Let's Party♥SBS Prom Night 2010♥

06 December 2010

Hey peeps Well...Imma sorry because now only blog about the SBS Prom Night..sowiiie ~
By the way♥ It was on Sunday night that Tar College had their prom night in their own hall, the entrance ticket was Rm30.. Was amazed by the cheap entrance fees because most of the prom night is Rm80+.. So I decided gave it a try! =]
Why am I so happy? Because I can't wait to see my secondary school's friends at there..All currently studying @ Tarc..and then the second reason is...Imma so boring on Sunday..plusmy dear Lyvia & her brother going there also...teehee =D ....Shini and Mr. Kitty go with us too...
Okiee..Let's talk about that day Early in the morning my daddy fetch me go to  My Dear Lyvia's house..we gossip while waiting Shini come..Then, three of us non-stop camwhore+ing ..Lyvia's bro keep complain us..but at the end..He join us x] hahahaa♥ picha tiime......
 Imma become a professional make up artist that day Lolx...I remember last time i always help Lyvia make up..until now..both of us still remain the same! I love you , Dear.  After I done her make up then my turn..Lastly, I help Shini put the fake eyelashes..Many people dunno how to put fake eyelashes correctly.
Actually that is so easy just depend on you whether you wanna learn it anot..Sometime i wonder how can a girl say she dunno how to put simple make up on her face..(what i mean is simple make up such as put eyeshadow or draw eyeliner)..I think they just lazy to learn or practice it..we're human..we need to learn and practice everything...even myself.. not a pro.. but i try my best to teach my friends..Lolx..and learn it myself from magazine or Tv...Practice make perfect..我们也不是一出生就会化妆的...don't let any excuse to be your reason =]♥ Peace...just my opinion 
 Back to the topic♥ Few hours later...our driver of the day came =] this picture he look like uncle x]dun bother him lar.. as long as i look nice in this picture...ahaaaa.we ate something before we go..
 Prom Night was started at 5pm but ALL of us reach there at 6.30pm ..if I'm not mistaken..It was bored. I saw many people camwhore with their friends..Unfortunately, our gang no people bring camera...I saw Priscelia..She bring camera and busy taking picture with her hubby and her friends =] and..this is the only group photo ..xD 
Honestly..SBS Night was not FUN as i IMAGINE except the last few parts...Almost all my friends was back early.. :( we 10.30pm just leave from there...  Disappointed for all of us..Because this is the First Time we attend this kind of event/prom night... :( haix.. never mind..as long as can see pretty girl ..That's enough for me  but Shini keep complain that no pretty girl on that night..Lmao
 The only thing I enjoy and like the most is their Light effect...As you can see the picture above...so nice..am i right?? I really in love with it...♥ Really enjoyed the music at the last few parts of the night (Although it was bored at the beginning.)..and of course, they were having the vote section for the Prom King and Queen..
Imma so tall that day because I'm wearing a 3 inches high-heeled shoes..At the end of the, I make myself suffer because that was so PAIN...This new high heel make my life suffer :( Damn it...argh! and after i back house...guess what? my first day ...menstrual come...I just like wtf.I'm wearing white dress lucky don't have anything that make me feel shame! .and then whole night I suffering because of the menstrual pain..god!
.Bad day iziit? Lolx..Now is picha sharing time :) hope you guys like it...
Dinner Time :) Enjoy your dinner with your family people ..Tomorrow holiday! yeah!  HAPPY HOLIDAY..although it's just 1 day holiday :D xoxo..ciaoz

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