Tried & Tested: THE FACE SHOP Pastel Cushion Blusher & Brow Lasting Peel-off Gel

26 December 2017

Hello Sweeties 💕I guess it's time to come back with my monthly Tried & Tested post again. Today, I'm going to give a first impression and review kind of post on both of these product from THE FACE SHOP. Yes, it's the pastel cushion blusher and the highly requested brow lasting peel-off gel. I guess the peel-off gel is one of the highlight from this range. It's so well known in Korea and today I'm going to review both of this product for you guys so you can read my review and decide which is the best for you.


| #1 Pastel Cushion Blusher
Everyone knew that I'm a pastel lover and I feel good when looking things in pastel color lol. This whole range of cushion blusher from THE FACE SHOP is way too cute to resist it. One big point for the packaging and the little cute puff included in the blusher itself. Now, let me show you how cute it is 😏😏

This is the Lovely Me: EX Pastel Cushion Blusher. It comes in with few colors and here's the 3 colors that I'm so into it. My favourite method to use it will be mix two of these color on both of my apple cheeks. This is the tips for you to look cute and lovely. I really love how cute it is when it comes to these product. It's like when you take it out from your make up bag and you feel awwww~ it's soooo cute 😘 I dunno why but it just made my day!

Ps: How about you? Do you like cute packaging cosmetic product like these?

So on my list, I got myself these 3 pastel colors which I personally think it's gonna look good with any kind of lips colors and clothes. It's lighter color compare with the blusher which I normally use but it can blend really well with your cushion foundation or base. Just a nice and natural color. 

To make sure you can look and compare how different on each of the color, I decided to place it next to each other so you can easily spot the difference. Here's the 3 colors I have:-
03 Plum color is a gorgeous and lovely color for people who prefer to use it on a daily basis while the 04 Pink is much lighter and more cute compare with others. If you love to have something different or more cheerful looking kind of blusher, then you can pick the peach color too. Personally I love to mix two of these color on my cheek so it can create a nice gradient with a natural pinkish kind of color on my cheeks. 

Personally I think it can be one of the good gifting ideas for your bff and loved ones. It makes them even happier when they spot the cute little puff lol. Each puff comes with a nice ribbon on it but it's quite in a mini size. So if you prefer to use your own brush to apply then you may use your own brush instead of using the mini puff that come with the product itself. 

One of the little surprise is when you apply the blusher on your cheeks, it brings out a pleasing scent. Just a gentle touch will do and you can smells like a princess on your cheeks lol. The scent just nice for me and won't lasting wan. So you just can smell it when you take your puff and gentle touch the blusher on it.

No need to mention about the application. It's so easy! lol Just less is more, slowly apply and I prefer to layer it with 2 layers and slowly added another color at the side of my cheeks. You can apply a darker shades at the highest point of your cheeks and it will create a more cheerful looking blusher and somehow it will make your face slimmer. #Chanwontips A bit like the contour method.

So just apply a moderate amount to the enclosed puff and tap the apple zone gently with it. In this case, I just wanna look extra cute with the blusher so I gonna mix it with a little pink color or if you prefer not too pink blusher, you can pick the peach one. Add on little by little. Don't apply too much if not it will look quite powdery. 

Add on a little pink at the outer corner / highest point of my cheeks

Now, I'm done and I also tried the brow lasting peel-off gel on my eyebrows. Is this something catch your attention? I heard that some of you were so afraid to try this because you afraid your brows gonna look like the crayon shin-chan lol 蜡笔小新 But no worries! Let me try this out for you guys now!!


| #2 Brow Lasting Peel-Off Gel
So here's the peel-off gel from THE FACE SHOP. It's use on our eyebrows and people normally called this as a temporary eyebrows tattoo. Unlike the normal eyebrows color, this can last up to 7 days. Which means that you no need to draw your eyebrows for one week after using this. OMG How nice it is but the main concern of this will be...

Will it hard to use?? The answer is NO, it's quite easy to use!! 

So I got 3 of these color. From a reddish brown to a light and a darker shades of brown. There are 4 color available but since most of the time I will change my hair color time to time, I decided to get a light and darker shades brown and also a reddish one to create a more natural looking eyebrows which can totally relate to my hair color lol.

Normally for my advice, if your hair color if dark brown then your eyebrows must be something which is slightly lighter or similar color with your hair. It's important because if your hair is lighter color and your eyebrows is darker shades, then in a way you will just look like the crayon Shin-Chan or just look super weird with that.
This peel-off gel is actually a product that has the self tanning effect and can lasts up to 7 days. However, the result and duration may differ by personal skin condition. Normally after I'm using these product, i will not use any whitening cream to apply over my eyebrows. Or when you apply any skincare, just dont apply it over your eyebrows so the after peel-off eyebrows color can last longer on your skin.

One good thing about the soft peel-off formula was it contain the Aloe Vera Extract to prevents brow hair loss while the Black Seed Complex (Black bean + Sesame + Black Rice Extract) acting as brow mask effect which helps to take care of brow hair roots.

One important thing when using this kind of peel-off gel will be the applicator. A good applicator can make a huge diff. A good applicator / brush can easily draw and fill in your brows. The brush tip can be use to draw a thin line when you gently touch on your skin. Next if you press it slightly harder, the brush can use to draw a thicker line.

Thicker line make it easier to fill in your brows

Wanted to show you guys the exact color from what I see on my skin. So I use my iPhone to take this photo and make a comparison for you guys. When you first apply it on your skin, the color is quite dark and quite scary but no worries because once you peel it off, the color become really nice and just like the one we draw with our eyebrows pencil. It become lighter and more natural. 

Also, a photo of the after peel-off color in two different lighting. One in a dim room and right taken beside the window of the room. Photo taken without any color editing. I just edit the font only. So you can use this to refer and pick the right for yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, it's not scary to apply it on your eyebrows. It's also very easy! The application is just apply it using the brush / applicator with a moderate amount on your brows and peel it off gently after 2 or more hours (best result after 6-8 hours) of application. For my first experience, I apply it at night and the next day when I wake up, I just simply peel it off. Then the color stay for almost one week. So I guess if you are afraid of it then you can try two hours and remove it after that. Next after you 'dah jadi pro', then you apply it overnight so it last longer than just apply it for 2 hours.

Oh yea, remember to cleanse and dry your face before the application + ensure your eyebrows are free of any oil or skincare products. If you draw it wrongly, you can immediately make corrections with a cotton swab.

#Chanwontips My tips for this is dont apply just one color on your eyebrows. I love to create a gradient brown color which makes it look more natural compare with a normal application method. Actually I mix my eyebrows with two color, a darker shades of brown and a lighter. Front of my eyebrows will be something darker and lighter at the end.

I share my secret with all of you!!

Next, you can sleep and overnight with your funny eyebrows or keep that for 2 hours and remove it after that.

I overnight with it and the next day when I woke up, I can easily peel it off without any worries. Easy-peasy and fun!

Peel-off! So satisfying 😍

TAA-DAAA your prizes for reading my blog 😆 Just joking*

You can slightly wash it off with tap water and be beautiful for the next 7 days. It will become lighter day by day so remember to appreciate your good work on your brows after all! Look like my normal embroidery hahaha! Use this hacks for your trip so you no need to draw your brows when travelling because it's quite time consuming to draw it everyday lol.

So here come to the end of the review and #ChanwonTips for you guys! Hope you guys learn something from this post and be awesome with me! That's all for today and see you on my next post! Love, xoxo.

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