I SAID YES 20.10.2019 | Chanwon's Proposal

21 November 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ Thank you for entering my blog. So happy to be back again, I'm going to pack my luggage later as I'm leaving to Vietnam soon. But before that I thought I couldn't wait anymore to talk with you guys about the 'behind-the-scene' proposal story. The not so fancy side of the story lol As you guys know I always love to mark and write down all these important date and events in my life, whether it's my graduation or special events, I hope to read it back and brings me back to those happiest moment in my life in the future.

I actually updated it through my insta stories right after the actual proposal but I thought I'm going to make it here on my blog so that it wont gone after 24 hours like my instagram stories. Before I talk about the story behind this memorable life's event, thank god my lovely team did a live record video on that day so that for people couldn't join for this secret mission, you guys can watch the full HD video through my youtube video. I will attach that at the end of this post! Before that just read through my whole story.


The secret proposal happened on the same day with my birthday this year. On 20th October, it's my first birthday surprise party with the real proposal before that. To be honest, I never said anything like ' This is the best and happiest day in my life' but ya, you know that no one can actually surprise me because I'm too smart and my six sense + intuition is always better than my friends and Smelly lol.

For those who don't know, I actually landed in the airport at 5.30pm. I'm having a 5D4N work trip in Taiwan for a big launching event. Since Smelly keep on asking me to celebrate my birthday back in KL, I decided to make a move and leaving Taiwan on 20th so that I can back and celebrate with him at home.

You know all these stories behind was really funny as during the proposal itself, I'm wearing sleepwear to the cinema because Smelly told me that it's my birthday present to watch a Japanese anime film in the cinema. It was all well planned without me knowing lol.

I remember during my trip in Taiwan, I was discussing my coming trip to Japan with my team, Baobao. Asking her to take more photo of Smelly & I during the trip in next year's January as I'm going to take more couples photo in winter with him. At the same time, I was telling her that I think, I got the hint that Smelly might be proposing on that trip. As you guys know, both of us have been together for more than 9 years now, I remember that the first year when we start dating, we both agreed to get married on 28 years old and personally I think that's the age that I could be well prepare and commit to a marriage relationship.

Fast forward back to this year, we both are 27 years old. Every time when we celebrating our anniversary together, our friends will ask, HELLO WHEN WILL YOU GUYS GET MARRIED? I was like 'wth, you should ask Smelly not me who are going to propose to him lol' Sometimes when I'm naughty, I would hold Smell's hand and ask if I could propose to him. If he said yes then I will treat him like my gf ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Whenever I told him like that, he will reply me with a big NO!

So yeah, back to the topic I think everyone can get the artist drama award because I couldn't even know what's going on. The whole circle of friends knew since 1-2 months ago. Even Baobao who travel with me to Taiwan for a work trip knew since two months ago. No wonder she die also don't wanna take dinner with me at the airport. 

Next as planned, right after I landed to the airport Smelly waited me at the car and told that my surprise for birthday present will be a movie date and some home cooked soup & mashed potato!! All are my favourite and I'm so happy. I shout happily and my mood is super good since it's really my big day. So I went back home, unpack my luggage first, eat my mashed potato and enjoying my ABC Soup that cooked by Smelly. The movie starts at 10.45pm. Since it's a night movie, I thought of dress up myself in my most comfortable outfit.

I some more asked Smelly to help me take a photo with my sleepwear alike outfit and pose with this water bottle. I want to take a photo for this memorable day in my life as it's the first time Smelly get to plan my birthday surprise and arrange a movie date with him. It's been a while since the last time we went for a movie date. I miss that a lot a lot!!! Obviously I look super duper happy with it!

Yes, a while XL size one piece dress I got in Japan GU lol. I usually wear this as my airport outfit if it's night flight and self-leisure trip. No blame I should thank god at least at the end of the day I choose to wear this. 

