Natural Chic Makeup Tutorial

13 April 2017

Hello Sweeties! I know you have been waiting for this tutorial and finally I'm here after the 5 hours shooting and editing for the photos lol. I guess next time I should just shoot the video and did some simply cut and transition then upload it on youtube. I guess it's easier or otherwise you have to wait for a week until I come out with the actual tutorial post on my blog.

So back to the topic, have you ever watched those famous beauty guru makeup tutorial on youtube?? I watch it when I'm free because I always wanted to get those western kind of smoky eyes or heavy / sexy makeup. But the thing is , most of the asian like me..I means maybe 50% of us have hooded eyes. The space between my eyelid and eyebrows is way too little and small to put in tons of eyeshadow colors.

Are you facing the same problem too? Even on Pinterest or Instagram, there are always a lot of makeup tutorials and pictures that require a lot of eyelid and simply will not work on hooded eyes. The fact of the matter is girls with hooded eyes have to work more on the outsides of the eyes and have less space to blend due to the lower brows. No matter how hard I tried , I could never achieve that kind of 'sexy' heavy makeup look. 

Guess the first few is too much for our hooded eyes :'( 

I tried before and I look like a panda instead of having a sexy and smoky makeup look because we don't have much crease on our eyelid area. lol After all, I realise that each individual's eyeliner and shadow work differently and need to be adapted for your own unique eye shape. Am I right? Also, I always prefer some makeup that can enhance my face feature , eyes , not too much / or heavy and attractive. So for those who having the similar eye shape like mine then you can use this for your own, for those who have bigger eyes then learn the method and focus more on the review of the product ya.

So, are you ready for the Natural Chic Makeup Tutorial?? Let's get started! 


 Product Use  |
In this tutorial I'm using mostly the makeup product from Korea because it's given to me by my friends. So she just sent me quite a number of product for me to try and I immediately said YES! Because the lips product and eyeshadow from this Korean brand is really soooooo pretty!! The palette itself is marble and the lipstick color is really pretty + close by the magnet one (like the latest lipstick design from Laneige but this brand is MATTE lips color) OMOOOOOO!! I can't wait to share with all of you and I'm getting soooo excited about it.

The founder of this brand is actually a famous beauty youtuber in Korea. So this is her own product which really impressed me in term of the packaging and value of money. You can easily find it in Korea or else for those who asked me on my instagram stories, you can get it and shipped directly from Korea at @11street website. It might take sometime but trust me...Their matte lipstick and eyeshadow palette is superrrrr good.

If not mistake the lipstick is now having a promo of 1+1 , TWO for RM116 now on the website. You can go to have a look on the website ya. Now look at the transformation of the founder. Somehow look like me before I apply my makeup. Pale face and small eyes >< That's why I really emphasize on eye makeup especially eyeliner and eyeshadow.

This is for you to mix and play with the color. For example mixing your matte lipstick with a lip balm or mixing both of your foundation shades.

TAAA-DAAA!! Look at this!! It's all marble except the lipstick cover and foundation ya. Now, my blusher and eyeshadow palette is way prettier than yours! MUAHAHAHAHAH So what's ROMAND??

ROMAND is somehow refer as Korean beautyholic's favourite romantichic brand. The owner always wanted to get the best foundation texture that is long lasting and not Cakey so she come out with this, then she wanted to have the lips color which is our favourite matte lipstick but not too dry for our she create their own product and's all with me :p

1. Matte Lipstick #DustyPink
2. Perfect Styling Eye Palette #GlamDay
3. Easy Cover Brush
4. Perfect Fitting Foundation #PureIvory
5. Multi Duo Brush #PeachScandal

Also before I start my makeup I also put on my Olens daily color contact lens. It's the Secriss 1 Day #IceGrey color!


 Base  |
For this makeup I'm going to put on a foundation that is not too thick and heavy for me because as you guys know I don't like heavy makeup but I just want a layer that can cover all my dark circles and black spots + redness. I skipped the concealer for my dark circle simply because I want to know the coverage level of this liquid foundation.

Perfect Fitting Foundation #PureIvory

  • Pros: Not too thick or heavy , Easy spread around on my face , cover my pores and dark circles, milky and smooth texture with easy application by using brush / beauty sponge, bottle design-no need pour out the foundation just squeeze it on your hand, leave a powdery finish on my skin
  •  Cons: Good for combination and oily skin but if you have really dry skin please make sure to apply something hydrating and moisturising before applying this foundation. 

So here's a tips for you :p Since I start travel my skin condition change from normal skin type to combination skin. So right now I'm having a super dry skin during the day I did this makeup, so I just go ahead & apply moisturising mask in the morning before put on any base / makeup.

Just squeeze like a 20 sen amount on your palm and you can either use a beauty blender sponge or a foundation brush to apply this foundation. I prefer to use applicator to apply due to the hygiene purpose and more quick + easy! So here's a left & right / before after comparison. Can you notice the diff on my skin color and the complexion ? How about the coverage ??

 Left = After apply the foundation | Right = Before 

To be honest, the coverage for me is quite good because it's really natural and not too heavy for me plus as you can see from the photo above , it can really cover my dark circle without any need for concealer. If you have serious dark circle problem then you might need to use a concealer on your face. For me I think it's pretty good!! 

 Now let compare the coverage on my cheek area especially my dark spots. It covered 85% of my dark spots except a little left on my skin but still ok because it's not obvious.

Now I have a good complexion skin like those Korean star in the drama! HAHAHAAH Quite nice~

So it's all about my base on my skin. Now let's move on to the eye makeup!


