Few Things You might Not Know About Me =3♥

15 December 2010

Hey guys and girls Is time to update my blog again =3.. This post might make you feel boring..because it's something like "about me".. Btw, I'm playing with my new lappy's web cam..weee~ but not clear :(  Mac lappy's web cam is more clear than others ...Image quality is pretty bad then...

Okie  ..Back to the topic =3 Imma gonna post about few things that you might don't know about Me...
1 I love Cheese 
But the only brand I  is Chesdale..Other than this brand..I wont touch and eat it..idk why..others is just not tasty .. My daddy always buy the wrong brand for me..and then I force him to finish it ..haha..*evil smile
2 This is the only Bear I have
Yea..as i say..this is the only bear i have :) my mom bought this to me last 3 month..
And due to my Sensitive Nose , i can't really play with the bear and hug them ..Thanks to my nose! Moreover, I'm always sneeze..at night and during the class..annoying !...

3 I'm lack of water..I dun like to drink water..
I lazy to carry this HUGE bottle to class..so heavy..just an excuse actually..Lmao.. Everytime I go to my friend's house..they keep forcing me to drink MORE water..And someone always sms Lyvia.. remind me to drink water..my mom always scold me too :( I must drink more water start from NOW..
4 I Love Girls/hot chick(When i see them..i will like 0.0)
Don't ask me why..I think nowadays most of the girls and boys like to see HOT CHICKS AND HOT GIRLS..who will hate them huh?! For me, I prefer see hot girls than hot guys...Handsome guys or leng cai not really attract me..I love boys with a bright smile :3 ..Show me a bright smile when you see me :) I will fall in ♥ Love with your smile...as i say A SMILE IS A PASSPORT THAT CAN TAKE U ANYWHERE YOU WANT TO GO..
5 I Like to decorate my stuff..
I like to decorate my stuff..my note book..my phone..Lmaoz..I always D.I.Y my book :) and I love to give present to those b'day girls and boys..I like pink pink stuff =3
6 I Like to buy and write something in a nice note book
hahaha..what can i say..i'm just waste my money :0 i bought a lots note book and those cute diary book last time..i try to collect those cute book but now Imma start to control myself..i just dun wanna waste my money..i wanna save it to buy a new CAMERA...I'm desperate with it!
7 I collect pretty panties..
argh =] dun feel weird ok? many girls like that also..Lmaoz..I love to buy those pretty panties..and some i just collect it and never wear it..i scared one it spoil and the nice design gone!.hahaaa..I always grad those nice panties at Top shop, La Senza , Cotton On and pasar malam sometime :] because it's cheap and some of the quality is as nice as those expensive shop ..
8 sometime I act like a boy ..
Hahaaa if you're my real life friends you should know it...I always act like a man and protect my Dear Lyvia last time..and she said that if I'm a boy..she will married meI love sport =] sweating is a good way to reduce stress but i hate sweating sometime because it make my hair look so ugly..freaking ugly..my hair become like noodle..Lol.. I play ultraman and those car with my brother when I'm young...and i'm always fight with him :] 
 9 I can't live without friends ..
I feel lonely sometime if I'm without friends...Friends is very important for me ...My mom always say that i easily get hurt by my friends because i always put friendship at 1st place in my mind...Many memories last time..i cry because of those friendship..but thanks to them because i gain something after that and become more mature ;) 
10 I like to make ppl laugh and feel happy  ..
sometime..i look like a clown ..because i like to do those stupid and idiot action to make ppl laugh ..I hope to see my friends and my family laugh..idk why =] maybe i just want them to be happy everytime..I like to talk cold joke and crap..Lmaoz..

11 I don't eat spicy ..
:( i don't eat spicy at all...i dislike it... 

LastlyGood night everyone!!

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