highlight in 2020 & new year resolution for 2021

14 January 2021

First post in 2021💕 It's another new year and I guess I should really take a deep breath now. It's been a whole year that is full of ups and downs. I have a love-hate feeling toward 2020 and now it's just the beginning of year 2021, and we are all stuck in our house because our government just implemented the MCO 2.0 yesterday.

It was such an exciting thing to do the highlights and new year resolution every beginning of the year but honestly, I feel sad this year. I have been listing this as one of the to-do from Dec 2020 until now lol. But I guess I should drag myself out from the bed and really take times to look at everything happened in 2020. 

I guess 2020 have been a painful year for everyone to remember. It totally twisted the whole thing and whatever I planned, it ended up with just a mess. I have been a hard time during that period of time as part of it is I can't travel, I stopped from creating travel content due to covid-19. It's all out of my control and imagine I can easily create content in the past by traveling, seeing and experiencing new things. Now what I did was just stuck in my house, struggling thinking what to post, what to share and things are all unrelated to those content which I usually posted.

Yes, it's why I feel so stressed out. Previously I can easily host any meet & greet workshop, any shoot to use most of my creativities and create content with my team. Now what I can do is thinking tons of way to have video/photo content which can easily shoot in our house. Maybe I feel so stress that I no longer can think out of the box, I feel restricted and depressed when I'm stuck at my house and never really interact with people. 

It takes some time for me to digest everything and like now, the beginning of MCO 2.0, honestly I don't feel good at all as my wedding get postponed again, the extra effort and time I need to put in order to reschedule with so many parties and most of my personal plan 😢 Aside from that, what disappointed me the most is my work plan. Once again, everything I planned is just like throwing the stone into the sea. It gone like that. I have 3 important video shoots this weekend and I planned it 1 month ago. I'm so ready for it and all the sudden in Monday our government announce for the MCO 2.0 and now I'm stuck at my house, thinking another way to possibly making the shoot at home. It's quite impossible and ended up I can only postpone or changed the whole direction / story board until once MCO lifted.

This basically sum up why I feel so frustrated at the beginning of MCO. It always give me shit but I do understand that we can't really blame anyone for it. Not even blaming ourself. We must support MCO 2.0, without it I guess our country might have another positive cases peak again. It's been almost 3k positive cases daily. What everyone can do is just work from home and trying our best to be productive but on the other hand, what I hate the most of almost half of my work couldn't really work from home especially outdoor video shoot. Seeing all the job opportunities, creativities gone like this is what I hate the most. Remember I told you guys, on my late 20s (now), is the year which I wanna fight the best on my work but now, look at it 😅 

I really felt so lost at the beginning and doesn't want to show you all these negative things, but now looking back all the things happened and I did in 2020. Especially the highlights, I feel like it's not really that bad actually. At least, I moved into my new house, finally married officially after 10 years of relationship with Smelly, still able to have yearly collaboration project with my favourite local brands, founded Haptive.co , adapting to the new normal and so on. Maybe that wasn't that bad after all hahahaha!

It also changed my perspective of writing my new resolution for 2021. In this coming 2021, I no longer act like what I usually do, I no longer taking so much time to plan as in my plan will get ruined unexpectedly lol but I will choose to FOCUS NOW and that all. As nothing else matters other than NOW. It's also painful to see some of my friend infected with covid-19 are still fighting, also sad to see many local business closed down because of the pandemic. But the good side of it is, because of it everyone are force to change the way they do business, everyone go digitally, I myself no longer have workshop but have so many virtual live session through my social media platforms. 

We can't control things like the virus, but we can control the way we see things and react to it. For those who feel depress or lost, maybe you can try to watch some motivational video, quotes or give yourself a timeline to digest 沈澱everything including your negative thoughts and then 重新出發! Clear your mind and just tell yourself is okay to feel sad at the first place but you will be fine after that. Just follow the flow and be flexible, adapting the changes. 

