11 April 2020

Welcome back to my blog Sweeties💕 Trying to be calm and focus on what else I can do now even though I got nothing much to do at my room lol. Yes, just get the latest update about the second extension MCO period in Malaysia until 28th of April. Just like what I mentioned earlier, I have an intuition that it gonna be extend til May. Or probably we only able to go out after May because if the MCO stop now, it gonna messed everything and probably our #stayathome effort just gone like nothing.

Understand that everyone is doing our best to make sure we could survive and fight again this period of time but just there are always ups and downs for being just #stayathome. I have been staying at home longer than MCO period because I just landed few days before the MCO get announced by our PM. So you can imagine how frustrated I am in the beginning but I know, to be honest, if we didn't stay at home there will increase the chances of spreading cover-19.

So at this moment, there are nothing much I can do. I trying to make it works but there are some part that just got me feeling so frustrated. My work, renovation and I think I have decided to postpone my wedding ceremony as well. Just talk with Smelly yesterday, I think I can't hold our wedding this year and he just being so supportive over any decision I made. So yea, probably this is a hint as if I decided our wedding ceremony get postpone til next year then I got no issues or problems with the Chinese age issue I mentioned in my previous post (here) and probably also wont have any argument with my parent as well.

I guess I have made up my mind now to postpone til next year as I'm now not in hurry anymore since my renovation not even complete yet. Also, thank you for sending me some useful advice based on my previous post about my wedding preparation thoughts. It's helpful as those advices gave me a clear guideline on everything and now I know I'm not struggle with the problem. I just going to be calm and 佛系看世界 🤣 

So til further update after I gather the date, venue and props I will share it with you guys on this #JmWonMyHeartJourney and along with my travel wedding photos as well. Suppose to meet my team 2 weeks ago to choose the photo and I gonna copy it to my hard disk, sharing with you guys but yes, things happened unexpectedly, due to MCO extension we should be at home now. My wedding preparation just stop at this moment as I can't go to check out the venue and meet with the florist or decide on anything and changes on the date.

Another reason why I decided to postpone is because I wish my guest who attend the celebration with peaceful mind, not afraid of shaking hand or hugging each other, placing sanitiser everywhere or else we might need to wear the glove to attend the ceremony. 

Moreover, my contractor who promised to complete my house renovation at the end of February is just an empty promise during the MCO period. But what makes me more pissed off is my contractor is bullshitting about the process. I think I will need to share some experience and advice for people who are going to work with contractor on your house renovation. It's a must and all of us paid the price to get all these useful advices, I dont want any of you facing this during your first house renovation as well. I leave that part on my next blog post. 

To continue it I just put too much trust on him without weekly check on the progress myself. So when he told me it remains just 20% to complete, it's actually left 50% not even done the flooring. You know how I know? I feel damn weird why the contractor keep asking for money yet never send me any photo about the flooring update and the installation of some of my customised cabinet as well. Then I knew it, I knew there is something I need to do. So guess what I did? In the late evening after I back from my trip, I just f***ing drive my car to my place, bringing Smelly and his family with me to look at the progress.

The moment I open my door, I'm shocked til speechless. Not even 10% increase on the progress, the floor is my original empty floor, kitchen cabinet all in the same stage with what I have seen exactly a month ago. The next thing I get is, everyone asking me, HUH? Is this the one you mentioned it's done with the flooring?'. Guess what happened next, I just freaking take photo of every corner send it one by one questioning and asking the contractor what he told me 'DONE' is actually 'NOTHING HERE AT ALL'.

I never feel myself like an accountant carefully marking each spot and listing it out like shit, I'm just losing my mind and be calm at the same time. You know what I hate the most? Someone lying to me and the more wtf is he call me everyday telling me he came here all the way, eating his chicken rice that he take away from a restaurant and enjoying the view at my house and also admiring how beautiful my wooden flooring is. He told me my house with the complete wooden flooring which I requested look like a cafe. He giving so much compliments to my house. At the end what I get?

