"Liese" In The House =] ♥

16 November 2010

 ♥ Arghh~ Guys..Guess what?? Liese come MMU Today!! gooshhh ~ But too bad he price still the same ...No discount but got free hair styling ..And too bad the weather is not good today..keep raining ! That's why i can't really have the chance to make the hair =(  I bought the dye hair thing..but i haven use it yet..Time to have a hair cut !! then dye my hairr

♥ Just a short short update ♥ I had done my mid term test..Macroeconomic driving me crazy!! Argh time to work more harder and dun do last minutes preparation :) Do enjoy your day
 ♥Arghh my very first time went to Jamming studio ♥ So So So enjoy the time...appreciate much!! Love ya

Happy Birthday to my dear, Lyvia

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