#ChanwonHOME My Furniture Haul: TAOBAO + IKEA

06 December 2020

Hello Sweeties✨ I know it's been a long time awaiting for this post. I remember I just moved into my house few months ago and was still waiting the rest of my furniture joining into my little space. I have always wanted to decorate and put my favourite pick of furniture at my house. Whether on the colour, the type of furniture or just all these little things, it's all based on what I want ☺️. It's been few months now, I'm satisfied with most of it, but there are few that I really not recommend you to get.

When I'm sharing it through my stories, like sometime I just give a snap on it and I got 332972 enquiries regarding the link and I understand it's easy to just throw you the list and link on where I bought all these items, but at the same time I really hope you take time to read it first as some of the items really nice to see but not nice to use HAHAHAH! It's why it takes me more time to compile everything in once for you guys. Also instead of giving bit and bit to you, I think it's best if I can do a complete sharing and also all the info you need to take note when purchase all these furniture through online or physical store. Including warranty concern and also shipping details.

I guess this can basically summarise everything I have gone through this half year from getting furniture, to shopping and also complete my #ChanwonHOME. I left only my guest room and yard a little empty because I still haven get to see something that suit my home's aesthetic and interior. Therefore, still in the midst of searching but once I got any new furniture list added I will then add on to this post too. It's why I really love my blog, it's more details and able to share all my review and links here too. You can bookmark this and share this with your friends if he/she are planning to move in and buy furniture online.

So on this post, I'm gonna sum up everything you need to take note when shopping furniture through online and also included all the link on where I bought all my furniture. Also all the little things and shipping / moving tips for you too. 

- #ChanwonTips on Buying Furniture on Taobao -

When I first started my renovation, I was really busy and stressed out due to the shitty experience I had with my contractor. But at the same time, it was a good experience for me because now, I know what exactly I want and knew how should I dealing with renovation things next time. After this I will also share all the renovation tips and trick from my experience with you guys. Meanwhile, when dealing with the delay of renovation and the first MCO in Malaysia, I was really bored at home and thinking to also start listing out everything I need for my house.

With the limited choice I have + MCO, I got no choice but choose to shop furniture online through taobao, lazada and the rest is from Ikea. Some of you asked if getting furniture through taobao is cheaper? Personally I would say yes and no for both of it as it has its pros and cons too.

It's cheap if you don't mind the quality but when you are like me, a person who concern about the quality and also higher expectation, then for me it's almost same with the rest of the furniture where you can get in Harvey Norman or maybe those typical designer furniture store. The reason why I got most of the furniture through online is because there is more choice and the color that I want is normally not those black or brown color, I want something like white , gold and I have search through most of the furniture store here in KL, they didn't take in such color. So my only choice is taobao.

But because it's also my first time using taobao buying furniture. The first few experience is suck because the international shipping rejected my huge parcel and I have zero experience from using 3rd party international shipping. So end up I called my friend to help me to contact his logistic and send my furniture back to me. I remember my dining table was stuck in the warehouse for almost one month and the authorised taobao official shipping partner never contact me at all just until when I ask them, only I know my parcel is over 100kg and they refuse to ship it back to me. fml I was so angry as I was in hurry to move into my new house lol.

If you are thinking to buy your furniture through taobao, here's everything you need to take note:-

