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14 December 2017

Hello Sweeties💕 I'm back again with another top picks related post. Remember the one I did for my top picks lipstick here? So today I'm going to talk about my top picks beauty product haul from I tried and tested each of the product from and wanted to give you guys a quick kickstart with some reason why I'm so interested to try out their product + a full detail the review of the products. To be honest, I'm quite impressed with all the beauty brands that available on their online store. Because most of the beauty brands that available in is quite 'rare'.

Mostly only can get in oversea and if you wanted to ship it back to Malaysia, it going to burn your wallet lol. 


If you watch youtube and read oversea beauty blogs, you will definitely be familiar with these brands and I'm really surprised that now ships and available in Malaysia. The product that available in their store is mostly hardly found in our country and if you wanna purchase it overseas, you gonna spend a lot of money just to pay the shipping, currency, customs and some hidden charges.

But with Caliata, you can now find a trusted places to shop and get your 'rare' & premium beauty products. Most of the brands and products in their store is quite of high-end and 100% genuine products with free shopping over RM150 & free samples for their precious customers. They provide quality products without customs and hidden charges. 

If you love niche beauty products or brands then this is a good place for you and you got no more worries about the currency conversion, customs or hidden chargesIt is a relatively new online beauty store where you can get most of the world's most innovative and effective beauty products. Also, a 20% discount code is given out to all of my readers. I will stated it at the end of the post and now, let's get started!


| #What's my top picks 
Personally I like to use products that aren’t too mainstream but are tried, tested, effective and believed in by many westerncelebrities. I tried to look for a place to get all these product but you know what, many of these products aren’t available here inMalaysia. So I always ended up feeling so sad and it's one of my passion to try on new western country products as it's rare + Ijust wanna to give it a try. To know whether western beauty products works on our asian skin or not.

I found it from some oversea online store but it always ended up sold online at an exorbitant prices. You don't have to worryabout all of this now because you can buy them now in Malaysia & without the long wait and the painful price tag!

So after looking through their website, I found some nice and product with a very good value & deal. My top picks will be the famous Emma Hardie starter kit & the Su-Man Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask.

SU-MAN Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask |  Emma Hardie Amazing Face Introductory Kit

So are you ready for the tried & tested review? If yes then let's get started!


| #Emma Hardie Amazing Face Introductory Kit 
Instead of calling it an introductory kit, I can simply sum up everything and called it as a starter kit. The reason why I choose this because of its famous cleansing balm. It's so popular as a western beauty product and I just can't wait to get this on my top picks list. Also, the cleansing balm itself is already cost more than two hundred ringgit but this whole starter kit (included 3 products) just cost us for ONLY RM160!


So here's the price list of EH products available in I was amazed with the selling price of it because most of these product is quite luxury unlike those can easily get in drugstore. It's more high-end & just product with value. I can't believe I no need pay extra customs fees , shipping fees or worried about the exchange rate of getting these product. 😭 I really love the whole experience with using their cleansing balm.

 It comes with a reusable pollster travel bag.

So the whole amazing face starter kit includes:-

  • Moringa Cleansing Balm 50ml
  • Professional Dual0Action Cleansing Cloth
  • Age Support Treatment Cream 15ml

 Moringa Cleansing Balm

 Professional Dual-Action Cleansing Cloth

 Age support cream


| # Moringa Cleansing Balm 
So first, let's talk about the cleansing balm. Actually I'm quite shock with the size of this Cleansing balm. It's 50ml, totally half size of the actual full size product. I think the whole starter kit is really worth of our money. Why?? The full size product is 100ml & it costs RM235. So this starter kit size is 50ml, I divided by two will be RM117.50. The price of the starter kit is only RM160!! OMG! Value of money. Later on will provide you with an 20% discount code, it means you can even save more! 😱

Emma Hardie product is designed to suit all skin types and to work with the skin’s natural functions to plump, firm and brighten. It's suitable for people who looking for more effective beauty product with more on firming and anti-aging.

This is the texture of the cleansing balm. So surprise, isn't? I tried so many cleanser but I never try something  like this before. It's a luxurious botanical cleansing balm that able to removes makeup and also leaves our skin soft and supple.

