THE FACE SHOP X Coca Cola Collection | Tried & Tested Review

17 June 2018

Hello Sweeties, welcome back to my blog. It's summer in both Japan and Korea while Malaysia is always in the Summer season lol. When it's summer, it's always hot and colourful. I think of summer beach trip that I went last year. It's a little out of topic today but is okay, let's review the new Coca Cola drinks now. 😂😂😂😂 I'm just joking!

For those who spot the title of the post, you probably can't wait to see the product and also the swatches of the lipstick and eyeshadow palette. Am I right? I received this last week and some of you request for a giveaway but I only have one set of these. I saw the colour itself is too pretty & couldn't resist to keep for this tried and tested review. So I'm really sorry for those who waited for the giveaway. But anyway, you can always get it online or at THE FACE SHOP store. They are having mid-year sales now, remember the hair puff that I recommended before? (click here for the post) I saw some of the sweeties dm me telling me it's 2 for RM69 only. Not sure when the promo end but if you really love their product, it's the best time to check that out!

I should stop at here and let me show you the whole collection and some of the product that I really like. Also, will review and do a little swatches for you guys. I did a summer x Coca Cola makeup look for you guys too. Keep reading~

| THE FACE SHOP X Coca Cola Collection
To be honest, I'm so surprise with the collaboration between Coca Cola x THE FACE SHOP. I guess it's quite a normal thing for Korean brand but it's the first time I see them collaborate with soft drink brand. Not sure who came out with this idea but I guess it's because people nowadays love cute and attractive makeup stuff like this. Moving forward, I guess it's quite a good and interesting collaboration. Coca Cola fans should say bye bye to their wallet now! HAHHAHA

The whole collection includes:-
5x cream lip tints, 5x lipsticks,  cushion compact, powder pact, 3x gel lip tints, and an eyeshadow palette – all in these attractive red shades and also Coca Cola pattern packaging. So cute right?!! Now let me show you some of the product I got!

Wah, this whole parcel wins my heart. I got the cushion , a lipstick , lip tint and the mono pop palette. Things getting really excited and I think I keep one new one for you guys so I could have the giveaway on my instagram. The rest one I will try and review it for all of you.

Everything was inspired by the drink itself including the colours, the stripe pattern and also the cute polar bear too.

I think the eyeshadow palette and lip tint are really cute. I'm not sure if everyone like it or not but I'm very OCD and really into perfect square stuff. This eye shadow palette has a round corner with a perfect looking space of the words and design. lol So satisfied by looking at this and the polar bear itself look super duper cute. I mean extra cute with the design like this. Feel so happy each time I open the cover and use the product.

So here's the not so complete collection from this collection. I think I got the right shades for the lip tint. It's my favourite shades of red. Very bright, eye catching and attractive. Not too mature shades of red but just suit my personalities lol. Will show you the real swatches colour later.

I hope you love the photo I took for this collection because I really squeeze my brain to think of a photo spot that's suitable for the theme. So ended up I went to one of my friend's cafe and she agreed for me to sit there for hours just to take these photo for my blog and allows me to move some of the props for styling purpose. Photo turn out really nice and I really love the summer x Coca Cola red theme like this.

Now let me show you each and every detail of the product for you guys and the swatches on my hand and using it to complete a full face makeup look for you guys. 

| #1 Coca Cola Collection: Oil Control Water Cushion
I'm always the lightest shades when it comes to the cushion. So I got the V201 instead of the V203. I tried so many Korean cushion before, the face shop anti-darkening cushion one of my all time favourite. Actually my mom was the one who told me that she love the cushion and I also received some of their cushion during their official launching event. So when I tried it, I was really into it but you guys know I'm not really a base makeup person. Mostly I did that for a full makeup shoot, tutorial / review purpose, or when I attending some important events. Most of the time, I would prefer my bare skin with only sunscreen.

But I often received comment like, what's you favourite or most recommended cushion. I would say their anti-darkening which really suit and fit my skin perfectly + long lasting. Wont have the grey or dull looking skin after my whole outing. So definitely love that! As for this Coca Cola collection, they only came out with oil control water cushion. 