  1. Most of the items are not able to exchange back and depending on your luck, sometime you get it in a perfect condition and sometime it's defect or maybe part of it cracked / spoiled.
  2. There is no warranty by the seller as after the oversea shipping to Malaysia, it's no longer his responsible to take care of the parcel. It should be defect due to the courier company who simply throw your items or just really depend your luck one. Some of my furniture comes in perfect condition but some just defect here and there or maybe the screw just gone when you open the parcel. Then you need to contact and deal with the seller again and ask if he/she can send back for you. 99% they won't even bother because the heart shape furniture I bought, the seller really so cacat and make me angry. I swear I die also won't buy from the shop again lol. Later I will show you lol
  3. When you receive the furniture, you need to install it yourself. It takes around 2 hours from taking it off from the super thick box until install it and you might need to have few extra hands to help you with the installation. Some I fixed it myself but some really too big, I have to wait until weekend only able to do it with Smelly.
  4. Due to MCO I couldn't go to my new house and then I have to store all my furniture at another place, waited for months and arrange the lorry to help me move to my new house. That involved in extra cost since I'm not staying at my new house yet. So I guess it's advisable to only buy all your funiture 1 or 1.5 months before as sea shipping take around 4 -6 weeks to reach your doorstep. 
  5. Take note on the measurement.
  6. It's more cheap if you order all furniture at once and ship all at once too. For my case I ship it separately because some parcel stop at warehouse and no one telling me and because I dunno how to use 3rd party logistic, I just click proceed to pay through taobao. The official taobao shipping partner on international shipping is easier, but also more pricy compare to 3rd party one and also when you got any problem with it, you have to access and being direct to so many customer service line until you reach the right person lol.
  7. Pay extra to have extra protection to your parcel. You can ask the seller to wrap extra wrapping box or put on the wooden racks to make sure your furniture deliver on its best condition.
  8. For shipment on furniture, it's best to go with sea shipping method because it's way way way way cheaper than by air. There are few furniture that I order and ship by air but end up it cost me like a bomb and some air shipping method wasn't support due to the weight exceeding the limits. But for sea shipment it's mostly 4-6 weeks depending on the time when the ship depart from the pick up point on the warehouse.
  9. Gather all your items at the warehouse and ship it all at once can enjoy cheaper shipping rate. Normally this is for people who are not in hurry because in order to wait all your furniture to arrive at the warehouse in once is quite hard for me because I'm in hurry and I can't wait all to arrive in once since most of my furniture order in diff time.
  10. Take time to do research, read the comment from other buyer and ask the customer service any question you have.

Overall, I really think buying furniture from taobao or lazada / online can help you to save your money as you need to install it all by yourself. So consider really 有血有汗 lol. But for me I really think I don't mind for it. I will do anything for my house as I wish to save some budget to buy good TV, and also for the renovation fees + taobao have more color and choices too. So end up I really recommend it except if you are lazy and you have more budget then you can get it in physical store which also got people help you to install when they deliver the items to your place. Alternative, you can also pay people to fix it for you too.

Everyone has different opinion and thoughts on budgeting, so depend on whether what you want but buying furniture online also require your time and effort. For example, I need to read all the review and check / measure my house space, it took me like 3-4 months to complete most of it. But I'm so happy that I'm able to experience it as nothing can be more satisfied than making your home like a real home, your safe heaven and cosy space.

So if you know how to use 3rd party shipping, then it will be great and if you really got zero knowledge like me, you can pay it directly through taobao app, just pay slightly more $ and pray they won't reject your parcel. Because for taobao shipping directly from oversea, things like mirror they will refuse to ship it back and also items which is too long. Some I just asked for refund as I really no time to deal and explain everything with them. Although I can type and speak in Chinese but some terms really different and they don't understand what I mean lol.

So this is what happen. At that point of time I really feel like killing my shitty contractor who started my renovation in January and only complete it in August. See how many month of delay and also after MCO when renovation can continue, he still slow like turtle and everyday I 'gekkk seiii' (angry die) like a crazy women. Just a small 1100 square feet condo, he promised me max will only take 2 month or 1 month plus but guess what? 🤬

Then I can't move all these to my house because no one there to sign the parcel for me so I all have to temporary put in Smelly's place. But I was so stress because I very afraid his parents gonna kill me with all these parcels lol. So immediately after the government announce that we can go to work, I immediately, like freaking every week I arrange moving lorry come to pick up and move to my house lol.

