Influence Asia 2017 | Top Winner

10 April 2017

Hello Sweeties  I just can't hold my tears and wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all of your love and support. 9 years.... I can't believe I finally made it! No other word can describe how I feel except being thankful and grateful on this. Yes, I'm the top winner for Beauty category, represent Malaysia on yesterday's #InfluenceAsia 2017 award show. 

I didn't expect this at all! Never expect this and I still can't believe it until I woke up this morning and tear with joy. Throwback to 9 years before I started my blogging journey when there are people who discourage me and saying that my appearance is not good enough to success in this career or thinking that it's totally not a career at all. It's hurt when there are people who always say, “You Can’t Do that”right? But the truth is because they never thought you can do it

I never thought I could win this because it's just extremely lucky for me to get into the Top 4 and wanted to say THANK YOU for those who nominated me. Then after I received the official invitation, I just dress up myself nicely and thinking to meet some of you during the award show or at least I did something to appreciate myself. But when I heard my name and saw my 'big head' photo on the stage I was like 'WTF? Is this true?' I still can't believe I won the top winner :'(  because other nominated influencers are totally better than me. Personally I think everyone here is the winner because we made it here for the award show. Yes, WE MADE IT and not just about myself but for all of us!

Sometime, I used to blame myself and feel like I'm half way there but always can't reach my goals. I think everyone experience this before. Am I right? But the thing is, this will not motivate you to achieve your dream! The negative pressure will only stop you and unmotivated you. The only thing that help me to achieve what I have achieved today was:- 

work harder  for yourself not for others , put in all my passion , never ever forget the reason why I started this and most importantly, consistency!

If you read my blog for quite sometime then you know why. You can be unmotivated for few days but when you are half way there and thinking to give up on something...please please please always remind yourself the reason why you started everything. If you believe in yourself , then you are half way there!

I'm not born in a very good family background. I remember years ago when I'm try really hard to earn my own money just to buy a camera to start this career. I did some part time like promoter once but ended up I just start my online business where selling some of my pre-loved items, clothes and double eyelid tape. I did not offer any help from anyone instead I earn it myself through those part time jobs when I'm still a student. 

I'm not a clever person (I know this very well lol) but instead of sitting there , blaming others or do nothing, I work really hard and told myself not to be regret. I wanna make my parent proud of me and I successfully graduated from my University with flying colors. I remember I blogged about that before (click here). That was one of my biggest milestone in uni life and another thing was, I choose this career and let go the  9-6pm job as a banker (working in a finance industry). 

I graduated when I'm 22 years old and now I'm 25! Sometime people asked me ' will you regret? '  my answer is NO! Although sometime I'm envy about my friend's job, where they get paid every month, have a more stable income instead of mine but I'm not regret at all thoughout this blogging journey. WHY?

It's simply because this job makes me happy , this is what I'm passion with and I think I never expect anything at first, that's why everyone told me that I'm really humble. I'm not really the humble one but I always remind myself to add value for others. When I'm young I always think that I'm the best but after all ....I one else can be the best , I'm not the best too because there are always someone better than you, younger than you and prettier than you

Remember being humble is not thinking less of yourself , it's thinking of yourself less. 

For me, being a blogger / social media influencer it's not about showing off how much money you have, how many branded bag you own, how rich you are or how many sponsored item you get. Not everything we have was sponsored. I spent my own money on my digital gadgets, camera and things I love. Sometime I feel really blessed and thankful that brands actually love my blog and trusted on me. For me, it's about what you can do and contribute to  this social media world , the responsibility on posting thing on  my social media platform,  how your values can influence others, your personalities, how to add value and work with brands that suit you and your readers and lastly, the information that can be really helpful and useful for your readers and followers.

This is what I did for the past few years. I only work with brands that I love or product that I tried. There are more than just to get free things from the brands! There are no such things as free lunch if you never work it out or put effort on it. Always remember....Without them, I'm nothing. Without you guys, I won't be here until today.

I have put a lot of effort in doing what I love and build this from scratch, step by step until the achievement I'm obtained today. I enjoy every single moment that happened in my life and without I'm telling the truth, without the support from you guys I will not achieve what I have achieved today.

Thanks for everything you guys gave me. Finally , at least once in awhile...I feel proud of myself from doing what I love. It's hard but just keep going , keep going and keep going! There are no such thing like shortcut... Let's work hard in silence and let success make the noise!

