are professional team to help you and solve your problem!

You can click on their official website to know their latest promo or look at Baagus Instagram: and Facebook for more. 

Hope my sharing will be useful for you. I know lots of you are getting your key and gonna kickstart your new house renovation soon so here's the curtain shopping blog post. Will share more info and some renovation stories with you soon. Have a nice day and I will see you on my next post. Love, xoxo.

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