▐ DEARDIARY #19▐ MCO Day34 (Third Phase)

20 April 2020

Welcome back to my blog Sweeties👏🏻 We are currently having our third phase of MCO period. I totally lost count on which day are we currently at. I guess it's Day 34 if not mistake. I'm really into the tv news lately and feeling much better and happier that, especially these few days, our daily new covid-19 cases drop from hundreds to 2 digits cases. Finally I'm seeing some improvement and we shall continue to stay at home until further notice announce by our prime minister.

Honestly, everyday when I woke up it's either a super productive day or I'm feeling so down. I can work my ass off when I'm traveling or in our studio but when I'm home, my brain automatically turned into home rest mode. But having such a long period at home is just killing me slowly. I enjoy work from home at most of the time but not like everyday through the whole month I can work from home.

My struggle is I couldn't film much at my current place, I don't like to be restricted to a certain corner or disturbing Smelly having his meeting or work as well, no new content at all and I often seek for inspiration outside of my house and I think I also feeling sad as I love to work at my studio space and it's why we committed quite a lot of $$ in our new studio. OMG, I really love the freedom in the past that I could simply just drive to my place whenever I want. Then I can just blogging when I'm back at home without feeling stress or go back to my parents house whatever I want.

Like now, in order to reduce the chances of MCO spreading to the public, all of us tried our best to stay at home, restricted to certain area that I also restricted myself from going out for grocery shopping. I tried my best to order everything online but I do sanitised everything, even I received a parcel I'm so afraid of touching it with my hand. I wear glove and doing all sort of things that I will never do it in the past lol.

Of course, my grocery shopping experience few days ago was freaking scary. Like it's my very first day to step out from the house ever since the first day of MCO. It's funny and scary at the same time. I fee myself like a vampire finally able to expose myself to the outdoor sunlight and to be honest, I sweat like hell and the moment I step into Jaya Grocer I just try my best to just throw everything I need into my shopping cart.

A day before of stepping out from home, I dream about memorising all the to buy and getting my shopping list done. The moment I step out from my car I start telling myself to carry hand sanitiser with me, wear glove, NOT TO TOUCH MY EYES, wearing spec & mask, not to rub my nose & so on.

I honestly sibeh #kiasi, I woke up in the early morning and drive to the nearest grocery store to grab whatever I want and within one hour I just got my grocery filled with an 1 week amount of food and daily essential. I have no idea what kind of the fish I bought, I just get the fish that look cute to me and less scary. When I choose for chicken, I choose boneless chicken while for veggie, I just pick whichever I eat when I'm having a steamboat with my friends and all sort of seafood tofu & nuggets that I can simply cook if I'm hungry lol.

If you watched my insta stories you probably know the full version of my grocery shopping and once I back from grocery, I immediately run to my toilet and taking off everything I have on my body, top lah, bra and just everything. Then, start shower from head to toes. Salute to all ketua keluarga that need to go for grocery shopping every week during covid-19, freaking scary to me and now, only if i urgently need something if not please I don't even want to go out. Everything look extra scary for me and maybe I just need to be calm lol.

Next, no cooking show from me because the kitchen now is Smelly mom's territory ahahaha! If now I'm at my house with oven or my own space probably you can see my funny cooking show but for now I can only do some easy recipe dessert of food like the challenge I get from Jenn. I did a #EasyRecipeasy challenge by using only 4 ingredients. Quite enjoy and I love myself learning new things like this. It's why I pay so much for my kitchen renovation so you can expect for my future funny #ChanwonKitchen already lol.

Smelly on the other hand doing quite well from working at home because most of his project only needed a software to draw on the computer but seeing him need to actively appear on the online meeting is quite a funny thing for me. He look for new clothes asking me if he need to cut his hair so he look good on the webcam. It's why he asked me if I can help him to cut his super long F4 hair. 

So yea, cutting his hair for the first time. Luckily I'm not a stupid person I got intuition that he might end up regretting to ask me for help, so I put a tripod with my phone & record the whole process. Just in case if he scold me for the fail looking hair then I got proof. HAHAAHAHAH Of course, I asked his permission if he's alright for me to post online since it's really funny. I laughed my ass off when I'm editing the video but before that I'm really pissed off with the way he ask me to cut it faster and sort of raising his voice, then I also raising my voice through the whole conversation. HAHAHAHAHAH Many of you told me that this video made your day and I seriously advice you guys to record it down if someone ask you to help & cut his/her hair.