To my silent readers and followers

I know you guys were so shy but honestly, I wish to meet each of you one day and tell you how important you are in my life. I wish to meet you face to face and tell you how thankful am I and wish to say THANK YOU for all your love and support! You guys motivated me when I need you and I wish I could do something for you guys. Either a big warm hug or a msg from you will totally melted my heart. I wish I could do something in return for you guys...

I'm here today because of you and I will always be the one who appreciate you guys like my own baby, friends or family. Thank you...Really thank you for this T.T I love you guys so so so so so much! from bottom of my heart!!

Tear too much and I need extra tissue in my place. I think I should re-purchase it from giant again tomorrow after I done my work :'( Thankiuuu so much for your support (not sure how many time I mentioned this lol. So I think I should stop it and update you guys some of the photo and things that happen during the #InfluenceAsia 2017 yesterday! 

Are you ready?!! Let's get started!!

It was a 3 days event where all the Top 300+ nominees from each of these 7 countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea will be gather together and attend the award show. Feel free to check out more about the award and judging process >

I'm so excited because I'm going to meet other nominees from other country especially my idol Pimtha from Thailand. If you followed me in instagram and watched all my insta stories that you know how crazy am I. lol I'm so sorry but allow me to shout out loud!!

I MET PIMTHA and of course I get to talk to her and take so many photos with her lol. I also feel glad for my friends who won the top winner award and represent Malaysia! Cheesie won the top winner in parenting category. OMG I want to cry but she couldn't make it here since she's now in Japan but you know..I'm proud of her too. 

Next, it's hard to get a perfect gown but I finally found one in such a limited timeline. I tried almost 20 gown and so far this is the perfect one that fit my size because I don't have enough time to alter it so the owner of the shop is so friendly. She recommend some of their hot selling or top ranking gown for me to try and I'm so happy I found this!! Like I'm getting married like that :p AHAAHAHHAAH 

Then, I did the makeup myself and the hair is done by Suky from Number76! Yes, I rushing like hell and go here and there just for this. But is okay because everyone was so impressed by it. Including myself and keep laughing when I look at myself omg. Syiok sendiri*

Influence Asia Day 1

Dinning in the sky with Smelly , friends and other nominees from Malaysia. I can't sleep that night because after I back I saw pimtha was there (right after I back) wtf! Then all my friends and followers screenshot pimtha photo and come to tell me that I just  擦身而过 lol

Then I pretending that I'm not afraid of the height and act chio on this photo. Actually it's quite scary because you really DINING IN THE SKY! When I look at my foot I just can't breath and I trying so hard to look naturally on my camera. HAHAHAHAAH It was fun but I'm still hungry after that. lol #alwaysnotenoughfood

My outfit of the night. Bought this for RM99 and it looks really great on me! Sorry for the bitch face because I'm trying to act cool or chio with my new dusty pink lipstick and outfit. The makeup tutorial will be up soon on my blog.

Influence Asia Day 2

Day 2 is the most exhausted day because I have to rush to get my things done before the actual award show on 8th April, which is the Day3 of Influence Asia. Then, I need to settle Smelly's outfit and check-in to my hotel room at Berjaya time square hotel.

Then last but not least, gathering with all 7 countries nominees and dinner together. I'm not really good in social but at least I tried my best to talk with them and what made my day was... FINALLY I MET and took a photo with pimtha xD Okay I should stop it...I also took many insta stories with other nominees. lol 

They are so pretty and gorgeous in real. OMG Damn shocked and I still can't believe that!! 

Outfit of the night!

Pimtha #1

Another photo with her.

And I realise both of the photo I took with the same expression like my phone's emoji:-

Same expression like this..what the?!! I have no idea why and I can't stop myself from posting it on my instagram even I look so ugly in the photo wtf! Then I also went to speak with Pimtha and wanted to record a hello video with her using my go pro. Then she say yes!! I record it for once and when I'm back to my room I almost vomit out all my dinner and blood.

I forgot it's so dark in the restaurant and I got no flash light the video is + a little backlight + voice of pimtha and me. wtf! Smelly laugh out loud and I just feel like slapping him. ARRRRRHHHHHHH!!

Influence Asia Day 3

Day 3 is the day!! The award show and the announcement of top winner! Woke up at 7am because I need to do my makeup and rush to bangsar just to style my hair lol. I'm super women. I iron Smelly's formal top and do my makeup at the same time. I'm powerful!

Lovely breakfast to kickstart my day!

I done my makeup at 8.00am and enjoyed my breakfast until 9.00am. Then I immediately leave our room and rush to bangsar and get my hair done. InfluenceAsia actually provided hair and makeup sponsor / service but I think I can give the slot for oversea nominees who need it. So I just do the makeup myself and then no need to wait for others & can be punctual all the time. 

