Twist and Bend it ,Hairband(2) ♥

04 November 2010

Herrlooo everyone :D Tomorrow is Holiday!!! any plan?! Imma just sit at home waiting money fall from sky :P Actually i planned go to Pavilion today..i wanna go Uniqlo ! but failed.. too bad..everything make me freaking tired today! bad luck 
Back to the topic..this post imma gonna post about the Hairband again :P second lame post! my god..i got nothing to do  ! :O this is the second method/way to play with the hairband may try it out!
Before you tie it on your hair..make sure you curl your hair with the curling iron it looks nicer! After you curl your hair then tie a pony tail on your right or left hand side Then, use the hairband :D

Just a short update :) kinda busy this few days because mid term coming soon ...gambateh everyone
A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks
A smile is a passport that will take you anywhere you want to go
 buhbye =]

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