New Blog Makeover 2020

06 June 2020

Woohoo♥ I'm so glad that I have decided to give my blog a new makeover. Just love the new look on my blog now and I'm going to show you guys what's the new update + some extra photo I took during this makeover. I actually just planned to reshoot the whole blog header. Then when I put it on my blog I realise there is some error on my html coding slider and ended up I decided why not just give a new look on my blog since I already got all the new header might as well just change the whole thing so that I can do it all at once.

After weeks of editing, brainstorming and preparing for the new header shoot during + after MCO period, this is by far the best shooting experience ever. Like this is not for my client's work, it's just purely something that I wish to do in the past, but I got no time lol. So I guess MCO really taught me on how to focus on myself this time. How to de-stress, how to brainstorming at home and communicate with the team and the moment I can go back to the Studio and work, I was like OMG😭 I must deliver this whole ideas to live.

So, taaa-daaa everything done! I'm really particular and clear on things I want. I mainly think about the whole ideas and theme, then create a creative brief / mood board for my theme to know exactly what I want. Then, the rest of my team are doing a great job on preparing the props, buying the flowers, thinking for extra pose, inspiration and all that took us weeks to come out with something like this. It's like really...finally..finally it's now get published on my blog.

The whole blog changed from a really plain and full white/grey/black color blog to something more warm and slightly relatable to me. I want here to represent me, my personalities and having a heart-to-heart moment with each of you. Like finally it's everything that I always wanted it to be. Thank you for your patience and a big thank you as well to the team behind this shoot. 

Bye bye to old one & say Hello to the new

So here's the only photos I have to show you guys the old It's been some time since 2016 sticking with a white basic blog, now I got more time and effort to keep my blog alive and making it a little better and 'sweeter' for all of you. Like a transformation from a basic one to something that match with my style and preference. 

I hope you love the new look as much as I do. Just a quick screenshot to remember this makeover!

The side bar changed from the right to the left.

When you click on any labels or categories, it brings you to this Polaroid looking page.
In the past I always stick with a 3x3 layout but having a 2 post in a row now making the first photo of my blog post look bigger and I just love the way it is.

Also, the whole blog is now responsive to mobile ratio, iPad, desktop and so on. 

 Next, re-organized all my labels and categories everything nicely on travel and beauty drop-down menu.

Also the new subpages under ♥ menu.

Also for OCD people like me, now all the photo will be align perfectly fits on the blog post column and space. Previously with the white background I have to resize everything and keep on adjusting it in order to make it align perfectly lol. I actually asked hired a designer from oversea to design the basic template for me and then I edit and change the html coding for all the little things like color, font, header, slider, featured part and side banner as well as adding new subpages to my blog + some new feature on the side banner too. 

Luckily everything turned out quite nice, if not I'm gonna backup and use the old one again lol. Oh yea, also I want to share with you guys the full original photo we took for this new makeover. Please enjoy this and I feel like I'm more mature now on this shoot. idk why but maybe because my hair getting long now after the MCO lol.

I guess I should stop typing and let's the photos speak for itself.

Took 50 portrait shot and this is the true love :p HAHAHAHA

 Really love my hair on this photo

My team really did a great job on getting all the set up done. It's exactly what I wanted!👏🏻

This is the mature side of me x)

Since my blog is all about Travel and Beauty content, I decided to add on some beauty element on it. So a mask is a must!

Also ended up I didn't put this photo on my header, so I upload this through my blog so everyone can look at it lol.

OMG I love this too.


I guess that's all for this makeover update! I took some footage and BTS video clip during the shoot. Will edit it into a video and post on my youtube as well. So yea, that's all for today and I will see you on my next blog post. Love, xoxo.


  1. the new makeoverrr is so prettttty! so warm and nice! 😍❤️

    1. Thank you!! OMG So happy you guys love it!

  2. so pretty! the photo that u didnt add to header is very pretty too!