They always regret on what they said and then like Smelly he told me he never ask me to be fast or raise his voice but when we watch it together, he just ask me to forgive him 🤣🤣🤣 but it's really a great experience I think I can do better if he's more encouraging that time AHAHHAHAHA.

While the rest of the world think that staying at home can be really good on saving money. The answer is NO, I shop like crazy at home through taobao , lazada and shopee. Most of the brand or product I use have special exclusive promo that only available in MCO period. Everything free postage and I have been eyeing on few furniture through online as well wtf honestly I totally can't stop myself from online shopping.

But one thing I really enjoyed is being able to wear pyjamas all month long. lol I have 7 set of sleepwear with me now and every day I just pick from that 7 set. I can get myself dress up in sleepwear without the need of thinking what to wear later lol.

Next, to make use of the MCO and stop myself from looking at my empty planner which I totally have no idea what to write / plan through this whole MCO we decided to have a live stream doodling session together with babe Limzy. At first we thought it's just use to kill time but end up with the amount of respond we get, we decided to extend for extra one hour, continue and do it in weekly basis throughout this whole MCO period.

For those who knows me well, you probably knew that I couldn't draw. Not even can draw a cute dog / cat doodles. I often draw only stickman and only my team can understand what I draw on my storyboard. But this MCO proved me something. I now can at least, feel confident on drawing something on my empty planner. This is all need to thank to my senpai Limzy. We actually working closely in our own studio for more than half year but I never ever think of asking her to teach me on how to doodle on an empty paper.

I often feel it's quite hard but when we are having the live stream through instagram platform, with step by step and of course all our effort finally I can have some basic drawing skill. I enjoy doodling flora with music on and chatting with her. I miss the whole office and team like hell. I fucking miss my workplace because they contributed 50-60% of my life. Like I'm always love interaction with friends and every time when we are working on something, I get inspired from them, then we learn together through new things and just, honestly I really love seeing our studio full of the girls. Like they will play super funny music, share stories with us and cook nice meal , deciding what to eat later and giving me advice whenever I need.

So back to the topic, Limzy never fail me at all. Can you believe now I know how to freaking draw out something from my stupid brain and cacat hand. So you know how I transform the empty April I have to something colourful and fun. At least I never regret on investing a better and good planner. I own a midori, then from that I decided to go for hobonichi last year because I can buy and choose diff cover to match the inserts and so far so good just feeling so empty with the empty pages through this MCO period lol.

So this is consider the draft of my empty monthly planner. Normally it's full of plan but now I have so much space to fill in with quotes and self reminder lol. I should be happy and sad at the same time HAHAHAHAHA. Also my sweetie fam who joined 2 of our live stream together with Limzy. We always motivate each others whenever in the office. I remember the moment I decided to ask Limzy and her team, I decided to get a larger working studio and see if they want to share the studio with me and ended up we have been working together for more than half year now. I think in July, #TheWonzyStudio will turn 1 and I will throw a big party on it because now, everyday, I have been dreaming to have sashimi, steamboat, nice catching time with them lol.

These funny screenshot from our lovely followers. Now we can only taking selfies like this through FaceTime, zoom meeting or live stream lol. I also miss my bebe. I go back to see him every week but it's been more than 5 weeks since I back from Perth til now I never hug him and let him sleep with me. He's turning 7 years old this year, never ever once I never see him more than 2 weeks. Now it's like more than a month T.T When can I drive back my house to see him. Sigh I MISS YOU BEBE, your mommy still alive!

Taking the MCO to the next level, except for online meeting I also slowly accept that I really need to continue some class through online meeting method. Just like having an online piano class. I think for adult like us it's easy but for some kids it might be hard for them. Like the screen didn't show what's the posture of our hand on the piano, some if it's new then I think need two phone one showing the face and one showing the hand on the piano. Like me, I'm looking so stupid keep finding where's the button and since I'm really close with my piano teacher, I dont mind to look stupid in front of her HAHAHAAHHA. 

But I can't imagine I need to look good on a webcam if I'm having a serious meeting online. Yes, I'm wearing sleepwear and learning new song together with my piano teacher. Like finally!! Because I use to refuse to do so since I think it's really really hard to do it online but so far so good, is just that I prefer more to do it face to face. But let say if next time I'm traveling again couldn't attend the class, I can also do it online sometime, maybe?

