MY BRACES STORY #6: Take off braces, Retainer Mold , Invisalign

22 December 2017

Hello Sweeties๐Ÿ’•Can you spot something from the photo above? ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† Yes, I successfully take off my damon braces. Did it few days ago and just to continue my braces story so that I can have a proper record on my blog. Of course, wish to provide as much information as I can for people who facing the same overbite + gummy problems like mine. 

Before I go ahead and continue with my story. Just a reminder for people who drop me an email or direct msg. Please read through every single thing that I mentioned from part 1 until now first, I often receive question like ' should I go and get my braces done or should I laser my gums, should I remove it earlier or should I continue this & so on'. Just to give you a good advice and you can read more about things to do/ should know BEFORE & AFTER getting Braces click here

I'm not a a pro / dentist. I don't know any of your X-ray teeth profile or your case if you asking me question like that. Therefore, it's better for you to get the advice from dentist rather than asking me whether you should laser or whether your gums is too much for you or what. There are some standard measurement or guide when you consult it with your dentist. I'm not the right person to answer your question. So the best thing you can do is go ahead to consult few dentist before decide to go through any kind of treatment. Thanks for understanding and now let's get started with my Part #6 Braces Story.

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| #1 Removing my Damon Braces 
Just the next day after I landed in Malaysia, I went to remove my damon braces. It was quite a happy and sad day for me. I'm so happy because finally after two & half years, I removed my braces without any delay or postpone. I guess it's all because I'm really punctual to visit my clinic every month and never skip any appointment before. Also, a big big thank you to my dentist, Dr. Neoh who never gave up on my case and patiently guiding me throughout the whole journey. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ I did not get paid for sharing my braces story on my blog and this is no a job but I strongly recommend this to all my friends and family.

Smelly's mom just extracted her teeth few days ago without any pain. Everyone telling me how happy he/she is after getting their treatment done in my clinic. Feel so satisfied with my result and I'm so happy that my dentist never give me wrong info about my braces treatment. When I look for him, he discuss my case with his team and during the first visit, he show me a full 2 and half year plan and slowly explain it to me.

Still remember the day when I get my braces done, insert the mini screws on my gums, laser my gums, extraction and do on. He was the one I strongly believe in and after all of these story, I can really prove him that he's a really good dentist with a good personality. I always make my appointment earlier and pay a visit to the dental clinic in the early morning with my super nerd looking face. He still the one who patiently talk to me and telling me the truth that which treatment or process is painful and which is not. 

Also, a big thank you note for all of you who trust me and believe in my recommendation. Now everyone in the clinic know who I am. HAHAHAH A blogger who always take photo when doing her braces and trying her best to hold her tears. I really abit 'pai-seh' (shy) when I cry in front of the nurse and dentist lol. 

That's why the only way to distract myself from being scared is doing something else. For example, taking photo for my blog and record my stories and share on my instagram lol. That's the only trick I use to hold my tears so that I won't cry when looking in front of my phone lol.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ You can try this if you are alone and want to hold your tears lol.

So the whole process of removing my braces is around 1 hour including teeth cleaning process. Doctor removed my brackets one by one and I can feel a little pressure each time he remove the bracket. It's not super duper pain but what can I tell you is!! Bearable. I guess not everyone can feel the pressure when it come to remove the bracket but in my case, my lower teeth is so small and tiny. Like a baby teeth and that's why in my case, my teeth is more sensitive than others.

This is my 2 and half years old braces. Hello braces baby! I love you for who you are but it's time to say Bye Bye to you. Thank You for the 2 and half incredible years. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ 

The first thing I saw myself without my braces be like O.O ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ Shocked for awhile and later on, I smile and feel so happy with it. After removed the brackets, Dr. Neoh use a dental hand piece to remove the remaining bonding cement on my teeth. No pain at all because no tooth structure is being removed. After all bonding cement removed, my gums was slightly inflamed, but this will usually subside in a few days with good brushing.


| #2 Retainer Mold 

Just right after all the cleaning process done. I need to do the mold for the retainer. After done with my retainer mold, I have to come back again next week to do another mold for my invisalign treatment.

