Our Scandinavian Homestay in Bangkok

02 October 2019

Hello Sweeties✨Thank you for reading my post again. Today I'm gonna make better use of my time by answering all of your question regarding my recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand. This blog post is specially dedicated for my homestay in Bangkok. I was so impressed and amazed by the style and coziness level of this beautiful homestay. We spent everyday here, watching Netflix , playing board game, having our supper together, preparing our breakfast, chatting and just an awesome bonding time during our trip in Bangkok.

Honestly, I was quite stress before I get to found this homestay as this trip is not a 4 pax or small group trip. It's a total of 10 pax trip. Which by far the biggest friend's trip ever. HAHAHAHAHA I remember when I told the whole team I'm going to bring them all fly over to relax, they thought I'm just joking lol. A week after I search for the stay, I just ask one of them to take all their passport detail and there you go!!!

We are here in Bangkok. Missing these day because I really work so hard to get myself off from work. To have a 'off-from-work' mode lol. Even Smelly and my bro stop me from taking my laptop over to this trip. I guess I should really treat myself a small holiday after the scary office moving month and the amount of work that I need to catch up after my skin sensitive problems.

For those who always followed my recommendations and travel journey, you must be knowing where I normally booked my stay. I always go for HomeAway homestay listing as there are lots of beautiful stay that makes me feel like my real home, the cozy feeling of being in a home even I'm away from my homeland.

So for this trip, I have made up my mind and decided to give all my team a big big space to sleep, have fun and just to get relax. I have scrolling through many homestay listings on their website and app, this is definitely my top pick. At first I was so afraid and worried that I couldn't find any homestay with the capacity to fit in 10-12 pax. I asked my friend and they always say even their family trip to Bangkok they have to change their mind to stay in a hotel instead of homestay because they can't find a bigger space.

For me, I always get those homestay with huge living area, TV, laundry area, kitchen area and more toilets. If let say I decided to book hotel for them, we might be so hard to squeeze all 10 pax into one room. So the best solution is search for a bigger homestay like this one I had. With such space we can discuss things all together in the living area, watching favourite movie together and playing our favourite #狼人殺 card game ever. So happy that I get to find this listing and need to say a big Thank You to Arielle who recommended this for me.

Playing card game together 

I still wonder why I always get killed on the first round of the card game. Damn it. But it was so fun to have such space to host them like my own family. It makes me feel like home and I remember that night was the last night we are leaving Bangkok. Everyone told me that they are so in love with this space and during the last night, we try our best to make use of our time. Leaving this space as clean as possible and putting everything back and making sure it's as clean as the first day.

Missing those day in Bangkok and this is by far the happiest moment ever. I also brought my brother and Smelly to go with me and we really enjoy every moments in Bangkok. 

I posted quite a number of stories and tour clips through my instagram stories and many of you still asking me for the direct links and also detail photo for this homestay. No worries, I'm always here to help you and I decided to give this homestay a blog post so that you all can always track the link back and I no need to repeat the link on my ig stories again.

So for those who don't know, this homestay is called HYGGE. It's located at a private residential area in Bangkok. When we book our van from grab, the driver told us that normally there are no tourist staying here. Mostly local here and I really love this peaceful location. Not noise at all and can fit up to 12 person.

It's a 4 floors homestay. Yes, 4 floors!! It's why there are so many bathrooms and rooms available to fit in a total of 12 max persons. My favourite part of the house is their furniture and interior design!! It's my favourite Scandinavian Style!!

This Scandinavian style HYGGE HOUSE has 4 floors:-
  • 1st floor is the living room, laundry and kitchen area  
  • 2nd floor is the whole floor for first bedroom with 2 king size beds which can stay for 4 persons. There is also one bathroom available on each floor.
  • 3rd floor is totally same like the second floor. It has 1 bedroom with 2 king size beds which can also stay for 4 persons + 1 bathroom.  
  • 4th floor is the highest floor. It has 2 separate bedrooms. Each room has 1 king size bed and also one separate bathroom in the same floor.

We spent 6D5N here in Bangkok. It's around RM669 per night, if you divided by 10 pax, it only costs RM67 per person / night. If you divided by 12 pax, it will be RM56 per person per night only. It is really affordable and cheap. Compare with all my previous experience renting a place to stay in Bangkok, this is by far the best, worth of your money! 

If you are interested to check out this homestay link: CLICK HERE 

Also the bathrooms and bedrooms are all look similar but I can see that the owner really put on effort to decorate it in different bedsheet and style. Now let me bring you to tour my Bangkok Scandinavian Homestay. 


Welcome to our Scandinavian home in Bangkok. This is the first floor, which is the living, open kitchen and laundry area in our home. The interior is so artsy and look at the lamp. OMG so pretty!!

 The Living Area: Huge dining table & Open-air kitchen

 TV and Netflix Time

Manggo Sticky Rice

Wanted to get a group photo but I'm too short and get blocked by the flowers on the dining table lol. So here's the photo for posing purpose! AHAHAAHAHAH Breakfast in our homeaway homestay!

Here's the super artsy corner of our living area. Just right beside the entrance of our house.


This is the floor which I stayed for 5 nights. It's black and white theme! The first day we arrived in our homestay at night and I took some photo on the first night before it get mess and also keep it back nicely on the second day so I can take some photo during the daytime. I really love how the sunlight make the room look much brighter and beautiful.

 Welcome to my room!

 The resting chair area of our room.

 Our bathroom

 Hello Zen! HAHAHAHA

So here's how it look like on the next day HAHAHAHA!! Sorry for the mess.

 There is also iron and hair dryer available on homestay.

 There is air purifier as well on each floor.

The window in our room! So artsy and insta-worthy!


This is the third floor. Similar interior with our floor but with diff theme and bedsheet. It's more of a polka dot theme and it looks sooo cozy!

 Limzy stayed on this floor! We are chit-chatting with each other.

 My favourite one I took on this homestay.

Every corner look so insta worthy.

The rabbit wooden chair look so cute

Another OOTD spot

 At night

Other than that the toilet look similar with the one we have on 2nd floor. So I skip that since it look similar.


The highest floor has 3 separate rooms. 2 separate bedrooms and one bathroom. Unlike the second and third floor it's all in 1 on each floor but highest floor is divided by doors and for people who prefer to have more privacy or separate room they can stay on the highest floor. My friend Alice and her husband stayed at the highest floor as well and another one for my girls too.

On the highest floor, I love the chairs the most!!! It's really so pretty and I love I could get these in Malaysia and if only I have a corner like this in my own house. So nice!

 4th floor: Room 1

 At night!

Photo taken with my iPhone!

4th Floor: Room 2

4th floor: Bathroom and toilet


This home has a mini hidden garden just beside the entrance door. It has two chairs and table as well. If you are back in the evening, you can enjoy a cup of tea here or else just hide in the home because so hot during the daytime! AHAHAHAHAH But it's so insta-worthy and it's why I decided to take some photo with Limzy here. Thank you Limzy for sending these photo for me. Loving it!

 Also took an OOTD here!

I guess that's all for our Scandinavian Homestay Tour. If you are going to Bangkok with a big group of family or friend like us, you can stay here and take this as your reference. I really think this place is prettier in real life and I never expect this!! 12 persons trip in Bangkok? No problem at all.

So happy to be able to share this beautiful homestay with you guys. If you are interested remember to keep this blog post in your to-stay list and hope it's helpful for you too. That's all for today. See you guys on my next post. Love, xoxo.

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