#FollowChanwonTo: Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, Fukuoka (2) 海の中道海浜公園

30 June 2018

Flower Trip in Japan- [Oita: Part 12] + [Fukuoka: Part 12 , 3 4 , 5] + Tokyo [ 1] + Summary Post (to-do/ how plan / expenses)

Hello Sweeties ✨Welcome back to my blog and today I'm going to blog about our flower dream trip in Fukuoka, Japan. So it was the third day in Fukuoka main city but this time, I'm going to bring you guys and do a little tour at the Uminonakamichi Seaside Park. As you guys know the main purpose of the trip , except for Oita prefecture we actually planned this flower trip just right in the middle of golden week in Japan.

During this season, it's more local tourist compare to oversea because it's their golden week. Quite hard to look for a proper stay but thanks god we had a really good stay with our HomeAway apartment in Fukuoka. So this time, for the first ever place to visit, we decided to pick Uminonakamichi Seaside Park then only go to the wisteria garden on the next following days.

If you google the image on google, you might see the colourful flowers all over @Uminonakamichi Seaside Park. Actually we came here just for the blue eyes flower. As the famous floral spectacle, my favorite ‘blue wonderland’ that only turn once every year. It’s the Nemophila as known as the 'baby blue eyes' that took us about 1 hour from Hakata Station Fukuoka. It's very easy to find, just use google map to check on the destination then you can have a choice on either using train or ferry.

During the end of April- beginning of May (the local golden week in Japan), there are lots of flowers that only bloom during this one week++ period, a lot of places will be full of local people and tourist sometimes. There are some of the most recommended place to visit these flower but we decided to pay a visit to Fukuoka (Kyushu Region) than the Tokyo wan. Reason why is because I wanted to explore the road with less travel & of course, creating content and show how beautiful Japan is other than those famous spot. Also to be honest, there are more than just Sakura season in Japan.

I never know how huge is this seaside park was until I actually visited here last month. This place was a really huge park, suitable for group travel and even families with babies. There are mini zoo for the kids where they can see the pink flamingo and a lot of cute little animals around the park, cycling area where you can enjoy as much as I do (if you watch my stories), the bouncy bouncy ‘jump’ which I’m not sure what it called in English lol (please correct me with this), picnic under the super huge Totoro trees 🌳 and cycling or walk further to the seaside view. 

If you came to Japan for more than twice and tired of shopping, why not plan a visit to place like Fukuoka or any Kyushu region? I get to experience things differently in this beautiful place. So sad that Smelly can’t be with me, if he is here I’m sure he gonna enjoy as much as I do. We woke up at 6am, skipped the busy time and arrived here in the morning. Only like 2% tourists here and other than that it was just the local students here in the park.

Except for the huge park, some really fun activities such as picnic is highly recommended around here. I did a lot of research before planning the trip here but thanks god I really found my favourite place around here. We also brought a lot of props here for shoot and so thankful that the photo turn out really well without photobomb lol. Everyone was like 'why no tourist at the place you went one?' 

Thank you my YOLO team who get crazy like me and accompany me to this wonderful place too. So are you ready for this? Let's follow me to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park 海の中道海浜公園.

Good morning everyone, it was a bright sunny day. We woke up quite early in the morning and decided to spend some time on our breakfast. Our second HomeAway homestay has the best balcony ever. The balcony look so chio with our breakfast. Read more of our Fukuoka stay: here. After finish our breakfast, is time to get ready for our adventure!

Compare to the other two flower spot, this one was the easiest wan. So we just follow the google map until we spot this sign board located at our train station. Next, we just walk to the west gate. Actually I just randomly pump into the west gate because the park was really huge and the first spot I just want to take photo and visit the blue eyes flower first then slowly exploring other spot. Some people prefer to go to the amusement park and pool first but I'm aiming the Nemophila flower sea first lol. 

 - West Gate -

The entrance fee is only 450 yen and I swear it worth for the visit. The address of this seaside park is located at 〒811-0321 Fukuoka Prefecture, 福岡市東区西戸崎18−25, Japan. Opening hour will be from 9.30am until 5.30pm. But it's recommended to check on the google few days before your visit just in case there is some public holiday or anything. I always check the weather and the opening time before I visit to any specific place during my trip.

