Where I Stay in Japan: Recommendations & #ChanwonTips for Group / Family Travel

30 December 2017

Good Afternoon Sweeties๐Ÿ’• Welcome back to my blog and today I'm going to blog about the latest version of Where I stay in Japan. Here's some recommendations and advices that I would love to share with my readers after years of travelling to Japan. Of course, I would love to recommend it based on my experience and share some latest tips with all of you. So in this post, I included some homestay link for your reference and also some #ChanwonTips that you would like to know. Those homestay link is where I stay during my trip to Japan. I also included some FAQs answer that I received on my dm and email for you guys. Hope this is something useful for people who plan to stay in a holiday home or travelling with a group of people.

I just can't wait to share this post with all of you because I know you guys have been waiting for my update since last week. For those who read my Hong Kong Itinerary Post you probably knew that I have been really enjoy when it come travelling with a group of people. It's totally a different thing when it comes travelling with a group of people. I have been travelling to Japan for many times, whether it's my trip alone, with a partner (Smelly or one of my super closed friend) , or travelling with a group of people. It's always fun but what I enjoyed the most is when I'm travelling with a group of people.

Like what I did during my trip to Hong Kong. It was like spending your quality time together with your friends. Each of you gathering in the living / dining area, talking to each hour and enjoy every bonding moments together. So for this Tokyo Trip, at first it's just 2 of us (Limzy and I) but ended up we decided to drag Smelly and Limzy's brother together. Yes, to be honest I really really enjoy those crazy moments with them.

This is us when we were staying at our first HomeAway holiday home. To be honest, I never expect this could be so fun when travelling with Limzy and his brother. I knew Limzy for years but we never travel to any country before. The whole journey began with an insta stories. lol I posted an insta stories and anyhow just want to find a new 'kaki' travelling to Japan with me. I never expect any reply from anyone until I first received a reply from Limzy lol. Life is so unexpected ๐Ÿ˜†

She is so kind and sweet. Knowing her since 7 years ago but we never met until the day I received her artwork for the first time. Yes, that was the first time I met her before our trip. lol I enjoy every single time spending with both of them and of course, my Smelly. Being a introvert person like Smelly, I never thought Smelly can be that talkative with my friends. He always so shy but ever since our last time (with friends too) to Hong Kong, he is now became like me, who enjoy talking with a group of friends , doing silly and crazy things together lol.

So I name this group as our YOLO team ๐Ÿ˜‚ I know it sounds so old but I really love my YOLO teammates lol.

I think I'm really lucky to be able to travel with people I love. You know that's the only time where I can throw away all my work and enjoy my private me-me time lol. I can talk craps with them, wear my ugly sleeping outfit doing silly things, talking about work but what I love about this trip was being able to hang out with a group of people which has diff personalities and passions. 

So as you can see from the photo above,  Limzy's brother, Yeezen (aka didi) is cooking while Smelly is doing his job as a housewife AHHAHAHAHAHA! Limzy and I were so busy at that time. I forgot what else we did but I think we were thinking how and which angle is best for photo lol.

Next, I'm really busy doing all silly things. Yes, I'm so lazy to change my outfit but this is my ugly sleeping wear lol. Busy pretending i'm a housewife too. Awwww~ So lovely and you know what?! Because I dont even know how to cook. ๅœจๅŽจๆˆฟไนŸๅชไผš่ถŠๅธฎ่ถŠๅฟ™ So I decided to do some table setting. ๐Ÿ˜ ๅผ€็Žฉ็ฌ‘ๆˆ‘ไธๆ˜ฏ่Šฑ็“ถ This is what we did everyday when we have a huge dining space in our homestay.

| #What I love about My HomeAway Stay
Things I love about our HomeAway homestay is:-

(1) Feels like Home 
What else better than feels like a home whenever you are not in your home country. This is the reason behind why I always ended up choose to stay in HomeAway homestay when I'm travelling with my friends. It's basically just like our home. A place for us to create memorable memories, a place for me to enjoy with my really good friends and of course, with all the amenities that available in the homestay, it just makes me feel like I'm staying in a home rather than a single room of hotel.

(2) Amenities & Value for money 
In our homestay, we have everything we need. A washing machine with dryer, rice cooker, refrigerator, a huge dining area, huge bathtub for us to enjoy a hot bath, oven, wifi and etc. What surprised me the most was the coffee machine on our second homestay OMG! Are you kidding me? 

