Love & Co. Teddy Bear Collection

12 November 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ Welcome back to my blog again. I'm really excited to share this with all of you. Guess what's on my hand? It's the limited edition gift that I received from Love & Co. during their Teddy Bear Collection launching roadshow last week at The Gardens Mall. If you are wondering what it is, let me show you now!

Can you guess what is this? I guess most of you must be guessing it wrongly. I thought it was just a decoration bear but NOO,  it's a speaker also consider an accessories jewellery case!

Look how cute it is. I was there for their roadshow in conjunction for its Teddy Bear Collection. I'm really excited to be there as I'm really curious about how their new teddy bear collection look like. I guess it's a perfect gift idea when it comes to the end of year, especially Christmas gift or anniversary gift for your loved ones.

I love how they give the story for this whole teddy bear collection, from the event invitation email to the event launching til the moment I put it on, I'm so surprise with it.

I think no one could resist the cuteness of teddy bear, especially it's mean to be cherish and loved by everyone and among all, it's one of the most popular gifts to signify both love and companionship. Other than the normal teddy bear soft toys, why dont you think of a teddy bear collection jewellery that could win your girl's heart. For me, when I think about teddy bear, I think about warm cuddles, home and companion. How about you?

So this little gift really surprised me. I was wondering where's the jewellery case until I detach the heart casing from the bear and open it up!! HAHAHA The heart shape casing is the jewellery case, you can put your little necklace or any small jewellery inside. How cute it is and when I put it on my vanity table, it look soooooo sooo cute. No matter what age you are, I'm sure you can find something that caught your attention through the latest Love & Co. Teddy Bear Collection.

Now, it's my favourite time again. I would love to bring you over to enjoy the event with me. Are you ready? Let's follow Chanwon to the Love & Co. Teddy Bear Collection event. 

I love to attend jewellery event as I can't live my life without accessories my outfit. I love everything like earrings and necklace. After get proposed by Smelly, I'm getting interested to look on wedding rings as well. So I thought why not to go there to know more about the brand and see if I'm eyeing on any jewellery as well! HAHAHAHA 

So the first thing I did were running over and put on some of the teddy bear collection jewellery on me. It was really really cute. I love their necklaces omg! So can you spot your favourite one from their collection as well?

 I'm putting on their bracelet.

 Yes, almost done!

 omg, the necklace still the cutest!!

Okay I should start showing you how cute their teddy bear collection is. Look at this, the whole jewellery collection is endearing with its own charm and everything are carefully crafted with 18k rose gold and there are some comes with stones as well.

 There are few series of creations for this whole Teddy Bear collection. 
  • Heartfelt Confession
  • Love Lock
  • Cuddle Me
  • You Make Me Smile
  • My Companion

My favourite from the whole series is gonna be the You Make Me Smile and Cuddle Me series. So here's the first time I ever try on so many rose gold jewellery. I love the cute little ring, it's from You Make Me Smile series , same goes with the necklace. 

Also, I'm eyeing on the 'I'm here' necklace. It's really cute and easy to match with. A big point goes to the 18k rose gold as I'm always a big fan for anything with rose gold!

Next, if you love some unique and special design earrings then this will be your cup of tea. It's from the love lock series. 

Or you prefer some bracelet with teddy bear on it? No worries, this collection has everything you need. It really makes me feel happy by just looking at it. There are more teddy bear collection jewellery, if you pass by Love & Co. remember to check that out and I'm sure you can find a perfect gift for someone you love or just get it to reward yourself. I want to get the necklace!!! It's too cute.

 Here's more photo I taken on the event that day! Look how cute it is 😭

Apart from that since I arrived the event so early, I have plenty of time to walk around and see what's so special about their wedding rings. Their staff is so friendly and showing me lots of diff wedding rings that is recommended for small size fingers like me. Even you can customise some of the series and matching it with your partner's ring. I quite like the concept and each of the wedding ring series is so dreamy. Especially the name of each series!!

Look at my expression lol.

This is all the wedding rings collection I eyeing on lol

'Bring me home' the ring said 😆

Except for all the try-on experience, I almost forgot the second purpose for the event!! Is to complete the whole teddy bear collection challenge card. So the whole roadshow has 4 photo point. My heart melts for each teddy bear figures. Now let's the photo do the talking!

 There is also one teddy bear mascot standing beside me. I look bit stunned AHHAAHAHAH

Can I bring you home?

After taking photo with each photo point, I got a sticker and upon completing the card I can receive a special goodies home. Yay!!! Long time never attend such beautiful event like this, seeing all my long lost friends and looking at their happy faces just makes me happy. 

 What makes me happy is meeting my friend who is the emcee for this event!! So happy to see you there Victoria~

 Group photo time!

Thanks for inviting me for this event!

So here's everything about the event and the collection. If you are interested to know more about their latest Teddy Bear Collection, remember to head over to nearest Love & Co. outlet and enjoy your jewellery hunting time!

Love & Co. Showroom Locations as below:-
  • The Gardens Mall | #Lot F-239A
  • One Utama | #Lot G138
  • Sunway Pyramid | #Lot G1.75
  • The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey | #Lot G-061
  • Johor Bahru City Square | #Lot J1-02
  • Gurney Plaza Penang | #Lot170-G-47A

That's all for today. See you guys on my next post! Love, xoxo.

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