It's my first experience doing mold. Very hard to breath because normally when I'm nervous, I use my mouth to breath and during the time doing the mold, doc advice me to breath with my nose. But you know I'm so nervous, so ended up I get chocking on my own saliva wtf. Then I faster force myself to breath with my nose. Too nervous and suddenly forgot how to breath with my nose wtf. 

Then the process of doing the retainer mold is just 1 min but this is totally enough to scare the shit out of me. I feel like vomit out but thank god i didn't take any breakfast in the morning. OMG Doctor told me to shake my leg and breath with nose so I won't feel like vomiting and my saliva just keep flowing out. 

I can't imagine it if I'm a dentist. I will laugh my mouth off if I have a customer who behave like me lol. HAHAHAHAHAH 

Before doing the mold, feel so excited because I finally removed my braces and right after the thing placed into my mouth...Wahlao, my facial expression just change within 1 second. my face turn super duper red, chocking with my own saliva and just keep shaking my leg wtf. Terrible and I hope no one else saw this except Smelly and Dr. Neoh lol.

Done with the retainer mold and need to come back to the clinic and collect it at 4pm. A big big big smile from me and Smelly who booked his yearly teeth cleaning appointment after me lol. Look at his perfect teeth, I really don't know why I'm the only one who need to go through all of these in order to have a nice teeth without any overbite and terrible gums problem. 

But it's all done and I can't wait to keep smiling and shine like a diamond lol.


| #3 First week wearing my retainer 

The experience wearing retainer on the first few days is quite scary for me. Very hard to talk, my tongue just don't know how to get use of the retainer and saliva just stuck inside the retainer. I feel my mouth so smelly and I just dont get use to it. 

But right after the 5th or 6th day. I'm happy enough to live the rest of my day with this stupid thingy on my teeth. Braces is like a forever long term journey. Once you remove the brackets, you need to live your life every night with the retainer to maintain the shape and alignment. It's not like' hurray, I'm free from braces and no need to wear retainer'

Most of my friends did that and their teeth back to its original position which is quite wasted. You paid for your treatment and after take off the braces, you never take a good care of it or wear the retainer and ended up everything just wasted. Waste your money and time consuming to go through a new braces treatment again. So if you are thinking of doing braces, then think this as a long term commitment. Which you also need to take care of the alignment and everything even you removed the brackets. lol 

Sleeping with your retainer, cleaning it every morning and night. Yes, that's basically my story but I willing to sacrifice that for a perfect bright smile. HAHAHAA 


| #4 Minor Adjustment: Invisalign Treatment 
In case you are lazy to refer back to my part5 braces story. Here's some of the comparison that I took from previous post & this morning.

 Last time before I put on my braces, my overbite problem is really obvious. When I open and smile, my upper teeth fully cover and blocking the appearance of my lower teeth.

Before getting braces

Buck teeth problem solved!! A huge improve on my teeth profile

Another big highlight 

But not everyone can have such changes because each individual's teeth profile is diff and the process of getting the treatment may vary from each individual too. So the best thing is, consult with the dentist and do some research first. I extracted 4 teeth , put on mini screws, laser and did many thing within this 2 and a half year and I guess that's the main reason why my teeth profile and face profile changed so much.

So here's all the final before after photos. I'm really satisfied with my result and all the outcome. Major change on my case as you can see my side profile changed quite a lot. I thought this is the end of my braces story and beginning of my life with my retainer but my dentist hope to improve my outcome further. He told me that he's not too satisfied with my lower teeth and want it to be more perfect.

After our discussion, we decided to do another mold and send it back to US so they can look at my case and see whether I am suitable for invisalign or not. It's perfect for the upper but if you notice my lower teeth is slight crowding and the angle of the teeth moving slightly inward. I guess it's all because of the size of my teeth. It's too small and can't do more with the bracket braces. That's why after all the discussion, I decided to go ahead and continue for few months on my Invisalign treatment.