 For Eyes | Eye Makeup  |
As I mentioned earlier for those who have hooded eye this is the tricky part for you. For beginner or lazy person like me who always in hurry and lazy to plan / think about what's color should I put first and so on...Here's the tips for you!!

This is the basic idea on how to create a beautiful and lovely eye makeup by using only one makeup palette. Normally I skipped all those mix & match color with diff eyeshadow because it's too much for me but you can slowly build the color gradient on your crease and eyelid. So the lightest color always is your highlight color. Normally apply the lightest one all over the eyelid and add on the medium shade on the middle and the outer part of your eyelid will go for the darkest color. It will make your eye makeup look more 3D and chic.

You are welcome to use your own eyeshadow palette but this Romand eyeshadow shades is way too pretty especially the glitter eyeshadow that can really make the whole makeup look super chio!!!

 Perfect Styling Eye Palette #GlamDay

OMG! Look at the rose gold shades and shimmer one!! You might be afraid and worry of the shimmer shades but trust me even hooded eyes also can handle it well!! 

  • Pros: Glamorous Glitter, color that suit most of our asian's skin, pigmented and no more feathering crisp color , both base shades non-glitter and glitter color is way too pretty
  • Cons: This eyeshadow palette didn't include the eyeshadow brush  (you can use your finger to apply if you want)  , This eyeshadow a little bit over budget but it's really super pretty!! omg

Their lipstick and foundation price is quite reasonable except the eye shadow palette is slightly over my budget but I will feel regret if I didn't get it because the color is super duper nice :'( Must have please!! Even I bought the naked palette already but this is pretty!

 #1 Start with a base and lightest color and apply it all over your eyelid.

 Ps- have no idea why my arrow become like that -,- I'm so sorry but I didn't save the file T.T Can't edit it back wtf!! So just focus at the triangle symbol that point on the specific color ya.

#2 Next, apply the light glitter brown color on the middle of your eyelid.

 #3 Add a little rose gold color at the outer corner of your eyelid

Remember lightest > medium shades > darkest

 #4 Then added with the glitter medium brown shades at the end of my eyelid to give a 3D look on your eye makeup. is okay if it cover the previous eyeshadow color. 

 #5 Lastly, apply the same color at your lower lashline 

 You are done with your eyeshadow!

#6 Eyeliner

Don't forget to apply your eyeliner. I'm using a pure black liquid eyeliner. For hooded eyes, if you've tried to do a wing before, then you know it's not simple because the eyelid folds over itself so the wing you draw is not going to look that way when you relax your eye. Eyeliner is something that is different for everyone.

But I always start drawing my eyeliner from the end first then slowly add on and drag to the middle instead of drawing the whole eyeliner from the inner corner of your eyes first. It will take some time to get used to, but you'll get the hang of it.

#7 Don't forget your eyebrows! I'm using this brows pencil from Benefits 

 #8 Mascara!! 

I'm using this Japanese Mascara that I mentioned on the blog post below

 I'm done with the eye makeup and now it's time to put something on my apple cheeks and lips!


 For Cheeks  |
Normally for my cheeks I will always go for bright pink and the area I apply is always at the bottom of my eye because it look more kawaii if I'm wanted to create a Japanese dolly inspired makeup but this time, I'm going to something not too much and more light and natural since my eye makeup already so glitter and chic.

Therefore, no pink cheeks this time! :p

 Multi Duo Brush #PeachScandal

  •  For this Peach one... Pros: Light and natural color with two shades that can be mix and blend together, Suitable for beginner less is more and you can add more layer for darker color if you want to
  •  Cons: the brush might be too thin and hard for me to hold it nicely and apply. Maybe because normally I prefer a fuller brush to put on the brusher. For this peach color it might be too light and natural for you if you have darker skin tone.


 For lips  |
OMO!! Please get this for yourself because this has become my recent favourite lip product. Although it's matte but it's not too dry for me. If you really afraid of the dryness after applying the lipstick then you can mix it with the lip balm first or just apply a lip balm right before you start applying the lipstick.

Since I always travel to Japan... of course this is one of my top purchase item that I will buy it back over and over again. This is the shiseido moilip that I love the most. Normally you apply it before you put on your makeup and after awhile you can move on to apply your lipstick. It will make your lips look less cracked , instantly boost up your lips by filling up the part for you and make your lips look more kissable, not too dry and can be use as a lip balm too.

 Really very very very nice! PLEASE BUY THIS IF YOU ARE GOING TO JAPAN!!

  Romand Matte Lipstick #DustyPink

Magnet closing cover and also I mad love with this dusty pink shades! You can apply it fully on your lips of just apply it in the middle and using your finger to spread it so that you can easily achieve a nice ombre lips!

  •  Pros: Nice matte shades that look exactly the same color with the product itself, not too dry, pigmented, easy to apply and blend / spread by using your fingers, SUPER LONG LASTING compare with others matte lipstick, not easily stain and transfer, blend it and mix with diff color to create your own dream shades
  • Cons: I LOVE IT SO MUCH :O Nothing much I can say on this!!


More color for you!! I wanted to collect everything T.T
It's too nice and I can't say NO to this!!

After 7 hours : It's 9% faded but the color still remain nicely!
Some more I took my dinner but the color still look super pretty!


 Chanwon x Natural Chic  |
Final look and so sorry for so many 'syiok sendiri' photo! LOL So here's the final look with complete hairdo and accessories on! Hope you like it :)

Let me know if you love this look and you can always tag me in instagram with hashtag #chanwondotcom if you re-create this makeup look for yourself! Thanks for your time and sorry for the super long post but hope it's helpful and useful for you. If you love this makeup tutorial then remember to share it with your friends <3 That's all for today. Love, xoxo.

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