I search online and book the moving company through their website and each time is like around RM300-360 depending whether I need extra manpower to move it to my house because I'm not staying landed. I prefer trustable and app to book through online because if you simply find uncle to move, they anyhow extra charge or keep add on. Some more funny, they move until your lobby and say if you top up RM100 only they help to move it up for you. So to make my life easier and better moving experience. all I book online. TheLorry.com is not bad, you can click on their website, search your location and their website will calculate everything for you. 

You can choose from lorry, van and also whether you need extra manpower to help you or not. All can be done and choose from their website. I really hate those old type of business style, like con man like that and because during weekday Smelly is working, I'm dealing it all by myself so it's better to find trustable one. Even when anything happen can make complain and everything too. Their driver and manpower is nice too, wearing uniform. But there are more alternative out there, just I never experience and try it. If you don't have any reference, maybe you can try this too. Of course, if you engage those old uncle driver is much cheaper but chances of being con is also higher lol. So please take note!

I thought of filming a youtube video on all my experience but youtube couldn't allow me to place link like my blog, therefore at the end I decided to write a blog post instead. Then you guys can always google it and bookmark all the info & I can keep you update on my furniture link too. So this is me, if you watched my ig stories you can see the past few months, I'm really like superwomen, going back and forth fixing, installing and it's why all the sudden when I got nothing to do, I feel so depress and anxious lol HAHAHAAHA But I think I should really take a rest after this. I need go spa or have a good full body massage soon lol.

I really paiseh to ask people come and help me. For most of the thing if I can I will do it myself but there are things I can't do. For example like fixing the dining table myself. It's more than 60kg and all wrapped nicely with the wooden racks. I can't even take off that, I tried and end up Smelly wanna slap me already so he asked his dad come to help us. Okay, my in law family come to help me 😆 So shy to call them in law family ahahhaahhaa!! So hard to change because I have been calling them aunty uncle for over the past 10 years lol.

His dad come to help me and fix it but I also apish to trouble 老人家 because they no longer young. I didn't even ask my dad to come, how I dare to ask my in law lol. But I really would love to give thank to Smelly's family and Smelly too.

My in law help me to take off the box and it takes around 30 mins to unbox it because all the wooden thing is so damn hard to remove. He also accidentally hit his toes and I feel so sorry 😭 More worst Smelly get food poisoning on that day, so he lying down on the floor while his daddy and I were there to install the dining table lol. 

My friend advice me not to get dining table and ship from taobao because when she ship her dining table set, similar to mine, it spoiled. So she wasted 3k add on with the shipping. I really brave enough as I really got no budget to get it in Malaysia. In Malaysia like similar marble alike dining with chairs and gold legs cheapest around RM2990, Harvey Norman black legs one the chair and dining table around RM4999 lol. I put alot budget on renovation, flooring and kitchen, so my budget for furniture is quite tight. So when I scroll through taobao, it's like a heaven for me because there is gold legs one which can match with my home theme and interior aesthetic! Damn syiokkk and I just buy whatever I see after doing research and reading all the comment.

During that one month I really so hard to fall asleep at night lol. Very scare it spoiled during the shipment lol. I can only pray lol. So when I receive it without huge defect I was like, OMG THANK GOD! I'm consider lucky to receive everything in good condition with little defect on the chair. But acceptable la because I already know when ship back the items especially gold painted chairs, or those racks if it's metal one sure the paint will a bit peel off. '脫漆' like that. Then some leg a bit off from its shape lol. Maybe 5 chairs one really defect like that.

So yea, this is how it look like. Probably I need to buy the gold paint or spray to spray it. But until now I don't have time to go get the paint and touch up it lol. I think that's basically all those tips for you and now it comes to the most requested part from all of you. Where I get my dining table, my clothes racks , the shower head, the heart shape multi-function desk and all! 

