We are officially Husband & Wife | #JmWonMyHeart

31 December 2020

We are officially husband and wife! I just can't wait to share all the story behind my Registry of Marriages and the behind-the-scene story which just happened few hours ago ☺️ Suddenly feel that I have  grown up a lot and finally we tie the knot together after so many years. We have been together for more than 10 years now since 2010 and so happy that finally we are now a married couples! In this post, I'm gonna share my story of how to officially get married in Malaysia and also sharing my special day with you guys. I wake up at 4am today and do the final touch up on all the photo so that I can share my Registry of Marriages (ROM) journey with you guys now.

Are you ready for that? 💕

I'm really surprised on how time flies and I guess all of you, who read my blog since I was 16 are no longer young too xD I can see myself feeling so tired after getting ready at 5am during my ROM day. Exactly few hours ago and I fall asleep at 9.30pm then stay awake until now to edit the photo and also writing this to all of you.

Yes, we have been together since 2010 and you guys knew that we are planning for our wedding to be held on this year after getting proposed by Smelly during my birthday in 2019. But due to the pandemic of covid-19, it's like not really progressing. I stuck in the middle and don't know what should I do. In the beginning of 2020, Jan we went to Japan and have our pre-wedding shoot with my team and all the sudden, that's basically the end of our preparation of #JmWonMyHeart and the rest of the day I was busy on looking for venue and asking for quotation for our wedding celebration but nothing can be confirm yet lol.

To be honest, I feel so stress because it keep on postponed and delayed. I can't have a 'REAL AND ACTUAL DATE' to do booking with venue, catering, photography , videography team and of course the makeup artist as well. I originally want my ROM to go with my wedding ceremony. Like very garden wedding style but wait and delayed until I fed up lol. So until mid August, I'm fed up again lol 真的沒有耐心lol and decided we just go ahead and get married legally first, go get the registration process done first and don't bother the rest and we shall see how's going  at the end of the year. 

And because I got no closed friends who get married during pandemic period, I was so nervous like what should we do , what we need to prepare and what to bring to the registration. I thought getting married in Malaysia is a long process lol. I asked some of my friends but they most forget about the process of getting married in Malaysia and then also during this covid-19 pandemic, the RMCO & CMCO period, the SOP and things just keep changing which is quite annoying. Everyone telling me a diff procedure and then I give up lol. I told Smelly maybe one day if both of us got nothing to do then we just go JPN and ask lol.

Yes so we quite chill about it and I guess I also busy on #ChanwonHOME renovation and post-renovation of the house. Busy fixing furniture and clean our house and all of the sudden, one day really 心血來潮 after done checking my place and I look at Smelly like this > 🤨

and asked 'OMG since it's weekday today and you aren't working why not we go JPN to ask?'

We actually tried to ask our friends and I even call the customer service of JPN but I'm still confuse with the procedure as I'm not sure whether we should go diff JPN to get our procedure done separately or how. So both of us decided to just head over to JPN Putrajaya to ask for it.

Photo taken on July 30th before going to JPN Putrajaya 

So we just so sudden and decided to go to Putrajaya and ask the procedure straightly so that we can know exactly the latest update and details of getting married legally in Malaysia lol. Really quite surprise the procedure actually not as hard as I thought, it's pretty simple but just there are so many extra restrictions need to follow due to covid-19 pandemic

Both of us are really familiar with Putrajaya lol. Because we are graduated from MMU Cyberjaya and I really love how peaceful Putrajaya is and there are so many beautiful photo spots in Putrajaya so I thought after we legally signed our marriage certs there I can go nearby the lake and those beautiful spots to take photo. Very western and local Malaysia kind of photo! HAHAAHAHAH So yes, I decided to just get our ROM done in Putrajaya instead of other place.

So there are many ways to get married officially in Malaysia. If you are a simple person which afraid of troubles or scary procedure like me, you can straight choose to get it done in JPN lol. Or else you can also choose to get married at a church, temple or communal association which to have a slightly diff procedure and you need to look for the application on <Application For Appointment As An Assistant Registrar Of Marriages>.

