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13 June 2012

Herloo Peeps :) Finally I'm able to blog! I'm glad to be here..Really..I'm glad to be here in this world! I'm so sad and can't sleep for almost 2 day because one of my closed relative passed away..Her children the most youngest is just 12 years old :( My cousin and family cried whole day and night..I'm really glad to be here to meet all of you.. Appreciate what you have now [seriously]..You will regret one day if you don't do so because no one can know what will happen tml.. RIP    Hope you're good and live peacefully in heaven~ 

Back to the topic here :) I'm not really in a good mood today in class due to lack of sleeping and ONLY 1 hour class in MMU..I need to purposely go there then back -.- But what motivated me?!

Yesss! I received my parcel from Bonjour Full-House ..effective seller ! You guys know I'm always do online shopping right? But this is my really first time to get my skin care product from online! I feel lucky to get their sponsor to promote for their product :) The owner of the shop is so friendly and only 1 day I can receive the product! So here's some of the review for the 2 products i had received and used  :D

I get two diff product from their shop..One is hada labo♥refill pack of their toner..Very familiar skin care brand and one is pdcbrand skin care :) Both of them actually import from JAPANand not selling in here ! They just started their business now and they can help us grab all diff product from japan..So at first they just major in this few product :) any product you need or want can inbox them!

I think most of you are very familiar with hada labo + we need to care for our environment!! Go green and recycle..I had look for the economic packing@ refill packing for hada labo long time ago:'( BUT MALAYSIA DON'T HAVE..Watsons not selling this type of packing of their product ! UNTIL I MEET THE OWNER OF THIS SHOP :P Now i'm able to grab this packing which could help me save alot! RM49.90 for one bottle normal packing hada labo i think! but this economic packing aka money saving  packing CAN ACTUALLY SAVE pack only RM33 [promotion] now!!! 
Don't throw away the finished bottle of your hada labor toner :) Just keep it and purchase this economic packing which just cost you RM33! So cheap right? I'm exited and going to purchase from their shop again after i finish this bottle! wooohooo :3 My mom feel interested about it too..they're having promotion right now and LIMITED READY STOCK..go and grab it if not you need to wait for the pre order :'( but good stuff always need to wait one :P I can wait !! HAAHAHAHHA

I'm wanna become budget barbie like Qiuqiu:P Lol I wanna save money now because this coming OCTOBER i have a TAIWAN TRIP with my flower Bobo! Too bad Roselyn can't join us because she can't skip class :'( yerrrrrr!! Opps..I'm out of the topic again -.- this is what I always do when come to blogging @@
Okie..Save money! This really so cheap ! What are you waiting for ? inbox Bonjour Full-House ♥ now :) Everything is from come malaysia didn't import this packing? we need to care for our environment and save money there're many benefits but I have no idea why everything i wanna get also NOT AVAILABLE in our country -.- WHY?! Refill pack is just awesome for me!!! 
 Detail of this :) Okie..Done with part one! now part 2 :D

I'm a lazy girl! Girls are lazy sometime :P I'm lazy to put many diff type of skin care..and there're many diff type of product in this world..What I need to use? for Whitening? for moisture? for V face? OMG..then i simply go and tried new product like whitening product make myself sensitive -.- wtf* So i decided to back to the simplest one..Choose the product which mainly for the moisture one! Without any additional fragrance or pigment*! Then I attracted by one of their product...
again..not available in malaysia -.- OMG ! Totally emo but thanks for the shop now I can finally change my skincare product..I'm actually using hadalabo moisturizer last time..the packing also a bit same like this pdc packing but is white colour not pink :) But end out i have no idea why I can't feel anything special about it..Then I tried this out.. I WAS LIKE OMG..
 The packing is so cute :3 pinky pinky mua love!
 From Japan too :)
This is how it look like after tear the plastic off :)
This product is really can compare with hadalabo :) I do some research from youtube :) Some taiwan youtuber using this! This is really super good moisturizer... FAST Absorb* by our skin! Not STICKYor Oily & Without any additional fragrance or pigment*.. and really you can immediately see the result of this product! I'm sure I will go for this product! I can feel my baby skin back :P  
This is for us which prefer the simple skin care..if you want like whitening or make your face V then this not really can do that cause this is mainly for MOISTURE one ! 
I'm sure you will like it too :) Seriously recommended for my lovely readers! 
Okie :) Done with this review ! Any question just left your comment below! 
Again , all of the product above can actually purchase from Bonjour Full-House! Inbox their fb now for more detail [ ]