#DieDieMust Try Eyeliner | 我最爱的眼線筆

03 July 2018

Hello Sweeties✨ Thank you for reading my blog and today's topic is one of your Frequent Asked Question (FAQs). I often received msg or email asking me what eyeliner pen I use because I always have a perfect eyeliner lol. To be honest, I have been drawing my own eyeliner for years. Since I was like...16 years old. Been drawing it for more than 10 years and tried & tested a lot of good and bad eyeliner pen. For me when I looking for a eyeliner, I prefer something which is quick dry, not easily smudge, waterproof, easy remove and colour choice and of course whether it's easy to draw with the line or use.

So I have been trying diff one but these 4 is my TOP4 pick and have been my favourite for years. I have no idea but only asian brand's eyeliner works the best for me. Been buying and trying the new one from others brand but still, it doesn't works well for me. I hope all my recommendation and #diediemustbuy eyeliner could help you. Each of them works nicely on diff kind of eyeliner and drawing method. Will be sharing one by one with you and so far all of these really good in term of all the criteria I'm looking for.

Next, there are actually diff type of eyeliner. Gel, liquid eyeliner and eyeliner pen. In this post, I'm going to share my favourite liquid eyeliner pen. Also, these are the one I always re-purchase and have been using it more than 4 years (or I can say my all time favourite) and some is my favourite this year 2018. Now let's straight to the topic and my  all time favourite / top 4 pick will be as below:-

From top to bottom:-

  1. Majolica Majorca Linehunter
  2. Wlab Real Fit Brush Eyeliner
  3. Moteliner Brown Black
  4. DUP Silky Liquid Eyeliner

Am I sharing too much of my secret with you guys? HAAHAHA Now everyone can have a perfect eyeliner :p I really love all of these as like the first one Majolica majorca I'm using it since I was 21 when I first purchase it in Taiwan and then now I will always get this in Japan also the moteliner too. While the Wlab was the one I got in Korea. The DUP can easily get in Malaysia too (it's a Japanese brand too). So I hope all these could be really useful for you. 

I hope you can read each of this carefully because each of the review might be different and after reading this, you are welcome to get anyone of these to try. If you found yours perfect eyeliner pen from my list, then congrats! You can now live happily lol. 

Now let's get started with the first eyeliner of my life. lol


| #1 Majolica Majorca Linehunter
This can only get in both Taiwan and Japan as I'm not sure why Majolica Majorca no longer available in Malaysia but this is my all time favourite for years. Last time I'm using eyeliner pencil before I know how to use the liquid eyeliner. After I tried using eyeliner pen, I no longer use the pencil one lol because pencil need sharpen it and I always careless accidentally drop it on the floor so, now I prefer either liquid eyeliner pen or eyeliner gel sometimes.

This is my all time favourite because the black color is really black. Like to use this to draw a winged eyeliner and I use this and the wlab one during my beach trip, both of these super waterproof. As long as you dont touch it or rub it with your hand, it lasts for a whole day no matter how you sweat, it still remains the same for a whole freaking day.

This and the Wlab real fit liner look similar, both also can draw a sharp and dark liner, last for a day and really really nice. Just that for beginner I recommend you to try this Majolica majorca than the wlab one as I personally feel this brush is more easy to draw the stroke and lines while the wlab one need practice in order to draw a perfect line.

Also, if you watched my Youtube Channel especially those makeup tutorial I did years ago I always using this to draw my eyeliner. So if you really wish to try one, this could be in your list. Another reason why I love using this as in, it's really suitable to draw at our lower eyelid. Mean you can draw your lower eyeliner using this eyeliner and it really really dolly & helps to enlarge your eyes.

One of my can't live without liquid eyeliner pen and it's not really expensive.


| #2 Wlab Real Fit brush eyeliner
Next as I mentioned earlier, it's similar with the Majolica Majorca eyeliner I recommended just now. Just that the pen brush tip is more smaller and tiny if compare with the #1. That's why for this, you need to be really steady when drawing your eyeliner. But at the same time, it can draw slimmer and thinner line easier. If you want to have a bold looking eyeliner, it require repeatedly draw in order to achieve a thicker eyeliner.