Honestly, I really no time for all these things. Is like applying company account in bank lol. For me anything dealing with legal stuffs like that, always need time to deal with it lol. Also because Smelly working every weekday so it's also hard la. So really rare that we finally got time together so we just head over to JPN and ask for the latest procedure first.

On 30th July it's quite a happy day for us! We finally know the actual and latest update on the Marriage Registration procedure lol. But for everyone who wish to go to JPN and do your application, you need to do 'temujanji' first. Yes temujanji = you need to book the appointment online first and only can come so they can control the number of visitor entering the building. But because that day is weekday, no people here. They allowed us to go in without temujanji. Wah really lucky if not I need to go back I sure emo lol.

I'm so thankful that the staffs in JPN Putrajaya and also JPN Petaling Jaya were so helpful. So surprisingly we no need to go to JPN separately because both of our IC address are based in Selangor, since we both from the same state in Selangor, we need to fill in this form which we got in Putrajaya JPN and submit to Petaling Jaya JPN (because our address are based in this daerah (state) so we need to go PJ to submit it) 

But I don't wanna get our ROM done in PJ lol I really like Putrajaya so I asked again they told us if want to go to Putrajaya then have to request and write it in the form + let the PJ JPN know. Okay, until that point I'm a little confuse and blur but luckily Smelly was there with me so it's quite a smooth process. Then we hate wasting time, we immediately fill in the form. 

I borrowed pen from the guard lol. So desperate like that hahahaha! Then standing at the lowest floor of JPB building, we then filled in the details on the application form. We took a deep breath like wah, all the sudden I feel like adulting is quite tough lol. Then after done filling the form is Smelly turns and I took this photo just to remember this important day and I also wanted to get a record on which day I come to do the application, can share with my friends who are going to marry soon during this pandemic too lol.

Then we submitted the form and got this letter from Putrajaya JPN. They told us we can't just come here and do it here, we need to go to JPN PJ to pass the letter and application to them and request them to change our registration of marriage here in Putrajaya. So I just followed whatever they told us and I must give them 5 stars! Service better than bank department and also answering the request nicely omg! Efficient too! I love fast respond people lol 

Surprisingly getting married in Malaysia is quite affordable. Just RM30!

1. RM10.00 for certificate for marriage. 
2. RM20.00 for Marriage Certificate

So it means total just RM30. Wah I thought getting married will cost a bomb! HAHAHAH Now only I know so cheap ah! xD While driving all the way from Putrajaya to PJ, we were really excited! I still remember the feeling and I wanted to record it here so when I'm old I can still read it back! HAHAHAHAHA Oh yea also need to bring along with your real IC and also a copy of your passport size photo (yours and your husband/wife too).

Half an hour later, we arrived in JPN Petaling Jaya. We brought the letter and give them our IC, passport size photo and paid RM10 on the spot. Wah so happening many people got married here too!

It's so new to me! I'm very excited leh! HAHAHAHAHAHA The staff in JPN PJ branch is more friendly. They some more joke with us say perceraian (divorce) in Malaysia is expensive than perkahwinan (getting married). It cost RM60 (if not mistaken) to divorce. Omg I dunno what should I respond to her lol. Then she congrats us for getting here on the application and say happy marriage lol. 真的是覺得她是天使嗎!Maybe people who work at this industry is kind AHHAHAHAHA!! Everyday they meeting new couples came to apply for marriage, should be quite a happy job to see people getting married.

Next, she stick our passport size photo on the application form and after 21 days anyone of us can come back to collect the application form and submit to the Putrajaya JPN to book on our ROM date. Then one cute thing is they gonna stick your application form with you and your husband photo on it, put on the board. Like you often see a huge bulletin board beside the JPN counters, they will stick on there for 21 days (3 weeks) and see if anyone disagree or maybe having objection on your application on marriage or not lol. Who else so free go and disagree and objection or check on it everyday lol. But it's quite interesting to know it! 

So we waited for 21 later....one month after.....

