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28 November 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ Welcome back to my blog again! Time flies it's currently the last week of November. While scrolling all the photos I took on my phone, I realise I haven update my Fukuoka homestay review and also the up coming post about my winter trip this year in Yamagata. Those photos brought me back to all these precious memories! While editing back all these photo, I also replying my instagram dm all in once.

As you guys requested and so sorry to keep you waiting, here's another two homestay I'm staying when I went to Fukuoka, Japan in end of April this year. To be honest, if you ever went to both Kansai and Tokyo region, I guess it's time for you to explore the next one! Fukuoka is one of my top 3 favourite too.

One of the best thing in Fukuoka is the airport is super near to the city and nearby Hakata Station. There are no need to wake up super early or rushing to the airport on your last day in Fukuoka. For me, Fukuoka is one of the most relaxing one, there are lots of flower park and beautiful scenery which you cannot get in the rest of the region as well. For those who interested you can click here and read all my Fukuoka adventure blog post. The food is damn good and cheaper than Tokyo as well. Since it's near to Busan, Korea , you can easily spot lots of tourists that came from Korea.

This year I'm having a video project and I brought the whole team including Smelly & Baobao to Fukuoka with me. I want somewhere else is less tourist and it's related to flowers and nature scenery. It's why I went back to Fukuoka for the second time in 2019. This time, other than visit back to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park the rest I didn't really plan. I just randomly go into any local restaurant that caught my attention and visit places that I never been to. 

It's one of my favourite work trip in 2019. There goes all the surprise coming all the way during our trip. We get to try few really yummy restaurant and sashimi store. It's super duper cheap and yummy. Wait I share with you guys again on the next post more related to the food we tried. Next surprise is....


Since we visited Fukuoka at the end of April, I never thought that we could witness the last sakura season. It's nearly to summer season that time but accidentally we spot a row of sakura trees nearby our second homestay and subway station. Look how amazing it is. It's also Smelly and Baobao first time seeing Sakura in real. It's actually the final sakura season. This type of sakura bloom differently with the normal spring one. It's mostly appear in the middle of April.

Look at the sakura petals on the road. It's really beautiful and looking at this remind me how precious it is. I really love Japan and never get tired because of it. Japan never fail to surprise me and I will never get disappointed on my trip. So throwback to all the trip, I'm sharing my top recommendation of homestay here in Fukuoka. This time I decided to stay only in one homestay but due to the date I picked, in the middle of our one week trip there is one date which booked by other tourist.

Which mean I need to find another homestay to stay over for a night and then return back to my first homestay. But to be honest, it's quite a special experience as the second homestay really so different as the owner keep their pets in the homestay and the pets greet us every time we back to our room. Let me show you these two homestay that we stayed during our trip in Fukuoka.

| #1 Our Higashi Homestay  

Our first homestay is the one we got from HomeAway website. As you guys most of the time whenever I'm traveling to Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong or even Japan, HomeAway is always the first one I will check on the homestay listing. I really feel like a home rather than staying in somebody's home. It gives me so much convenience especially all the dining and kitchen area I need when I'm traveling with a group of friends. Not forget to mention all the daily essentials things in their homestay listing.

So as usual, whenever I'm in Fukuoka I will look and search the homestay near to Hakata station. I'm more familiar there and then we found this beautiful Higashi Homestay which you can choose from private room to sharing one depend on your budget. Since I booked through HomeAway, I decided to go for private room and it also has breakfast included in our stay as well.

The first day arrived in Fukuoka. Having a great time in the subway station lol. Even the subway station look super empty and can even photo shoot hahahaha!

 Let's go 💕

So here we are. Just followed all the instruction stated at the app and we found this beautiful entrance of our homestay. As mentioned earlier, we booked the private room so no need share toilet with anyone. We got our own private kitchen, dining table and toilets as well. There are also much cheaper option available on this guest house which is located at the lower floor , our private room located at second floor.

Unlike any other homestay, this one the owner and staff actually prepared a paper and instructions to check in / check out for us. Also stated the breakfast and common area rules and everything stated in both English and Japanese.

At the back of the instruction paper, there is a map for you to refer to. Since it's actually a guest house, there are a garden area as well. Also laundry area but our one since it's a private house, we have our own washing machine. So it's exactly the same one like a private apartment just that this one included breakfast also service from the staff and owner. If you staying in the lower floor not the private one then you need to share shower room with the rest of the guest.

Quite a good experience and I can't wait to show you how's our room look like.

So here's the entrance of our private house. When you are here in the entrance you can spot a washing machine here and it's where we put our shoe and take it off here.

Next, you will see lots of space for you to put on your luggage and you don't even need to close it. Just open and leave it there, then still got lots of empty space for you to walk and pass by. Lots of storage space as well.

Once you came into the house, you can see an open air kitchen and dining area. Really in love with big dining table. I can easily do my work and have some discussion with my friends here. This space can fit in up to 6 person, you can request one extra tatami if you have 7 pax. So mean the max can fit up to 7 pax. But let say you are coming in with 6 pax and staying here for 4 nights. Per person only RM125 per day per night.

