The place where i was born

31 March 2017

Hello Lovely Sweeties~ How are you today? I'm not feeling well since this morning. Guess I'm sick again haiz! What a bad way to kickstart my day but I went to the clinic and got my checkup. Now all I have to do is just be a good girl + eat my medicine lol. This wasn't the first time because I always experience ear canal imbalance since 6 years ago. So god bless me I still have another event on tomorrow's morning. 

Back to the topic, I went back to the place where I was born and the place where I grow up when I'm still a little girl. I used to live with my grandparents when I was young! It's in Teluk Intan! This was the place where I spent most of my time fighting with my little brother and refused to go to the school ahahahaha!

My favourite to-do thing when I came to my grandma's place was eating the local '猪肠粉' Rice noodle rolls!! I google-ed the name of it HHAHAAH So in english it's known as Rice Noodle Rolls! lol. Teluk Intan's rice noodle roll is quite different from others because of the taste and the ingredients.

 Teluk Intan local '猪肠粉' Rice noodle rolls

I always come back during CNY or long school holiday when I was still a secondary and primary school student. But now I seldom back because it's super hot and no internet connection at all. lol Even 4G data can be really slow at this little place but here is the place I was born and I really miss my grandma a lot and it's why...very sudden decision..All of us including Smelly was here with my family.

We always take away the rice noodles rolls from here. I can eat 3 packs of this alone!! It's super cheap last time but now it's quite expensive. My dad always will be there one who go here to take away while all of us just wait inside the car lol.

Also what makes us so nervous was..this is Smelly first time to be here and of course, my grandma wanna meet Smelly. He was so nervous and I just can't stop laughing xD 

It's been awhile and I can feel that grandma was quite lonely. We asked her to come KL and stay with all of us but she refused to because she feel more comfortable to stay at here so she can go to morning market everyday, chatting with her friends and she doesn't want to live in KL. So all of us only able to be back when we are in holiday or free.

Suddenly feel like crying because I can't believe we just back for 2 days and my grandma already feel so happy with it. The amount of smile that appear on her face and all delicious and yummy dinners she prepared for us. Especially Smelly's favourite fried chicken and drumsticks. I never thought my grandma can be so happy especially when chatting with Smelly. 

Although most of the time I have to be the one who translate all the 'hokkian' + 'teochew' conversation to Smelly. My grandma also tried her best to speak in Mandarin and it was so funny. If you followed me on instagram and watched my stories you know exactly what happened. I love all of us sit together in the living room and talk to each other and sharing stories with each other. This always melt my heart and I almost tears when I throwback to the memories. lol 

Bebe was super duper happy because he can run all the way from the living room to the end of the kitchen and no one scold him for being so silly and naughty! HAHAAHAH But one thing's really hot. Hot until almost burn my ass off. So the only entertainment we did was chatting with each other, sleeping, eating and resting! HAHAHAHA 

Also, no wifi and poor coverage so it means we can't really play with our phone. lol It was quite a good thing too :p Next, another to-do was going to the morning market!!

Yes, although I don't really cook but I love shopping in the Sunday's morning market at my grandma place. Simply because I love the way my grandma feel proud of her 'bodyguard' ('s 3 of us! lol Smelly, my brother and I). Plus, I can really buy cheap and budget items from here. We also bought the insect zapper from the morning market. Super cheap! HAHAAHA

For me, I bought quite a lot of panties and sleeping clothes. Basically, I can shop everywhere. AHAHAHAH I also bought a lot of food and snacks from the morning market too. One thing was everyone was looking at us because you know normally all kampung people actually know each other. 3 of us maybe look like an alien and everyone was staring at us lol. While my grandma was super duper proud to bring us around and introduce us to her old friends.

Then all of her friends were super envy about my grandma because they told me their kids don't like to accompany them. They told us KL people dont like dirty and smelly places like this but 3 of us were really enjoy being like an aunty and shopping with my grandma. I wish to do some OOTD shoot here but I afraid my grandma will slap me! HAAHHAHA So I just be a smart girl keep smile and say 'HELLO AUNTY! GOOD MORNING'

At the same time I also told my bro and Smelly to smile and look at my grandma's friends :p Those aunty seems like really interested about our job and I have no idea how to explain about my job as a full time blogger. They know nothing about blogger and they just praise Smelly because he is an engineer. Then, I was!! I didn't give any further explanation about my job and I just continue to enjoy my local food lol.

So it's end of our 'bodyguard' story! I just feel like we should come back more frequent and I can't believe after that my grandma talk to Smelly and asked him to come back again next time. Guess she really love Smelly because Smelly eat everything she prepared for us, talk to her and wash all the dishes. I guess this time I will give Smelly a 5/5 stars. I can feel that Smelly miss his own grandma too.

So this is how Bebe feel like when all of us were having our lovely dinner and lunch! HAHAHAHAH so tempted to eat!


The best thing during this short road trip was, Smelly know more about me and he finally came to the place where I was born , meet with my grandparent. We talked a lot during the night! I tell him how we use to play in here, what silly thing i did when I was still a kid and I love the way Smelly treat my grandma like his own. So touching T.T I want to cry...

You know what I have been together with Smelly since I was 18 and now I'm 25 years old.. 7 years and I never thought this will happen in my life. I always use to tell him like I'm craving for my 'ah ma' local rice noodles rolls and he never know how yummy it is until he try it! 2 of us finished 5 packs of the rice noodles rolls. 

Now I know.... 
I was still the little naughty princess in my grandma's eyes and if I miss my grandpa :'( Here's a funny family photo before we leave my grandma's house. 

Look at bebe's expression! AHAHAH He was super happy too lol. It's really a super short road trip but it more than enough for me. I'm really happy and Smelly promised to be back again soon with another pack of chicken essence to my grandma !! HAAHAHAH My grandma & I were the fans of chicken essence. I love brand's Chicken Essence and when Smelly asked me ' what should I bring for your ah ma?' I was like you should get a chicken essence gift pack..

I just simply throw an idea to him only and ended up he really go and get it. Then my grandma was super shy to receive the 'first impression gift' 见面礼 from him. Oh...I still remember both of their expression. 

Bye bye grandma! See you again in next few months! Thanks god for this road trip and I'm fully charged after this. Home sweet home!