So if you really know how to use eyeliner pen, you can straight get this one as it's really good, last longer, sharp lines and super waterproof too. I also use this as an alternative to draw my bottom eyeliner. I usually make it look like my real lashes after applying mascara.

You can get or found this in Korea. Maybe some online store in Malaysia selling it too. You guys can try to google it out. For all of these I recommended for people who love bold and black color eyeliner. The rest like brown I will recommend you to try another really nice brown eyeliner pen.

If you want to try Korean eyeliner brand, then get this as your second choice as it's really nice to use too. I'm using this on my youtube everyday makeup tutorial 2017.


| #3 Moteliner 
This one of the most beautiful and well designed eyeliner pen. It's so artistic and the pen itself is an art. lol So the price is slightly higher than the previous two. I love this because the brown color range of this moteliner is really pretty. There are few choices for brown eyeliner. Light brown, medium shades brown and my favourite brown black.

For people who prefer brown over than black eyeliner, this works the best for you as the brown actually make your whole eye look looks softer and not too shape because some of you prefer natural looking kind of eyeliner. So I have cover everything for you guys.

Other than the color, this also anti-smudge and easily remove. Just few second everything was removed even using just the cleansing water remover. Next, the ingredients of this eyeliner also the reason why this eyeliner is slightly expensive than the rest. 

As you can see the detail of this and also the eyeliner contains nourishing ingredients /serum which helps to protects your lashes and just like a eyelashes serum. It features a pigment that doesn't stain the skin, protecting skin from discoloration. Wah, buy lo!!! But as I compare this with the previous 2 eyeliner, this only best to use as a eyeliner not for the bottom eyeliner. 

The brush make it easily to draw on your eyelid and just like drawing it really smooth and really easy to control the amount of eyeliner / line you wish to draw. I really love their brown range! If you see this in Japan, please get it and try this~

Many of you ask for the packaging because you can't see any. Actually the packaging look like this that's why not many people saw it lol. It's all covered lol. 

The brush and design just so....beautiful! 

In conclusion, this eyeliner features a brush, invented by a Kumano brush maker, is made from 4 different types of bristles of varying quality and coarseness. Look so luxury and now you know the behind story of this beautiful eyeliner. It also features an octagonal handle that fits the fingers, allowing steady, stable application. Lastly, it resistant to sweat, water, sebum, and tears & able to keep your eyeliner for hours. It is fast-drying, and good for layering. Even can be removed with just warm water easily. 


| #4 DUP Silky Liquid Eyeliner
This is the last one, if you compare with the rest, this has the simplest design eyeliner ever. Very simple just black and with the label. But the price itself is the cheapest compare with the rest of this. So if you are student, looking for below RM70 eyeliner, this could make a great choice and alternative and it has all the basic criteria needed for an liquid eyeliner. 

Also, I'm using this on my flower dream inspired makeup tutorial on youtube. You can check it out if you are interested to look at the application and everything. Just like the Moteliner, this with a really reasonable price, the eyeliner contains beauty ingredients which really help to take care our eyelid and easily remove too.

If I compare with all of these, this has a really smooth application experience & the tip itself is just 0.1mm. Very easy and nice to use. For basic eyeliner if you never ask more for packaging and color choice, this could be a nice pick too. I normally love DUP eyelashes and mascara, so after trying both of their fake eyelashes and mascara I decided to give this a try and end up it's into my list. You can see this everywhere in Japan's drugstore too.

For not a whole day activities or event, I will use this but if for a whole day activities, I prefer to use the first two one. So yes!! That's all about my favourite eyeliner sharing. I hope you enjoy this sharing and hope you found this useful for you.

That's all for today. See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.