#Top5 of Chanwon's Pick: Lipstick | 5个我最爱的口红

07 March 2017

Hello Sweeties Live on instagram was super duper fun especially it's another way to interact with all of you!! So during the whole live chat on instagram, I received lots of your question regarding the lipsticks colour that I'm using it right now. Actually I shared before on my instagram but wanted to create another post on my blog so you guys can always refer to the link and here's some of my picks!

I think most of you knew I'm a fans of YSL #NO.12, which is the one always out of stock lol. I bought my first YSL in Japan two years back and it's my first high-end lipstick. Time flies..... now I can go out with my naked or bare face BUT, I can't live without lipstick lol. So here's some of the product that I have been using it for quite some time. I think it's more than 1 year and i also added some of my recent must-have lipstick that I always bring along with me.

Finally, I'm able to use this lipstick storage and placed it on the top of my drawer organizer. I have only little eyeshadow but I have quite a number of lipstick. Here's the one I'm really love it and the other I just keep and store it inside the lipstick boxes lol. Just placed the one which I really love and look at it can just simply made my day. So if you 'die-die' want me to pick my #Top5 favourite then here's my favourite!

Okay, this is my top 5 favourite and that's all for today! :p AHAHAHAHAH I'm just joking I know you guys need some colour swatches and also the code + name of it. So I'm going to provide it for you and you can simply screenshot and keep it with you. lol

So here's my #Top5 Picks for lipstick and I'm going to review it one by one for you. Here's all the lipstick that I used! Most of the photos I upload on instagram / facebook / blog were using these babies.

Here's the colour of my #Top5 picks! Each of these suitable for diff outfit and look. I try my best to choose a wider range of colour so you guys can actually see and decide which to add on your collection because some of the colour was quite similar so in case of that, I decided to pick some is more natural to peach pink , bright neon pink , red , maroon and darker red. So are you ready for the review?! Let's get started!


| 1. YSL #12  |
This is the one I used most of the time because it's not too red and not too pinky. It's more on peach + pink + a little bit of red shades. Love this because if I didn't apply thick makeup and just eyeliner + this lipstick, it makes my whole skin look so cheerful and I called this as 'cheerful colour' lol.

It suitable for everyday's makeup and one thing i can't live without. Or if I'm not sure which lipstick should put on then I will definitely think of this. In term of the colour paid off it's very pigmented. At the same time, not too dry because this is consider as quite a moisture one. People with cracked lips can use this too but in term or the application method, pls using dabbing method to apply rather than just swipe left & right on your lips ya.

Because of the moisture level of this lipstick, it require to touch up every 4-5 hours after meal. It's not matte but a little moist with an enough amount of shine added into the shades. If you wish to pick a girl for your girl friends this is the right product that suit most of the asian's skin.

One thing make me fall in love with YSL lipstick was the scent of each lipstick! Most of the lipstick I bought has those kind of 'plastic' or 'crayon' smell but this one is like flora scent with a little bit of girly thingy lol. If you get what I mean. It's so lovely and really recommend you to get one of this and try. Number #12 + 14 + 16 also not bad.

Among all colour #12 is my top favourite. Maybe next time I could share with you my others lipstick collection. I know some of you might think it's over your budget so if you love to own a nature shades and not too dry lipstick which similar with this then you can try the canmake stay-on balm that I reviewed on my youtube video here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1eeW5YLYrE&t=1s.

| 2. Shu Uemura MWN #266  |
This is the lipstick that I received during the latest Shu Uemura lipstick's event few months ago. At first I thought this shades is too much for me. It's consider as a bright magenta colour with a little neon pink on it but ended up it's my top5 to pick now. 

It's good to put on when you are going for a date or wearing a little makeup with a full light color outfit like white outfit / white dress. I'm using this during the recent two trips in Japan. Everyone asked me about the code of this lipstick and it's actually from Shu Uemura #266.

It actually make your whole skin look brighter and really stand out from other lipstick colour. Whether you have a white or medium skin tone this colour will really look good and make you look more attractive! 

