#DieDieMust: Chanwon's Top Picks for Fragrance

11 October 2019

Everyone has their own collectable items / products. I love to collect beautiful blusher like the Sailor Moon limited edition that only available in Japan, cute stuff like super kawaii types, some other secret collection will be my favourite scent of fragrance. 

I have no idea when it started but I start to have my top pick and favourite fragrance since 2018. I think I have grow to an age that I start to look for something that more of 'me' and something that could reminds me my happy memories or a scent that could brighten my day. My first bottle of fragrance gonna be Chanel Chances and then I'm using that for years until recently when I have some me-time to shop around, I get in touch with diff brand and their own fragrance line just caught my attention.

Apart from my all time favorite Chanel and Jo Malone scent, I have some new scent that I have never share before on my social media. Since I'm picking some fragrance for my coming trip to Taiwan, I decided to give you a list of my favorite scent. A list that I know you will be falling in love with and among others, here's my top Chanwon's #DieDieMust try fragrance. If you have the similar preference like me, then I'm sure you can found something you like from my top pick list~

Let's get started!

- #1 DOSON -

If you noticed this from my vanity table, you must be surprise because I actually have 3 bottle of it. A stronger scent which last me longer is the one with black color label and it's actually smaller than the normal version. You will be surprise with the amount of Doson I have. It's actually my first and only scent that I love from diptyque. I got 3 bottles with the same scent, 2 in my rooms and the rest at my work studio.

If you ask me to choose between this or the Jo Malone nectarine blossom and honey, which is my top favourite in early 2017. Hmmmm I will say this is more of a special scent if compare with the jo malone nectarine blossom and honey. Diptyque has something that I like, the scent of calm, a little feminine touch on it and this Doson brings my mind to the sundown hour, when the white flowers bloom in the darkness of the wooden pagoda. Just look like the label sticker of the bottle.

I hate super thick or heavy kind of fragrance, but this scent is really special for me. It's a combination / mix of Tuberose, Orange blossom and Jasmine. For me this scent is more mystery and secret + a little touch of sexy. If I'm on a date with my loved ones , special celebration with Smelly or night out with all my closed friends, this is the scent that I would love to have for that special night.

I can imagine myself wearing a lovely dress at night, walking on the street, laughing with my friends / holding hands with Smelly. HAHAHAAHA Okay I should stop dreaming about it lol. So this is the scent that reminds me of a wonderful night dating time. 


Second is always my favourite since 2017. It's from Jo Malone. It's a scent that I would love to have on a daily basis. I call this as my everyday fragrance. It's a mixture of wooden and sweet scent. Not too boring kind of woody scent and not too much of sweet as well. It can be use as your everyday scent and not too much to put on.

I love how Jo Malone can mix & match playing around and mix & match 2 fragrance into 1. I seriously love to put this Nectarine Blossom & Honey with Sea Salt Wood Sage. I get the sea salt wood sage lotion from Jo Malone and when first I apply it all over my body and give my body a little touch up by spraying the Nectarine blossom and honey, that's my perfect combo EVER!!

Seriously you can try this at their counter. This is the scent that Smelly can accept lol. Previously he always complaint about my fragrance is too flora or else too much. But when I put this on the first time, his reaction just surprised me. He told me it's nice and he sniff twice beside my ear lol. Abit crazy but it's true. This is the first scent that he can accept and only after this I got the doson and Chanel one, by listing out all these 3 fragrance, his favourite scent for me to put on is always nectarine blossom and honey. Idk why he dont really like doson maybe it's too sexy for him! HAHAHAHAHA He prefer some really light and just nice one.

Apart from those 2 scent from Jo Malone, this year I bought their limited edition Willow & Amber  as well. It's more of a unisex scent which has 0 scent of flora. More earthy compare with the rest of my fragrance collection. Totally out of my range but when I choose over the rest of the scent, at that moment I just fell in love with this right away. I didn't use this everyday but when I'm home, enjoying my me time, reading books or having a cup of hot chocolate, in my cozy corner this is the scent that I will put on. 