I know changes and uncertainties, unpredictabilities are scary and all of that can resulting upset in daily life which can cause anxiety and insecurity about ordinary, routine events. Believe this or not, everyone experienced and feeling like the way you are right now, it's just the matter of time and how you handle it. It might pull you down or push you further. Let us pull ourself out of it and go further and I believe we have the power to control our mindset

Now it's already 2021, we should go further and we still and must set our yearly goals / resolutions. I'm glad that I'm all prepared and ready for all the new challenge again. If you haven, set a time for yourself for a little reflection on things happened last year or reflect on everything you did in 2020, then another 30 mins, turn on your favourite music and write down all your new year goal. It can be just a simple one or a new challenge you wish to achieve or set in this 2021.

Also to make yourself feel better and appreciate on things that happened around you, I recommend you to have a little grateful note. I usually use my monthly planner to write down it or you can write it down on your smartphone's note app. Write down 1 grateful things everyday, can be a short sentence to remind you and cherish those little things. 

For example: 

  • Accidentally found a cookie online store and the cookie taste really good! Love it
  • Smelly kiss me this morning and give me a hug before he go out to work.
  • Ate my favourite sashimi dish and reminds me of all the food I ate in Japan.
  • Finished all my laundry and clean my house.
  • Trying new recipe and it taste so good.
  • Helped and donated money to orphanage today.
  • Mommy cooked my favourite dish tonight.

No need to make it hard, just think the ONE thing you did today which brings you positivities or making you feel great about it. Write it down before you go on bed and it's my 2020 new year resolutions on jot down little things that I'm grateful for everyday before my bed (Highlight in 2019 & New Year 2020 Resolution). It helped me alot and for those who are reading this, remember my yearly #MassiveGiveaway, this year I come out with some merchandise which related to this and might help you to be grateful for all the little things happens around you. Due to the sudden implementation of  Mco 2.0, there is a little delay on the production but I can't wait to share it with all of you soon!! You guys are the first one which get to read from my blog hehe!

I guess I shouldn't drag too long for it, time to sum up everything about my 2020 highlights and new 2021 resolutions. Let's get started!
1) Last few trips before the lockdown and did my pre-wedding shoot & trip in Japan
In the early of 2020, before our first lockdown, I'm happy that I went to few countries and also bringing my team to travel with me for our pre-wedding shoot. It was the best thing ever happened in 2020 lol. Who know it will be the last trip for everyone until now lol. I should be thankful enough to have my pre-wedding shoot done in early of 2020, if not I guess I might just bang the wall by keep postponed it until need to deal with the cancellation or maybe only can take oversea pre-wedding shoot in my early 30s lol. I really can't imagine that and I'm so happy that the trips gave us a lot of good memories. To be honest, it's crazy to have a shoot during winter and wearing gown in -10 degree destination, but now I'm proud that we did it. The craziest thing I have ever done in Japan! Once in a lifetime which I might not be able do it again in the future hahaha!

In the beginning of 2020 (Jan-March), I went to countdown in Singapore, Japan (Yamagata, Tokyo, Yamanashi) in Jan, Hokkaido and Bali in Feb and Perth, Australia in March. Although the last trip to Perth is the most intense one because it's the starting point of the pandemic spread of covid-19. Right after my trip, government announced for the first MCO in 2020 lol. That's the end point of my travel life and I have been in my homeland ever since that month until now 🤣 

I never thought that will happen to me especially for me as a travel blogger who travel every month, the transition is hard for me but now I'm able to deal with it. Just sometime I will miss my oversea friends and miss my travel life. If we can travel again in the future, I guess I might tears and cry on my flight because I expected that we might not be able to travel within this 1-2 years. Is okay, we save money and travel in the future!!
2) Renovation and moved into my new house.
For those who read my renovation stories then you will know how angry I am dealing with irresponsible contractor and also poor workmanship. I remember the time I'm still renovating my house, the work get delayed for 3 months due to the MCO, it's why it only completed in August 2020. Then only I'm officially moved and stayed in my new house. Filling it with things I like, decorate the way I want and start to buy and review so many good household products then sharing it with you guys.