- #ChanwonHOME Furniture List & Review -

(1) Dining Table & Chairs
This is by far the best purchase ever. I have read and scroll through so many shop through taobao, this is the best because first their customer service line is really well trained. Just remember if you are being ask to pay extra for wrapping the fragile items, just pay it if not you will end up wasted your whole furniture if it's spoiled. But for this shop I didn't ask them to wrap the chair's parcel too, it's why the box when arrived here, part of it spoiled. Also some peel off from the gold paint, but is okay, just a small thing we can touch up and fix it one.

There are many diff choice on the marble 3D Print but no joke this table is so damn freaking heavy. You can check on the link and see if it's something that you like, there are more out there and just remember to read and check with the comment. As for the chairs I bought 4 and there is one defect but overall I'm really happy as you can customise the chair cushion color based on what you like!

Dining Table & Chairs: Click here 

(2) Shower Head & Bidet Set
So I'm very picky I want the shower to match with the tile and has the rain shower head. Both master bedroom's toilet and guest toilet shower head and bidet set also bought from Taobao. So far so good because I didn't get those super cheap one, I buy this the middle range and I love that it comes together with the bidet I can use it to wash leg to anything. Also looking at how functional it is, you can also put your shampoo and hair mask there. 

Really recommended this but you have to ask someone to install it for you and you need to guess how to install it as in the packaging itself, don't have any instruction lol. I dunno why the seller didn't put in so I also blur lol But beautiful things come with a little scarification. Because it's black, it easily stick the dust and also have to clean or wipe it. But way better than those ugly silver color shower set. Don't buy gold color too as I stay at most homestay because they wanna stick with the same aesthetic and end up those gold color shower set look extra dirty and scary with the water stains. So best choice either matte one like this or just don't go for gold. But black color really stick dust la, have to wipe and clean it.

Shower Head Set: Click here

3) Heart Shape Multi-Function Drawer Desk
This is not recommended but so many of you asked for the link. I really regret on buying this as although the shape of the work desk is something I really love. In term of the functionality, it has the mirror, bluetooth speaker and also drawer + can work as a working desk. But the furniture cracks, and the seller is not responsible at all. I asked why the items different from what we seen from the photo.

He then reply say he can't post back the drawer handle for me. Really spoiled my mood as I saw on the photo, it's super cute and because of the drawer and mirror I just bought it. It cost me around RM2200+ with international shipping and I'm not sure why but I can't tahan when I pay so much but I get things that look different lol. Also the 'leg' of this furniture is too thin to support the super heavy heart shape furniture, the screw they provided is not enough also, end up I need to take to hardware and get it fix.

Okay, from photo it look good but if you really using it, it's not much on the function as the mirror itself it too low angle, so I can't use it as a makeup table, instead it's more like a working table for laptop and also just look nice. If you ask me worth or not for RM2k, not really I rather spent the same money get a better one and also the seller not responsible, never send back the heart shape drawer handle for me wtf! I angry lol

You see this wah so nice! Mad love when I saw this! Damn cute right lol. I dunno what I am thinking would rather spent RM2K on this xD

This is what show on the photo but when I receive it, it's diff. Just a normal round handle. Spoiled my mood nah, if it's heart shape it's way way way way cuter okay!

Then also dunno why I got this .___. sien now everyday I see I also heart pain but I forgive myself. Never try never know. Next time I will consider again if I saw something super nice and also don't put too much expectation lol. There is no warranty too if you buy it from Taobao. So remember to read carefully and ask first ya.

Heart Shape Multi-Function Drawer Desk: Click here

4) My Dresser Room Open Closet Racks
I have one customised wardrobe at my master bedroom and it's done by the carpenter but the problem is I need to share that with Smelly lol Therefore, with the amount of clothes I have, I need a separate dresser room to put all my makeup and clothes. I have think of buying loose furniture like wardrobe from Ikea but that one isn't the perfect size for my room. My room is a typical square space, I really want to fully utilise it and like those open-door wardrobe might be hard for me because I always want to know exactly what clothes or dress I already have, so I hope that is something like open closet without door one. 