So sad but you can always get it and exchange the refill if you want to. Other than that, there are only two shades in this collection. One V201 the one suit my skin color and the V203. So both of the color suitable for light- medium skin color. As for THE FACE SHOP cushion, most of the time it's evenly blend into my skin, I have lighter shades than my mom so I know. If you are darker to very dark shades, I'm sorry to say that you need to get the other cushion instead of this. Or just like what I said, get this if you really love the cushion and refill it with the other The Face Shop cushion! HAHAHAHA

 Coca Cola Oil Control Water Cushion V201 - RM123.00

Not only the packaging itself, the cushion puff look differently from the usual cushion too. It has the red and white stripes which inspired by the Coke float straw. Also a luxury touch of gold on the side of the cushion package. When I hold the cushion, it won't feel too 'cheap' for me. I really love the gold x Coca Cola theme and I guess most of THE FACE SHOP cushion actually has its own signature gold design so this collection also has a little gold on it.

 Special design on the cushion puff

For this Oil Control cushion, it's suitable for people who need sebum control. Who don't like greasy feeling of base makeup. After use it gives your skin greasy-free, shine-free outcome. It's like the matte effect after one touch. Also has the SPF50+ PA+++ which last you for hours and really brighten up your skin tone. Even you choose the same shades cushion, when you apply it look matte at the same time look like you have a brighter and younger looking skin. Suitable for oily skin and more control over the sebum.

| #2 Coca Cola Collection: Mono Eyes 01 Coke Red
Next one of the highlight of this collection must be its eyeshadow. Just look at the shades of the eyeshadow, I realise there is a super pop red. I can call it as a chili red, the same red shades as the Coca Cola color. It's really pop and so fun to use to create a pop eyes makeup look. At first I thought it must be too much for me but when using it correctly and understand your eyelid crease, you can use it easily and really does make my eyes pop!

 Even the plastic cover has some coke on it 😍

Coca Cola Collection: Mono Eyes 01 Coke Red - RM135.00

So this is the actual color. Photo without filter. There are few shades similar to my Mono Cube Eyeshadow that I got from THE FACE SHOP last year. If you haven got any of their eyeshadow, I think you could try this because I tried and using all these shades before except the red and nude shades on this palette, it look good on daily, basic or even night makeup look too. The whole 3x3 palette can be mix & match and they can be simple for beginner too.

I guess that's always a reason for them to put in this palette. Compare to other brand this palette, I can say even nerd also know how to use. Because you can use to mix it vertically, from top to bottom, left to right or anything. To make it even interesting, they put in a really pop red shades for this collection this time.

 Swatches on hand.

On my eyelid. It's really so pretty.

The palette includes both shimmer and matte shades. For the shimmer shades, the shimmer itself reflect differently with different lighting. As you can see from my eyelid. It's really for this Summer and to transform it to a night look, simply add on the darker shades over the end of your eyelid and a more intense smoky look if you want too. 

Another reason I love their eyeshadow it's because of the quality. No matter it's using brush or fingers, I can easily see the colour right away with only one layer and shimmer without any fly-away powder. Eyeshadow is buildable and exactly like what we see from the product colour itself.

The Coca Cola red shades it's like combination of orange x red. For people who has fair skin tone, this shade makes your skin look brighter and pop than just a pure red color. It's more young and not too mature too.

Selfie from my phone look so chio also :p

| #3 Coca Cola Lipstick & Coke Bear Tint
For the lip, I got the lipstick in shades #03 Ice Orange. As for the coke bear tint, I got the #02 Coke Red instead. Both of these shades are really famous in Korea. I saw most of the selfie they took, they are using this kind of pop red shades & wearing a lovely white flora dress. It makes their skin look even brighter and imagine I'm using a nude pink lipstick taking selfie with them, I must be looking like a sick person lol.

I have lots of lipsticks and I never get sick of it. I start my collection since 3 years ago because a right lipstick color , even you have no makeup on (or with only an eyeliner) you still can look pretty good. Plus, without lipstick, I look so pale and like a sick person. Even selfie, all the girls must touch up their lipstick first and then only can be confident in front of the camera lol. 買不完!