On August 24th, I set calendar to remind me on collecting the application from JPN PJ and finally I'm free, I came to JPN and collected the document letter and then from PJ I have to go back to Putrajaya to submit our final booking on ROM again. Smelly not with me because he's working and this is the only day I free lol

JPN Putrajaya building is really beautiful

So I'm back to JPN Putrajaya again. Got my queue number and waiting to do the final procedure so that I can book a date for my registration of Marriage. I brought a list of good date to the counter and you know I don't want to come back again if my date fully book, so I back up with a total of 6 date lol. Really kia su the max! Then got good and bad news, 5 date that I requested, JPN side closed for ROM. Due to CMCO RMCO and during pandemic like now they only available for ROM on Every MON, WED and FRI only.

Then 5 out of 6 date that I asked is on either Tuesday or Thursday lol. Damn bad loh, then my one and only date available is 1 day before the end of the year, which is 30/12/2020. This is the last chance liao it falls on Wednesday and the staff still ask me, are you sure? Or you want go back and think and come here to request for another date again? 

Cause I really don't like to trouble and keep coming back. Wahlao if I need come back then why I come now 😂😂😂😂 Limbeh very busy I don't even got time to book next time lol. So I just say okay lah, at the same time texted Smelly if it's okay in December because we thought of picking the good date in October near to my birthday and every year just need celebrate all in one. Save cost save time and save effort 😂😂😂😂  But no choice lo really only got the last one 30/12/2020. Then we just go ahead and I dunno how to see good date or anything but I asked my friend's husband to help on counting our Chinese good date lol. Wah sibeh random I also want to laugh now lol

So the staff told us to come back for ROM on 30/12/2020. Then prepare RM20 to pay at the counter. But also getting married in this covid-19 pandemic is damn sad one, all your friends or closed one couldn't come together to witness you because they can only allowed 9 pax including yourself , your another half, photographer and parents to enter the building. Like how I count also impossible to get only 9 pax and we need to follow slot one, they gave me the earliest and I can't choose at all lol.

I want sleep longer also can't lol. It's why I wake up at 5am to do my makeup yesterday. So sleepy when I'm waiting for my turn in JPN Putrajaya lol. So yea, continue with the topic of 9 pax only, it's why I didn't invite my friend except those who came to ask me because I paiseh if my friend come they need to stand outside and wait for me, later I feel sorry to them so just our family and also because my honey Bobo's sister, Baobao is my team photographer so she's also joining and my best friends Lyvia since secondary school till now also come to ask JPN for her ROM and at the same time joining my ROM HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. One of my bestie also wanna join but she pregnant everyday also vomit I just ask her pls don't come just in case waited too long lol. If I look at my friends waiting me outside I can't focus on my ROM lol.

So time flies, ngam ngam 9 pax. Actually exceed 2 but because 2 of my friends also entering the JPN and with document so they are allow to go in to the same department too HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Damn smart and I know there are still many of my friends wish to witness this but no worries okay, wait my wedding day! HAHAHAHA We will be exchanging our vow and then I will wear my own customised wedding gown too. Wooohooo I can't wait

On December 30th,  this is me woke up at 5am and just done my makeup at 6am and still doing my hair lol. Then Smelly woke up at 6am sleeping on the next room so that I won't wake him up so early in the morning. Wow then we leave our place at 7.30am. I took some bread + cheese as breakfast and slowly walk down from the staircase like cinderella and abit so shy because today onward I need to call Smelly's parents as daddy & mummy now. Yes my in law family now. For the past 10 years I have been calling them as aunty and uncle lol and so hard to change it like until now I still call Smelly as my bf lol.

Then 10 hours before my ROM, we can't sleep. We discussing what should we call the name and slang for our both parents. Like I should call his parents as ma or pa , or maybe mami or daddy, or mama / papa. lol Then Smelly laughed so hard when he try to imagine he need to call my dad as daddy 😂😂😂 Okay we are quite silly but I keep practising need to call or how to prounouce nicely the  má mā mà. Diff slang got diff feeling one, You will know if you are Chinese lol.