Other than the Nemophila flower there are some other kind of seasonal flower too. As I mentioned earlier, the park was really huge. So it's recommended to rent a bicycle so you won't walk like hell just to go from one place to another place. Why? because at first we dont know so we just randomly walk to the place we wish to explore by our foot and also look at the map, then suddenly we feel so hungry and when I look at the map, it took us 45 mins just to walk from our current place to the food store lol. Need to walk so far to get food. 😂 We actually spent 3-4 hours walking in the park but still we barely managed to cover a quarter of the park. That's why end up we decided to rent a bicycle lol.

There are lots of activities at the park. It would be glad if you can spend a whole day here instead just few hours because I can confirm with you that few hours isn't enough. We didn't go to the amusement park and pool just simply because we spent quite a number of time just cycling around and visited the seaside park here. Also, please take note that there are only 1-2 food store (or maybe one big canteen) available in the park only. Other than that it's most zoo, flowers garden and park. So it would be glad if you could bring some bento with you just in case you are hungry and can't wait too long lol.

We only rent our bicycle after realise it's impossible for us to walk for the whole park lol. Actually it's possible but you will faint under that super hot summer weather lol. So remember to bring some rice ball / onigiri if you are a person who get hungry easily, just like me lol.


| The Park
So the whole Uminonakamichi Seaside Park was a leisure space with an amusement park, a campground, a pool & seasonal flower festivals. The park is separated in different areas including flower gardens, playgrounds, an amusement park with ferris wheel, sports fields, a water park, a zoo and large open spaces , lawns perfect for picnicking & seaside beach too. If I didn't come here myself, I won't know that I'm able to see the seaside as most of the google image just show the seasonal flower gardens in the park only. Next, if your kids or family love aquarium and haven visit to any aquarium in Japan, you can also visit to the Marine World Uminonakamichi, an aquarium which focuses on the aquatic life found around Kyushu too.

For people who worry about cycling around the park, no worries because there are a specific cycling trails just for us. Also bicycles can be rented at the entrance gates for 400 yen per 3 hours or 700 yen per day. 

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is famous for flower viewing, with millions of flowers planted around the different areas of the park including narcissus, tulips, nemophila, roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers and cosmos among others. Remember to always get the map first at the entrance so you know how's exactly the location and spot for each type of flowers. If you parents love flowers, I think this should be one of their favourite place to chill and enjoy for a whole day.

For your information,  the flowers are in bloom at different times of the year. Generally, the blooming season starts in mid March and lasts through early autumn. Just that each blooming season the flowers sea looks really diff in term of its colours. This time around it's more on blue, pink and mainly in Spring colours. Which is definitely our favourite color.

Drinks are everywhere located in the form of vending machines all over the park. So just get a drink if the weather is too hot for you. 

I really recommended you to pay a visit here as this is one of the best playground and park I have ever seen. Now, after my super long Grandmom stories, is time to explore the park with me. Here's all the photo I took in the park which were really pretty and I hope you enjoy reading this blog post! Enjoy~


| Nemophila 'Baby blue eyes'

We the first spot is of course the blue flower sea in the park. The grounds are expansive, beautiful, and I spot a lot of visitor having fun & picnic here. Most of them just sit down and chilling with their friends and families. There are part of people, like us being a tourist just came all the way here to admire at the beautiful flower sea. If you happen to visit any flower garden, you can learn how I usually pose and how I take photo with these beautiful flowers. Bookmark this because I personally think it's quite useful for you guys.

 The beautiful baby blue eyes.

Tototro <3

Now are you ready to see my syiok sendiri photo shoot? #ChanwonTips: The best time to be here will be morning 9-10 best before 11 because the sunlight is the best and most natural way to show you the true blue wonderland. I choose this park than the Tokyo one (Tokyo has another one with super huge area for baby blue eyes flower too but sadly too many tourist and too many photobomb that's why I personally prefer something like this) than any others because there is this up hill behind me that is insta worthy and look very very beautiful from standing right there.

Basically we all have to be polite, if someone take photo at the spot we actually waited for our turn and politely smile and wait for it. They will politely look and smile at us too. This is how amazing it is. Actually I get sunburn after the whole afternoon shooting at this place lol. Remember to apply sunblock ya! Let's photo do the talking.