Why?!! Because before that I wanted to wear this!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I wear it on matching it with a denim shorts but Smelly told me not to wear this because the top can see through my black inner wear lol. I some more ask him whether am I look cuter with this lol. I remember he look at me and just giving me a bright smile. Then I'm still unwilling to give it a change. I want this lol But luckily, thank god I put this back. If not I think I'm gonna regret for the whole life if someone propose to me and I'm wearing this neon yellow Spongebob top. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Next because I'm really so so so tired. Smelly came to help me on blow drying my hair. So at that time, he suddenly asked about my dancing class on Monday and asking why don't I learn an old song which I perform back in University day with him. He asking me if I want to learn how to dance 'nobody nobody but you'. This was the song that we performed during our orientation day when we are both 18 years old. We are from diff faculty and we met during the one week Orientation Day and it's the cross path of our life.

So I was like what the hell are you talking about? Then Smelly didn't really react anything but just smile and continue blow drying my hair. Then after unpack and shower, I'm all clean up ☺️ It's time to feed my stomach! Since it's Smelly first time making my favourite soup, I then immediately take my phone and took some photo lol. So special until I must take photo lol

I'm shocked because look at the amount of soup, I think this can feed the whole family of 5. But there are just two of us. How we can finish the whole thing lol. Then we both just laugh and I love people putting effort to prepare something or write a hand written card for me. Smelly did a great job on making me happy and we both just watching our favourite youtube video together and I'm enjoying my lovely soup and mashed potato as well. 

So while I'm enjoying all my food, the rest of my friends and brother who assist Smelly actually gather once in all place. I didn't know anything at all so just sit back, relax at home waiting for our movie screening time and prepare to go to the cinema near to our place. 

Flashing and throwback to my Taiwan trip, I remember on day 19th while I'm having the farewell dinner with my friends and clients in Taiwan. They once asked me like, why so hurry go back to KL is that I can't wait to meet my loved ones. 

I told them and said 'No, we always prefer private celebration and my bf gonna cook my favourite meal as a gift for me'

Next the client said 'you guys have been together for a long time, maybe your present this year will be your wedding proposal.'

Then my friend Baobao then say something like ' Maybe leh...'

I then laugh like this emoji>> ๐Ÿ˜‚ and say 'Wont lah, I confirm not too fast. Maybe should be next year I think. This year is impossible.''

Then I talk about why I didn't extend my trip and go two day earlier instead. Because at first I die also want to spend my birthday in Taiwan and continue celebrate back in KL with Smelly after I extended my trip. But Smelly first ever time insist of asking me to go back KL. Luckily I say yes if not he need plan B,C,D,E,F,G again. Also when I ask Baobao whether want extend or not she told me that at first she don't know how to reject me and she asked her sister, Bobo about it. Then Bobo teach her to use work as an excuse. Telling me that she will have another job when she's landed in KL. 

Then I remember when Smelly pick up me at the airport, I told Smelly that this Baobao sibeh hard working. She just landed and now going to make up and go to the next job. She might be crazy. AHAHAHAHA Really I don't even know the next job is my proposal actually. Also Smelly also damn smart, he told me dont extend because he prepare birthday surprise for me which is home cook things and movie date. So I'm satisfied even it's as simple as that. Then it's why I didn't extend but I went earlier before my birthday to Taiwan so I can have few days extra to spend and to shoot extra footages for my video with Baobao. Not I no heart celebrate with Smelly, because we have been together for 9 years, I dont know why he insist want me to be back in KL on my actual birthday that day but thank god I made it lol.

Another story behind is, at first my plan is to celebrate with Smelly and all my team + friends in Office. I invited everyone to be there on 20th and at the same time because Smelly is the one who plan to have proposal on the same day, he go dm and Watsapp the friends who are in the group and asking them to reject about my birthday party invitation. It's why ended up the proposal got so many friends lol. I know truly and deeply that Smelly isn't dare and will never perform in front of such huge crowds. He always so diff from me. He will always support me at the back but if you push him to the stage, asking him to sing in front of just 5 persons, he also never ever do.

I actually watched my brother's Vlog on the proposal. I realised Smelly don't even dare to sing in front of 3 of them. Because when they are having the actual rehearsal, my brother took some behind the proposal video and did a vlog for it. So I asked Smelly after the proposal, he told me that it's really scary. I see his hand shaking when he's playing the piano and sing at the same time. I wanted to make him feel better so when I'm at my seat, seeing him nervous I just laugh and make him feel better. My breaking point and crying out loud is when he play the 'marry me' song and sing along with it. 