I also holding Smelly's hand and ask if he's confirming to commit together lol. Like once signed the marriage really like forever one. I'm just making sure to double confirm. Then I also say 'confirm liao no regret a, even I'm old or we both fight also must stay forever till last breath'. lol I just feel so shy lo, like 10 years maaa gf / bf suddenly husband and wife! Wah like 初戀感覺又回來了 😂😂😂😂 I write until so funny but reality is I damn nervous one, until just now when I go take my breakfast I still accidentally call my in law parents as aunty uncle 😂😂😂 Please give me some time lol

Wooohoo, who's that handsome husband to be! Wearing his new shoes that we bought in Mitsui Outlet few days ago! So leng-caiiii yo~ AHAHAHAHAHAAHAH Please forgive me I never really say he handsome as much as like now HAHAHAHAH! Then we arrived at JPN at 8am damn punctual and then this is what the queue, is that must be so many people married at the same date or all rushing to get married before end of 2020. I'm wearing that super hight heels, tired like hell but nothing beat my makeup like I keep sweat and I feel my bra is almost dropping and then my hairstyle gonna gone if I still sweating.

So waited until 8.50am I keep pointing the paper to the staff say why I'm 8.30am slot I came here early but I can't go in. Our parents all so sleepy 😂 and also very tired to stand like that. I feel so anxiety again until he called our name and then wah, indoor air con never feel happier than this moment when I enter the JPN building. 4 of us have to go to the counter to do register and checking while the rest 5 of them have to go to the level 1 waiting us for the ROM queue lol. There is one Indian family in front of us, we using the same place and can you imagine, limbeh and the whole team of us waited until 10am+ only successfully go into the ROM room.

I was like?!! Huh not saying 8.30am the slot in and can't be late and I'm the second pairs just behind the first Indian couples and then they told us 10 mins done with the ROM and 5 mins take photo why I'm waiting outside for more than 1 hour. Wah I'm so impatient one I hate waiting line especially when all of us are really punctual but waiting so long my eyes also almost close and feel so sleepy.

So we very happy! Take a group selfies so that I can remember this moment. The rest of the photo I copy from our parent's phone lol. Because I very pek-cek need wait so I totally no mood to record the moment but I also have to calm down myself say no angry today is our special day ya. No angry Lol!! But jiejie really so early come , wakeup so early lack of sleep still not until my turn and almost 10.30am I'm very hungry.

HANGRY!! Hungry + Angry 😂😂😂😂

Still need social distancing and everyone wearing the mask. Really a special moment to get married this year omg. Now #JmWonMyHeart left only our intimate wedding celebration and I just can't wait to get my only wedding done next year. Yes so it no need keep changing on date and postpone lol. Since we are planning to record the moment and take some photo here in Putrajaya, I really put effort dress up nicely. Nice ma, I planned for a month one and customised my favourite earrings accessories and even did my nails and eyelashes lifting treatment. Also go dye my hair AHHAAHAHHA! 

Effort 99 I must look pretty on this important day of my life. Human important day is more or less the same with everyone like married, move in house, graduation, give birth and first born or funeral. So we must really be a good one and do our best everyday so that we can live our life to the fullest.

Okay, finally it's our turn. So since this is my first time I really dunno what to expect. But the moment when step into the registration room, the feeling is like freaking nervous and quite strict. Very formal 端莊 and I just keep looking at the solemnizer. She's speaking in Malay and thank god both of us can understand it well just I'm rarely speaking in Malay but I never forget about our national language. The moment solemnizer standing in front of us, everyone just so quiet and she start speaking and I start crying already 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Then I don't dare to look at anyone I will cry more. I keep to be calm and look at the table so that I can control my tears. Like now even I'm typing this while looking at these photo I also can feel my tears is coming out 🤣🤣🤣

Everyone have to wear mask except both of us because they knew that couples need to take photo lol! So good if I need to wear a mask and do my ROM I think I will go to design my mask lol. Make it nicer and more fancy than just a normal white blue mask lol.