And one of the #Chanwontips that I shared and mentioned earlier is travelling with a group of people can really save a lot. When you are on budget, you guys can cook in the house like us. Shopping at nearby market, buy the local vege or food and enjoy cooking in the house. I guess this is the best choice to stay when you are travelling with your family especially if they love to cook or cant get use to the local food in that country.

Plus, I personally think that travelling and staying in a house like that can save a lot by dividing the accommodation fees with your friends and you can fully utilise the amenities & at the same time enjoying the bonding moments together with your friends. Imagine if you staying in a separate hotel room, every night you need to squeeze into one small space just to chit chat with your friends. Imagine if you are travelling with your family, each time you need to call their room number just to tell them what time to meet and knock their door just to pass the shampoo to them.

How I know all these?!! I experienced all these before and that's why when traveling with a group of people or my friends, I prefer and always like to stay in a home like this. Then when you are thinking what to eat at night, just go ahead to take away as  many food as you like and gather all the food on the dining area. Next what you need to do is just enjoy your favourite drinks and food together with your friends. That's the best moment ever. I appreciate all these moment spend together because we hardly spend time with each other like this in Malaysia ๐Ÿ˜ญ ๆˆ‘่ฟ˜่ฆๅŽปๆ—…่กŒๆˆ‘่ฟ˜่ฆ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ 

(3) More privacy and more space 

No joke when I throwback to my trip in Tokyo few years ago, I stayed in such a small space with my friends, we hardly cook because there are no such dining space for us, and the toilet is so small, dont even spot any bathtub lol.

Also last time I stayed in a homestay in Korea. It was in sharing house with two male strangers. I don't mind but it's not that much of privacy if compare with the experience now. Toilet is the most phobia thing for me too. Share toilet with strangers...I just can't lol. So ever since I grow up I prefer something which is more privacy and of course MORE SPACE for us. So this time, I decided to get HomeAway homestay again.

See how was the experience and HomeAway never disappointed me. I stayed at all star rated listing and all these location = damn good. 

We got our own privacy in a separate room (individual bedroom) also a huge dining + living + cooking area on our first homestay in Tokyo. I never experience such thing in Tokyo before because normally I stay in a small room without a huge dining table + living area. It's always just a bed, a small kitchen and toilet. That's it but this one is like a duplex apartment. The second floor is totally a huge gathering area for friends.

I work at the dining table with all of them while Smelly enjoy his phone game beside me ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ™„. We talk about our plan tomorrow, where to go, which spot nice to take photo, editing our photo on the laptop, deciding our meal tomorrow and didi also at the same time preparing some supper for us at the kitchen. Wah, wish to have this kind of life in Malaysia AHHAAHHA! But honestly, it was a fate for me to be able to travel with people like them. Our Yolo team good at cooking, photography, art and what else?? Good at modelling also. Wah.... my dream team. How about Smelly? modelling with me or washing the dirty plate in the kitchen. AHHAAHAHAHAHH

Miss this moment ☺️☺️☺️ ไป€ไนˆๆ—ถๅ€™ๅ†ๆฅไธ€ๆฌก :p


| #Where I stay in Tokyo , Osaka / Kyoto
So this is one of my top FAQs. I always received this question and actually I did mentioned it on my itinerary Japan post but I guess I should just answer it again. Yes, all in one lol. I prefer for first timer who come to Japan to visit both Osaka and Kyoto first then only go to Tokyo because for me there are much more fun thing to do outside of Tokyo. Or you can think of Setouchi area too. Awww, I really love those place outside of Tokyo and tourist spot lol.

But if you are travelling to Tokyo , Osaka and Kyoto then here's something that I wish to share with you:-

For Tokyo- I usually stay nearby Ikebukuro and Shinjuku / Harajuku Area. You can read my Tokyo Itinerary here and then you will know the reason why I love Ikebukuro too. Ikebukuro is one of the place where you can shop til drop & really convenient. But since I guess as long as your homestay is nearby the station, you can basically go anywhere by the subway. Just that during this trip to Tokyo, the second homestay we stay is just right beside the station. Less than 1 min I tell you omg! That's the  gem lol.

For Osaka / Kyoto- I often received the question like: should I stay in Kyoto / change my homestay or stay in Osaka for the day trip to Kyoto. For my advice, you need to know your itinerary plan and what your preference first. For me, I prefer to stay in Osaka and having day trip to Kyoto. Mainly because Kyoto is not happening at night so it's really hard to get food, very quiet but it is a good place to stay relax and for culture lover or first timer to Japan, you could really spend a day in Kyoto.

