Post-MCO Hair Makeover Experience @Number76

23 June 2020

The moment I have been waiting for.. and today, IS THE DAY ✨ Yeah, the 'new normal' post-MCO life. I started to go back our studio and work. I went out to lunch with my team for the first time and finally, now, the moment that I have been waiting for since the first day of RMCO. Finally able to say bye bye to my pudding hair and no longer need to keep edit my photo because of that black hair root.

I never thought I would say this but I really miss pampering my hair now. Been 3 months ++  never do anything on my hair. I wanna trim it badly and also get rid of my pudding hair lol. I remember the moment I saw the SOP given and announced by the government, I immediately texted Suky from Number76, Bangsar branch and told her please let me know if there is a slot for me.

So I waited for about...two weeks and finally visited my favourite hair salon for the first time during this post-MCO period. I really wanna note this down as it's my first time ever wearing mask for the whole 1 hour when stylist trim , cut and dye my hair. The most 'gan-jiong' one is, we need to follow all the SOP and done our hair within 1 hour. Yes, imagine I got so many treatment wanna do and wish to pamper my hair but I can only choose one to do within 1 hour.

Then I thought of, I just wanna get rid of my pudding hair and of course, cut my hair shorter, for like 10cm maybe? It's so hot lately and I don't even have time to deal with my long hair so I just wish to keep it til my chest/armpit length. My hair grow til mid back ~ lower back length during this MCO period lol. 

So go back to the 'new normal' post MCO life, every time you enter to a new restaurant or shop, they will provide you a QR code to scan, sanitize your hands and also measure all our body temperature. I feel like myself getting normal with all these nowadays. It's weird at first but I think it's all the must-have now to protect and make sure the place is safe for everyone as well as following all the necessary SOP given by the government.

My first post MCO hair makeover experience is great. I enter the hair salon with a peaceful mind. I see number76 team sanitising the sofa, table and seat every time. There are social distancing space in whole salon area. Every of them are wearing disposable gloves and cape. I'm impressed that they actually changed it for every guest. 

We as a guest will need to wear our mask all the time and you can request to change the hair mask as well after your hair service. There is no longer tea or hot drink serve for us but bottled water is placed above your seat and for people who age below 12 or above 60, you will be guided to their private room immediately once you enter the salon. Because that's the age group with higher risk I guess.

Due to limited seat and time slot given, we have to reserve and book our appointment before we come. I guess for walk-in guest might be a bit hard to serve you on time at this moment. I see everyone come in with their slot and number76 team carefully recorded all our body temperature and keep reminding us to sanitised our hand.

So yea,  here's the before photo. Look at my hair, super duper long, out of shape , just so long for me and the ugly hair roots. Now you know why I keep tie all my hair up and dont really take photo during this whole time because it requires lots of time just to edit away my black hair roots hahahaha. But most of the time when I posted my daily vlog through instagram stories I just don't care but when it comes to youtube videos and daily photo post, I do want to get rid of it badly. So here I am, finally here 😭

All of the guest have not wear our mask on through the whole process of dying our hair or even having a haircut. It's really my first time ever but I think the hairstylist must be feeling sad because they have to wear the gloves when cutting our hair / washing our hair. Like they couldn't touch and feel our hair, everything have to be extra caution. All of them are wearing face shield on work and I ask if it's making their daily activities harder,  they told me YES. Like face shields do have a lot of reflection, making them hard to look and focus on something, washing our hair with gloves, can't breath nicely with the face mask on for hours and imagine if they want to go toilets have to take off everything, sanitize it, wear a new gloves again and repeat it over and over again. I thought only those who are in frontlines are struggling but now I see all the shop owner, staffs who doing service line are having the same thing as well.

I hope we can go back like those day before covid-19 ☹️

But I'm so glad that it's now the RMCO, everything slowly open and we, everyone of us are adapting the 'New Normal' life.

Also to make sure we can finish on time, they need two staffs here to help me on blow drying my hair. I chopped away 8-10cm amount of hair and dying my hair slightly darker. This time it's dark gradient hair. Ash brown on top and bottom is dark purple shades. I didn't bleach my hair for more than 2 years now, so all of these can be done without bleaching it if you hair base color is as light as mine. My base color (before dying this color) is quite light, like light brown maybe so I have been loving it so far.

I tried ash brown last year, then when I'm doing my pre-wedding shot in Japan few months back (Jan 2020), I do something like this but bottom is dark pink. Now is dark purple and stick with ash brown tone on the top as well. So for those who asked, yes no bleach for this color but still it depends on your hair base color. Better to consult the pro stylist first. Just to let you know that for bleaching process, it requires more than 2 hours , so currently all salon unable to bleach our hair and no perm hair service as well. The government has given the SOP for them, so no choice they can't take any service that require more than 1 hour.

Super power after that! TAAA-DAAA! New hair makeover ☺️☺️ Finally darker shades and it gives everyone an illusion that my hair looks super healthy now.

I really love it and thank you so much Suky for picking this colour for me. Been sticking with them for 5-6 years. I'm so happy that they are back after the MCO period and of course, thank you them to save my hair lol so it also means that I no need to buy any hair dye product & do it myself at home lol.

🤩 hello to my new hair and that's all about my post-MCO hair makeover experience at Number76. It's more peaceful than I thought. I thought it gonna be rushing at first but overall I'm so satisfied with their service and glad that everyone slowly back to work. Please stay safe and take care. Remember to bring extra face mask and wash / sanitize your hand every time okay!

That's all for today. See you on my next post! Love, xoxo.

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