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27 November 2010

Mushiii mushiii Guys♥ Imma gonna write a little bit about the Official Opening ,23th November at Fehrenheit 88...What can I say about this shopping mall?...I went there once before the opening of Uniqlo .I can remember that, that time no people go inside this little shopping mall..and that time i got blog about the Sushi Zanmai at Fahrenheit 88...do you rmb ,my readers?
Now...Fahrenheit full of people...A lotsssssssss a Lotssssss.. And of course Uniqlo too.. I think everyone familiar with Fahrenheit88 is just because of "Uniqlo"///.. I think so..Lol...Once the Uniqlo open, Twitter and Facebook full of people talking about Uniqlo..and bla bla bla...Of course, I don't have that much money and time to spend on it...hahahahaa I'm not patient at all...my friends line up for 3 hours and just grab 1 piece T-shirt from Uniqlo...How bad :(

Hhmmm, other than UNIQLO….? Fahrenheit 88 is targeted at vibrant, creative & stylish urban crowd between 15 – 30 years (meaning people like us who are constantly in need of entertainment & distraction) who are drawn to the hippest fashion, in-vogue tech gadgets, and the trendiest F & B outlets...Yea!! Usssss...

and guess what?! Finally..I have the chance to step into Uniqlo...hahahaaa* And I think most of the stuff is just suitable @ Winter...Lmao..Imma waiting next stock which is Spring? Summer? Winter's stuff not suitable in our country i think..Then i saw a lots legging...AWESOME ♥ So damn nice!! and many choices .. Not expensive too..It just Rm39+...

 After that...we go to fitting room and tried some cloth..not bad..quality not bad...Price more nice  ♥ hahahahaaa... But the size kinda big for me..And i love their sleeping wear.. so nice~

Okie..Guyss/ sweeties / readers..This shop "Mirrorcle" @ Fahrenheit88 is recommended* Cheap and nice quality dress and cloth...I bought a brown colour bag in this shop..It cost me Rm29 only..and a lots young girl enter this shop...Me too me too~~ Love love~
I love my new hair's colour..Liese Liese♥
 The decoration @ Fahrenheit 88♥
 End of this post...Imma show you guys a nice nice nice wedding dress =] It's just so sweet ♥ I think most of the girl like it...Design by Lena..awesome! what do you think? x]

 xoxo♥ Time to sleep...Good Night and sweet slumber guys =] Love

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