Made in England

Tried & Tested Review: I am so so so so so surprised with the after use experience. To be honest, when I look at the texture, I was like omg. Is this works on my skin? I'm not that kind of person who love greasy product and when I feel the texture I was like, OMG I'm going to use this? It's so different from the gel cleanser that I usually use. 

Is this works on my skin? 
Might be feeling greasy?? maybe??

But after my first try, I was like OMG! I'm loving this. You know what, it really leaves my skin super smooth and soft right after one use. The texture is quite greasy but after you wipe it away with the cleansing cloth, your skin just turned into a super supple, clean and smooth. To be honest, I'm so surprise because I thought I'm going to dislike it or I'm gonna get lots of pimples after using it. But so far, I tried one week and every morning I just feel my skin getting smoother, not oily and no pimples appear too. Guess this is the best combination to use with the cleansing cloth.

Also while applying the cleansing balm on your face, the relaxing botanic scent (for me it's like a face spa scent) of the balm just made my day and remember to give your skin a little pampering massage. Also, if you are having makeup on, this balm can easily remove everything in once. Not drying my skin and this product is really suitable for mature skins too. Let me show you how~

The application is really easy. Just mis a few drops of warm water with a little bit of Moringa cleansing balm in your hand.

Once you mixed it, it will turn from balm to a cream and then, start to apply it on you skin and giving your skin a little massage.

This balm will help to minimise the appearance of pores and I love the scent of it. I will massage for 3 mins so it will revitalise my dull and dehydrated skin.

After all, wipe and clean off our skin with the cleansing cloth. For me this is like a multi-function cleansing balm. If your skin is super duper dry and dehydrated, you can put a thin layer on your skin and use it as an overnight facial treatment

As a final touch after cleansing my face, I tried to pour my toner onto the cotton pad and wipe off the skin again. Just to make sure if there is any makeup found on the cotton pad and the answer is, no makeup found on my cotton pad at all. This truly remarkable one step cleansing balm impressed me a lot. I never thought I will fall in love with cleansing balm lol. 

So during my period week or busy week when I feel my skin was super dehydrated, I will put it overnight or if you are having a SOS / urgent date to meet someone else 2 hours later, I will put it on my skin for 30 mins and remove it before I start to do my makeup. It can be my SOS mask too. You may give this a try, it's really amazing!


| #Professional Dual-Action Cleansing Cloth 
Since texture of the cleansing balm is like a cream + balm texture, you need to clean it with this professional cleansing cloth. You will find it is hard to clean by using your hand or fingers. So remember always get this cleansing cloth together with the cleansing balm.

This product is a double-sided. One gentle muslin side for removal of product and a smoother one with microfibre side is use for a deep pore cleansing process. 

 Microfibre side

Gentle muslin side

Tried & Tested Review: I tried with and without using the cleansing cloth to clean my face after using the balm. Personally, everything become easier when you clean it with this cleansing cloth because you can easily remove the cleanser with just few wipes and after that, the microfibre side can helps to gently exfoliates our skin.

The cloth helps to eliminating dead skin cells to smooth and refine. Take note that don't use it in a circular motion, use it like drawing a straight line on your skin. 

As you can see, just one wipe then it can easily clean away all the balm and leaving my skin smooth and soft.

The application is quite easy too. Just soak the cloth in warm water, or just turn on the water tap and let it wet. (Using it with warm water can open your pores and deep clean it) Next, squeeze out the excess and gentle wipe cover the whole face and remember the neck area ya. Be gentle around the eyes area.

First using the muslin gentle side to remove excess makeup and grime. Then, use the microfibre side to give your skin a deep cleanse and brighten / tone up our dull skin.

The only thing I found it's quite troublesome for a lazy girl to clean the cloth each time you use it. Then, it's like an extra effort for me but I think I willing to sacrifice this for a beautiful and healthy skin lol. The cleansing cloth is machine washable. So if you're lazy then just throw into the machine and wash it. Or clean it normally and hang on a side to let it dry.


| # Age Support Treatment Cream 
If you are at my age and start to look for an intense super-hydrating treatment. Then this is a product for you. It's suitable for mature skins. Like now, at my age I find out the product that I really like last time might not be useful on my skin anymore. Why? Because my skin getting older (just like my age) and I need more than that, I need more supply of water, my skin tend to become more dehydrated and I really need to look for a more rich-ingredients product so it could benefits my skin.

