25 September 2019

Hello Sweeties  Welcome to my blog. As per the title of this post, I'm going to reveal the story behind this secret project that I have been doing since the end of February 2019 until now. Finally my baby launched on 25th September at 9pm later. It's been awhile and remember the last #CWkissaLZ collaboration with a local clothing brand? That was started almost a year ago and this year, I'm challenging myself and doing something new again.

The whole ideas started with a simple meet up with B.Adore back in February 2019. The whole discussion started in February and it takes total 8 months for this secret project to be reveal. From nothing to something and this experience is freaking awesome. I love creating something and this time since it's a bag instead of the clothes, it's totally a brand new challenge for me.

I have been to sleepless night just to imagine how it look like and how to bring out the overall ideas of the bag. If you followed me since years ago, knowing me for such a long time including all the rest of my collaboration with local brand, you know that I love something that look good and have to focus on both functionality and versatility. Not just that, I love something that could impress you guys, I love to bring out my ideas and giving a positive me

ssage for you guys. I want something in super good quality, people bring it out will be proud and happy for it.

So this is why I'm so ready for this secret project!


Everything started by an email invitation. Unlike the previous project, this is totally new for me. So when I meeting with the co-founder of B.Adore, I have no idea what exactly I want but I'm so looking forward to create something from that. So first when I met her back in February, I asked about her story behind the brand, why she created it and one thing I love and really confident about this brand is the Quality of it. 

I see it from every single accessories of the bag, the branding image, the warranty provided to their customer and the love they created for the brand. From the whole half year+ of collaborating with B.Adore, I'm so proud to be the first blogger to kickstart with these kind of collaboration with a local brand like them.

Just for the packaging, the dust bag, the sweet note that I requested, the bag tag that I wanted and the story that I want to include on this collaboration & so on. They always say yes to my request. I know it's really uneasy to include so many compartment into one bag and the ideas of 6 style with just 1 bag alone is totally insane. Despite from all the challenge, they always here with me to complete the whole project.

Just want to say a big Thank You to Becky and her assistant team who helped us on the teaser shoot and everything. So finally after all the challenges and lesson we learned from this project, my baby is here to meet all of you. 


The biggest challenge is definitely what kind of color, the texture and type of the leather I want, the ideas to put on in producing the real product out, meeting the expectation with reality and all the accessories when it comes to mix match with the bag. But still, the hardest part for me is drawing and showing out my idea to the team & explaining one by one including all the details I requested.

Also telling them in detail what functionality and versatility I want before the actual product and sample to be produce. I remember I keep request on the unzip compartment on the top of the bag and they told me it might be too troublesome to come out with that as it's more time consuming to produce that and it might get delay. But still after all of the discussion, we decided to go for the final design from my ugly sketching. 

At first I was looking for a bucket bag as I really love the ALL-IN-ONE bucket bag but the challenge I put into this project is having a 6 styles in 1 bag which I can carry everyday and it can be attach with different kind of straps, also the front and back design can be wear differently. It's why I really love about the baby we created for this project. Having a bag with two diff faces (front and back design), giving this bag a real twist and also matching it with the objectives of my ideas.

Next challenge is decided the color. As you know I'm always looking for a bag that suit each of our style and personality. So there are 2 final color and one limited edition color to bring out my 3x personality: Chanwon, Chantik ,Changgih.

Chantik is a sweet girl which represent the pink bag, 
Chanwon is me which is more casual and loving a bag which can match with any outfit for daily or even working,
while Changgih is a really cool personality. I often style Changgih myself with a mature makeup look, a high pony tail or curly hair. 

By having diff choices for you guys to choose and depending your personality some prefer to have the pink while the rest will go for burnt orange or black for everyday use. No matter what color you get, it just represent you and also reminding you guys Never Stop Trying to chase your dream, to get something you want, to travel and see the world. 

I just wish this bag could reminds myself and you guys, to never stop trying. Just like me, I'm still fighting now. I'm working so so so hard for the past 12 years until now, I'm able to make my dream come true, one by one. Making sure myself to never give up and never stop trying. This is the quotes that motivate me to go further and I hope it can reminds you that if I can, YOU CAN!

August 24th 2019 is the first time I'm able to touch my baby. Seeing it for the first time, touch it for real. The quality, every gold accessories and details is just what I want. The packaging box and my favorite part is it protected with a dust bag. Really so chic and it can be use when you are going to travel. Can be use to put whatever you want and there is my quotes printed on the dust bag. Really hope that you guys receive it with a happy smile from your heart. I really wish that you can feel the same like I do.