RM2973 for 6 pax staying for 4 nights, after divided it into each person it will be around RM125 per night per pax only. Lots of you asking why it never listed in RM currency, but no worries when you key in your payment method, it will be sending a TAG Message for you and listed in RM, or you just simply round up times 3. 

With 6 pax, it's only RM125 per person / night for this kind of space and stay is just so worth it! Consider reasonable and super nice included a simple breakfast as well.

Right after you see the kitchen area, you can now spot your sleeping bed. It's super cozy and big. Can fit up to 4 pax in this divider area, also a sofa bed at the living area which can sleep 2 more pax. Since we book for 3 pax, they prepared 3 pillow for us only. 

 So insta worthy

 So nice!

 The living area

 Daily essentials, washing machine, oven, fridge and everything is here.

 Wet toilet - Shower Room

 Dry toilet

The next day waking up earlier and took this photo in our room!

Next morning, we can finally enjoy the breakfast which comes with our stay. Just a traditional breakfast where you can get Japanese white rice, miso soup and some seasonal small dishes to go with the white rice.

Ready for breakfast!

 The rest of the day we also have our breakfast in the guest house. 

 The rest of the guest room

The living guest house area and outside you can see the garden located in the house.

For check out process it's super duper easy as well, just unlock the main door with password provided and place over the key on this check out / key drop basket placed on the guest house floor. The staff is super duper helpful, all can speak in simple English. Also the room is super clean, everything well maintain and with such huge space and ambiance, I will be back again next time with my family or my friends.

 Here's some of the photo I took with my phone during this trip

One of my favourite shoot taken in this trip is just right infront of the entrance of this homestay. There is a Coca Cola vending machine here and the colour is so bright and happy. So I decided to take some shoot here and drag Smelly in. He look extra handsome that day after trim and get his hair done ☺️ Can't believe now he is my fiancé and I think I can use all these photo on my wedding ceremony. AHHAHAAHAH

Everywhere is a photo spot for me lol

At night we went to the nearest 7-11 and get our supper done

 Also taken some beautiful and sweet shot in this homestay. Here's the Behind-The-Scene!

 Do you want some strawberry? 

At night, we just get our outfit changed and after removed all our makeup, we decided to randomly  check out the nearest place for food and just walk around. Loving how relaxing it is and not follow the plan!

| #2 The Dog & Cat House  
click here for the listing

As mentioned earlier int his post, there is one day that we can't stay over at the house because it was booked by other guest and I don't wanna change or look for other stay again. So we anyhow decided to try and stay a day in another guest house. We picked this because it's super duper affordable and cheap.

For this homestay it's actually can fit up to 13 pax, suitable for a huge group of family or friends but since just 3 of us, we only get to stay into one room. It's why it's super duper cheap.

For 3 pax and 4 nights stay, it's around RM71 per person per night. SUPER CHEAP RIGHT! It's only RM849 for 4 nights with 3 pax and after divided with everything only take RM71 per person / night.

Compare with the rest of my private staying experience, there are also other guest staying at other room. So it's also like a guest house kind of experience and the owner is super duper friendly. She welcomed us with a surprise gift for each of us. So we picked our favourite noodle as supper on the first night. Next, there are one grey colour poodle appear to greet us and also a cute chubby cat!

 So so so cute!

It's really the first time I'm into the Japanese guest house type of homestay. For me, I feel like we are more of a friend with the lady owner. She's so nice and friendly to us. Introduce and showing us around. Giving us some local guide and advice as well. Her pets can freely go around and not even a cage in the house. We love pets so we dont really mind that.

Although it's just a night of stay here in this second homestay, but I have finally experience how it feel like to stay in a guest house with a local Japanese owner. Missing there as well as the cats and the grey poodle! Such a cutie pie.

The cat can go out freely and the first day we arrived here I thought it's not going to come back but  one hour later, the cat come back and meow meow in front of our room. So we open our door and let her in, having some fun time with the owner's pets hehe.

Next, in this guest house you can use and access to their shower room area and kitchen area freely. You can also use the hair styling tools and everything. I really think the owner really treat everyone who stay here like her real friends.

 Local guide available here as well

So here's our room. Very simple just a room with bed but it's really clean and although there are not much space for us to walk around but it's really a cheap one to choose. If you want to get a budget trip in Japan, you can think of choosing this kind of guest house on your trip. If you coming with a larger group then there are a door in the middle which covered by the curtain, where you can take it off and access your friend's room as well.

If you are just 2 or 3 pax, then it will be separated with a closing door and curtain.

So here's basically everything about my staying experience in Fukuoka and it was totally one of the best experience ever. If you read all my Fukuoka post and need more options for homestay, then this two HomeAway homestay can be one of your alternative as well. From a very affordable one RM125 per night to the super cheap one RM71 per night. 

If you interested to stay over at any other homestay, just search the keyword in HomeAway website. No need to worry as the photo showing there is quite accurate and I'm looking forward for my next winter trip again in 2020. If you are traveling to Fukuoka soon and wish to know where to visit or eat, click here and read all my Fukuoka adventure blog post

Hope it's useful for your next travel plan. That's all about my sharing for today. See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.

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