3) Founded Haptive.co
During the time where I busy on moving into my new house, I realise there is so many limitation on homeware products. Therefore, I created Haptive.co which curated on things that I love and which can add value to our little safety heaven, so called home. I want people who start their #HaptiveLiving and have a little corner to put on things they love or they like from our store. Everything in my favourite theme and curated my top picks from cute little things to everyday use products.

It's also a good time for me to learn how to deal with diff suppliers with my team. Also the lesson learned from launching the first product range to creating the website from 0. For me it's quite new and quite challenging at the same time. We are now continue sourcing for useful and products that can brings us happiness and I can't wait for our up coming product line up and launch. Please stay tuned for more in 2021. It all started a small corner in my Studio and I cannot wait to grow the brand with all of you.

4) Officially and legally married to Smelly 
I'm glad that we never wait for our wedding day, we both agreed and decided to have our registration of marriage before our wedding day. If you read my blog post here then you will know the legal process of getting married in Malaysia and also how we come out with the decision of ROM first lol. Luckily we did it, if not I can't imagine how many time I need postpone and delay my plan lol. 

But what surprised me the most is, I still not get used to calling Smelly as my husband HAHAHAHAH I still call him as bf lol. Also feeling so grateful that we finally tied our knot after our 10 years + relationship. The rest I think have to wait MCO 2.0 to be lifted again only can proceed. Suppose our wedding day is next Thursday lol. Just one week left and this Monday government just announce on implementing the MCO 2.0. Funny right lol I can't cope if I need postpone again I will be fml.
5) Both #ChanwonX Collaboration Projects 
Starting from 2018 I have been really into the yearly collaboration project with local brand. In 2019 launching a collaboration clothing series, 2019 with a local bag brand and 2020 I have been collaborating with a brand that I'm growing up with. It's Shoploooh! Yes, we launched our #ChanwonXShoploooh (read full revealing story here) Never Stop Trying collection. Using the same theme with my blog header and it's been one of my highlight in 2020 despite all the ups and downs happened in 2020, we still decided to go ahead and launch it out!

I remember all the 'sweat and blood' we put in on this collaboration projects and it's really fun to play around and styling for the whole collection too. From the visual to all the little details and design on the collection , including the quality, Shoploooh really giving me the best support ever and putting all they can to make the whole collection to be in the market.

On the other hand, at the third quarter of 2020 I received the exclusive collaboration opportunity from Minimalist Lab and after months of discussion during MCO and RMCO we finally launched our curated pick collaboration projects on their website. All virtual and photoshoot handled by me and produced with the helped of my team. I'm so proud of this two highlight in 2020, at least I know I'm not doing nothing at home and I remember keep postponing and reschedule all the shoot lol. Indeed, it's a memorable working year for me. I keep pushing myself to go further and progress more, not just staying at home and do nth. The struggle is real but we did it.

Thank you everyone who supported me and giving me the opportunity to learn, to create and I will give the best for each of the collaboration project I have. Hopefully I can have another yearly project in 2021. I hope all business who struggle can recover it as soon as possible. Really sad to see how business closed down due to the pandemic.

6) Appearance Shoot and Virtual Live session 
Ever since the covid-19, it's either you are lucky enough to schedule the shoot right after lockdown lifted, or it's just so close right before the CMCO again lol. The funniest thing was, all happened without any preparation. Just so sudden and it reminds me of my shoot with one of the pharmacy brand in 2020. It was the Brand Guardian Shoot with Guardian Malaysia. I remember it's exactly during the first day of CMCO but the shoot we actually booked and schedule a month before.

