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14 July 2020

Hello July 💕 Hello Sweeties, how have you been doing? I have been so busy since the end of June. I mean like finally all the job that have been postponed and delayed got a little progress. It's quite a stressful and exhausting month so far, but due to the 3 months break during MCO, I really enjoyed all these days. Like finally I'm so freaking busy until I fall asleep immediately once I'm on bed.

This month is like squeezing all leftover work in March-May into one. Like now every Monday I have discussion, planning and meeting until late night while still need to take care of the rest of my personal things. People always told me that I have a good time management but there are some day that I tend to be too stressful and then will totally mess up with my schedule and time as well.

But you know, I quite enjoy all these day where I'm able to walk out from my house, visit to new cafe in town with precaution of course, able to go and back from my workspace, clean my new house and at night, watching favourite youtube video with Smelly.

Except with all that, one of the best thing happening in July will be the upcoming yearly collaboration again. It's been postponed for months due to unpredictable MCO but so happy that the wait is over and I can't show you more about the upcoming project. You guys are the first one who knows because I don't even give any hint other than on this blog post. If you followed me for quite some time, you will get it ☺️

Next wonderful thing that I have done in July will be one of the cuti-cuti Malaysia short trip. Yes, I finally went to Langkawi Island for the first time. You know life is full of surprise. So how we started with this is one of my besties bf coming back to KL and they thought of having some road trip in Malaysia and I was planning on some road trip + wanted to do some outdoor shoot other than just my home and studio. So we thought of escape 1-2 days from the busy city and work and TAAAA-DAAAA, we bought ferry ticket and book the private island villa stay immediately after the day we decided Langkawi is our next destination.

So I got this straw hat long long time ago and finally I can bring it out lol! So it's really a short trip. We drive all the way to Kedah and stop at the ferry point, then take two ferry to arrive at our private villa. The first day everyone is just so dead, sleep immediately on our bed after arrived and showered haahahha! But the girls, us, went outside of our room to capture how beautiful our villa is.

Then we forgot to bring along our tripod stand and get this shot. Our stay and villa is quite good except for the food. Both food choice and presentation is quite disappointing but the stay is so far so good. I never knew that Langkawi is so beautiful on its own until this short trip. I'm so happy that I'm able to be on this trip with them, we basically throw away all our phone, no internet connection in our room lol, just enjoying all these funny moments together. Sharing some inside jokes and catching up with each others.

I knew both of them from my work and so surprise that we can travel together to Japan few years back and still remain our friendship until now. Both of them have a special place in my heart. Like we wont talk everyday but when we together, it must be some short trip or just a simple trip like this. There are 2 guys in our short escape trip but both of them gg at their room because they drive all the way from KL to the ferry point.

I'm rushing back on the 4th of July because it's Smelly's birthday. So I get airport transfer from our villa to the airport directly while 4 of them can sleep longer and slowly drive back to KL. 

You guys told me that I look like fully charged after this trip. Honestly speaking, I think so! I really really love traveling no matter it's oversea or in our homeland. I love exploring new place and seeking for new things in my life. I love simply found a hidden gem cafe and enjoy some private chit chat session there, having a cup of hot chocolate or my favourite orange juice, taking some photos and sharing it when I'm back to hotel room.

As I grow, I started to appreciate all these time where I can sit down, focus on something and silent my phone. Just like what my friends told me when I was 20, the older you get, you will see thing differently and enjoy the moment where you can spend your quality time with people you feel comfortable with. Yea, honestly I enjoy all these moment. As we grow, we tend to value things differently. I guess I know exactly what it means now.

Then after one night staying at our villa, we decided to be a local tourist on the second day. We do all sort of silly things together. Waking up after 10 hours sleep because we don't have smooth and nice data connection, we actually slept sibeh early! HAHAHA Like freaking early and our body alarm auto awake in the morning. We went to the famous cable car in Langkawi Island, also visit the sky bridge buying all sort of day trip entering tickets. HAHAHAHA I shared lots of photo we took in Langkawi through my instagram too.

Next funny thing is, I realise there are Super Ring selling in every of the queue and stop point. I wonder if it allows us to eat this when walking on the bridge or walking on all these tourist spot. I'm not really sure so we only eat this out of the tourist spot. Also bear in mind that we need to sanitise our hand whenever we touch anything, of course wear mask too!