All these photos is really precious cause I won't post on ig feed! HAHAHAHAHAAH Too colourful and my eyes swollen and red like hell. Then also my besties are with me in the same room, I trying my best don't have eye contact with them because if not all of us will cry again 🤣🤣🤣 Smelly very steady he say he focusing on things that solemnizer mentioned to us, while I myself one side tahan my tears, one side I trying to focus on solemnizer's speech lol.

So while doing that all the time we will need to show our hand like this> 🤚🏻🤚🏻 and really like so serious I really becoming someone's wife then I also want to cry 🤣🤣🤣   I paiseh cry in front of all parents so I keep hold my tears, hold and my mouth was shaking so hard 🤣🤣🤣  If you watched my stories yesterday then you will see it 🤣🤣 I only dare to post it once because so freaking ugly but I felt so emotional at that moment.

Then both of us said 'Saya Setuju' (I do / I agreed) and we can now sit down to sign the marriage certificate and then exchange for the ring. We keep our vow until our wedding day only will say it in front of our friends and let them witness it again with us. So this is really just to legally get married and I tears like hell, I dunno how I look if it's my wedding day. I must use all waterproof beauty products 🤣🤣

So this is the moment of life where I feel like I'm no longer young anymore! HAHAHAHA I love our wedding rings as it's a gift to Smelly. He got me a perfect proposal ring, so I wanna give him a perfect wedding rings and my promise too. I think relationship is not just one person, it's totally a 2 persons things and from now onward I will share my life with him till the last breath of my life. I don't trust on marriage in the past, marriage is not as easy as getting married together or sign on a paper, it's a commitment, a responsible , promise that both of us need to work together. If I wasn't ready at all, I won't get married with Smelly.

Both of us were waited so long for the day to come and I can't believe it that we are now officially a husband and wife. Typing this just bursting my tears out but but I guess when you met with a right person, you will know your answer. So here we are, tie our knot together and sharing my life journey with you. Meeting him during our Uni Life, then we take turn to graduated from our degree, then we both start our own full time work as a blogger while he is from M&E engineer and then so many milestone and years spending together.

He love and supported me when I have nothing and so do I, I will support, love and take care for him til my last breath. I still remember when those days we got only few hundred ringgit in the bank, we don't wanna waste money we can only go out once every month, counting the petrol and tol fees, then our luxury dating spot is Subway 🤣 Till now I'm having a life that I always want, all my hard work like slowly paid off and he is still supporting me and by my side. We growing with each others and Smelly always ask if I will and can choose a better life, better than nice or married with a rich husband, will I still choose him. I really wanna hentam and slap him with that question.

Is this even a question? lol Hello I'm spending 10 years + together with you. If I really value money over everything then I won't spend so many years and work so hard for getting a better life and being me now. But I also answer him nicely, saying that I will, and will (repeat many times) choose him over and over again but I don't wanna go back to 10 years ago, because these 10 years is too tiring. Too many obstacles and hard work lol. I don't want to repeat it  ðŸ¤£ Really one mah, so hard only reach 28 and now have to go back 18 and do the same thing again I will cry pls don't give me 時光機 as I live my life to the fullest everyday so I doesn't hope to go back and do any adjustment again lol.

People always say getting married to a man that can make you the happiest one最幸福的女人, but I think differently, I want him to be the happiest person when having me as his wife. Not like playing masak masak those promise, so I asked him this morning are you the happiest man  ðŸ¤£ He say yes, like a new stage relationship now. HAHAHAHAHAH So I think smelly approved this statement ya! HAHAHHAHA

So we both signed and I ask him where should I keep the certs a? Should frame it? AHAHAHAHAH

Smelly's pretty mom. My mom in law now ☺️

My cute cute chubby dad! HAHAHAHA Smelly's father in law  ðŸ¤£

You may put on your ring now! Putrajaya JPN really not bad! Look so nice from photo, of course #ChanwonApproved one  ðŸ¤£ðŸ¤£ðŸ¤£

Here come the funniest thing, because our fingers quite small then we actually get the smaller ring size and since we both really nervous or feel so hot our fingers like become so big the rings so hard to put in lol 🤣🤣

No romantic scene here, Smelly trying his best to push in his wedding ring lol. Suppose to be the right size  but our finger suddenly increase the diameter lol. Then I was like, eh why so hard to get in your finger hahhhh!! AHHAAHAHH I also so surprise the ROM room inside got special decoration one! Wah really choose the right place and doesn't look that bad to get married in government places like this JPN.