I representing my favourite country, Japan! to be the kawaii appearance content creator for this shoot. Recommending some of my favourite Japanese brand beauty products for the whole month and including the brochure or in store board in whole Guardian store in Malaysia. The first time I'm having a work pass to travel out for the shoot and after that I'm hiding at my house lol. Also celebrating my bday at home without going out lol. 

Ever the start of the MCO, RMCO and CMCO, I have been like a robot, whenever at home I can just think without getting enough sleep at night and once we are free to go out and work, then I work like a beee, like a robot. Whenever it's work, I feel so semangat and passion about it, I guess I'm working from home too long for the whole year lol. Then it's also a year which I host quite a number of live session. It's mainly on brand's platform either facebook or their ig, sometime I also did it on my ig too. Luckily I'm still able to interact through live with all of you if not I really missed all the interactive face to face workshop with my sweetie fam!

I also did a lot of live session with my KOL friends, it was so fun and I guess I will have another few live session on this MCO 2.0 because I can't just stop from here and doing nothing at home. Or I should continue drafting my renovation tips and story for all of you! Stay tuned for that as well.

7) First camping experience with my best friends
Hahahah if you read my daily update on blog you will also noticed that I'm having my first outdoor camping experience in 2020. Can you imagine I, myself bathing outdoor with clothes on, dipping myself into the rivals, eating and picking rambutan and fruits from the fruit trees, sleep over a night at the camp area, sweating and meeting so many new friends at the camp. It was one of the best thing I tried on in 2020. I wanna try camping nearby rivals and sea side next time. Now we all waiting for the time to picnic and camping at a stranger place and #cuticutiMalaysia

8) Makeover our new room 2.0
Also who followed me on my ig you know how I transform and makeover our second home. Yes will shared it on youtube or my blog here too. Stay tuned as now I'm waiting for the curtain to come because previously it's out of stock for the color I picked, and the most wtf is it's actually scheduled to come by today but due to MCO 2.0 we need to postpone until further notice lol.

9) Pierced my ears
HAHAHAHA Finally because I want to wear beautiful earrings on my wedding day and I went to pierce my ears in the beginning of 2020. Like finally! Omg Can you imagine I have been wearing ear clips for the past 2 years and been living with no ear hole for the past 28 years and finally, I did it. The recovery process is scary, my sensitive ear bleed alot due to the gun shot piercing method. So I really not recommend to use gun shot method, if can use needle piercing method and the recovery process is faster and better.

10) Marriage Life
Due to the MCO period, it's also my first time completely like 24/7 sticking with Smelly. Like really spending everyday within that 3 months together. Honestly it's when I finally feel like I'm toward the marriage life. HAHAHAAH I never see and stay with him for such a long time and it's really a challenge for me and after that very first 'trial time' I really feel that we understand each other more and able to discuss our perspective and goals together.

Then in Dec 30th, we finally legally married and I'm officially Mrs Ho. Stealing his last name HAHAHAAHHA! Still don't get use to it and looking forward to build and have more family members with Smelly. But first, gonna settle our intimate wedding day first lol.

11) Limitation
So every shoot my team and I must be working hard to come out some creative ideas. With all those restriction we have during RMCO or MCO, it's really limited us to think of of the box. We can't have the freedom to do outdoor shoot, we must confirm everything based on the SOP, always update with the latest news and when MCO happening, all project actually started with just postpone, but slowly it canceled. So I was like seeing the opportunity pass by and fly away from me. Then whenever MCO lifted, it canceled and the creativities and plan we put on the proposal just gone like that.

You guys must be saying, is okay more to come but sometimes trend and creativities like that only applicable on that specific time and when it's on trend, and also seeing how our ideas gone like out of our control. I started to get use to it or direction being twist to have the shoot at home, so it means less team included, which limits most of my shoot and outcome.

