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15 October 2016

Hello my lovely sweeties! It's weekend now and I guess most of you might be thinking where to go for dinner later or what should I do later. So I'm at home now & planning for my birthday dinner on this coming weekday. As usual, I don't like big celebration. I prefer gathering with small group of people, chit-chat with long lost friend, thinking what to do with the birthday cake, dinner with my family , bebe and smelly. This is my every year ultimate plan for my birthday lol

So at the same time I'm scrolling my instagram to look for some cake inspiration so that I know what should I wear to match my cake. Then look back all instagram feeds I decided to blog about it. Yes, this post is so random but I just want to keep this on my blog and share with you guys because this make me feel extra happy and excited when scrolling my instagram feeds.

Since we were quite active on instagram for a long time, I guess you should noticed this. It's the instagram themes on our feed. Yes, to be honest when you tied up with a instagram theme or planning for it, you must be crazy and angry at the same time. I consider this as one of the OCD symptom lol. Yes so what is an instagram theme??

For me, I love playing around with my feed with new instagram theme when I have a specific topic that I wish to share , going to a new country, new mood , recent favourite theme or color that I wish to show on my feeds. Yes, that's probably the overall ideas of having a instagram themes.

I saw most of the influencer oversea having a white or grey theme kind of instagram feeds. It's so pretty but I know it's really hard to maintain a specific theme on the instagram feeds. You have to sacrifice lots of photo or think more than twice in order to update a new post on your instagram. For example if you are having a white theme on your instagram, your feed should be really clean, white , minimalist and most of your photo must be taken in day time.

Which mean if you are taking photo at night , most probably you are not going to post that on your feed because it will totally spoil the whole theme on your insta and you will be really mad. Just like me because I did it once but I think it's really troublesome so I decided to have specific theme ONLY IF I'm going for a new place or just follow my mood but the theme will not be longer than a month. 

So the whole idea will be maybe one themes can have max 12 photos on my isntagram feed. This completely changed my mind because it's more fun to play around and not-so troublesome. HAHAHAHAHA I saw some of my friends maintain their feed more than 3 months now, they are really a smart-ass! OMG I can't do this because I will need to sacrifice some selfie , or photo that isn't relate on my theme. So yes, that's why it took us a long time to post any photo especially thinking of the photo whether match our theme or not. LOL 自己拿来的 

But after all the trouble, when you look back all your feeds you will be super duper happy because it looks super chio and Idk I just love to scroll back my instagram and look back all the photos and feeds. 

So most of the time we maintain a theme on our feed based on the photo itself , the color tone, filter that you apply, the key object or key color that really pop on your feed , or as I mentioned a specific topic that you really love. I wish to maintain my pastel or colourful / grey themed instagram feed but you know I can't because I have so many random photo that jump into my mind that I will be sad if I didn't post it on my instagram hahahaha! 

So here's my very 'limited edition' instagram themes on my feeds that I would love to share with you and as a record for myself. This just made my day! AHAHAHAH Also, sharing with you guys most of the app that I used on my instagram. I have received lots of request on this or under my photo's comment but it's really hard for me to explain as I have lots of diff themed and feed on my instagram. So here's the cheat-sheet for you and secret that I would love to share.

To be honest, I really dislike when people just comment on your photo like ' app?' or ' how edit?'. They comment with 2 single words and I replied with a really long sentence and I don't even get a thank you from them. But still I replied until recently I stop replying those who simply leave comment on my insta feed because they just don't deserve it BUT YOU GUYS are diff. You can know it because I will always put the first priority on my blog > instagram. HAHAHAHAHAH 你赚到了!


| How I edit my instagram themes / feeds  
Obviously first app that I used the most will be the instagram editor that available on your instagram app , VSCO , Line camera , meituxiuxiu & facetone.

  1. Instagram editor: Boost the brightness , adjust the shadow , add color (mainly light blue), sharpen, lux, structure, less saturation. Instagram editor had replaced my VSCO because it's almost the same except VSCO have better and nicer filter. But mainly I just click the editor one by one and do some minor adjustment on each of the feature! This is really good to use. 
  2. VSCO: Filter that I always use will be C2-C4 , S2 , HB1-2. The rest of editor just use like the instagram filter I mentioned just now.
  3. Line Camera: add on gudetama stickers but you need to buy it yourself (have to purchase the sticky and pay for it) , the line camera filter is really good for selfie and dreamy looking feeds / themes.
  4. Meitu: I'm not a fans for this but after I saw lots of my friend edit their photo with this app I really like it now because you can save it in a high resolution after the edit. I use this when need to apply cooler filter , beauty enhance on my chubby face, edit bit of my neck or cheek area so that my photo look nice and not CHUBBY HAAHAHAH! 
  5. Face tune:  This you also need to purchase from App Store. I saw lots of youtuber using and recommended this app on their video. So I buy this and it's really useful because you can sharpen specific object or area that you want. You can whiten area that you want and apply color that you want on this app. Also one of the app to edit your face but the quality not as good as meitu app. So I mainly use this to sharpen any object that I need it to be really pop out on my photo , whiten the warm or orange tune background. 