Also thinking about travelling with luggage when you need to change to a new homestay , the check in and check out time is quite a trouble for me. So my advice is, if it's not rush you can stay in Kyoto enjoy the onsen, relaxing at night but if your trip is short, then the best thing is, stay in a place and go for a day trip instead. 

I went to Osaka for more than 6 times, I always travel to Kyoto as a day trip to experience the heritage place and cultures but at night I prefer go back to Osaka, the super happening food street to enjoy the local food and bring my friends to walk around + go to Don Quijote. lol 

So for Osaka I always stay in Namba / Dotonbori Area. It's more happening and you can always go there to look for the local food. As long as it's nearby the subway station then should be no problem but if you worry it's too happening / too noise at night, you can stay 1 or 2 stations away the Namba or Dotonbori Area. Sometime when I'm travelling with my friends, I will ask them whether they want to shopping more or eat more food or experience more about the culture thingy lol. When they tell me they prefer happening place, I will stay in these area. 

If you are travelling with you parents / family. They hardly walk and rarely go out at night then you can think about staying in Kyoto because that's the best place for them. Not too happening and after 6 or 7pm, it's really quiet. For people who really like Onsen hot spring, you can also stay a night in Kyoto to enjoy your super duper relaxing onsen ever with the local ryokan stay! 

I hope these tips help you to decide where you want to stay and plan for your trip. I received more than 100++ msg regarding this question and sometime I get frustrated because I dont even know who you plan to go with, what's the purpose of your trip, whether it's for relaxing or for shopping, so I dont know the perfect answer for your case. So I hope this post can provide you some useful tips to make your decision. I usually stay in a diff place according my travel buddies preference. If your friends is really cincai cincai one then it's easier. But some people prefer quiet place, some prefer a more happening one so~~ Good luck! AHAHAHAH

Oh yea, For Kyoto I always stay nearby the next day's place to visit on my itinerary plan. Just take note that where's the subway station and whether it's convenient or easy to find or not, the nearest 7-11 in case you are really hungry at night lol. But my older friends really like Kyoto and I always tell this to my friend lol. When they back from Japan, they told me like 'Kyoto is too relax until they got nothing to do at night hahahahaha' So plan accordingly and enjoy your trip as much as I do ❤️


| #1st Homestay: Cozy Loft Apartment 
So so so excited to share this with you because the first homestay is really suitable for family and a group of friends. The highlight of this homestay is the huge dining / living area in the second floor and the super chio stairs. lol Also, everything you need is in the house included a huge bathtub for you to enjoy a hot bath. Never stay in a apartment in Tokyo has such a huge bathtub before.

This time, both of my apartments have the bathtub because it was winter season during our trip. I really need a hot bath after a long day of walking lol. This homestay is located nearby Ikebukuro. One of my recommendation place to stay too. I put the link down below so you could check that out.

So once you enter the main entrance door. On your right is the dry toilet.

With the awesome function to wash your butt ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ If you know what I mean lol

This is a main walking space and below the stair we just placed our huge luggage there. Total 6 luggages lol.  Then you will pass by another wet toilet with washing machine and you will reach the first room. 

Our lovely bed!

 Washing and brushing teeth area xD On the right is the wet toilet.

A huge bathtub for us!

 Your super chio photo spot!

Took a photo here! HAHAAHAHAH

On the second floor, there is a huge dining area, living room area, kitchen and TV too.

First dinner in Japan!

Everything you need! Even has a toaster too!

You can cook! Okay, we can cook!! Challenge accepted*

Cooking time!

 Wah! Another sibeh chio photo taken by didi 

 #Kanpai time


 Didi sacrifice himself for these beautiful photos <3

So if you are interested about the link of this homestay. Feel free to Click here for the link & remember I got you a 8% OFF discount code. So remember to check it out at the end of this post.

 At night I brought them to my favourite 24/7 hours Sukiya shop.

 Some of my favourite shot taken by Yeezen didi

 We spot this nearby our apartment lol. Please tell me the reason why!! AHAHAHAH

Somewhere over the rainbow

Spot this beautiful florist shop nearby our homestay. It's beautiful at night and in a daytime. Hope to bring everything back but I can't!! So that's all about my first homestay. Now, let's check on my second homestay which is completely diff in concept and theme. It's more insta worthy and chio but that's more suitable for small group of people because the dining area is smaller but same as awesome as my first homestay too.


| #2nd Homestay: 
Second homestay is also an awesome stay. It's more chio. I love the ample lighting and activity space of this homestay too. Another highlight of this will be the subway station is just right beside our apartment building. I think it's just 30-50 seconds walking distance hahahaha! Super duper near. This should be a new experience for me. I never stay in such a chio and insta worthy place before. If you saw my stories on instagram, the first thing I did when I enter the house is ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ WOOWWWWWWWx 10000 times. lol

Since our trip in Japan is quite long and not really rush so ended up I decided to stay in two place so I could share my review on my blog. This is our chio homestay!

