Current Favorite Product November♥ - Liese Juicy Shower

01 November 2010

Hey Hey guys :P Imma back! Today's post is a short short post... It's about my current Favoriteproduct..This is just 1/4 my favorite product only..So, stay tune ya :D

Hmmm..Got hair product , skin care product (next and yummy yummy Food ..nom nom nom..Let's have a look..:B *rabbit

First is the Liese-Juicy shower This is actually the travel-size bottle. ..I didn't buy the big one because i wanna try it first..see it's really good and nice anot..and once i bought it, I figure out that it's really AWESOME 

I just spray on my dry hair..after that my hair become smoother and softer over sure does tame the frizzy hairs away. It doesn't make my hair sticky or greasy at all. Can be use on dry or damp hair. I sprayed it on my fringe everytime before i use the flat iron to straighten my fringe.
Other than that, this juicy shower make my hair smells so good..hmm.. It has a raspberry smell:B 

I am addicted to this baby! I put this in my bag and bring it everywhere i go...

this is the refill bottle.
This is the big 1 =]
Purchasable at: Watsons / Recommended: Yes
♥LUCIDO-L♥ #EX Treatment
[for damage hair, use after you dry your a medicine recover your damage hair.just put it on your hair]
Sexy Girl -Hair Cologne ♥ bought at Sasa Shop
Skin's care♥ Vaseline
♥THIS IS MY 3rd Bottle conditional =] never try never know! once you tried tiap tiap hari mau!♥
and Body Shop Butter ♥
Ahaaa :D after that, let's talk about food ! how about pizza?? woooo ..i tried this Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza last week...REALLY SO DELICIOUS!! ♥ is a M.U.S.T...aww~ nom nom nom ♥ =] nowadays i keep on eating..shit..but nvm...once a month i think okie geh :P right? Lmao

 Btw , did you realize that I had added a lots this lame lame icon in my post..nothing special but I'm just love it so much! left right left right :D sooooooooo cute ♥ blablabla ..End of the post ! Ciaoz~


  1. Thanks :)
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  2. Sexy Girl -Hair Cologne ♥ bought at Sasa Shop

    this one how much a?

  3. if i'm not mistake i think it cost me rm 35-45