That scared me like shit fml. Unforgettable moment in my life. Smelly told me that at first he want to invite 3 only. Then three of my really closed friends all bring their bf and husband it became double up the amount. Then also because of me keep inviting people to have the birthday party, Smelly has to go tell them one by one and by telling them, he need to invite them as well lol. Then my brother be the one who contact them and added each of them into the group. So end up from 3 to 6 and becomes 30 pax lol. But at the end due to Smelly request and telling me I'm gonna be tired once I landed in KL, I move forward my bday party to the next day on Monday 21st.

Then I focus only movie date with Smelly. Who knows Smelly and the whole team actually make it remains on the same day with my proposal, which is actually the same day as well. lol I feel like crying because Smelly must be knowing that I really love having friends together. So after all I give him a deep hug and my kiss! 

Also, to make me without knowing anything, Smelly keep on leaving the group chat on Watsapp whenever he's with me. Then massage my brother to add him back whenever I'm not with him. So he keep on leaving and joining repeatedly lol. Next, he also change the contact name to others because he scare I accidentally spot anything AHHAHAHAAH Damn so smart! So it's how the pre-proposal stories.

At this point of my life, I personally would nominate all my friends and everyone from my team to get the drama award. All damn clever and acting skill 100% & so damn smart! I never feel anything at all. Then some of my best friend like Bobo couldn't make it back to KL in time and gather with me because she gonna be having her idol concert in Bangkok and only back in 22th. I remember on 20th that day, I saw her stories having great time in Bangkok and I told Smelly ' look at this Bobo, she celebrating with another birthday girl in Bangkok and since she's there for her idol, okay lah, I will forgive her ahahahaha!!' Smelly then continue smile and watching youtube video lol


Soon, the clock turned 10.30pm. We drive to the cinema and getting ready to enjoy the movie. So here's the part that I feel something not so right. We going to the cinema and first time in my life I didn't see Smelly showing any ticket to enter the cinema venue. I was like 'huh? why you no show ticket can go in one!' Then Smelly fake fake took his phone out and say he showed the e-ticket. But I was like 'how come you stand so far, they see the ticket meh?'

Then he ignore my questions and continue holding my hand to walk towards the cinema room. Also, when I'm taking photo near by the ticket counter. You know my sleepwear OOTD photo lol.


There are 3 staffs standing far from me, giving me the sweet looking smile and looking at me. Their smile look damn sweet and the eye look like ๐Ÿคฉ and really the smile making me curious about what happen. Then I was like huh? and look behind. Then continue with Smelly walk through the ticket check point without showing them the ticket and just quickly walk pass them lol. 

So then we enter to the room. Everything look so dark. I first time seeing the cinema so quiet and dark. Like going to show up with a ghost movie like that. It's really damn dark and silent. Where got cinema so silent one and I holding Smelly hand tightly. Next, we sit down at the back row. Then I hit him and say ' WAHLAO, I thought you are going to propose to me leh!! Scared me!!' ๅš‡ๆญปๆˆ‘ๆ‡‚ๅ—Ž!!Because the staffs standing at the ticket check point is really too weird for me lol

Then he just say 'no lah'. Then soon his phone rang in the cinema. Showing the call from his brother. Next, he quickly pick up his call and say going outside for awhile. 

WAHLAO then I forgot how long he went out maybe 10 mins but the first 5 mins feel so creepy. The whole cinema so silent and no one moving. My brain then appear some ghost story, then I quickly sit properly and then closing both of my legs together. Soon the some kind of lame movie teaser showed up. Those like war kind of movie teaser. A bit scary on the background music and then I dont even know to look at it, I just close my eyes for few seconds and start looking left and right repeatedly. 

Also blaming Smelly for going out too long. I told myself must kill 9 him when he's back and thinking should I go out to look for him. Because he know that I'm afraid of dark in a completely strange place, he normally wont leave me alone and will always stick with me lol. 

While thinking how to kickass him, suddenly I heard of 'nobody nobody but you' music on screen. ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ฐ My legs and hands shake a bit and then I look at the screen, I see our old photos together on the screen. There are words and story on each scene with music, but my brain slowly goes empty.

