Sweet Spot Feminine Wash

12 April 2017

Hey Girls! This is something dedicated to all of you sweeties. If you are a male and you don't mind to increase some knowledge about this then you are welcome to read this as well. HAHAHAHA So we know how to make ourself look pretty, how to take care our skin, how to dress up myself but still, we missed out something really important....

It's to take care of our 'private parts'! Yes, we usually called them as our 'xiao mei mei'. AHAHAH I know this is quite awkward but the real term is refer to the vagina. So in this whole blog post I'm talking about something that a girl's guide to taking care of her vagina / private parts lol. I try not to laugh because this is what my mom taught me when I was 16 years old.

To be honest, I'm quite curious when I saw my mom using that little bottle when she's period+ing (which is now refer to the feminine wash) , which I always thought it was a body shampoo. I asked my mom and she told me ' 这个你还不需要啦 大人用的 洗下面 洗妹妹的 ' Then I was like Wtf? Why we need to use that when I'm adult.

So it's how my first impression on feminine wash. I think it's unnecessary and time consuming! lol Very troublesome and I'm so lazy on that. But after  when I grown up I realise it's so important to keep your private parts clean and hygiene, especially during our girl's period. You know normally during our menstrual period, except for the first and second day pain , one thing I concern the most is smell coming from our body.

I'm not sure whether you noticed this or not but when it's nearby your period week (before your period) or most of the time, you will noticed some malodorous white discharge. Vaginal discharge is perfectly normal , thhe amount can be vary but I really hate the odor smell of it. It's why I'm always using feminine wash during that period and the first few day during girl's period. It's not necessary to use it everyday but if you have serious symptoms of the foul odor , or vaginal infection then you have to really take care of it.

It's why I would love to take this opportunity & introducing you this product 'Sweet Spot' feminine wash for all of you. To keep your private parts clean and hygiene without any unpleasant smell of vagina or foul odor. Most importantly, it's all cause by the excessive growth of bacteria in the private part. It's really common if female experience the bacteria vaginosis that leads to vulvovaginitis.


|  What is Vulvovaginitis? |
If you feel itchy on your private part or having a bad time knowing that your vagina discharge has a terrible foul smell , having a burning sensation + soreness from the private part during urination , your pee pee time , then you know you are having the symptoms of vulvovaginitis.

It might not cause you a long term problem but it will lead to certain health risks for example chances of getting diagnosed with venereal diseases. T.T It's so scary!! scared me out of my skin!! 

It's why we need something to prevent and keep our private part clean!

Sweet Spot feminine wash is specially dedicated for women. It consists of natural formula that can helps to reduce the growth of bacteria and irritation of our private part while providing a fresh protection layer to the private part too.

Therefore, to keep your vagina / private part clean and hygiene is an essential for our health. The best part is, it provide the protection of vaginal sanitation and you can feel how refreshing it is after once use.



 What's the Benefit? |
After using Sweet Spot  you can :-
  1. Enjoy all day freshness and cleanliness
  2. Efficiently prevent the pruritus, foul odor 
  3. Balance the PH of our vagina
  4. Improve the natural protection layer and health of vagina
  5. Reduce common symptoms of vagina



 The Main ingredients |
The main ingredients are 4-terpineol and willow extract. It's a synergistic mixture of these 2 plants-originated ingredients which develops and provides an effective ProBio, which consists of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity. 

 4-terpineol = is the fractionated from tea tree oil which has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect
willow extract =in wide use because its moisture and exfoliate purifying effect and also has the similar anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect

Transparent texture + girly peach scent 

It's safe because it DOES NOT contain sulfate, paraben, silicon dioxide , animal derived constituents , color additive , alcohol and mineral oil. 



 HOW TO USE / Application method |
The application method is as easy as a piece of cake. Just use it as a part of your cleaning routine. Pour small amount into your wet palm and apply it to your private part. Then gently apply it all over your private part and wash it off with water.

No need to use it everyday but you can use it as often as you needed.

Take care of your body and also the hiding private part too!

This product also won the best brand award in feminine care product! 

 My review and thoughts |
Honestly this is something that I would love to share especially I feel really frustrated and annoyed during a week before my period where normally my discharge can be really scary during that period. I tried other feminine wash before but this one has a very girly peach scent + really refresh after using it. It make me feel really comfy and just the refresh feeling after I use it. Also, it's quite reasonable + small in size with nice packaging which not a big problem for me to carry it with me when I'm travel or just leave it in my toilet.

Therefore, if you experience bad odor smell or too much discharge then you could try this! Just make sure I use it every time when I feel discomfort or 'un... fresh' on my private part lol. Especially during the menstrual period week! Argh!! Why girls have to deal with this kind of thing T.T

So yea!! Remember to take care your private part and make it as healthy , clean , hygiene as possible! That's all about my sharing! Hope this little post can increase your knowledge on feminine wash and don't be shy over it because it's just not something bad right?!!!

 Giveaway |
Since I really want you guys to experience and try this out, I decided to ask the brand to sponsor you guys by giving away this sweet spot product to 20 winners on my instagram!! Will announce how to win this home on my instagram tomorrow! Special for all of you because I care about you and your...private part lollllll I mean your health also ya!! Stay tuned!!

Or if you are interested about this product you can contact:-
Wechat: xiaoyi625m / Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/_luvien/

That's all for today. See you on my next post! Love, xoxo.

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