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15 October 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ ✨Welcome back to my blog. So today let's have some tea together and perhaps I can share some of my tips about discovering a skincare that is suitable for all skin types no matter how it changes. Are you ready? Let's get started!

If you followed me closely on my instagram you might noticed that I experience a terrible breakout few months ago in March. I have mix feelings during that period of time. I'm a normal human being and I might also get breakouts when I'm stress or due to the changes of weather. But when the time I posted about my recovery journey, people told me that ' OMG What have you done to your skin? It's disgusting....' and so on.

I'm disappointed not because of this kind of comments, what disappointed me most was I need to explain publicly and keep mentioning that it's not my choice that this all happened on me. Regardless with the amount of story replies that I need to respond to, I decided to give myself a break from reading harmful comments that might make me feel unhappy. At that moment in my life, I choose to think in positive ways and that’s the start of my skin recovery journey!

I also went to skin management clinic for pimple extraction and my face is getting better. Now my skin left those red dots all around my forehead, but I am seeing it improve day by day. While I was at 80% of my recovery journey, I decided to give a gentle skincare product that is recommended by my dermatologist a try. I chose one that everyone raves about, the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I remember I tried this when I was still a student because it can easily be found and purchased at almost all drugstores. But you know, the past 26 years I have been living with good condition skin until recently where I get serious breakout all over my forehead so I could use almost any product.

Now, I decided to go back to it to see whether it can benefit my skin during my bad condition or not. Surprisingly, I'm proud to say that it works for me and today, I'm sharing this review with you guys. Though I rarely share about skincare products, I guess this is actually a good time for me to share my opinion to you guys. Here’s my 30 days Cetaphil skin care Story!

#A Cleanser that take care your skin no matter what 

So as you guys know I often get questions and emails asking ' Chanwon what's the best cleanser that suit my skin, not too expensive please! ' Honestly, this is the hardest question ever because everyone’s skin condition is different and often changes every few years. I'm having combination-sensitive skin, but some of you may have normal or either oily / acne skin.

It was hard to give a good recommendation that works for everyone’s skin type and still need to be affordable and can easily get it till recently when I found the answer. Since I have combination skin to sensitive skin and recently acne problems occur, I can see how Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser actually helps my skin in every changes that happened to my skin within this 1 month.

This is definitely on my top 3 list of affordable yet effective skin cleansers. The Cetaphil cleanser is definitely ONE product that suit for all type of skin, no matter you have normal skin, oily skin, dehydrated skin, combination skin, acne or even sensitive skin!!

Through the 30 days try and review journey, I realise it's important to get a cleanser that is gentle to our skin. A cleanser that is soap free and fragrance free helps a lot. I realize that when I use soapy cleanser that will have a lot of bubbles, my face will sometimes become dry and have the tight feeling. But when I use the Cetaphil cleanser, my face doesn’t have that feeling but I can still feel that it’s clean. I also know that cleanser with a lot of fragrance is very nice but if you have very sensitive skin, it may cause your skin to become irritated and red.

So here you go, if you are still experiencing lots of changes on your skin or having not the best skin condition and still looking for a good cleanser that can help make your skin feel better, you just need to Try this Cetaphil yourself!

I'm pretty impressed with the soapless texture and the benefits of this cleanser. It can also last you for a long time and taking care every stage of your skin because the 500ml is actually a very big bottle.

Although you can see my skin still left those redness on my forehead area, it’s slowly disappearing and I really like how it sustain my skin with the most gentle care ever.


One really important thing that I love about the Cetaphil face wash is it cleans my skin WITHOUT stripping my skin's natural oils. My skin didn't feel tight or dry at all after using the cleanser because it does not contain soap. Instead it feels very soft and supple. The best part is even when my skin was in a bad and sensitive condition, this cleanser actually help to give it even more gentle care. I felt that my skin is in good hands when I used this face wash because it is recommended and trusted by dermatologists. I don’t think they would even recommend a product if it’s not good or safe for the skin. 

Even during my recovery time from acne problem, I didn't feel my skin being irritated. Next reason I like about this cleanser is the fact that all the ingredients are meant to nurture the skin. Other than being soap and fragrance FREE, it is also non-comedogenic. It won't clog the pores and in fact, it also help to balanced our skin pH level to become more neutral! In one month, I really feel can feel my skin is healthier.

The gentle ingredients keep my skin clean. 

The safe and gentle formulation gives my skin the gentle care that my skin need!

