My Scheming Foot Peeling Black Mask | Tried & Tested Review | 我的心機 去皮柔嫩黑足膜

20 June 2018

Hello Sweeties! This is really random and I received lots of your reply on my Instagram Stories this morning. I posted this photo on yesterday night and when I woke up in the morning, my dm flooded with all your reply asking for the brand, the review or where I got it OR how I feel. Surprisingly I thought it was a normal thing but seems like everyone was so into this foot mask that I purchased few days ago.

I laugh at this screenshot lol. I posted this few days back. Since stories only keep the photo for 24 hours, I guess it's the reason why everyone was like 'can you post it on insta again' but to be honest, no matter how many time I post, there are still people forgot to save a copy on their phone. So to make all our life easier, my blog is a very good place to store and make it stay here FOREVER. lol

So I'm quite stress when it comes to blogging because I very OCD, can't really upload a stories photo like that. I want the photo to be perfectly match the blog and everything but since I only bought one and just simply throw the box into the rubbish bin, I got no choice to upload the screenshot from my insta stories. 😂😂😂 But I guess you guys don't mind that so I anyhow just use these photo and blog it here.

I dont really want to admit but my foot is full of cracks and patchiness ever since I back from my winter trip last year. I tried to put lotion every night and as much as I put, the next morning it seems like just remain the same and never get better. Been having this for months, I think around 5-6 months. Sometime it become less cracks but still if I'm back from a cold weather country, it cracks again and sometime bleed. Super duper annoying and I search on google, everyone known this as cracked heel. You can google and see the photo.

I also googled about how to remove the dead skin on my foot. I bought a hard skin remover thing (磨腳皮板) to remove but it makes my foot become really sensitive. It helps to solve part of it but still, there are plenty of cracks at the back of my foot lol. I also tried to put body scrub on my foot and see whether it can remove my stubborn dead skin but still, nothing can help me to remove COMPLETELY. Or at least remove everything in ONCE. 😭

I applied some cream that I bought from pharmacy but still, the result wasn't like what I expected. I was really sad because I wear heels sometimes and the back of my foot look really suck and part of my toes get really dry and cracks too. So suddenly I think of the foot mask that I saw in Japan. I was thinking like 'wth, I'm back from Japan now where did I get a similar one'

The next morning, I went to the nearer Watsons to get some of my mask supplies and then I saw this foot mask placed at the bottom part of the same shelf with the mask. Look at the logo, I know this is a Taiwan brand because I tried their blackhead mask before. It was really nice and I anyhow just grab! So the name of this foot mask is My Scheming Foot Peeling Black Mask in Mandarin it's 我的心機 去皮柔嫩黑足膜. I got it around RM38!

I believed in foot mask because I tried it once years ago but that time my leg is still as smooth as a baby leg lol. No cracks and I just basically use it to remove my dead skin. But now and surprisingly, it works better on serious cracks and patchiness foot. Just to take note that there is no wound or any cut on your foot before you applying this mask. If there is a cut or any wound then I'm sure you will become a crying baby.

So please make sure that everything is fine before using this kind of peeling mask.

So once you open the box, it should be something like this and for you to put your leg in. The liquid thing inside the plastic is REALLY SMELLY. Dont put this peeling mask any closer to your nose too. Next just follow the instruction on the box and put your cracked foot into the plastic bag. Use the sticker available in the box to stick on the plastic and wait for 60-80 mins as mentioned on the box.

I didn't put it any longer because my foot were really hot inside the plastic lol. I put it around 1 hour 15 mins and just remove & wash it off. Also, for even better result I wear with a sock when applying the peeling mask. Then I can easily move and walk around too.

Apparently, your dead skin won't start peeling immediately after the application. You will need to wait for another 2-3 days for it to start peeling. This foot peeling mask also infused with Bamboo extract to help skin to remove bad odor and bacteria. 

| 3 days after
Mine start peeling on the 3rd day after the application. The forth day it start peel off 70% of my dead skin, included all the cracks and patchiness. To be honest, my hand is quite itchy and I can't take it if I'm going to stay with this ugly peeling foot for a week. So when I bath I will slightly remove it by using my finger lol. Also apply lotion every night so it can peel off slightly faster and easier.

Some people start to peel off on the second day but mine only start on the 3rd day. Starting from the middle part of my foot. That's the part without any cracks and patchiness. Quite easy to peel off and not pain at all. I'm really surprise that this mask only help to remove the dead layer of our skin. How come it removes and peel off so perfectly one? I remember the last time I tried that peel off into pieces rather than a big dead skin like this lol.

 *Also, I'm trying my best to take this photo as artistic as possible. lol Please give me a like on that xD

My Souvenir lol. Two sided and one is smoother than another. Abit scary but no pain lol

 Was thinking to keep this. HAHAHAHAHA 
Just joking please don't take it seriously.

Soon, the upper part start peeling and also the back part too. The inner layer look like a freshly cracked egg. lol Omg this describe everything. So smooth and my skin look so soft.
This is the rest of my peeling foot. The part which is more patchiness will tend to peel off slightly slower than others. My hand very itchy will go and peel it off too lol.

Also I dunno why but my left foot peel off faster than the right one. So here's 85% complete. The rest one are still peeling but peeling into those small pieces of dead skin. Too disgusting so I can't post it here.

This is how those small pieces leftover on my toes. Abit disgusting to say that but it's really satisfying lol. 

| Tried & Tested Review
To be honest, if I would think of this method then I can save a lot of effort buying the cream and lotion to feed my super dry and cracked foot. So after trying this, this is approved by me! Yes #Chanwondiediemusttry because I really can see my baby skin back on my foot. So smooth and softer. I guess I can use this once every 6 months or maybe if my skin start growing all cracks and patchiness again. It’s quite a messy process and I very shy to walk with my ugly looking half way peeling foot.

Also there will be some dead skin over my bed, floor, and even shoes. But I can conclude everything because it's very very worth the try. Even it's a mess but look at that baby skin after a week, I willing to use this and mess up my life for one week lol. Totally worth it

So yes, I hope my review helps you to solve your problem too. I totally understand the feeling when you have cracks and patchiness all over your foot. But now, let's thank god for this! I'm so happy that I accidentally found some helpful thing to save my life and hope you will love my sharing too. I love sharing useful review like this. Not an ads but really I'm so happy to post and share it for you guys~

That's all for today. See you on my next post!