Sailor Moon Eye Drops x Rohto Lycée 美少女戰士x ROHTO 眼藥水

30 June 2018

Hello Sweeties! I'm so so so excited this afternoon and I guess you already know what's that through the title of this post. Yes, I finally got the Sailor Moon x Rohto Lycée eye drops all the way from Japan. The last two trip I was searching around the internet and both drugstore in Japan but seems like it's only available for pre-order only. After all, this was included in my #diediemustbuy list.

So after days of waiting, finally it's here today. I'm a fan of gudetama and Sailor moon. One if my childhood memories and my love toward Sailor moon getting more & more serious after I back from Universal Studios Japan few weeks ago. You have no idea how it mean to me because my life wouldn't be complete without Sailor moon when I was still a kid.

To be honest, so far Japan has the best collaboration ever with Sailor Moon. As long as everything with Sailor Moon, everyone was so crazy about it. I can't even stop myself from getting all of this. Not sure when I gonna finish using every eye drop I bought but it's just too cute to resist. After this special edition, they will produce back the normal version one. So I was like, I wish to get another one extra for me just to keep it for fun lol.

But I guess my wallet wasn't allowed me to do so lol. 

I saw everyone posting the official photo but it's more beautiful in real. I can't believe I successfully bought it all the way from Japan. If you spot this, please just grab it but remember to look at the type and whether it's for contact lens or normal usage eye drops ya.

Rohto Lycée eye drops are really famous in Japan. You can spot this everywhere at their drugstore or convenience store. Most of their eye drops use to prevent or reduce eye redness and dryness. It's selling like a hot cake. Too sad that we can't get in Malaysia especially those limited or special edition one memang so hard to get in our local country.

Please kiss this! JUST FREAKING KISS THIS MAN! Look how cute it is. Imagine you use it every time your eyes are dry and it just so destress. lol I couldn't resist cute items like this lol. To be honest, this is one of the dream collaboration. So far I never see any packaging of their eye drops look as nice as this. This is just perfect! I'm so sorry I couldn't control my excitement lol.

I got the eye drops that has a heart-shaped design and also get an extra eye drop case made to look like the Crystal Star one for myself. It's the crystal star inspired casing which was used by Usagi in the series to transform. OMG dunno who the hell came out with this idea...


So I bought 3 for myself! Each use to treat diff eyes problems.

| Rohto Lycée Contact W
The first one I get is this adorable heart-shaped container. For this range, it's suitable to use when you are wearing your contact lenses. I normally use it to prevent eye dryness or whenever I feel it's dry when wearing my contact lens. There are two type on this range. One for contact and one without contact. So if you thinking to get one for yourself, remember to check and look carefully ya.

- Rohto Lycée Contact W -

| Rohto Lycée Blanc
Here's the second I get on this haul. I get this just because of the eye drops casing. OMG That's freaking cute. Who the hell came out with this idea just wanna earn our money. I can't hold myself not to purchase this. I really don't know why I need to get so many lol. But as long as it makes me happy, just buy! lol

 OMG so cute can die T.T

Unlike the Lycée contact w, this Lycée Blanc is a product to relieve eye fatigue. Imagine you carry this everywhere with you. Using this when you are working and it's just so.....cute! Brighten my day lol.  The best part is, the compact case surprisingly well-made. So good quality and not cheapo quality kind of casing! Just buy my dear~ Don't wait.

| Rohto C Cube
Lastly, for people who wear contacts this is something for you too. One of the famous range of eye drops, Rohto C cube. There are few color available but I pick the pink one lol. It's the Rohto C cube m, while the other two in blue color and white one will be the Cube Cool and Cube Ice Cool. I guess it's refer to the level of cooling effect or sensation on our eyes.

So I just get the pink one because pink is always the best lol. This is also use to prevent eye dryness. Just use it whenever your eyes feel tired and red when wearing contacts.

| Selling Price (included tax)
Lastly, for people who we are interested to know about the price, you may refer for the price below. Get your wallet ready and you will get broke by just getting their eyedrops. I think this should be one of the Best Buy as souvenir for your friends or your girls too.

Tax Included price
  • Rohto Lycée b (Limited Edition Sailor Moon Version) Price: ¥756 
  • Rohto Lycée Contacts w (Limited Edition Sailor Moon Version) Price: ¥756 
  • Rohto Lycée Blanc Case (Limited Edition Sailor Moon Version) Price: ¥1,296 

 It's available at all pharmacy in Japan and available after June 22, 2018. For those who plan to visit Japan soon, please make this into your shopping list and I'm sure you will love it as much as I do if you are a fan of Sailor Moon ✨ I hope you enjoy this blog post and I will see you on my next post! Love ya, xoxo.

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