Until now I still feel the cleanser remain gentle and effectively cleans my face like the first time I use it. It comes with diff size as well, whether you prefer smaller travel size or the big size like the one I showed on this post, you can also find it. If you get the big bottle, you could share this with your siblings or bf/gf. I even try on Smelly's oily skin condition, he feel the same like me as well, clean, soft, and supple.

He was totally impressed when he realise his face doesn’t feel like it usually does with his usual cleanser. Firstly because this cleanser didn't create any foam during the application and he thought he using the wrong one lol, but I told him nowadays most cleansing product with gentle effect on our skin actually don’t create foam at all. I guess this is a good post to educate everyone on choosing the right cleansing product. If your skin feel so irritating, dry, tight or itchy after using any cleansing product, it simply means the product is not suitable for you & you should stop using it and get a gentle type of cleanser that suit your skin. If you are looking for a good alternative or recommendation, just get Cetaphil at the nearest drugstore that near you.


Talking about the packaging it's more of a simple packaging without any fancy logo or anything. Just straight to the point and it's basically the brand image for this Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser! The one I'm using is the second biggest size of the cleanser, comes in 500ml. There are smaller one where you can easily get in most of the drugstore and it often can be spot easily together with where they put the big bottles. 

I guess this huge bottle of cleanser can last me for up to 4-6 months. I really try my best to pump the right amount of product and use it on my face but still after almost a month of using it, I still feel like there’s so much inside, can't feel less from this bottle lol. Still heavy. If I'm going for travel I will definitely take the smaller or travel size one. For the value of money and the price range, this is really a win win product! 

This bigger size is more suitable to put at home and use with together with someone you loved as well. Sharing is caring! 

Also one good thing about this design is the cap can be lock by just doing a simple turn on it. So if you are having a road trip with your family or friends, no need to worry you can't find anything to secure it. This is just a user-friendly design!!

Look closer to the texture, it's not cream type of cleanser product. It's more of a thick-gel or thicker version of serum kind of texture. It will not create any foam but does it job in cleansing off the dirt from your skin while giving the best and most gentle kind of feeling to our skin. I quite like it tho, but for people who always use foam cleanser, at first they might feel weird but no worries, I also gone through that and eventually got used to it! 

So once you spread it all over your skin and do a little circular motion, you will see the product turn a little milky but really smooth all over your skin.

 Close-up texture of the cleanser.


Next, moving forward to the application method. I can say that it's super duper easy. Dont even need a tutorial for that. Just simply pump > massage and rinse with water!

I like giving it a 1 full pump on my hand.

 See the texture again!

 Apply the product all over our face, giving it a little massage on our skin. 

  It didn’t feel stingy at all on my skin. **doink-doink 

 Massage and apply it all over on our skin in circular motion all around cheeks, forehead, chin, nose and eyes area. 

  After all that, just rinse away with water! That's all!

Oh yea there is also one tips for you. If you use to clean your face without water (like when you are on the flight or catching a midnight trip), just as usual taking a pump size amount of cleanser, massage gentle all over your face and at the end just wipe off with a clean cotton pad or dry towel. That's all!! So easy right! 

Everytime after I wash my face, my skin feel so fresh without any dry or tightening feeling! You must try this yourself to understand that nice feeling!!  


You can give the cleanser a try first and if you really love the after-use feeling of the cleanser on your skin, you can also get their moisturiser and sunscreen to try. Both of the moisturiser and sunscreen step will be the complete 3-steps skincare routine that is very basic for everyone if you are lazy to do a 6 or 10 steps of skincare product. 

 (1) Cleanser > (2) Moisturising Cream > (3) Sunscreen 

Both moisturising cream & sunscreen can be use on our face and body. I love how multi ways of applying it not just for our face but also for body as well. All of it are fragrance free so it won’t cause the skin to be irritated. I only get to try on the cleanser because I still haven’t finish my sunscreen and cream lol. But if you are interested to get the complete set, please do so as the cleanser really gives me a good impression on it.

I think that's all about my review and sharing on my blog. Hope this can be helpful for you. If you are looking for a gentle cleanser product that works no matter what skin condition you have, I strongly recommend you to try this out! It's all available at all sort of pharmacy and online on Cetaphil official store in Lazada and Shopee. Enjoy reading and hope to see you on my next post! See ya, xoxo.


  1. My friend introduced this Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to my wife. I was astonished that this item did the trick just fine for normal skin type as well since there’s false impression out there that this product specifically for troubled skin.