Some people go for invisalign first and has minor adjustment through damon braces but for me, the best way to correct my major my overbite and gums problem is through Damon Braces and ended up the minor one through Invisalign. Doctor told me whether to continue or not it's all based on my choice but I decided to continue since not much diff for me to wear retainer vs Invisalign in a daily basis. lol

So this is the mold for the Invisalign treatment. It's quite scary to put this into my mouth. Very big and I tried my best to open my mouth as wide as possible. Before this, I keep reminding myself breath with my nose and sleep early a day before so I can breath normally with my nose. I got sinus every morning so normally it's hard for me to breath with my blocking nose in the morning lol. Susah sangat la me T.T

So I woke up in 8.30am, just brush my teeth and rush to my clinic because my appointment @9.30am. This is another hard time for me! luckily my chin is real and I never go through any plastic surgery, if not i guess my whole chin will drop off #่„ฑ่‡ผ during this process. Unlike retainer mold, this need longer time and feel much uncomfortable than doing the mold for my retainer. 

Yes, my lips cracked because I forgot to put on my lip balm. wtf! Then just open my mouth as much as possible. The super uncomfortable part is when doing the mold for your upper teeth. It's like someone poke your throat and feel like vomiting. I keep on controlling my breath, shake my leg and selfie or looking at my phone so that I won't feel too much on this. Every second is like a nightmare for me.

5 mins, I asked my dentist to look at the timer and I countdown in my brain, telling myself, no worries is okay. Is okay!! Will be fine lol.

5 mins after! Woooohooo! In the heaven and I look chio with my eyelashes extension AHAHAHAHAH! Without makeup still look chio lol. Then now doing it on my lower teeth.

Tell you I thought this gonna be easy but my lower teeth is so small and the thing is so big. I need to stuck everything into my mouth and I continue to tell myself like : BREATH NORMALLY chanwon. Next, it reminds me like giving birth to a baby lol. Breath in and out, in and out, in and out!!! 

Then I thought after 5 mins it's done. But guess what??? The mold got air bubble in one side so I need to redo for one more time. WTF! Are you kidding me and the moment i look at the doctor I was like ๐Ÿ˜ฎ>☹️๐Ÿ˜ฆ๐Ÿ˜ง>๐Ÿ˜ต. I got no choice, open my mouth again and stuck the whole thingy in lol. 

3 times x 5 mins = 15 mins. I can't feel my mouth anymore. Then next, doc told me to do for another 2 one but this one is similar with the retainer mold. Just 1 mins+ each upper and lower. No need to press too hard and go too deep. So I got no more expression, I just show ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต to him.

Look at this. I dunno why I won't laugh when talking this photo. Look like a duck in this photo. My upper lips totally out of its original shape and I just breath as much as I can. Really so uncomfortable to put this  mold inside my mouth. The saliva just keep flowing out and I dont even know what to do lol.

I'm really excited to try the Invisalign method as it's something that i wish to share with you guys. But of course, not everyone can pay for the price because Invisalign is really expensive. It's mostly import from US and you need to change the Invisalign thingy once every 2 weeks (the newest Invisalign system). So now I'm still waiting for the final report after did my Invisalign mold and send to US for the final report + details.

Since I'm always in front of the camera, I guess I'm alright for the invisalign & should continue to put on something more invisible and hopefully for people who consider to go for Invisalign, you can look for my review too. Although not everyone willing to pay that amount but I guess it should be something that worth for its value. Can't wait to receive the report next week! 

So I guess that's all about my sharing and braces story. Thanks for all your love, encouragement and support on my journey. It's not easy but I did that. It's worth it and now I shall enjoy my life without the wire and brackets! That's all for today. Will keep you update on the report next week and see you on my next post.

Love, xoxo.


  1. hi babe, did u pay more when your doc recommended Insavalign to further enhance your teeth? I did ClearPath from Sept 2015-Dec 2016 but still not happy with outcome, was thinking to further fix my teeth with Damon braces.

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  9. You look so great!
    I have the same problem as yours and considering to get braces. but I am 40 already... Still thinking.

  10. I'm about the same condition as you. You're so brave and braces is my goal too.. But still trying hard to save up for it. I'll follow you in IG! hope we can be friend if you don't mind. Hehe

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