12) Started my Youtube
I opened a youtube channel few years back but NEVER once I really schedule the video up on the channel, it's not really active so in 2020, I tried my best to come out with 3-4 videos every month. Yes, I hired editor team for my youtube and because I can't tahan myself not doing anything at home, so I also bought a new vlogging cam to vlog for my youtube. Quite a new investment lol, I dunno where I got the courage to put in more fund and invest more to a new platform. I really dunno how the new system works in youtube, still figuring out of it and I really dislike filming prank video just for the purpose of increasing the view. 

Still need figure out what topic I should cover on my youtube and what kind of content I need to create. The problem is nowadays there is too many social media platform. Last time we just started to have youtube and blog, then fb , ig and tiktok and more. I feel lost and not sure what to curate for each specific group of audience. I'm still working out to figure out the best content I can create for each. But I believe it's a way of learning new things.

Everyone learned new things and skill during this pandemic and what I can say is, you will never get to survive if you only have one skill. I see many people learning new editing skill, learning how to digitalise their business and all. There are all sort of opportunities and online free tutorials for you and the best part is seeking for all this info no longer hard as like in the past. Last time we need to buy books or read so many things now you just search for anything you want to learn in youtube and easily access it with just your smart phone too.

13) New blog makeover
I remember I did that once MCO lifted. Immediately fly over to my studio and staying there to be more productive! The first ever project is shooting for my brand header and hint on the brand that I founded. So fun that I'm able to work tgt with my team again. Not sure how long this MCO 2.0 last but I really hope to go back my workplace soon.

14) Survived at my own home cook dish for almost a month 
Yes, I survived to enjoy my masak-masak time at home but I really can't be a housewife. I remember the whole day of me just googling and trying the new recipe, cook, clean, cook dinner, waiting Smelly back and there gone my whole day lol. Can't even work properly at home lol. Very scary for me because I got no one to talk with at home too except for when Smelly back from work. Really that 1 month 像與世隔絕 and after everything back on track, I'm alive again when I can visit to nearby cafe, going out to shopping a bit and enjoy catching up with my friends.

15) Supporting local business & buatan Malaysia
Been really into the internet and I have decided to help some local business or business that I like during the MCO, helping them to reach to more audience, advising them how to digitalise and I suddenly become like a consultant lol. Also teaching my friends how to take food photography through video call lol, and also guiding them to go ask Mr.Google the best free tutorial you can easily access with lol.

Also in creating the my own merchandise for the giveaway, I actually finding local printing store and although the price is slightly exp than getting in China, I really think that local supplier really not bad except some of them still think traditionally and quite hard to deal with lol. With the high MOQ and things it takes to create the merchandise, I really hard to not work hard for it. Now I'm still waiting the printing factory to send me the finalise product, after receive it I guess next week I can proceed to shoot and share more with you guys. Hope it brighten your day too! 


For this 2021 new resolutions I feel like to copy and paste my 2020 resolution because I achieved all the resolution I set in 2020 HAHAHAAH. Maybe I can bring forward some of it and keeping it as one of the thing I have to do yearly.


  1. Focus Now and appreciate everything I have NOW. 
  2. Able to host my intimate wedding in 2021 and wearing my one and only customised gown.
  3. I think I did a good one by de-clutter my life in 2020 (my 2020 resolution) and I shall continue it in 2021.
  4. Improve my editing skill and create more creative content
  5. Improve my sleep
  6. I hope to travel or #CutiCutiMalaysia more in a new way
  7. Read 12 books
  8. One grateful thing a day before sleep , good mental health
  9. Trying 1 new recipe every month 
  10. Make baby! xD
  11. Create more on Haptive.co

So I guess that's all for today. Can't believe I have been doing this for almost 6 years now. It's really a good thing to look forward to and as long as you have set your goal and resolution, you won't feel so lost and not sure what are you going to do in your 2021. Now it's your turn to set your own resolution and kickstart it now! 

That's all for today. Love, xoxo. See you on my next post!

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  1. Always a must to read your new year resolution before I set out my resolution and goals :) the only thing good for MCO is your parents can't invite as many people as they want haha