I think this also open up my mind and trying something new now. Like can put on the document and read together, which button to click and we can highlight on things while attending the online meeting through zoom. I think not a bad idea right at the end!! 

Next, I cannot wait to wear earrings ever since I pierced my ear. But you know I'm not sure if I'm no longer young and body recovery is really slow down but my ear still infection now even it's almost 2 month since day 1. I try to stop having egg and seafood on the first month but it never solve the problem so now I just eat whatever I want, if not I guess my while MCO you will see me crying hard when looking at my dinner without things I love to eat lol. 

It stop bleed and showing green thingy on the 3rd week and I though it's recover but awhile later, it bleed again and got those green green thing came out when I press my ear hole. Next I thought I'm sensitive to the material of the earrings, I fucking change from silver to pure gold like I freaking bought two expensive gold earrings but it still remains the same and end up I change to plastic stick. So yea I really don't know what my body trying to tell me probably now I'm gonna spray some salt water to treat the infection or put something to make it getting better. 

But no worries, I believe it takes time. Just hope I no need to get my piercing done again for a second time. I dont want to pain twice and go through the same process again. So my advice is don't go for gun piercing method next time should go to the proper piercing shop to get it done best is go with needle method because I read a lot of articles and it proves me that the gun shot method create damn a lot of pressure on my ear and until now the back of my ear still got swollen 黑青 and infection as well. Please finger crossed I just wish to wear pretty earrings during my wedding celebration lol. 

Also this MCO is quite a good pre-marriage testing period for me lol. Like we have been together nearly 10 years but I never been together with Smelly in a space like sticking together closely for more than a month. Like wtf?!! We only been together for 10 days when we are traveling but staying in a same space with him also his family for more than a month is something new for me.

HAHAHAHAH Like I feel like finally I grown up to an age that I can stay with someone I love but not those romantic kind of story, the first 3 weeks when I feeling down, the moment I see him beside me and we just feel like fighting with each other but there is day when both of us busy on our week and we just love being together like that and doing on our work. There is also day like he being lazy and I just wanna kick him off the bed and workout with me while sometime when I'm lazy, he just kick me back to ask me to workout together with him.

Also he learned some bad habit from me like being lazy to wash his hair. AHAHAAHAHA Then forcing me to sniff his smelly hair and the next day I force him to sniff my hair as well. So is kind of special for me unlike most of the time we just working at our own office and when I'm not with him I will tell him what's happening on the day and things I learn but now every day we are sharing the same room, brushing teeth together and even myself can get annoyed sometime but I guess that's like our day after getting married?!! I guess so HAHAHAHAHA

Like when I thought my MCO will be really suck maybe at the beginning but now it's almost at the end of this post I feel like my MCO isn't that bad. Like there are many things I learned through this whole 34 days. It's the reason why I love blogging, like til now I never stop trying to blog whenever I have time. I really love talking with you guys through my blog, like my real friend who know me better than I am.

For those who think you are doing nothing and 0 progress through this MCO, I myself think the same too so #ChanwonDieDie find something to do. Learning new song, downloading new app to play, trying new things through online and doing whatever I can to kill time so after MCO at least I'm not stopping at the point that I didn't do anything through this 1 month period.

Although it's also some hard time for me especially this few weeks for managing my company's cash flow and also follow up on emails, proposal and dealing with changing direction project / campaign is one of the thing that I really not enjoy at all. The amount of project suddenly stop without any further notice and some with no work ethics client just driving me crazy. But please find your way or do something to express yourself. You can talk to someone you trust and let them be your listener or just throw your pillow hit it as hard as you want and after that, I just tell myself there are things that totally out of my control. I did my best and I'm just gonna take a good care of my mental health as well during this period of time.

With those extra time, watch your favourite drama, cook some new dish for your family to try, text to someone you miss just never stop trying on doing something fun or new to you. I guess all these experience is so so so precious and I hope soon everything come to an end, we can slowly back on our work and take precaution of the virus as well.

Attached my quote that done by one of my talented artist friend, Lewind who did the live stream early this afternoon. Hope you guys feel better after reading my post and although I feel so sad like most of the workshop that suppose to happen on this half year get cancelled, I really wanted to meet each of you, but I believe there are more coming in the future! Also more new content from me too!!

Stay tuned til the next post. Love, xoxo. See ya!

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