Because I only feel so shock like this emoji>> ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ My soul almost go out from my body lol.้ˆ้ญ‚ๅ‡บ็ซ…

To be honest, whenever I saw proposal video I was like so enjoy seeing all the girls cry over and over again. But in reality, when you get proposed, the real situation is your brain became like an idiot and you get completely stunned. 

I remember I read all the words and story written by Smelly on the screen, I read slowly and trying to use my whole brain to figure it out what it is, but my eyes couldn't deliver all the message to my brain. It's true I read for 5 mins, my brain couldn't even remember ANYTHING. Not even once, the moment I read, the moment my brain get panic and be like 'WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT x324970324820?'

Then my brain tell me to stay calm but I breath damn loud and heartbeat soooooooo fast. I only hear my heartbeat sounds and the music then thinking what should I do next. I DONT FREAKING KNOW WHAT TO DO. Then while the slide continue playing on the screen, I start to stand up a little bit and look who's in front. Then I saw one hidden camera in front of me and one on the right.

I be like, wahlao, why dont take photo on my left side face. It's more pretty ma then at the same time my brain continue panic and say 'CHANWON WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NEXT' 

LIMBEH DON'T KNOW I DON'T KNOW. To make it a little better, I start to laugh as well as keep peeking my friends. Then all in sudden, I saw a lot of guy who wear black outfit moving and setting up something. Is a piano ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ 

My brain continue to give me a message saying 'WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXTWHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT (continue for 847074028 times....)'

Then someone stands up taking photo, the outfit look similar. OH MY GOD DAMN, I KNOW THIS IS GOING TO BE AN PROPOSAL RATHER THAN A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE! 

It's Baobao's back. Her airport outfit lol with full makeup and holding a camera keep taking photo. HollyShit!


I want to scream out loud but I can't and then Smelly appear with full classy suits outfit. FML!๐Ÿ™„



Did anyone knows I'm wearing my ugly sleepwear?!!!! HELLO PLEASE HELP ME I NEED YOUR HELP S.O.S message sent to the universe

Then I saw his expression from the dark. He's so nervous and he sit on the piano there start playing a song that I don't know. But I remember got once he play the melody in front of me and I still saying like 'wah, when you learn this, damn smart!' He then told me no la just learn from the internet.

'That should be the song he gonna performs to me?' Screaming loud in my brain lol


He really so nervous, from his voice I know he's shaking and nervous. Never ever once in his life doing this in front so many black humans. WTF I dont even know who are in the cinema rooms. Everyone wear so dark fml. Then I know that he's so nervous, so I laughed really hard and say wah, wear like this so handsome yea~ Then I start to look at my outfit I was like 'SHIT'. I'm going to kill him later. I'm going to kick him right now. While I'm thinking about what should I do again...

He then continue to play the melody until he starts singing...


☹️> ๐Ÿ˜–> ๐Ÿ˜ญ

All my tears bursting out in one second. Like my god, my one year tears quota just fully used on that day lol. Half of him playing the song, I then see someone open the door and spot my brother and my dad. fml. WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT

My dad pulled my hand and my brother ask me to stand up and walk toward the lowest seat. Then when I'm standing up I look at myself, look at my outfit and say ' WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO, I WEAR LIKE THIS LEH, HOW?!!'' Then half laughing half crying. Like a spoiling robot lol.

The short video clip I posted on my instagram (click here)

Then I continue laughing and crying at the same time. I'm not sure how I did that. I'm amazed by all my friends too but I can't see any of them. So blur and the freaking cinema so damn dark!

Right after Smelly playing the whole song, they pull me again to the stage. Standing right in the middle of all the heart shape candles, so awkward until I still don't know what should I do next. 

By that point of my life, God + the Universe + MY SMART FRIENDS then heard about my S.O.S message. They are like the angels of my life.


I throw my phone to my friends and telling them my password to unlock it. Then someone deliver a bag full of clothes for me. I was like WAHHHHHHHH then I feel like the best moment in my life while I neglect Smelly in front of my holding the flower. I told him pause abit, wait me to get a change!


So while the rest of my friend throw me the clothes bag, I then asking if anyone have any makeup items? Lipsticks or eyeliner? Then WAHLAO I saw my friend Mica another angel pass her makeup SOS kit for me! That's my second best moment in my life. I then put everything on the big recycle bag and my friend Celeste pulling me and asking me to run to the toilet.