 Set and style my hair @ Number76, Bangsar

I'm done with my hair and rushing back to my hotel room!

Yo~ Sexy back! Once in my life lol 

Next, went to the press room and look who I met! Apple who nominated as TOP 4 in lifestyle category.

 Ms Kuan, Apple Tan & Me <3 

After all the interviews, we just walk slowly (because my gown is really long lol) to the venue of the Influence Asia award show!

Look who I met yebin and dobin family!! 

Yebin look really cute and she get really happy when she saw me wearing that princess-looking gown. She raise up her hand and wave with me. I immediately stunned by her cute looking expression and say Hello with her. Then, she walk slowly beside me and touched my gown. OMG... They need to get their interview done so I also paiseh to stop and ask them to take photo with me so I just keep press my phone's camera and captured this photo!!


Some photo Dixon took for us. Good photography skill and photo credits to Dixon. Thanks Apple for the photo xoxo.

Not forgetting my supportive Smelly who take care of me and help me to take photos and record video for me. The funniest thing was when I walk from my hotel room to the lift everyone was congrats me. lol They thought it's my wedding wtf! HAHAHAAH Abit happy in my heart but I just stay calm and say 'no lah...Just attending some event' lol 

 Me with my beautiful gown!

Also, my dad and bro came to support me too. I even bumped into some of my secondary juniors , old friends and readers :'( Thanks for your time and effort! :"( Haven start I also wanna cry lol

Aiyoo, daddy just smile it naturally la dont be so shy! My dad asked me ' why your dress behind like this one??' This is lastest fashion la 0.o

 My one and only brother who used 2 hours to dress up himself
This was told by my mom lol

The highlight!!

 Am I dreaming ??!!

Thanks for the photo :'( Everything happened really fast. I didn't prepare any speech because i never think it is me but when they called my name, my brain was totally BLANK! Dankhoo said I look like cinderella. I wish so!! 

I'm so excited to be the top winner of the award from being nominated as the top 15 until top 4...I never expect this T.T I also never take care of my image, keep laughing until I can't feel my mouth wtf! Thanks for those who came and feel the same with me when they announce my name on the stage. 

Thanks Influence Asia & Gushcloud for the opportunity. Specially thanks Jane and Cathyrine who guide me through the whole event & hospitality and answering all my questions. Thanks Apple, Dixon who accompany my bf and I during the whole event. Thanks everyone of you and especially Smelly who work really hard to calm me down and ask me not to be silly and cry on stage lol. Thanks VickyBobo & Murphy who supported me and shout really loud during the show. :'( Thanks to my daddy and bro who came all the way for this!!

Never forget my readers and people who met me , take photo with me , recognise me and say Hi to me during the award show. Thank you so much and you know who you are. Remember to send me the photo so I could upload it on my blog <3

And also, thanks god I'm able to take a proper photo with Pimtha with her big smile.

 I swear this is the last photo of us lol

Twinnie x couples lol. Thanks for coming & it means a lot to me! Please keep it up and create more beautiful and lovely cakes! So happy to meet you since years ago. Stay sweet with Murphy and hope to attend your wedding dinner soon x) 

So here's another photo of me walking with my cinderella gown lol. I have no choice but have to walk like this and vickybobo took this photo & upload it to her insta stories lol. 爱美背后心酸 I can't believe I can go up to the stage with this long and heavy gown. lol

Photo of us <3 

#1 The first person who say hello with me before I enter to the plenary hall! Thanks Eros for this photo! Hope to see you soon in the future! Thanks for dropping by~ xoxo

#2 This was totally unexpected and she's one of my junior HuiJie , who came with her bf I guess :D ! 
Of course I can recognise you!!!
Thanks for the sweet msg and your support T.T

#3 Hello dear Sabrina! Thanks for the photo and you look wonderful too!

#4 Thanks for dropping by and say hi with me! 

#5 Your pink dress look so cute on your Kathryn~ Thanks for the photo :3 

#6 Waymeen...A very important person in my life who followed me more than 5 years. I know her from short hair to long and she witness me from long to short lol. Hope you enjoy the show tonight and really thanks for your time! Thanks for love and support...肉麻的话等我的手写卡吧!This is our first meet up after so many years and she's a school teacher now. So proud of you. Staying alone in KL wasn't easy but you will definitely learn from it. Jia you!! Next time maybe my daughter or son will be your student LOL

#6 Hey dear! Thanks for the photo and all the best to you. Thanks for the wishes!

