My Top Favourite Picks from Belif

07 October 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ Welcome back to my blog again. Today I'm going to give another top favourite picks post for a beauty brand that I'm so into lately. If you guys noticed I have been really into the aqua bomb sleeping mask that I posted back in June 2019. It's my first introduction to Belif brand few months back. I remember I tried the aqua bomb few years ago when it's my first visit to Korea. Then I introduced the tone-up sunscreen with SPF50 (click here) on my blog.

After receiving so many requests through my instagram direct message. I decided to give you an overall summary and thoughts for 3 of my top picks from Belif other than the sleeping mask I mentioned few months ago. I love how all its product works on my skin especially the true ingredients they put into each of their product reflect the best on all our skin.


Compare with the rest of the sleeping mask, my recent favourite will always go on the new belief Aqua bomb sleeping mask and the first aid overnight brightening mask. Both are the sleeping mask product that I'm currently in love with. Previously I'm using a sleeping mask from a Taiwan brand which I ordered from the group purchase website but recently after I tried these, I immediately fall in love with.

If you are still using your current skincare product and find out that your skill still lack of water and dehydrated then the Aqua Bomb sleeping mask will be your skin saver.⁣ ⁣ It’s in jar form and the texture is jelly like gel. I love how the cooling effect could calm my skin condition and making it hydrated after one use. The best thing is on the next day, my makeup and foundation product just so 服貼. Plus it’s super easy to use, just apply a layer on your skin and let it stay overnight & that’s all! If you are looking for a deep hydration sleeping mask, just get this!!⁣ ⁣ 

Next if I'm having a full day shoot and when I get expose to the sun too long I can easily get few tone darker after the shoot. I don’t really use whitening skincare plus normally after the shoot, the next day my skin will become so red around my cheeks and forehead. I thought nothing else could help me to repair back my skin and I keep looking for a first aid brightening tool to save my skin back. It's why I also recommend my second recommendation for the sleeping mask, the First Aid Brightening Sleeping Mask.

I’m so happy that I received this from Belif as a gift. If not I forever only look and fall in love with their hydration series. What a loyal customer here. For #ChanwonTips , I normally use aqua bomb a day before my shoot so my makeup on the next morning just stay there and then when I’m back I will use aqua bomb again, thicker layer to rehydrates my skin. Next 2-3 days, I will use this first aid brightening overnight sleeping mask to get a nice complexion & radiance skin back.⁣ ⁣

If you are looking for a sleeping mask recommendation, you could give this sleeping mask a try and hopefully this can help you to get hydrated skin back in just few applications. 


Like what I mentioned early in this post, few years back, the first product that I'm so into the brand started with this moisturiser from Belif, The Aqua Bomb. There are few product from the whole hydration range especially the aqua series. Each made for different skin type and condition. There are the one specially made for super dry skin, the oily skin and combination skin type.

For me since I'm having a combination skin, I will prefer gel texture type of moisturizer. It's why I'm more suitable for the aqua bomb. There are cream creamy type made for other skin condition as well. If you are having combination skin like mine, will recommend you to try out their aqua bomb instead. If I use cream type moisturizer, my skin will become so oily at night and the worst one I get break out skin.

Except for my normal facial skincare routine, I will change either serum or moisturizer once in awhile as I don’t want my skin get tired by using the same product over and over again. But each time I try on something I will make sure it’s ingredients and texture won’t give my skin extra burden or breakout. After trying their sleeping mask months ago, it reminds me back to get their moisturizer again. Remember the first time I'm using it was few years back lol. Time flies my skin become so different from the past.

Back to the topic, for my skin I more prefer the aqua bomb because I love its gel texture and it keeps my skin hydrated without giving me any thick feeling. It absorbs into my skin quite well and if I put on my makeup, I can feel my makeup last longer and skin feel plump right after one week of application.

#ChanwonTips: I also apply it gently with some simple hand massage or using my warm lifting device to have a little pamper time at night. I tried many kind of moisturizer, if you are having combination skin like mine you can try this out and it’s one of my 下半年 favorite skincare brand. If you are looking for a gel texture, light and easy absorb kind of moisturizer you can try this out. If you haven get their sleeping mask, you can actually apply this as thick as you want and use this as a sleeping mask at night as well. If your skin is quite good, just a thin layer will do as your daily moisturizer and follow up with your favorite sunblock that suit your skin type✨ I hope you love my second top picks from Belif.


If you notice from all my top picks regarding skincare or beauty product, you will know I love light weight and not 'heavy' type of products. Yes, it's so true and because of that I always tend to go for an option for water-like product such as water-gel texture rather than creamy one. To be honest, I'm no longer young. I started to look at pre-aging product or anti-aging product that could add into my current skincare routine and wont giving me some scary breakout skin again.

So I have been trying few and by far the best recommendation that I could give will be this age knockdown water essence from Belif. It's their age knockdown range but I really give this water essence a big rating as it somehow quite similar to a toner kind of skincare but it's use after toner & before the moisturizer / serum steps.

I have never share any anti-aging product before as I normally prefer hydration range.⁣ ⁣ But I know I no longer as youth looking as before and decided to look for an alternative aging product into my current skincare routine. I have first thought of serum but most anti aging product serum is too hard to absorb and too heavy for me to use it on a daytime basis. So ended up I give this water essence a try!

It really so easy to absorb and I no need to replace any of my current skincare products. I just add this into my current routine and using press-method to let it absorb directly into my skin. Surprisingly it’s really weightless with a good benefits to firm up my skin and I feel after trying these for 3 weeks, my skin is more elastic and firm. One of my tips is also using this on my NECK AREA. So every morning or after bath time I just apply it on my face and neck area and it absorbs really really fast! Fighting for aging? no worries I got you this recommendation. All of the age knockdown range product is damn light weight, fast absorb with a very relaxing scent. 

So I guess that's all for my top picks from favourite brand and hope I could come out with more beauty related topic for you guys. So happy to talk with you guys and we shall see each other on the next coming post! Gonna be interesting and fun as well. See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.

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