So this age support treatment is helps to give you skin back to its youthful glow. Yes, glowing and healthy skin! 

This product is scented with an aromatic essential oil blend of Rose Geranium, Chamomile, Sweet Orange, Lavender and peppermint. It helps to calm down, relaxing our mind and uplifting the senses too.

Since it's a cream, I apply just a little bit and when I spread it around. It immediately turned out to be so hydrating and not those 'heavy' & greasy feeling of cream. It's rich and luxurious. This nourishing lotion helps to instantly plumping, lifting, soothing and radiance-boosting our skin.

It keeps skin protected from the elements below:-

  • flooding cells with precious moisture, 
  • whilst creating a whisper-weight barrier between complexion and the elements.

For the application, just make sure your skin is clean and remember to pat dry it. Take a little bit amount of the product, warm it between your fingertips and applying it evenly all over your face , neck and remember to avoid your eye area.

Use it both morning and night for a smoother and more younger looking skin. 

Here's an extra video to show the detail:-

| # SU.MAN Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask 
I never try any premium mask before so when I saw this product on their store I was like, what makes this diff than other affordable mask? Is this something that really diff? So ended up I say a YES to the product. So let's see how is the review.

This brand, SU.MAN is a unique and exquisitely innovated premium skincare system that harnesses the power of ancient Asian wisdom and cutting edge cosmetic science to purify, nourish, energise and reveal luxuriously rejuvenated skin that looks and feels reborn. The price range of their skincare product is about RM250-500 but today I'm trying out their facial glow rejuvenation mask.

For me mask is the best and fastest way to see whether our skin turns good after using it or just normal. I tried lots of mask before so I just really interested about premium mask and how it different from others.

So it actually comes in a box with 4 pieces of rejuvenating mask. Which cost RM250 per box and divided by 4 pieces of mask, it's around RM62 per pieces. Then you will be like 'WOW' it's really premium and luxury! HAHAHAHA

Tried & Tested Review: This mask is really premium because it is actually an advanced bio cellulose mask. It designed to deeply hydrate, plump and brighten the complexion. Also, it's a premium anti-aging product. So if you are late 27++ years old to 30 above, this is a premium mask for you. Next, just right after one use, I can instantly feel my skin appears firmer and smoother. I also found that it's suitable to use during travel to give our skin an instant pick-me-up.

Other than that, I also tried to shake my head or bend down my head and what I realised was the mask still stick on my face. The whole mask is 'kissing' my skin and nothing fall off. I guess this should be the mask that mostly use in facial treatment. It's more rich, premium and suitable for middle age group people who found that the normal drugstore mask is no longer benefit their skin.

It combined with advanced peptides, it is fermented in coconut water and produced at a low temperature to maximise the integrity of the formula for ultimate skin-enhancing benefits.

 There are 3 layers

 Remove the top layer, place it over your face and remove the remaining layer. 

 Remove this layer

This mask is a luxuriously rejuvenating 15-minute facial treatment that penetrates the deep layers of the skin to deliver the immediate and long-term benefits of hydration, brightening and protection for a supple, soft, more youthful-looking skin. Most of the mask need to use it once every 2-3 days or maybe 3 time every week but for this premium mask, you only need to use it weekly or whenever the skin requires a moisture boost.

Unlike those normal mask, this bio cellulose technology help to deep penetrate the ingredients into our skin. I can't believe it only takes around 10-15 mins because normally for mask application it always takes around 20-25 mins so I guess this suitable for on-the-go people like me lol. I have no obvious fine lines or wrinkles, I can't notice any reduces on the appearance on wrinkles for now, but what I noticed was the two 'smile line' around my mouth is slightly reduce. It's more firming and I guess this mask did a great job by instantly soothes and tone-up our skin, and keeping my skin hydrated.


| # 20% OFF  
So if you are a beauty junkie, I'm sure you won't miss out this lovely deal because it's just specially for my readers! If you are interested in getting premium beauty product from Remember to use my 20% off discount code ya. 

The promo code: CHANWON20  (Valid from now till 17 December 2017)

Thanks Caliata for giving my readers the special discount code. Hope you find this post is useful for you. That's all for today and I will see you on my next post.

Disclaimer: *This is a collaboration post with I did not get paid for positive review and all opinions are my own.

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