The shadow and lighting! OMG Insta-worthy!

 Yes, this is our second stay for the rest of our trip. OMG! Can you believe this??

Our living room area with a huge TV available in front of the sofa.

Then there is a balcony outside of our homestay. So awesome! Also a kitchen area with coffee machine T.T Wahlao how come so good one!!

 Wet toilet / bathroom is located behind the kitchen area.

Awesome Japanese washing machine and dryer.

A full body mirror for us to look at our OOTD. Wah so chio! xD Also, a dry toilet beside the mirror.

๐Ÿ˜ญso nice!

View from the second floor. Photo taken with my Iphone7.

Photo taken by my iPhone without any edit. Look how nice the lighting is!! 

Our lovely bed <3

Gudetama Love it too <3

This homestay is located in between of Harajuku and Shinjuku. It's really convenient and super near to the station. 

 Limzy love everything here and look how pretty she is when she's drawing something on a white paper. <3 Heart melted.

So nice T.T

 Our Balcony!

I can even selfie on my bed. Look how good the lighting is. OMG

This is the best photo spot / instal-worthy spot again!

Wahlao ไธ€็ง’็š„ๅฅณ็ฅž!

At night, we take turn to enjoy a hot and relaxing bath in the huge bathtub! Click here for the 2nd homestay link


| #ChanwonTips for Booking a Homestay
So that's all about my two homestay in Tokyo, Japan. I hope you enjoy your homestay in Japan as much as I do. Also usually when I'm booking for a homestay like this, it's better and cheaper when you are travelling with a group of people. So after divided into 4 pax, it's just RM160-180 per night. I usually prefer to ask my friend to stay in one homestay because you need to pay only once the cleaning and service fee.

Imagine during your whole trip if you change 3-4 homestay, you will need to pay the extra and it's quite time consuming to move from one to another + the check in / check out time is quite wasted. So for people who wish to travel on budget but looking for a homestay like mine (super chio, clean, nice, more space, good for group travel one) then you should take note on these.

Also the longer you stay, (compare with keep changing a new homestay and pay another service and cleaning fees again) after divided with the pax, it's possible to stay on these listing with RM160-180 per night for one person. You can enjoy a bigger space, more privacy, bathtub, washing machine and even cook in your home. OMG damn good la!

Like what I mentioned earlier, added with all the cleaning, additional guest and service fees, it's total RM5400 divided by 8 nights. So it's just RM675 per night. it means that one person just need to pay RM168 per night only. I never get such good price when it come to staying in Tokyo with such a huge space for my friends and I. I really become smart after all these experience lol. 

My advices will be:-
  • Don't keep changing homestay because it's time consuming and you need to pay twice the service , additional guest and cleaning fees.
  • Travel in a group so you can share the accommodation fees together. Sharing is caring
  • Promo code to enjoy 8% off
  • The longer the stay is, the cheaper you get without pay extra fees for your next listing homestay
  • Double check the nearest subway station, walking discount, nearby 7-11 shops 
  • Lift or stairs. If you are travelling with lots of luggages then remember get the lift apartment stay.
  • Additional futon available if you want to add extra guest, check with the homestay owner.
  • Some owner very strict with the check in / check out time, please communicate with them so you could check in / out earlier 
  • Take note on the owner respond's time. The fastest the better. You need to get those helpful owner which can reply on time and if the owner reply you after 48 hours, then you might need to take note on that. I love owner who respond quick to my msg than the slow one lol.
  • Look at the amenities 
  • Read the reviews of the listing 

After all, you still can get cheaper one from HomeAway listing. I get stunned when I spot the last minute deal! It's soooooo cheap wtf!

Also another way to save more! Use my discount code to enjoy the 8% off so you can spend and save at the same time. I really need to say a big thank you to HomeAway for this special discount code for my followers and readers. Please save or bookmark this and use this as soon as possible lol. 


| #8% OFF promo code

Key in the promo code to enjoy the 8% off on your holiday home booking. The promo code is:-

<HOMEAWAYCHANWON> Thank you and you are welcome :D ❤️ That's all for today. Stay tuned for my next post! It's my tokyo itinerary part #2. That's all for today. Love, xoxo. See you on my next post.


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