Now let's the photo do the talking!

Officially Mrs. Ho and joined the family HAHAHAHAH!
Everyone look a bit sleepy because we waited so long outside and came really punctual lol

My dad more funny, he hug my waist and say, WOW SO SKINNY ONE.
Of course la, I wait until so hungry!!

My only brother, he trying to make fun to look emo on all the photo and I think he will regret soon! lol

No eyes see his hairstyle. I think if I cut my hair shorts he can become my twins lol
I smile for photo until tired LOLLLL

My honey Bobo, I know Smelly for 10 years and that's the time and years I have her by my side too. Thanks for loving me and I can't wait until your turn soon so that we can give birth together HAHAHAHAHHAHA Then my baby got baby gang lol Thanks for witnessing with us!

Thanks for coming dear! Next 2 months is your turn! Luckily they can 'sneak in' the ROM because they also come to enquiries on their ROM application! HAHAHAHAHAHA 

Also I feel blessed to receive so many msg from my best friends who can't joint the ROM and also from you guys, my readers and sweeties fam! I can't reply you all in one day but I will reply one by one whenever I free these few days ya! I still need to work back to the reality and work. lol No honey moon now 😭

I think my bro don't want me to get married look how sad he is xD
Just 15km away, don't sad lah. I'm not getting married to another state, still selangor lol.

My dad must feel like slapping Smelly xD jkjk*

You can't run now xD

Also all these photo taken by Baobao! Treating both of them like my sister and thanks for burning midnight oil and rushing the photo for me! I also should thank to my body for staying awake at 4am so I can continue edit it and update it on my blog. I afraid that if I delay few more days I can't remember all these details and memories already. So blessed to have everyone here to witness this important day.

We are now husband and wife! HAHAAHAH With ring on and can't never take off from our finger now 🤣

Oh yea, since I spent quite a lot of time to dress up and create this look for this important day. Aiyaaa, I confirm won't forget about photoshoot one mah. 趁現在年輕 儘量拍!So we plan to snap some photo in nearby Putrajaya and forgot that it's so hot out there. Then end up I give up I just went to my top 1 pick photo spot to take photo at the very nice bridge and then the rest I just shoot indoor. HAHAHAHA 

So outdoor at putrajaya shoot for 20 mins and go take our lunch and then visited another my favourite picks photo spot for indoor shot about 45 mins then we were so exhausted when we back home at around 3-4pm. After that you thought got romantic scene? I remove my makeup and wash my hair for an hour ðŸ¤£ðŸ¤£ The hair spray strong like hell, then wear on pyjamas and then replying email, replying msg start work abit because taking half day off myself lol.

At the time after dinner around 8pm, I KO. I lying on the bed slowly reply msg and until 9.30pm I sleep like a pig. My eyes like can't open so freaking heavy ðŸ¤£ðŸ¤£ðŸ¤£ I can't imagine how when it's on our wedding day. Must be more tired than now. Nvm one last time lol. 

I want to say a big thank you to all of you who read my blog post until the end of here. To surprise you guys I decided to post all photo and publish here first for people who take effort to read!! So here's some of the photo taken in Malaysia during our ROM day. I guess I will giving you guys more surprise when it's our wedding. Even Smelly don't know what I'm wearing on our wedding day and both of us will prepare some surprise for our intimate wedding to the guest! HAHAHAHAHA

Okay I should stop talking if not this blog post might be too long!
Here's all the photo we took few hours ago during our ROM day!