OCD person like me will need to have all white hangers and all the hangers I hand bring back from Thailand lol. Yes I bought all these but recently due to the pandemic, we cannot travel so I find another alternative to get from Daiso and it's better since we can always get it in Malaysia and they always restock. So I ended up got my white open closet racks from Taobao because it has the measurement I want. I want something which is no more than 50cm width and yes, I'm satisfied with how it placed on my room but if you mind with all those little peel off paint then please don't buy from taobao lol

Because when I unbox it there is also part of it out of its original shape and also the paint quite peel off. So I have to touch up it only then it looks nicer lol. Also I bought two different length one, one for top and bottom and another one for long length dress and jacket. 

My Dresser Room Open Closet Racks: Click here

5) Pants Hanger Rack
If you watch my youtube episode #74 (click here) on how I fold and align nicely my pants and shorts then you will know about this pants hanger rack. I always ended up forgot what time of denim jeans I have and I have tried to fold it in many ways but ended up I still think this method suit me the most. I also recommend everyone to get this if your space is allow as now I know how many pants I have and also I no need to keep roll or fold it since I don't like my pants to have wrinkles on it. 

Then you might be asking where I got my transparent drawer from. I wanna buy the one from MUJI but it's too big for my room, so for smaller size one you can get it from SSF. I bought it in Melawati Mall SSF and they helped me to carry to my car. For the pants hanger rack you can check through the link below.

Pants Hanger Rack: Click here

6) Rose Pastel Pink 3 +1 Seater Sofa
I'm attracted to this sofa when I see it but when I really moved into my house, I think it's too small for us even it's 3 seater. As my living area is long high type, not those very spacious. I looking through all the store in Malaysia their sofa either too big, the back of the sofa is too wide and I can't find pastel color sofa so ended up I spot this through Lazada and then because I was buying also the rest of the thing in Taobao. I just taobao look through the similar one.

There are diff price range and I don't dare to buy those too cheap one so I choose the average one but compare with all sofa I spot in the market mostly RM2-3k, this I get this within RM1k. OMG Sibeh cheap and I tell Smelly we can change our sofa once every 5 years so I can like have a makeover of my house. Then when we really moved in, I found that it's hard for us lying on the sofa lol. The cushion not wide enough so when you sleep on the sofa, it can only fit one person and the cushion if you sit over for more than few hours, it will become slightly low. So really you get for what you paid. I think probably if I see any nice one with pastel color and long leg kind of sofa, then I will change it lol. Because I'm the one who always spend time in living area so I really need a good sofa but the amount of choice we have in KL is so so little.

Not much physical store got pastel pink sofa lol. Or at least pastel blue one but so far this sofa really so so beautiful and matches with my dining area chairs. So I'm still satisfied except not really tahan to sit on it and when we watch TV we want cuddle also hard, I have to either sit on my carpet ahahahaha or the 1 seater sofa. If you know any pink, long leg in gold color sofa please let me know!!

Rose Pink 3 Seater Sofa: Click here

7) Japanese Style Tatami Side Table
This is really nice and highly recommended as I'm finding a pastel mint color side table also something which I can put on my remote control and things. When I don't use I can put at the side of sofa, when there is guest over my house I can move to the middle and put my favourite drinks. Actually this is a tea table lol, but I just like it! Really really good quality especially the table itself, also included 2 cushion seat for you to sit on. I never see anything like this in KL, so ended up I decided to get it in Taobao.

Japanese Style Tatami Side Table: Click here

8) Vanity Rosegold Rack
So I need extra rack to put on my skincare product and I just gonna get the customised one from taobao. You can measure your space and let them know what's the length and width you want it to be. Suppose to hang it on the wall but I realise I got no tool to hang on the wall lol and so afraid it to fall down and hurt myself. So now temporary put it at the side and will fill it up with my skincare product lol