Then I look at Smelly and say please wait me okay. I will be back and then cinderella turn to the exit sign door and run. This is abit drama but this is really I just run like the clock turning 12am lol. I run with my friend who holding my hand and she keep asking 'Chanwon why your hand so cold and it's like freezing'


Then my friend is 'road stupid' like me, we turned two round also couldn't find the public toilet near the cinema place lol. Turning out I was like 'eh I think the toilet should be nearby leh, why we keep on running but couldn't find any' Then my friend and I keep on looking for toilet sign board until we found one after running for more than 8 mins. 

I was so worried about Smelly for waiting me too long. So I quickly go into the female toilet and double check on the clothes on that bag. So terrible that I'm wearing a black color bra fml. All the outfit is white color and sleeveless until I found one with long lace sleeve. 

Then I was like 'THAT'S THE ONE' ๐Ÿ˜Œ and feel grateful because I have so many friends who know me the best that's why they prepared outfit for me to get a change lol. They must be knowing me so well that's why they know I will wear like this! HAHAHAHAH Then now I know why Baobao asked me at the airport whether will I get change before movie date with Smelly or what. After telling her I will be back home and take shower first, she completely give up on me lol!!

So continue with my story...

After picked my dress I use 30 seconds to change my whole outfit and then is time to do my makeup. I looking at the mirror and look at myself, I was like 'today is the day?!!!' OMG I'm going to be someone's wife soon? Is this even real wtf!! 

My hands are shaking and my friend ask me ' Are you okay Chanwon, you want me to help you draw your eyeliner or not' I think even if she help me both eyeliner also will be up and down shaking kind of eyeliner because she's shaking as well. But I shake more than her I guess lol.

Then when I take the eyeliner from the makeup bag, I'm blessed because my friend's makeup bag using all the product that I recommended like the mote eyeliner pen, wahlao that's my life saver no matter how I cry my eyeliner can still look waterproof and perfect! So I some more tell my friend say you see this makeup bag is the best one ever. 

Next, my eyeliners are done but two look so different wtf. One up and one lower than the left one. I DUNNO HOW BUT FREAKING HAND KEEP SHAKE! I then take a deep breath and say no worries, do it one more time but seeing the time flies like crazy I also give up continue to put on the lipstick.

WAH THE LIPSTICK IS THE PURE RED plus my hand shake like hell end up I look like Mc Donald Mascot.

I pointing to the mirror and ask my friend like' am I look like the mascot right now'

Then we both laughing like hell in the toilet and my hands still shake like crazy. Next my friend keep ask me be quick dont let Smelly wait too long alone at the stage. Then I ask where's my blusher I dont get to find any leh!! 

'what blusher la, inside the cinema so dark dont care your husband is waiting for you aduhhhhhhh!!' She said.



Right after running into the cinema I heard all my friend shout and I immediately take off my spec. Couldn't even see anyone and then I shout out loud again asking someone to pass me back my spec and finally I see everyone clearly.

My friends from Johor came, one just discharged from hospital wtf, then Bobo and her bf rushing back never sleep from Bangkok, Smelly's best friends all the handsome gang there, my secondary besties and whole office team.

Then someone say ' Quick lo , fast lo, Smelly wait too long already'

I immediately take off my spec again as I now camera are going to take the best photo of the night. Then I stand right in front Smelly, seeing him looking at me and quite nervous. He start to have his speech without any paper on hand. I told him before I dont like people read from paper, I hope he speak out from his mind.

'Just tell me what's in your mind' I said. Wahlao like very chio like that!

Then he talk quite a lot I also forgot I only hear the point that he asking permission from my dad. Respecting him and continue on telling me to marry to him. The complete dialog wasn't really goes into my brain because I'm also nervous, then suddenly I look at my slipper. I was like what the hell I'm doing!!

See my slipper lol Too comfortable HAHAHAHA

Then my super smart friend Ah Ming, throw me her heel because we wear same shoe size. Then I finally have a complete set of beautiful outfit lol!! Then Smelly continue for his speech, I only remember the highlight which is 'will you marry me?'