Ps: I received a lot of dm from ig asking for the details of my flowers, accessories and dress / photographer. I think if you followed my ig then you will know where I got all of these, just in case you wondering I linked it on the details below:- 

(Don't worry non of this is ads, I only recommend good and nice one for you guys, also in this pandemic I hope to support their business and share it with you guys for people who are still looking for all these details. I very picky and particular on things I like, especially all the details like punctuality and also their personalities. So here's few that I really recommended one)

  • Customised Nail artwork designed and done at EnchantedSiblings. I also did Keratin Lash lifting treatment at their branch. Also pedicure too! HAHAHAAHAH Basically they also did my pre-wedding nail which I posted on my ig in Jan, 2020. Super recommended and I did nails extension too. You can spot from my photo the nails damn nice.
  • I got my customised rom hand bouquet and special made to order dried flowers earrings accessories from LittleCloudss雲朵兒 I love their work and I bought all my fried flower bouquet for pre wedding shoot from them and now my ROM and wedding day I will do the same too. Good and humble local store and I hope to support them too.
  • Photography by BaoBaoChow talented #TeamChanwon and feel free to get in touch with her if you love to have beautiful photo taken during your special day like mine 
  • My White Dress, this sorry not recommended because the seller not really responsible, the cutting also need alternation and then the back of my dress also not comes in a customised size like what I requested.
  • MUA  ZiErn Make Up She's very punctual and her makeup skill is not bad, special theme makeup and also know how to enhance your face profile. I have work with her for one collaboration project, very young age and good personality. I last min request for MUA and she came in front of my house at 4.30am even our meeting time is 5am. After done makeup she even help me to iron my dress because she know I need to go toilet and quite rushing on my ROM schedule lol.
  • Smelly's style, everything style by me except I got no time to help him do his hair. So yea, wait wedding day I think he need some makeup to look more Leng caiii!
  • Outdoor shooting Location: Seri Gemilang Bridge, Putrajaya
  • Indoor shooting Location: SkinhouseSS2 (private request I don't think you guys can shoot there xD)

Time to enjoy my photo! HAHAHAHAAHA I shouldn't keep out of topic lol

Location: Seri Gemilang Bridge, Putrajaya

Smelly is well trained by me! Know how to pose so well now! HAHAHAHAHA You see my hair, omg hot like shit I tell you! 20 mins I'm so done and I got my favourite shot and I just run back to the car! Imagine how hot smelly is wearing the suit under the sun lol I sweat until my bra also almost drop on the roadside! HAHAHAHAHAHA 

Hot! It's almost 12.30 the hottest weather ever and this is the last photo and then we run back the car lol

Two is better than one lol

Now you can see my dress is really loose.

Korea Drama OPPA AND ONNI XD jkjk* please don't kill me


跟著我們月入百萬不是夢 xD

lol! this is the real us! AHAHAHAHA

The moment when I went to Skinhouse SS2 first launch in KL, I immediately spot this place. Just like when I went to Ginzan Onsen I know that's the place I want to take my pre-wedding photo, so yea, I ask their team if I can have a quick photo session here xD But I don't think they open to the public, so yea, please take some time to admire the photo. 辛苦的!哈哈哈我怕高嚇死我 but nvm la, photo nice, I just try my best don't look at the height lol.

Double Chin Smelly! lol I dunno how to edit the double chin away. I'm so sorry xD

我真美 xD 氣質路線只有在照片中能出來 once i talk, no more 氣質

That's all about my ROM and we are now not just engaged but officially Husband & Wife. Can't wait to grow old with you Smelly and maybe is time to add some new member into our family. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Til the next blog post ya. Thanks for reading it and I guess this is the best way to end our 2020. Love xoxo.

Ps: To all my sweeties fam! Thanks for growing up with me too. I love you all too! xoxo.


  1. 祝越来越漂亮的你新婚快乐!

  2. pretty!!! and your record help me understand a lot the process!

    question: The attire not a MUST cover all shoulder and kaki right?

    1. Welcome <3 Yes as long as is not too expose and sexy, but the guest who go inside the room can't wear shorts ya