So to make everything goes really well you need to apply the similar filter on your feed also to have a key color / tone on all your photo. For example the halloween theme you need to have orange, black kind of color , object and background. For a pink theme you need to have pink items on your photo. Some of the you told me that you apply the filter that same with me but still it doesn't look like the way on you photo.

 The reason is, first even you apply the same filter but when you didn't achieve a good brightness level on your photo it might turn out really diff. Secondly, if I took the photo in japan and there are lots of the time where I just boost the brightness on the photo and the rest is taken by my camera. Even you edit as the same way I did it might look diff too..why? Because the background, ambiance, lighting, the props that you use will definitely effect the overall theme or feed on your photo. Third, the photo taken from each model of camera might be diff with its lighting and color of the photo. I'm using Olympus OMD EM10 + Fuji XA2 my phone to take all my instagram photo! 


| FINALLY, my instagram themes!
So it's the final part of this post just want to end it with the beautiful feed that I posted on my instagram!! Sharing is caring and i hope you love this kind of random post :D

#1 Halloween (Orange theme) | App I used: VSCO filter S2

#2 Travel theme and mainly wearing Black on my outfit | App I used: VSCO filter c2-c4

#3 In a square theme | App I used: SquareReady and SquareReadyV for video

#4 Gold hair x Travel in Korea feed | VSCO & SquareReady

#5 Pink themes and fees | Line Camera filter + you need to have as many as pick you can in the photo

#6 VSCO C2 filter + Brightness + Sharpen - Shadow (Adjust according your preference)

#7 Melbourne Trip Filter | VSCO Filter C and HB1/2 + brightness 

#8 Same with #7

#9 Photo straight from camera boost brightness + VSCO filter to add more warm and green theme on the photo

#10 Perth themes is basically using CS on VSCO

#11 VSCO C2 as well (I use it mostly on my travel feed / photos)

#12 Photo taken with camera in a really bright level (Boost brightness to +1) 
Instagram editor edit it with shadow (less shadow less black area) + add light blue color / pink

#13 Light pastel pantone feed | wear as pastel as you can and apply line camera filter

#14 same tips with the #13

#15 since Italy = historical building , my feed is more warm when it taken with my olympus omd em10 camera. So I use VSCO S2 to filter it and boost brightness + sharpen it as well

#16 Vibrant it , VSCO filter , Instagram filter , fish-eye filter with my camera lens + Line camera

So that's all the tricks and tips I did on my instagram themes and feeds. Mostly for travel photo I used VSCO because I love the wonderful filter that make my photo look extra vibrant and chio. Line camera for dreamy filter and please wear as much as pastel color so your feed really look pastel in its way, otherwise everything boosted with brightness , shadow, sharpen using the editor available on your instagram app. 

That's all for today. Hope you <3 it!! 



  1. babe this blogpost is so helpful thank UUU <3

  2. Love the tips babe! Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. thank you for the tips, ill learn it

  4. I don't use Instagram but this post is really pretty! I can relate about having mild OCD by having everything themed and in order so this post is really satisfying. You do a really good job in this :D I agree this is one talent that is really rare! Lol ;D

    1. HAHAHAH Is this consider as one of the talent? I think OCD is quite scary tho! Thanks for your compliment :p

  5. This is really helpful!!! Thank youuuu for the tips <3

  6. Love your post!! Thank you <3


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  8. Love this post!
    Can you identify the filter that the famous traveller (IG: @doyoutravvel & @gypsea_lust) use on their Photos? They don't follow a certain colour but the feed just looks good

    1. Hi Whitney,

      Their feed is nice because they using DSLR and nicer lens for the photo + the environment and sunlight is natural nicer than with filter. I think they use VSCO for minor edit other should be exactly out from the camera.

  9. Insta themes, something I have never really put effort to do before & your themes are AWESOME (pink & black ones so nice!) <3<3

  10. White adjust changes the shading interpretation of the general picture.

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