I dont even know what I am doing there and of course lah, I can't resist him and say No. So I told him in a very soft voice saying Yes.

But that naughty Smelly want I kickass him, he say he couldn't hear ask me to say loudly with the mic. fml I so shy ma, so many people I say so loud yes yes yes like I so rush to marry you like that ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ 

Okay lah, to be honest really abit rush AHAAHAHAHAHHA!! My brother appear in front of us give the engagement ring for Smelly. Then I'm curious about which ring he get because we actually went to try on the rings and size few months ago after I'm giving a public sharing session in One Utama. I told him I don't want big thing, my finger so small but I wanted something that can bring out the beauty of my fingers HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What crap did I just said.

Then we try on few brand and sizes of ring. I choose the smallest and say Yes this is something I would love and also we went to look at the rest. Ended up I choose 3 diff rings and tell him either one I'm okay and just choose whichever you think it's nice on me. But indeed both of us ็œผๅ…‰very same. We both have our top pick but whenever Smelly ask, I just say either one and never tell him which I love the most. Dont wanna stress about him to get the one. I want him to pick the one he think he like to wear it on me.

So within that 3 months sometime he ask me, I also just smile and say either one. But before the movie date, he purposely take out the rings booklet ask me again which I like the most and then I didn't tell but keep flipping to the page and look into each again. I guess that's the moment he knew that he picked the right one.

So the moment I saw the ring on my hand I was like ...




Then Smelly showed me that super proud face saying ' Yes I know because I love this as well '

The proposal success and here's the photo taken by my brother new camera which I bought for him. HAHAHAHA Finally make use of what I bought lol Then in I kissed Smelly with my red lipstick on, ended up his lip become like the mc Donald mascot as well! HAAHHAAHHA

Here's the official photo taken by my friend Xavier (https://www.instagram.com/xavierting/)
Always admired his photography skill and next year I'm having a couple shoot trip to oversea, he will be my photographer team with Baobao (https://www.instagram.com/baobaochow/) as well <3 I can't wait

Thank you everyone for the help!

Then Smelly keep ask why my friend all smart get the clothes and makeup for me to change. He want me in the most normal and casual outfit lol. NO PLEASE! ONCE IN A LIFETIME DONT MAKE ME KILL YOU THE MOST XD

But indeed I know he wish to have me in my most comfortable style and get proposed on that kind of comfy mood. but no man! 

Right after the proposal, Smelly look so relax and happy. Never ever see him smile the whole night and I can't even see his eyes lol. Too small like Korean oppa. Then I ask how you feel right after your proposal?

‘ๆˆ‘่ฆบๅพ—ๆˆ‘ๅพž็”ทๅญฉ่ฎŠๆˆไบ†็”ทไบบ.’ He said.
(From a young boy and now I became a REAL MAN)

LAUGH MY ASS OFF then we both keep laughing at the place. Also right after I get proposed I immediately ask him 'How much you rent this, then the flower and blablabla' I want to kill him if all his hard earn money gone in one night.

Then my friend all knew me well, they knew about my acceptable price level. Then when smelly told me I was like OKAY PASSED! HAHAHAHAH Happily ever wearing my engagement ring and then they told me got second round!! Ask me to stay tuned!


But I know that they are some friend who couldn't make it for the proposal, as Smelly told me earlier and also if there are a bigger crowd I think he might be really nervous. So he asked my team to take photo and video for you guys and my friends who couldn't make it on that day. So here's the final official video for you guys~ Knowing you guys for years and wanted to invite you and everyone of you to join me in my life journey. Thank you Baobao for editing and rushing this for me.


Just got all the photo from the my friend and finally all the candid shoot is here. Sorry I look freaking ugly but I think I'm going to just let the photo do the talking! I guess after reading my whole proposal story you will be surprise that you can still fill in the caption for each of the photo!! lol

Are you ready?! Let's get started!

 While adjusting and preparing everything 

They use the black plastic bag to cover the candles so that I wont see anything from far since the cinema will be fully dark and turned off the light when I enter. Smart tips!

 My bro look like the lecturer lol Gathering everyone here in the cinema 

 The screen with video and slides. This should be the final check photo

 Trying to figure out what happen

 My brain be like 'WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT?'