Is more of 'man' not those flora or sweet scent at all. More of wooden scent and scent that I will use when I'm so calm, my me-me time and just compare to my top 2 favourite this definitely one scent that I think it's not too girly or feminine for me. I'm in love with this as well!

- #3 CHANEL L'EAU N5 -

This is more of a daring scent. This Chanel L'eau N5 is a radiant citrus top notes soar skyward with the aldehydes, followed by a floral whirlwind of jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang, and then the dynamism of vetiver and cedar. This is a really strong and more of a 'powder' kind of scent.

I will use this when I'm having an fashion event. It's really strong and I dont think I will use it in a daily basis. It's even stronger than the Doson, and when I use this my friends ask if I put on baby powder mix with a really seductive scent lol. This scent also reminds me of rich-tai-tai scent lol. 

When I first put on I might feel weird and feel not so me but when I use it few more time, I think I'm quite addicted to it already. Because normally I wont pick something like this, I think it's too much but you know when you try this once, really ... you will get addicted. I got this last year during their xmas limited edition collection. Loving the deep red bottle design!


Trying new scent from Bvlgari and who knows once I tried this I immediately fell in love. Then I received a full size one from their PR team as a gift. From its whole range, I love this omnia crystalline the most. It created from the glowing clarity and purity of crystal. Omnia Crystalline is a luminous Eau de Toilette capturing the transparency of lotus flowers, the fruity freshness of nashi and the creaminess of balsa wood. 

If you think it's really floral then you are wrong. It's a mixture of little fresh floral scent + a touch of wooden scent. So for me it's not too girly or feminine. Just the right one and suitable to use in a daily basis as it's really not strong. If I'm going for a normal day out or event, this should be the one. Other than that the purple one from this collection is really too strong for me I dont really like it but this is really my <3!


The freshness of mellow pears with the combination of roses, wooden and amber scent. One thing I love about this is it's so so refreshing and it's the fragrance that added with pure therapeutic essential oil. It's a scent that I would love to use in a daily basis as well. I think soon it can be my no1 top pick to use as my everyday scent. 

 The fruity scent is not sweet at all, just a best portion that bloom with a scent of floral and wooden giving it a touch of cozy-ness. I think I love everything with both wooden + not too sweet or too floral one. Lumière has 3 signature scent, among all three I love this the most! The packaging is so sweet and big love that it's added with essential oil.

I love to use this at home when I'm working on my laptop, also if they created this as a room diffuser, I will be the one who first purchase it back and put it into my room. OMG I really love how relaxing and refreshing it is whenever I'm using it. If you are interested you can check out their instagram here. Never get bored of this fragrance!! My second day of using it and I'm already in love with it. It must be a big big surprise because it's now become my top pick list that I cannot live without! This scent reminds me of happiness, the happy moments in my life.


I received this in the beginning of year 2019. It's also a gift and I have a love-hate relationship toward this scent. For me it's a very feminine scent. It's quite flora and strong. If I ever put this on, I must be spraying on the air and walk toward it because when I put too much, people who stand besides me will be surprise and they will be like, OMG Chanwon your fragrance too strong lah. But when I'm attending night event or girl's date out until night, when the scent slightly lesser after the first hour, surprisingly I love how it smells like.

Also, after the first hour when it reach to the medium or base notes, it really smells quite good. I have thinking to give this away for my mom or friends but still I can't let go, the packaging is so beautiful and I really think if I don't put too much, this should be a great scent to bring out part of my feminine side.

I see some of my friends who use it they told me they love the fact that it's quite of a seductive flora , heavy scent. Maybe I'm not those who prefer super heavy flora and thick scent that's why I still can't tell whether I hate or really really love it. But still, it belongs my die die must recommend / try list, who knows you guys might prefer something like this? A strong feminine scent maybe?


So I guess that's all about my top pick for this 2019 from all my fragrance collection. Please let me know if you try any of my recommendation and I really hope that you could find your favorite and top pick from my die die must recommendation as well.

That's all for today and I will see you on my next post! See ya. Love, xoxo.


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