It's matte and the thing is this is quite long lasting if you didn't put on any other coat but because of the matte texture, it's quite dry for my lips (I'm on braces so my lips easily get dry). So normally I will put on lip balm first and using dabbing method to apply it on my lips.

If you noticed that I always use this to create a ombre lips effect on my latest selfies. I just dap on the middle of my lips to create a bright and contrast ombre lips but what can I say is the color was super duper pigmented and quite easy to apply.


| 3. Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick #19  |
Bought this last year in Korea. It's the autumn collection in Innisfree, Korea and the reason I bought this was inspired by all the stylenanda girl's makeup. They look really good with darker lipstick shades but other brand one was tooooo dry for me. Instead of looking for a high-end brand this time I prefer this real fit lipstick from Innisfree.

I love the texture of this lipstick because it's reasonable and quite moisture on my lips. Not too matte and not too shinny. It's a darker shades of maroon colour and I used this during autumn in Korea or during some event appearance. 

This is my first darkest shades lipstick and it's when I'm no longer wish to get any pink or red shades lipstick HAHAHAA. Something new and diff from my usual's pick. so if you are looking for dark colour lipstick like this and not too scary like vampire then this innisfree real fit lipstick in color #19 is one of your best alternative.


| 4. Chanel Rouge Allure Ink  #152 |
One of the top selling range in Chanel store. I wanted to get the dark maroon red shades but it's out of stock and I can't wait to try this new range also it's the birthday present I bought for myself last year. So instead of waiting (I'm not a patient person) I decided to grab another shades which the sales girl recommended to me. I pick this #152 because it's more feminine and 'not-too-rock' colour.

It's not so pigmented because it feel like a colour balm (lipstick + lip balm). Another more mature shades but not matte one. It's quite vintage and feminine at the same time. 

This is moisture and hydrated than the Innisfree and slightly moisture than the YSL one. Very suitable for dry lips like us. If you want something dark colour & lip balm texture then this is the now for you!!

I love this range because normally for colour lipstick + lip balm a.k.a colour balm, it's always pink or red shades. There are nothing like this kind of colour + benefit so it's why I choose to get this for me instead of others. It's more on purple + maroon base colour! Also, won't look like vampire ahaha so no worries for this colour.

It's safer than driving your car lol. It makes me look kind of mature and create a little mystery feeling on my makeup look. Since it's really moisturising and balm based it need to apply right after you done your meal because the colour will look lighter after your meal. Like 4 hours once :) But if you don't mind it to be lighter then no need to keep applying because the colour won't 100% gone after your meal but just become lighter. Therefore, the staying power of this kind of colour balm consider quite a good product already!


| 5. LADUREE #07 |
Most of the items I pick here is more on focus on moisturising due to my braces and dry lips I had and personally I think chapped lip is my problem now. So it's why this is also one of my favourite. It's from Laduree and I bought it 2 years ago during my first trip to Tokyo, Japan.

It's consider as one of the everyday colour but not as bright colour as the YSL no.12. This is more suitable for people who love super natural makeup with minimal lipstick colour. It looks sweet because of the packaging and wrapping box. Omg it's totally the makeup vanity goals with the whole range of Laduree color. 

In Japan, they believe nice packaging product or makeup cosmetic items can make girl feel pretty, happy and kind of a way of loving ourself. It's why I love to shop in Japan. I also bought a powder blusher from Laduree too. I feel like a princess every time I'm using this on my lip. OMG REALLY SO KAWAIIIII!!!

The staying power pretty much look like the Chanel one i mentioned. Colour is more shinny and not matte at all. If you are going to visit Japan in this coming spring season , make sure to take a look at Laduree product in Japan. It's really so pretty!!

That's all on my TOP5 picks! Hope you love this kind of information and post. Hopefully you can found your favourite shades from my Top5 list here. If not then stay tuned for my next post :p That's all for today. See you on my next post~


  1. hello chanwon may i know where did u got your lipstick organizer?

    1. it was a gift from my friends. I think Muji have the similar one or you can look for taobao :D