Also almost the end of June, I finally couldn't wait anymore since we can drive to others state, I immediately book my skin management appointment with SkinHouse JB and drive all the way from KL and then drive back to KL again right after the facial and dinner time. I guess only my friends will accompany me doing all these crazy things. Finally I did my facial and ovary treatment after so many months.

No matter how busy and stressful life we have, remember to give yourself some pampering time and re-charge session. Wanna book massage at the end of July, I can't wait to enjoy full body aroma oil massage omg!

Then also some good news for me, finally my studio room is so done with the ceiling leakage problem. Like been mentioning this in the beginning of June until now omg. Finally contractor came and fix it for 2 weeks. Finally I can stay over and sleep peacefully in my studio room. I love how creative my sweeties fam are, while looking for the suggestion, one of the sweetie who dm me told me to get the car protector cover to wrap everything instead of the plastic because it's much easier and no need stick all the plastic all over my furniture and bed.

So the next day I bought 4 of the car cover in diff size from S to XL lol. Once for each size and cover everything including my closet wardrobe area lol. It's by far the most helpful suggestion! Thank you for the help my sweetie!

The first week it's still leak due to the weather and the second week after touch up and final work done on the rooftop, no more leakage from my ceiling and top. The contractor Leong as me if want the yellow leaking stain totally gone, then he need to paint a layer of chemical thing which might cause me skin allergy. So I told him, is okay just make sure no more water leakage and I'm alright with the stain since it's just top of my ceiling.

I can't stand with skin allergy anymore by so far so good *touched wood* I even clean my own house and dont have any allergy reaction with the new painted wall and dust. I guess it's really good to invest in a nice supplement to increase body immune system and also new air purifier.

Speaking about household products and homeware items, lately every weekend when Smelly is free, we went to Sunway and just purchase some household product like air purifier, cordless vacuum & mop and the rest of the cleaning product. I always invest in good household product which can benefit me in a long run but normally it's also cost me a bomb. So every month I buy one household product and also doing research reading google online and then I go get it on the next weekend. Like lately I purchased another expensive air purifier at first my budget on 1.5k but end up I top up abit to get a better one for my space since the living area quite big and long while also invest in a new mop + vacuum cordless cleaner. Next month I want to buy the Philip steam iron and also a good and beautiful speaker for my house. Oh yea, also a good oven as well!!! I also haven buy rubbish bin ahahahah!!

All household product can't 'kiam siap' because it will make your life easier and most importantly less time consuming. Of course happy wife, happy life. lol Less complain and less blaming the household work lol

I'm so freaking surprise that at the end I forgot to book kakak for cleaning service and decided since it's our house, why not just do it ourself. At first I thought of left the toilet for the cleaning service next week but end up we just did ourself. lol 亲力亲为 is totally us. Like most of my friend told me like, Chanwon you will end up doing it yourself one cause is your new home.

I'm be like no, I afraid I get skin allergy after that since it's so dusty but luckily Smelly was here to help and after 3 hours of cleaning and mopping the damn dusty floor. Two of my best friends came to help me mop again and clean the all the wardrobes. I also shop til drop at Jaya grocer, purchased RM500 household product and lately purchase tons of Norwax clothes too. I think I will do the best for my home and I will make it clean and shine like a diamond 🤣

I love this space so much and can't wait to move in and start our day staying together here. It's also really frustrated our new home contractor finally did the final handover to us but still leaving all shitty workmanship to us. Like both of my friends who came few days ago to help on cleaning told me that she feel so heart pain when seeing I pay so much of my hard earn money but get all these shitty workmanship. They even want to help me repaint all the door frame and the walkway.

For those who watched my stories and follow my instagram, I think you guys knew that I just give up on scolding the contractor already. I have no more energy for that but just purely disappointment and it's really a painful experience. Will share this soon after I fully clean and done moving it to this place. Please wait for me and sorry to keep you waiting because really have too much info to share.

But there is also some good thing happening like finally my table top solid wood arrived. It's so so beautiful and I remember I'm so struggle when picking the right one but so far so good for now. The toilet sink and mirror set arrived too. Now just wait for my sofa and also the big marble dining table to be arrive within this month. Hopefully we can move in this few weeks then I can slowly sort things out and sell most of my unused and pre-loved items as well.