 Peeking and see who's sitting in front of me 

See how far I am, couldn't even see clearly from the back because it's so dark 

 The breaking point where I start crying when I see Smelly singing in front of us

 Done with my one year quota lol

Laughing and crying at the same time. Not sure how I did that lol

 Sleepwear catwalk style

 ่‡ชๅทฑ็ฉฟๅˆฐ้‚ฃ้บผ็พŽ ๅทฎ้ปž่ธขๆญปไฝ  xD

 This should be once in a blue moon opportunity I get to see Smelly like this. I will remember this moment forever. 

 When I go get a change lol. He's standing in the middle alone! HAHAHAAHAH

 He's asking who brought the clothes for me lol

 ้ƒฝ็ญ‰ไบ†ๆˆ‘ไนๅนด ็ญ‰ๅคšไบ”ๅˆ†้˜pls ๅœจ่ฎŠ่บซ!ๅ“ˆๅ“ˆๅ“ˆๅ“ˆ

 My Mc Donald Mascot inspired lips xD

 Dont be nervous.. dont cry!!

 Full attention on him

 OMG.. I'm soon to be someone's wife OMG OMG OMG OMG 

 Sorry 18x for this. I think I never did this in front of so many friends lol

 Can you stand slightly lower lol 

 Hmm sorry..my lipstick ๐Ÿคฃ

 I'm so sorry for what I did on your lips xD

 Should I remove the stains on his lip? HAAHAHAHAH

 My eyes so red wth...

 Smelly's besties. Mostly single and available. Too all my single girl friends, please wait for my ROM & Wedding Ceremony~ HAAHAHAHHA It will be a dating dinner lol


Actually the whole day after get proposed, I couldn't sleep at all. First I couldn't believe I'm soon to be someone's wife. Secondly, everything happened too fast and too unbelievable I couldn't sleep and a little stress. Thirdly, I'm most stressed is replying some of my friend message because they angry about Smelly and blame him never invite them to join this.

To be honest, most of my friend told me not to care too much as proposal is mean for both of us. They asked me to enjoy the max and dont care too much about saying sorry. Seriously that one night is quite of scary for me, my friend msg me telling me why they dont get invited. Blaming like I'm the one who know about this lol. This is proposal my god, how am I suppose to know this and some of the friend who close with me but Smelly not close with never get invite as well because Smelly was shy and secondly, my bro is the one who handling all the invited closed friends. There are friends that Smelly and my bro don't really close with, so end up when they dont get invited. 

Both of us get blame. Aren't can't they just be happy for us. I'm really stress out until one point I feel like it's no need for any of us to feel sorry. There are never a perfect proposal and if they are really my friends, they should feel happy. Not complaining to me and blaming Smelly. So this is the part that I keep away from Smelly. So when I asked my friend who get proposed last time, they all told me the same stories. So it's a common thing lol. Then you guys have to be prepare as well lol

But no worries, I guess just the amount of surprise stressed me out and I feel much better a day after and slowly reply each of their msg, Watsapp and reply each of the wishes on my dm through Instagram. Thank you everyone of you who message me. I love you guys and I never know you guys are the one who feel more than me. Some of you cry after watching the video HAHAHAHA! and stories I dont even free to update, just keep clicking repost button on my instagram stories.

Apart from that, I'm feeling so blessed that Smelly take every steps seriously. Giving me the amount of companion over these 9 years and a proposal that full of effort. I never knew he prepared the song and learn it since May, waiting for the day to propose to me. To my friends, thank you for keeping this such a long time. You know who you are and from this, I truly know who's really my closed circles, who wish me the best and helped Smelly through the whole proposal without asking for anything. Lastly, going to say a big thank you and hug my brother. Also the team who shooting everything for us that night. Thank you each of you!! And also you my readers, sweeties family who followed me since I'm started my blog 12 years ago.

To Smelly, I can’t believe that you are now my fiancรฉ. How time flies and I still feel weird every time my friend telling me that I’m now a wife to be. Waking you up in the morning and looking at you be like ‘is this boy growing too fast or I’m too workaholic until I forget to slow down’ or maybe ‘is this really soon to be my husband’  Seeing both of us growing to someone that we will be proud of. Instead of feeling stress like the first day you proposed to me, now I’m gonna enjoy being your fiancรฉe for a year, enjoy preparing our private wedding and ROM ceremony and soon, I will call you my husband and spending the rest of my life with you my Smelly. ❤️ You are a big big big man now and I’m waiting for the day to exchange our wedding rings and calling you my hubby.

