A trip to Orphanage..♥

01 December 2010

Hey people! This few day I kinda busy because of the assignment..sorry for that :( I didn't have that much time to update my blog when I'm rushing my assignment..

5 assignments need to complete it and one of the assignment was so fun..Lecturer say that we need to do a charity work to complete our assignment..Our group's members suggested a lots idea..But at the end we decided to complete our assignment @ Orphanage..

Say the truth..This is the first time...I feel a bit nervous because i dunno what actually we need to do/help those unlucky children..All of us were so so exited and nervous..we reached our destination at 10.30am =]..Everything okiie! nothing much happen in our journey...Peace 

We bring a lots snack / food / candy to those unlucky children...I really hope that we can communicate with each other and have a blast with them...Once we reached there, Desa Amal Jireh@Semenyih ..One of my group member is the camera girl..she record everything we did ...and i'm the one record everything..keep writing and writing..Lolx..

The little boy in the picture above name Joswan. He is 2 years old and he is an indian. He was just abandon by his parents 1 week before we arrive there with his 3 siblings of age 1,3,4 years old. When we are there at first he was still in a good status, after a moment while, he started to cry loudly with his tears pouring out from his eyes

 Then Hweesin just carry him up and try to comfort him. Since Hweesin is a stranger to him, he should cried even louder but surprisingly he stopped crying, and when Hweesin tried to put him down, he started to cry again. This shows that he needs nothing else more but love

 Then, we bump into 2 foreign students that are helping out in the orphanage and we interviewed 1 of them and asked some question about why they came to this orphanage to help out...because we need to write a report..argh!
When we are there with them,they became so active, so playful, running here and there, making lots of noises and having fun with us...
 I love this picture because Imma is the one who take this photo :P hahahaa & i saw a bright smile on their faces appear at that moment♥ They're just so so so cute!!!
 Guess what??she is a girl not a boy..i thought she was a boy when the first time i saw her...Lmao
I asked the stuff what actually they need..i thought he will answer me like " they need money to buy food...rice or something?" But actually what they need is LOVE.♥ .he answered me =] They need our love and care... Although we just play with them or just take care of them..but i think this is the only thing they need ..They lack of parent's love...so unlucky and why their parents so cruel :( i can't really understand..But i learned something after this trip.. Thanks for everything and I really enjoy it =] ♥  i will appreciate what i have now =]  Thanks god!

Next post : about phone and BB phone.. :D helping my sweetie**


  1. I so love that you did this! It is wonderful that you understood what was the most important thing to these children, and that you cared.

    Wishing you and yours peace, harmony and happiness x

    btw I also love your cursor leaving hearts whereve it goes...how do you do that?!

  2. erm..i wanna ask you about your tittle ...you using what to cut your photo on your tittle that?

  3. Annelisa =]
    ahaha thanks for the wish...
    hmmm just love and appreciate everything you have ...=]

    ♥ язчиα ♥ =]
    i using paint..

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  5. 阿米戈感谢!伟大的职位!

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  7. yea :) at the bottom linked me :) then i can view it ahahhaaa