The compartment I keep mentioned about. As you know I always put effort on creating something which is useful and functional as well. I always take my phone out or small wallet out from bag and it's really troublesome if I keep unzip , zip and doing it repeatedly. I just want a compartment that I can put in my stuff repeatedly without it drop or unzip. So at the end, I decided to put it like this as I bought a lot of bag from Japan and there will be always one compartment I called it as 'EASY COMPARTMENT' where you can put your thing into it with ease. Like phone, keys, receipts, lipsticks, name card holders that you will always need to take out and put in again and without the need of accessing to the actual big compartment.

The inner design and material we put on this bag is also one of the thing I need to credits to B.Adore team. It's durable and very long lasting. I want it to last for years and also all the customer who purchase bag from Badore, will have 6 months of warranty (for repair and maintenance). Which is the reason why I said yes for this project and thank you them making the impossible to be Possible.


The actual shoot is quite stressful because this time I'm the solo person who in charge with the whole project planning, the ideas, the content direction, the marketing planning, outfit planning, styling and makeup idea. At first I thought I can be relax because this is not the first time I'm having collaboration with brand but once it get serious, I really put all and everything I can to this project.

Giving the best and added value to each project is what I always want to. Thank god I have my young and passion team with me for this project. They understand me the most so whenever it comes to finalising the ideas and turning it into the reality I trusted on them. They are what I'm super proud of. I have design team to help me with the final visual, the videographer team who come out with the teaser and final video, the photographer team who produce all the ideas and personality I want to put on the visuals, the Behind-The-Scene team who captured everything we did for this project, of course lastly, you guys who always motivate me to fo further and is the reason why I'm creating this for you guys.
Most of the discussion happened in both KL and Batu Bahat, JB and while shooting for the teaser, I want to do a little more about branding and also wishing more people to see how good and support the local brand, so in such a short time I brought the whole team to the actual store of B.Adore to film this teaser. Thank for helping me out as this is really a sudden ideas as the first thought we want to shoot it in my new studio, but I wish to include the co-founder and the team to show up a little on the teaser. So end up I just put all my work and events aside and just go ahead to make it happens.
Final meeting and quality check on the dust bag, premium box, the actual product with accessories. 
After the teaser shoot, I'm back to KL searching for the outfit and styling for my 3x personalities. I have few meetings after that with my team and wanted to make sure everything well prepared before the shoot as we are really close to the launching week. This is the first and biggest project happened in my new studio. There are lots of BTS moment on my brain but all of us are too busy on the preparation, I only got all these photos on my phone. 

My team telling me to put all the shoot indoor / studio shoot so it's easier. But you know, I love making impossible POSSIBLE. HAHAHAAH 自己拿來! I put the picnic scene outdoor, the chanwon series will be in my room and the last black changgih series is studio shoot. Diff personalities, diff theme and diff settings and set up.

Now I can't wait to show you the final photo we did and putting together with my new team member Jasmine's design on the final visuals.


Although I have the team and most of the editing still need to get me involved. Now I suddenly feel like being a blogger and attending an event is much easier lol. But getting involved in such opportunity is totally a big YES from me. So I only able to work with this kind of collaboration once a year. Yes I got only 1 best spot each year and only pick the best brand to work with. So happy that they admire my work ethic and give me the best too. I think I'm quite a lucky one by meeting nice people like them.

Baobao from my team is the one who did the video, editing and also all the actual final photo shoot. Yeezen handling the BTS and always arranging the transport for all kind of meet up for this project. Also assist me on most of my daily work. Although my team really did a good job on making my job a little easier and faster, but mostly on planning the schedule and replying email, meeting clients still fully in charged and handled by myself. I really can't goyang goyang kaki and do nothing lol.

Choosing the final photo, editing together on each details. 


Since I really living in my own pastel dream. I thought why not come out with something that is more special. As I know B.Adore never have any pink pastel series bag before and when it comes to bag, people tend to choose for basic color but since it's limited edition, it's only for a period of time. So for those who love pink bag, this is the only chance for you!! Hehe, I got each for myself as I really really love all the final color that I picked. Included the burnt orange and black one.

If you look closely with this close up photo, you will know how much effort we put on this project. The base of the bag, the material, the straps and ideas of versatilities and functionality for everyone, I really can't wait the official launch at 9pm. Which is 30 mins more!