#7 lol I have no idea why I look so silly here x)

#8 Wendy who is the lucky winner from the giveaway!! Thanks for dropping by and a big hug for you T.T Please continue to create more tasty and yummy strawberry tower!!

#9 HAHAAHAH Thanks for the stories and It's my pleasure to take a photo with you too! Stay sweet and lovely with Apple ~

#10 Met her last time during the media trip to Perth with Shirley and so happy for her achievement too. Thank Apple for the accompany and so happy that I'm able to take photo with 女神~Can't wait to see you again <3

After Party 

 After party outfit wearing the top from Kittieyiyi Collection!!

We then quickly run back to our hotel and give a big change on our outfit. I'm so hungry that tim because all of us skipped our meal just for the award show. lol  I'm so sorry to my body and after dinner we decided to have fun until the next day lol. No lahhh until 12.30am @Troika. 

While waiting for Bobo & Murphy because someone dropped the parking ticket lol. It just disappear omg!! A photo of us, Rojak group. Diff style = Rojak! HAHAHAAHHA Have no idea why Smelly smile until so nerd xD 

Old liao we can't really party hard now so instead of going really crazy about the after party we just chilling @Fuego, Troika with a beautiful city view of KL tower and KLCC. 

That's all?!! 
Yeap, that's all about the Influence Asia 2017! Once again, THANK YOU!! It's 3.20 am and I think I really have to sleep now. That's all for today! See you on my next post. Love, xoxo. 


  1. Congratulations! Have been following you for really long and I definitely saw all of your hardwork, and most importantly, how genuine you are in the blogosphere. I haven't seen too many genuine people in the blogosphere, so i totally appreciate you staying true to who you are, and appreciating all your real blogger friends. Never commented on your blog although I read all your blog and like all your photos. Hahaha! But I guess I just have to say something when you win this award! You deserve it! <3

    1. Thanks a lot silent lover <3!! Glad to have you in my blogging life too <3 jiayou!!

  2. I am so touched and happy for you!! Almost cried myself out reading this at office *sobs* congratulations!! You really deserve this Chanwon :"D You are a humble, pretty and kind blogger I feel like watching my best friend succeeds..

    Thank you for everything you have shared to all of us, I love it so much, I am sure many love it too. Will support you more in the future!

    1. Hi Dear, Thanks a lot i cried at the backstage T.T hug hug!! Thanks for your comment and motivation always~

  3. Congrats Chanwon, you definitely deserve it! I've only been a reader since last year but I've been in love with your posts and pics ever since 😍 I hope your success only grows more and more from now on, and may you always stay passionate about blogging. You're definitely one of my inspirations! 💕

    1. Thanks a lot! Glad to have the selfie with you :p

  4. Hi Chawon! Really really really happy for you on the winning! It's definitely not an easy road but you did it so well. Being able to follow up your blog and social medias is one of the thing I'm grateful for, because to me you show your sincerity, effort, friendliness and warmth through this platform. It's like a friend whom I never get to meet but still giving positive support in life. You totally deserve it 💕. Hope to see more from you and hope to meet you one day. Like what you said "never forget the reason why you started it" 不忘初心. I really love love love your dress, really looking gorgeous on you ✨✨✨✨✨.

    1. Thanks Sweetie <3 Read your comment just melted my heart!! Will definitely keep going and hope to give more in return to all of you. Thanks for your comment <3

  5. Congratulations Chan Won!!! You look really gorgeous with that gown. So pretty. Remembering that you caught my attention when you posted a lot about decorating own planner back then which really inspired me �� Keep it up ��������

    1. Yes! Back to that time I'm really so free on that! Hope to come out with more deco on planner T.T Thanks for your <3

  6. Congratulations Chanwon! I'm so happy when you got the winner title! Even my sis is so happy as well...don't give up in what you do, because we know you are a sincere blogger with your humble & true personality~

    1. Hi Irean,

      Thanks a lot and help me say Hi with your sis <3 Jiayou together and love you guys~~

  7. Hi Chanwon, congratulations on your winning! I have just started reading and following your blog while searching on tips on traveling to Japan. I love how your writing is so sincere and genuine. Wishing you for many more successful encounter in the future!

    You look amazing in the dress by the way.

    1. Thanks a lot sweetie <3 Hope to travel to Japan soon and enjoy your trip :D

  8. Hello girl, I'm the one that stood near the stage and said congrats to you! HAHAHA I'M NOT SURE IF YOU REMEMBER but I really wanted to take picture with you too ;_; Hope to see you next time!

    1. OMG! I REMEMBER AND WE SHOULD TAKE A SELFIE MA!!! See you soon xoxo

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