Also, a big story behind is when I heard from my friend they she actually ask if Smelly want to get sponsored bouquets or anything for the proposal. Smelly rejected (he really knew me well). He told them that he don't wish to ask me to work for his proposal. I once told Smelly before that I dont wish to get any sponsor for all these important days. He know I never request for free stuff for my birthday, or wedding. We could save our own and make it happen. I dont want it to be like a show off event with crazy thing just for a night. 

Seeing friend borrowing loan and just for that one night wedding dream is scary. I dont want to giving and stressing him so much. That's why I always prefer to make that in a way that I'm comfortable with. Probably I'm going to host a private western style ROM and wedding ceremony with our closed friends and parents only. Then I also don't want to accept any ang pao red pockets or making my friends feel stress about it. Just come to enjoy and witness about our important day like that. I really love simple ceremony with super closed friends and family. I think that's what a true wedding ceremony and marriage mean to be. Then right after that, I could enjoy my few months honeymoon with Smelly! HAHAHAHA That's what I looking for.


When I know there are round two, I'm surprised because round two handled by my friend Bobo who lying about she's not going to be back to KL because of her idol lol. She came to our studio and prepared this with her bf. The rest go to get the cake that I ordered lol. Because I thought the cake is to collect on the coming Monday. Who knows Smelly make it to the same day follow to what my first request to celebrate exactly on my birthday right away I landed lol.

If I don't do so, the rest of the day I will be busy with my work and when I ask why they prepared this for me. My besties told me, because this year is gonna be your last single birthday. Next time you should put your Smelly as your first priority lol. I cry like hell after that. My first ever birthday surprise party. I mean a proper one with lots of balloon. To be honest, I feel like a girl on that day lol.

The moment captured when I went to my studio.

 Look at this!! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

 So pretty! I mean the decoration not me :p

 The amount of flowers I received from friends and brands! Thank you so so much and they knew I'm a pastel dreamer! HAAHHAAHH Everything matches the theme lol

  Thank you ๐Ÿ˜ญ for this unforgettable day in my life.

Love of my life

Some friends went back because it's too late already. The rest turned out on the part 2 celebration. Thank you to everyone of you! Love you to the moon and back~  

Next day I'm using the balloon as props and wear my halloween costume lol.

Also one of my friend sent this to my email. Thank you for drawing this as our phone wallpaper! When I look at the slipper on top, I laughed like hell! 

Thank you everyone who watching us growing and be our companion in this life journey. There are still a long way to go and I can't wait for my actual wedding ceremony soon. That's all about my proposal and see you on my next post. Love, xoxo.


  1. Omg, first time I smiled sooo big while reading a blog post! Already watched your stories on that day but reading the whole story is really too sweet, congratulations Chanwon and I'm already excited to read your future wedding post hehe ❤️❤️

  2. Thank you Yuki and thanks for following my journey <3

  3. Congratulation Chanwon!! Feel so touched when reading the blog post. Please stay sweet and happy forever with Smelly hehe <3

  4. Congratulations! Wishing you a brand new journey ahead

  5. Congratulations Chanwon! you and Smelly is the perfect match and I like how you being considerate and nice to your bf. your words always give me a new thought on how to treat my loved ones and friends.

  6. Congratulation Chanwon! Your love story is truely inspiring #9years wei. of course more to come haha.

    Your mcd mascot really make me laught and i cant control myself to notice it. (after u kiss ur hubby, his lips turn red also lolz XD)

  7. Hey Chanwon, this is actually my first time reading a blog. I was actually initially searching about orthodontic treatment and somehow came across your blog. Thanks for sharing such an amazing and lovely story...It really puts a big smile on my face and I have never laughed so hard for so long til I read your blog about your proposal..And Congrats Chanwon...Wishing you a lovely, sweet and happy life with your husband to be... Not to mention, props to your fiance for setting up the proposal.