This coming weekend my bed and bed frame will be deliver to my new house and also the wifi & CCTV installation too. Woooohooo, so at least I can work or film there if I need any. With wifi, everything is possible! HAHAHAHAH

Apart from that, back to my usual work I'm on board on one of the fun video content campaign. The shooting experience is really fun and honestly, this production team house is the best one ever. Ordered nice food for us and even boba tea! HAHAHAHAHA Can't wait to see the final video and will share it out with you guys once it's available. Also some BTS too!

Next, finally it's our first SUN.DATE after mco lol. It's also a birthday treat lunch! You know how bad he is always at night watching Japanese Wagyu Teppanyaki video lol. I tried to google it out the best wagyu place in KL and ended up I'm glad that I found this place called Shin Nihon.

My best order is the garlic rice, omg without this rice our wagyu date cant be so perfect lol. So we order few type of Wagyu that available selling on that day. So far our best one will go to the Chateau Briand beef. We want to try around so we picked two type of wagyu, diff beef type and parts and then Smelly ordered Beer while I prefer Ume Plum Wine with Soda. Smelly is the one who ordered garlic rice first but then after trying it, I immediately order another one lol.

The Japanese Imported Wagyu Chateau Briand. Our favourite!

 Garlic Rice

 Sirloin Beef from Australia as the one we want to try sold out, so the staff recommended us to try this Australian beef!

 You can choose to do it yourself or the staff will help you. 

For first timer, you are recommend to order the beef set which consist of 4-5 types of beef from diff parts to diff taste / type too. But we didn't order cause I desperately wanna try on the Chateau Briand and I scare we can't finish the beef set. So we just go for the premium one instead of the set.

I still looking for teppanyaki style wagyu in KL but couldn't find any with good rating one in KL. If you have any feel free to let me know I would love to give it a try next time!

Last but not least, finally can have some outdoor video shoot again. This up mountain place located at my studio area and it freak me out that it's still raining in the morning but thank god I'm sitting under the tree , got covered so I still can stand there and shoot for 1 hour. We carry all the props, chairs and flowers all the way to the mountain picnic spot and here we go, the wonderful set up for an upcoming video content.

Right after the shoot, every time after a long working day I will treat my team a good brunch! So here we are, driving to this new cafe called MOMO'S KL to try out their taco and churros. Quite good but we can't fix our hungry stomach lol, I thought there is more food available there but unfortunately it serves only taco and churros and specialise in coffee as well.

So ended up after that since I have another dance cover to shoot at the end of this month, we decided to head over to Pavilion and have our asian food fixed there! 

 Our Taco & Churros

This MoMo's interior is really nice, I spot lots of photos spot here but I'm off from my photo mode. So here's some of the photo I wish to share with you guys. It reminds me of the taco I tried in Perth hehe!

So there is something happened few days ago as well. It's exactly on the same day when we went to Pavilion for late lunch fix and also to get our upcoming clothes for the shoot. Right after our late lunch, like 2 hours later Mica and I went back to our car. We going back to office and soon I realise I couldn't open my car. Like no car sensor and I realise I didn't carry my car key with me.

I look at Mica and I freak out like hell saying OMG WHERE IS MY DAMN CAR KEY. I'm so so so scare of that and my brain came out with all sort of directory and schedule like which shop we passed by just now and where I put it. Then suddenly someone walking toward me and holding my grey color car key OMG! The parking guard / guy holding my key and he say I dropped on the floor beside my car.

DAMN CARELESS ME! Then he brought me to the Pavilion Police place located in the car park area. They ask me to proof that this is my car key. So thank god the key chain is my name, so I showed them my IC and get my key back immediately. They even advice me to be careful next time. I'm like wtf how can this happen and I wish there is no more next time. My brain is empty and I can imagine how Mica look at my face. It must be green >> like this 🤢 lol but no puke no worries! HAHAHAHA

I just feel so funny and thank god the guard keep and holding my key. No more next time and I better done hold the key with my hand anymore!! Should put in bag next time. That's all for my funny stories and things happening in this month.

Will talk to you guys soon, til the next post! Love, xoxo. Take care and stay safe together!

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