 #1 Can see form the back there are lots of students actually just picnic under the tree.








#9 Sibeh hot here lol

#10 The super beautiful up hill here. Insta-worthy!




#14 Imagine this is your wedding couple shoot. Wahhh sibeh leng


#16 Tiny us



 #19 Close up shot


Because it's too pretty. I never give up for this. So I actually brought another outfit here just because I worry the yellow color might be too eye catching but end up both look super great in real and photo too. But still never give up hope so I change the white dress here and just continue taking photo with the flower sea. lol






#26 Totoro x Angel xD I'm just joking yah, pls dont vomit.



Also here's photo taken by my phone. The behind the scene of all fabulous photo lol. Both of my friends look really pretty too. They shared lots of photos on their Instagram, feel free to check out Limzy and Gina's insta acc.

 Actually we brought many props lol

 No joke, so hot that day.


| Other seasonal flowers

Besides the baby blue eyes, there are more seasonal flower around the park also some rose garden but due to the weather, I really can't stand under the hot sun anymore lol. So I just share some photo I took without me on the photo lol. I think without me look better! AHAHAHAHAH

 Gina, me & Limzy <3

Rainbow colourful flowers around here.

 Behind the scene again lol

 Sniff sniff 

 This is so beautiful. Not sure what is these flowers lol

Perfect view!

Until the afternoon, we really can't stand the weather & we were super duper hungry. So we decided to just walk to the food store but it's so far. We walked like 40 mins still didn't see the place lol. So please please get a bicycle instead ya! So yes, at the end we finished our food and just rent our bicycle in the park


| Cycling & Renting a Bicycle

So it's our first time cycling and renting a bicycle in Japan. This trip was out of expectedly fun because we get to play and experience things differently. 

We just look at the map and went to rent the bicycle. It's quite reasonable only 400 yen per 3 hours or 700 yen per day. We get the 3 hours one because the park is closing soon at 5pm and we need to return at 5pm actually. There are mini bus everywhere in the park, you can take mini bus if you dont wanna walk too but need to pay 100-200 yen per ride if not mistake. I forgot 100 or 200 yen.

Then we spot this beautiful place around our cycling trails.


 Passed through the tunnel and spot this beautiful spot again. So we stopped here and take few photo here lol

Ready!! Let's go!

Silly us! lol I'm wearing a long dress but still #diedie want to cycle so I just tie a huge knot in the middle of my dress lol

-..- Almost fall down lol

Photo taken by Yeezen <3 I love how all the photo turn out to be so cheerful and beautiful. I really feel so happy to be able to travel in Japan. Meeting with so many new friends and now sharing all of these photo with you guys! I'm blessed.

Love Life

 Magazine shot xD Got feel right?! 
What expression is that chanwon?

 I think this is the seaside of the park! Let's go!!

 Insta worthy spot xD


| Seaside Beach

So we arrived the seaside! The beach located at the side of this park. Now you know how huge the park is. But it's freaking cold here. lol

Here's the stop right in front of the beach. So we just stop by to place our bicycle here before entering the beach. Photo spot again!

 這張有feel吧! I love this photo! 

Behind the scene story lol

 Us <3

Some random shots from Yeezen's camera

有沒有像少奶奶出來家曬太陽感覺 xD

Before the park close, we went to spend the rest of the day at this place. It's this bouncy bouncy ‘jump’ thing. Not sure what its proper name. Correct me if you know this.

Jump chanwon jump!

 It's evening time and it means time to go back to our HomeAway home.


Then we also visited the nearest market to get our dinner and they will be cooking tonight! YAY!!

Just sharing chanwon #diediemustbuy drink. This taste super good omg! Try this if you saw this in Japan ok?

So I guess that come to the end of the post. I hope you guys enjoy this post as we plan quite some time on it and that's all the detail I wish to share on this Uminonakamichi Seaside Park. I also visited to another Wisteria Garden on the next few days and will share on my next coming post. After sharing all this, I will make a summary post to conclude the rest of my Oita > Fukuoka > Tokyo a.k.a Chanwon's Flower Trip, ok?

Stay tuned for more and see you on my next post. Love, xoxo!

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  1. I love your photos with the baby blue eyes,it looks so harmony. Can I know all of the photos were shot using your fujifilm camera or other camera?