Panasonic Lumix GF9 Launch + New Function Review

19 March 2017

Hello Sweeties♥ I know you can't wait for the official launch of the New Panasonic Lumix GF9. I'm so shocked with the amount of shares on my post in my facebook pages. It's totally unexpected! But long story short, it's my pleasure to be invited as one of the blogger for this official launch event. It's a wonderful day for me because it's my favourite colour, PINK!! Yes it's not neon but pastel pink!! OMG

This time Panasonic added few new features and functions on this GF9 camera & 4 special colour while 2 of the colour were limited edition. It's the basic black & brown, sakura pastel pink for girls like us and a full black version that specially for people who prefer classy and stylist look on a camera.

These 4 new colours were so impressed me because it's not just for female who love to take photo but for male too. It's no longer just the tool for you to capture every milestones/ moments in your life, but an essential accessories that can be really stylist and fashionable too. 

 ^ Black

 ^ Brown

 ^ Limited edition full black

^ Of course, PINK! 



To make it easier, I simply sum up everything that I learned during the official launch of this camera in a point form so that you can have an idea on what is the new features and functions for this Panasonic Lumix GF9. Then I will explain the 2 highlight after this.

So here's something that I wish to share to you guys:-

  1. Light weight and small size - Easy to carry around and the camera itself is really light and small, which can easily bring around and put in our handbag. 
  2. 4K Photo Function - New 4k photo function that allows you to take clearly photo & choose your favourite one with the ability of 'not-to-miss' anything to get a perfect selfie or capture every moment in your life.
  3. Post Focus - Focus adjustment after shooting.
  4. Panaroma selfie - Idea for landscape selfies when travelling.
  5. Buddy & Face Shuttle - Automatic shuttle when your take photo with your buddy (where both of your faces stay close to each other) while face shuttle work when you wave your hand in front of your face.
  6. Beauty retouch & 22 creative filters 

This is what impressed and caught my attention especially noticed the 4k photo function & post focus that really help me a lot on producing a good photo with sharper and clearly image. Overall the user interface was really user friendly with all touch screen availability + if you accidentally clicked on the wrong setting you can always click the little button behind the flip screen to reset all the setting in one click. What a smart and they know us the best! AHAHAH

Photo taken by Allenkhor using Panasonic Lumix GF9



I shared my GF9 camera closer/detail photo on my facebook few days ago and I can't believe there are over 1.2k shares on my facebook. So on my blog, I'm going to share some higher resolution photo about how pretty is this Sakura Pink Panasonic Lumix GF9 for your reference. You gonna love it like I did!!

Came with a 12-32mm body kit lens 

Added Two shortcut button for post focus and 4k photo function 

 Mode button and shuttle 

 Build-in flash

 Selfie-turning screen

 180' flip screen with a rec setting reset button at the back

Isn't that pretty! Now, let me did a little review on two highlight function and new features that I wish to share with all of you. This is the two new feature that make me fell in love with the new Panasonic Lumix GF9! Are you ready?! Let's get started!



The first thing that impressed me the most was the post focus function which allow you to adjust or control the focus area after shooting! This means all you need is just click the shoot button and after awhile you can always view it back and choose the area that you want to focus after shooting. I know some of you might curious why I need this but this is one of the good feature for travel person like us when we wanted to get diff shoot with diff focus object but lazy to continue shoot for the same thing and post.

So all we need is just one click , one photo and we have the freedom to control and adjust the area we want it to focus. Here's the example:-

When we click on the my hand area, the area behind was blur /defocus and it will focus only at the area I click while the next one I post focus the area behind my hand.

 Post Focus:- My hand

Post Focus :- The Background

Both of the photo is the same but you are allow to adjust it anytime and save a new image on your camera. Isn't this smart for all of us!! Of course, YES!!!



Last but not least, the most attractive 4k photo function that everyone are looking for!! Thus new 4k photo function allows you to take clearly, sharper photo & choose your favourite one with the ability of 'not-to-miss' anything to get a perfect selfie or capture every moment in your life. Once you click the 4k photo button, it will immediately take burst 8 shots for you. Then you can pick the perfect one and save it on your memory card.

 4K Photo function

 Choose the best 1 out of 8 shots. Or else you can save it all! lol

 Image really sharp and can even see my pimples and eyeliner lol

What is the best part of this? You can click on the pre-burst 4k function which allow you not to miss any of your favourite shot. For example when you want to take a photo of someone jumping , partying , throwing something or some actions kind of photo require photo burst. It will record 1 second earlier before you click on the shuttle.

For special photography like pouring water, it can be capture nicely too. Now you have more creative way to express your photography skill and share with your friends.

Choose the best one out of these 8 shots and save it!



I know you have been waiting for this! Here's all the photo taken by this camera! I'm using only Lumix GF9 to take photo during the whole event + some I taken for my daily posting on my instagram and here you go:-

Ps: Photo adjusted with higher brightness and lower contrast for easy viewing on my blog. All taken by Panasonic Lumix GF9!

 Indoor | Without Flash | +0.3 Brightness 

 Normal Selfie without 4K still look so sharp and clear | Without any edit and filter

Selfie with 4k Function | Image turn out super sharp | Good colour balance and Without any filter and edit

 Without Edit | Adjusted the brightness , temperature to blue tone on the camera itself 
Skin colour turned out really natural and nice

 Auto mode without any adjustment on the camera | added with font on the top

 Auto mode on the camera | without edit and adjustment

 Random object with auto mode without edit and adjustment

 Closer shot with words to look at the sharpness of the detail. 
Background is quite defocus | Adjusted the brightness of this photo but not loosing too much of the quality of the photo

 Indoor with normal lighting + 0.5 brightness + P mode

 Another sample photo with P mode + not too bright lighting indoor still look quite nice

 Overall color payoff is good and object is sharp with normal mode

Overall functionality is good but I need to spend more time to explore more on the function area and also wish to bring it out for a road trip so I know how's the performance on the landscape and maybe i should get a 15mm or 20mm F1.8 lens for a more blur + bokeh photo for OOTD photo. Maybe I should invest on the lens more so I could do more than just the body kit lens. Of course it will be up to the market this week and the selling price at RM2399

Considering the functionality, new features , colour and outcome of the photo with the interchangeable lens I guess it's pretty much reasonable and it works more than just a selfie camera. I'm totally  impressed by the new feature because it really did more than just selfie!! Can be a good travel and everyday essential and no matter who you are, this could really brighten and melted your heart.

If you are looking for a ALL-IN-ONE , not too bulky or heavy camera with everything you want for your photography needs then this should be one the good alternative! Just make sure you think carefully which colour you should choose because EVERYTHING IS JUST SOOOO NICE but still not much camera was pink in the I picked the pink one! HAHAHA

That's all for my review! Hope it's helpful to you and I will share more photo on my instagram (@chanwon92). That's all for for today and enjoy reading this review as it took me some time to come out with it in such a short timeline lol. Because I know you guys just can't wait for it!!! See you on my next post, BYE!!

Here's a little video for you :D


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