1 bag with two faces, 6 diff styles with 3 diff straps available for you to mix & match. Useful compartments available and each has its own function. Whether it's a normal day out, dating with your loved ones, working or traveling, this bag is your best companion.      - Chanwon
This collaboration has put me in a hard time but I really enjoy all and everything in order to make this perfectly for everyone I loved. This is the baby that can be easily mix & match, suit for people with diff personality and looking for both versatility and functionality plus good quality as well.  It comes with a perfect premium black box so when you guys unbox it, you will feel like receiving a surprise gift. Also comes with a DUST BAG with my #ChanwonQuotes: Never Stop Trying ❤️ and name on it! 

The bag design and ideas share some similarities with my first ideas of coming out with a bucket bag design. This bag is really light-weight, and taking away the cons of having bucket bags with little compartment, I have combine the bucket bag + daily bag essential needs + compartments into 1 final design. The magnetic closure and twist lock closure design and zip compartments provide a sophisticated look and yet functionable. Two faces bag can transform from 1 to another easily and most importantly it comes with 3 straps that you can always mix & match based on your preference. Even the gold chain can be detach from the bag itself.

The magnetic closure faces has two zip compartment which can put your little thing for example hair accessories. Not just design there is an actual compartment there while the twist-lock closure can put your receipt or subway card if you are traveling around. I really love to give every space a specific idea on what to put and I wish to see more from you guys as well.
Looking at the side of the bag, it's like a triangular shape bag which can fully utilise the space and able to put whatever you want. I brought it over to my Bangkok trip recently, the bag able to put in power bank, pocket wifi, usb cable, subway cards, phone, name card holder, 2x lipsticks, phone, my go pro / Osmo pocket, medium size wallet, hair accessories / clips, receipts and etc.
Next, there is one compartment that I super proud of, the hidden unzip compartment from the top. Where you can put things you normally take out repeatedly. Making your life easier by easily access to the compartment. I normally put my phone / lipstick on that compartment. You will know how useful it is when you use it everyday.

Spot the hidden compartment from the top beside the main zip compartment.

This is the teaser video I took on the top compartment. You can even put your name card holder into it as well. 
The actual sleek black color and the llimited edition pastel pink color that I mentioned on this post.

Details of the bag:-

  • Magnetic closure (front) and twist-lock closure (rear).
  • Hand carry, shoulder, and/or cross body.
  • Comes with three complimentary strap:
    – One long leatherette shoulder strap (120cm, adjustable and detachable).
    – One short leatherette hand carry strap (33cm, detachable).
    – One short chain hand carry strap (20cm, detachable).
  • Exterior: Two zipper compartments and one slip pocket compartment.
  • Interior: Two small pouch and one zipper compartment.
  • Comes with one Chanwon’s special personalized bag tag.
  • Comes with dust bag and B.Adore Plus personalised gift box.
  • Measurement: 20cm (L) x 13cm (W) x 20cm (H)

The collaboration also come with a pretty burnt orange tag to attach on the bag & reminds you guys how never give up and fight for you dream. Early bird will enjoy special price with a LIMITED EDITION NAME CARD HOLDER as well. Been working this baby so so so hard for the past half year, TODAY IS THE DAY!!! I CANT WAIT! Sweetie fam!! Let’s countdown and stay together for the official launch💕💕


For all and each order, it comes with a surprise message card from me. I wish to tell you more about the bag and this is why I included the message card for you guys. I can't wait you guys posting and doing all the unboxing and sharing it on your social media. If you do so, just tag me so I could comment and repost your beautiful photo. Featured it on my social medias too. I'm not going to tell what's in the card, you will be the happy one from the moment you receive and unbox my baby.

 Let me know what you think about it when you receive this💕


So here's the final visual designed by Jasmine. A talented new team members who always put effort on the work. Although she just joined my team for 3 weeks now but she really has everything I want and so helpful as well. Such a short period of time she can get all the idea I want and making it into reality with the rest of my team members. So happy to have them in my life and giving everyone the opportunity to see our work and I gained so much from it especially my job satisfaction.

Thank you for everyone who read all these behind story series. I really love sharing my thoughts and all the effort behind for this project with you guys. So happy to have each of you in my whole journey.

Now, if you are interested to check out this collection feel free to click here and see how everything turned into reality. The early bird first 88 sweeties can quote 'chanwonxbadore' to get FREE SHIPPING & limited edition ChanwonxBAdore name card holder! 

Thank you for everything. I guess I should finger crossed together with you guys and wait for 9pm sharp. 30 mins more! Let's do it together and see you on my next post. Love, xoxo.