Lipstick #3 Ice Orange &  Coke Bear Tint #02 Coke Red | RM74 each


 Coca Cola lipstick #03 Ice Orange

This is a matte lipstick, it's more of a creamy texture. Wont cakey on the lips and application is quite smooth. Also, the highlight of this is the sweet Coca Cola fragrance scent!! AHAHAHAHH So nice omg! There are few color available and personally I think all the colour look so nice. If you prefer something more light then go for the light rose color or the vintage red for a more gorgeous look.

Which is your favourite? Look so good right T.T Even cuter with Coca Cola collection!

 Next, the coke bear tint. A really unique design with a cute Coca-Cola polar bear standing inside a snowball Tint. The white polar bear is holding a bottle of Coca Cola! Wearing a red scarf! wtf, this lip tint just win my heart. JUST TAKE MY MONEY!! So cute until I couldn't resit and the tint itself taste so fruity sweet lol. I accidentally taste it on my lips lol.

Let's put your lips with a vivid red color that goes well with the image of Coca-Cola Red. It's bright, cheerful and the color or coke red look really young & attractive too! It's really moisturising and my tips to make this tint last longer is:-

Just apply it once, let it dry and set for few second. Apply another layer and let it set. After that I feel it last longer, even after my meal the color still on my lips but it's become lighter. So after 1 touch up after my meal, it last until dinner time. Not too dry but when removing the lip color, you might need to remove twice because there is some stain on your lip if you never remove it nicely. This lip tint really last for hours.

For this lipstick and lip tint x Coca Cola collection, I feel like the Coca Cola lipstick , the matte wan is more different while the color for lip tint is more like similar one. It's diff when you see it in reality, but if you are taking selfie or photo on your camera, this 3 color of lip tint more or less look really similar to each other. So just pick the COKE RED xD It looks good on everyone I guess. Not too dark or too orange. Just a pop red shades.

Can see the colour right away in just one application. Buildable and if you wish it to be more pop, let it set for few seconds and apply it one more time so it last longer and color more vibrant than just one layer.

| #ChanwonTutorial : How I apply the eyeshadow 
So in this tutorial, it's more like a pop eye makeup tutorial. I'm using a light nude base all over my eyelid, the coke red color for a pop eye look, added some shimmer in the middle of my eyelid and make a little gradient color with the pop coke red shades at the outer corner of my eyes. 

This is the makeup look that I'm going to show you guys.

Look good on both photo and real life too! AHHAAHHA 

Really pop with the lip tint also 😍

Now let's get started! So this is my before and I'm going to show you the after photo after I done the makeup.


(1) Base color
First apply the lightest shades as a base all over your eyelid.

(2) Shimmer light brown
Next, after applying the base color it's time to put on the lightest brown shades from this palette. As usual, apply it all over your eyelid. If you have single eyelid, apply it like this too. No worries if you think it's too much because it gonna look good on both single and double eyelid girl. If you have higher or wider crease, you can add on a darker brown color on the crease too.

(3) make it Pop 
Add a really pop color and apply it over your 2/3 outer corner of your eyelid. Like the photo above. Blend it well with a brush if you want to.

(4) Sparkle 3D effect 
Now this is my favourite part. I rarely apply sparkling eyeshadow on the middle of my eyelid but this color mix it so well with the coke red color. It's suitable for a summer pop eye makeup and even better for people who dunno how to blend their eyeshadow. This is a tip for you guys. 

Just add a little sparkle in the middle of your eyeshadow and even you dunno how to blend your eyeshadow, by doing this can create a really pretty effect on your eyes. But remember to choose the right sparkling shades. If you have this palette then no worries for that! This match it perfectly. 

By adding this eyeshadow, it makes your eye even pop and more eye catching.

 (5) Last magic step
To complete the whole eye makeup, I decided to do a little magic on it by adding the darkest shades from the palette on my 1/3 outer corner of my eyelid.

Look how pretty it is!

- After eye makeup + Before lip tint -


 Using the lip tint color #2 Coke Red

That's all about the tutorial part. Now let's selfie with my pop eye look and my very chio lip color too!

I guess that's all for today and thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you guys enjoy this makeup tutorial and the tried & tested review too. If you are a fan of Coca Cola, make sure to check out this collection from THE FACE SHOP as soon as possible because it's a special edition. Normally very fast then they will stop selling it on the market. For more information you can click on: 

So remember to share this to your friend if you like it and I hope you enjoy reading may post. Have a nice day! See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.