Vanity Rosegold Rack: Click Here

9) Bathroom Gold Rack
So my bathroom got no storage space for me to put on my electric toothbrush and shaver. At first I look through taobao for a transparent rack but ended up I changed my mind because the transparent one might look ugly after you hang it on wall and very out from my house interior theme. So ended I also got the gold one. I just put it on few days ago, with the stick on glue so I no need to drill it on the wall. Sorry for the sticker, I forgot to tear it off when taking this photo lol

Bathroom Gold Rack: Click here

10) 5 Layer Wheels White Rack
At first I get this for my kitchen space so I can put on my rice cooker, oven, bruno hot plate and keep my kitchen table top more spacious but ended up I think my yard need this rack to put on the liquid detergent and my old vacuum. Currently I'm using cordless free vacuum now and it's more handy and easy to bring around. No need keep looking for the plug lol. I should bring this back to my studio and use it there. 

I really like this rack because the wheel make it easily to move from here and there and also it has a stopper. I think I will buy this extra to my studio so I can put on my props and all. Good quality and easy to install.

5 Layer Wheels White Rack: Click here

11) Waterproof / oil-proof Kitchen Mat
Since the flooring of my living , dining and kitchen area is the same one I decided to put a kitchen mat on my kitchen area so it's easy to clean, oil-proof whenever I cook and also waterproof too. Just to protect my floor. It's really nice to use as it's really bouncy like that and more comfortable to stand with if you are always cooking in the kitchen lol.

But because it's quite big even it roll nicely, there are few part which got the wrinkles that I can't get rid of it, so I just cut it away lol. 

Waterproof Kitchen Mat: Click here

12) Kitchen Sink Drawer Rack
This really recommend to put under your kitchen sink spot. It really fully utilised the space and making everything stay nicely and the drawer also nice to use. Except you can't put things which is too heavy. I bought extra one lol Gonna keep it see when my friend move into new house I can give it as a gift HAHAHA!

Kitchen Sink Drawer Rack: Click here

13) Black Nano Kitchen Sink Set
I went to many home furniture fair and I still think their sink look really ugly lol. I actually looking for a granite kitchen sink and I thought the one I bought from Taobao (this) is granite until I received and fix it up lol. I really dunno what is granite in Chinese so I just see the color and just buy it as I'm in hurry to move and install a kitchen sink that time. I want a white one but my friend advice me to get rid of that thinking of having a white sink since I don't have maid to help me clean it everyday lol.

I was looking through many supplier in KL, most granite with that kind of 'flexible' water tap around RM1500 and it's totally out of my budget lol. So I just get it in Taobao because the similar one (not granite) is cheaper. So yea, I very like the size of it, just perfect for me except it's not deep enough for me to put on more plate lol and also the water tap paint will peel off. So probably I will change the tap to a better quality one lol. This one set is nice to see, the water tap not nice to use it peel more and more lol

The peel off side of the water tap

Black Nano Kitchen Sink Set : Click here

13) Towel / Bathroom Wooden Ikea Rack
Many of you asked about this, I bought it in Ikea Damansara. It suppose to put on the bathroom but sometime I love to change and move my furniture around lol. So you can put at anywhere you want, I think it look beautiful when you put in your bathroom and hang your towel on it.

14) Cable Box + Box
So all the box and also the cable box also got it from Ikea. 

14) White Frame Minimalist Mirror
You might don't know but this is from Ikea. If not mistake it's RM299 I bought it in my Studio but after I moved into my house, I just bring it over and now it's my full body mirror. 

15) White Hangers
I'm OCD over things and I love everything look tidy and align nicely too. So one of the thing is having the same color hangers is a must for me. I got all of these from Daiso, quite reasonable and can hold nicely all my top except you can't hold things like denim or items which it too heavy. The hanger will break or change its original shape when you put too heavy on it lol.

- My Thoughts -

I guess that's all about my sharing. I'm so happy finally I can publish this blog post and for those who asked for the link, here you go. Hope you think it's useful and if you like it remember to save or share it to your friends. Enjoy your taobao furniture haul and if I buy anything new then I will update it again ya.

See you only next blog post. Love, xoxo.

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