Belif Rose Gemma Concentrate Oil

11 November 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ Welcome back to my blog. Sorry for the late as I just came back from Penang few hours ago. This month is an productive month, went to Penang twice to host a workshop and another meet & greet event. It's my pleasure to meet each of my sweetie and during the first meet & greet in Penang, I actually collaborated with Belif in the coming special promo in their Penang store @Gurney Plaza. During the meet and greet session, this Belif Rose Gemma Concentrate Oil is the one of product that caught most of their attention.

Lots of sweeties ask me about how to use and together with the special promo discount just for my followers, they get to enjoy 30% off just on that meet & greet session. So I thought of giving you guys another review & #ChanwonTips on how to use it. Also as a reference for people who purchased this rose oil and not sure the multi-ways of using it. So are you ready? Let's get started!

I love this rose oil and often use this to pamper myself at home. The rose scent isn't too heavy and just the right one for me. I often get shocked when I smells something overly strong like those chemical fragrance smell, but this one I think many of you will love it. I normally use it at night and sometimes I love to use it in the morning and mix it into my foundation when I have a full day shoot.

I love everything with flowers and a good aroma scent product can completely make a diff on my skincare routine. I don’t normally use oil based product as I hate the greasy feeling but ever since I tried the mini travel size of Rose Gemma Concentrate Oil, it completely changed my mind.⁣ ⁣There are few ways to enjoy and use this product.

 Real rose petal in the whole bottle too.

I normally using it with my lifting and warm mode facial device and to be honest, this facial oil is really lightweight and doesn't even feel oily and sticky at all.

It's watery texture.

What I can say is, it's ultra-lightweight which comes with a soothing scent and that helps to reduce stress and negative feelings. It increase my skin radiance and moisture level in 7 days + can reduces redness and inflammation as well. ⁣As I mentioned earlier, I love using it with my 貝殼機 for an ultimate ‘skin spa’ experience hehe!

#1 As massage oil for whole body or apply it on neck / face area.

Did I mention that it’s also a multi-use oil!! I have few #ChanwonTips for you and I guess these are the best way to use the product and utilise its benefits of a skincare product. You can use this as an essence, facial massage oil, radiance primer , moisturizer booster as well as diy your own rose mist for face.

One of my morning tip on my skincare is added 1-2 drops into my moisturizer product.

 Last tips, that I highly recommended it for my sweeties and keep telling all my followers through my social media platform is to use it with your foundation product.

It's really easy, just add 2-3 drops into your foundation. Mix it nicely and then apply it onto your skin. You will realise your base makeup stay really well and wont feel cakey. Especially area like your chin, corner of your nose and eyes. It's why I highly recommended you to use it with your daily foundation, it makes your makeup stay nicely on your skin and wont look cakey at all.

I guess that's all about my sharing and this one bottle can last me for more than 3 months. I'm really surprise and I guess 2 drops daily no matter it's added into my moisturizer, foundation or use it as a massage oil it's just a product that everyone will fall in love with. So if you are interested to try this product, remember to head over to their physical store and try out the texture / product by your own. So you will then realise how the texture and the scent makes us fall in love with it.

I hope this blog post could use as a reference on how to use this rose oil in a better way. That's all for today. Love, xoxo. See you on my next post!

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