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17 June 2012

Herloo my lovely readers ! Preparing for yourself a lovely dinner with your lovely daddy? Yeap! Me too...Going out for a lovely dinner with my family soon! First of all , Happy Father's Dayfor all of the lovely daddy in the world and of course I lovemy daddy too just sometime I dislike my daddy when he smoking in front of me! Hate to the max :x 
Okie! Back to the topic here..I'm going to do a short review for this post before I go out :P I received all the item this week from the lovely seller ! I'm happy that they choose me for doing a short product review and of course I get sponsored item again :P Bleh.. I'm so exited when I first get the sponsored  products from Pretty Little Things .. Their shop got a lot a lot SUPER cute product and accessories! The most attractive product for me is THE HANDMADE FAKE COLLAR:)
And you know what :P If you're my readers I'm sure you know that I'm #Leopard lover! and Pretty Little Things got leopard collar! I was like...OMG...I WANT IT.. I WANT IT.. I WANT IT  :P It can match with any simple dress or a pure white colour top with a long pastel colour pant! 
Look at their handmade collar ! I feel like I'm a pro on shooting product picture..LOL anyone wanna hire me?! AHAHAHAH I have no idea why I majoring in Finance with Multimedia @ MMU .____. But I'm really glad to be a blogger now! TOTALLY OUT OF TOPIC NOW -.-
Okie..Except leopard fake collar they still have this kind of cute collar ! Pure white colour with lace..That's really special and caught my eye! So i choose this as my 2nd review product after the leopard one ! Muahahahaha :) Look in the photo the quality is damn nice! wont regret for this! I'm sure~
Other than the handmade fake collar..the next hot item will be the accessories from their shop! I love their rings btw..It's so cute :3 Am I right? Wooohoooo~ They got many diff type of rings !
This ribbon 1 also very cute :3 How can I tahan myself :'( I wanna BUY MORE !! GRAB THEM NOW!! Oh god..That's girl! They selling diff type of collars, rings, earrings , bracelets , necklace and clothes too.. Do check with their blog or fb ! Link on the bottom of my blog post ya <3

Everything is just sooooo nice..The prices of everything at their shop is reasonable ! What are you waiting for pretty here :) Drop a msg for them and have a look in their shop or blog!
Pretty Little Thing's :

That's all for my lovely post! Bye bye all readers! Enjoy your day with your daddy and family! Xoxo

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