Just pissed me off every time I mentioned about this to my friends and parents. Like what the hell I pay so on time and still so calm trusting him. I feel myself like a fool on trusting the wrong person especially every time giving him an extension to the renovation progress. Until that time, it's my limit and Smelly say I look so scary. I stop myself from yelling at my phone, I wanted to voiceover at first but I think it's best to write everything black and white.

So I click on my notes app on my iPhone, list down every f****** things, then I told him I will no longer be kind and gentle for people who took my trust but giving me all these bullshit. I stand so freaking strong until another friend of mine in the group ask me if I'm alright and he even shock when he saw me sending the photo on the group chat. Suppose the flooring need to be done earlier in that month. Like what are all those calls telling me the floor is nice, they are working on it, asking for payment and to be honest, I never owe anyone money whenever he called me and I bank in like freaking immediately. 

There you go, Smelly just stand beside me wanted to calm me down and when we are back to our room, he told me next time dont ever simply pay people money and he warm me in the beginning of this. At this point of time, guy better don't trying to talk about the facts with girls, I really want to punch anyone who telling me all sort of 道理. But no worries we didn't argue because I ask him to only talk to me after I shower and be calm. Ended up he just say I'm always too gentle, too kind talking with contractor and letting them to 踩上我的頭. Smelly working with a lot of construction related work, he told me how and what to actually do as an owner. So thank for his advice I now changed to a completely bossy Chanwon with my contractor. I didn't want to even wait for him update progress, I myself just giving him the date that I want to see the things I want WITHOUT ANY EXCUSE.

I think it's been a while that I really 氣到很想哭. Like so hard to breath and my heart beating freaking fast, cold sweat all over my head. 😂 You can imagine it right now in your brain. So guess what happening next 2 days??

Just two days and they get flooring and all installation done. Like all the renovation photo I posted in this blog. I'm happy and sad at the same time because this progress from 50% to 70% and just stop there (2 days before announcement of MCO) until now, it still remains 70% done like this. like f it, they used 2-3 days get the 1 month progress done installing all the COB lights, fan, flooring and cabinet. WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING ALL THESE DAY. My time is money man! fml.

HAHAHAHAHAH Really dunno I should cry or laugh now. 😩 << This is me right now.

Like what I mentioned, they can just done this within the first week of March. I'm kind to let them extend it til middle of March, they promised me to complete that and if everything done during this MCO, I can use the whole freaking one month to slowly clean, unpacking my stuff and mopping in my new house. nah, honestly the moment I open my door and look at the incomplete thing, my heart bleeding. Like no one is gonna pay for my house loan like that and every delay just making me freaking scare because it's also getting more and more cover-19 casses every single day. Then BOMB, just done with the 70% and 1-2 days after we get our first two week of MCO.

So everything just stop right there.







What I mean is we can't even have any actual day on when I can start and continue that remaining 30%. If everything can be start I will be bossy Chanwon urge that to complete my 30% remain progress and final touch up within a week. I don't freaking care now when I'm kind, contractor think I'm idiot. So freaking sick of it now. Please stay tuned for the coming post with some advice from my friends and who faced the same experience like mine. When I share it on insta stories, like 99.9999% of followers told me the exactly thing and experience like mine.

Some promised to be 3 months until now 1 years half still haven complete. If I ever meet one kind contractor, I will freaking use my whole life to give him MORE & MORE BUSINESS. Many of you asked about my contractor contact earlier, here's the reason why I never want to recommend for you guys. It sucks! If ever we can google rating all of these, I think it's helpful for everyone like us. HAHAHAHAHA

My friend also msg me saying me I'm doing it right because the same person also delayed their renovation work. So yea, he even ask me to do it much harder than just Watsapp msg and listing it down one by one. Like why he dont take this serious then I can give him more renovation business soon. He probably dunno who the heck I am, for him I'm just newbie idiot that easy to take for granted. Honestly, lesson learned and I hope the god let me meet nice one and I can recommend for people. All of friends are looking for renovation work now, they keep asking me and I hope you are reading this so you wont ask me again and then I need to vomit out blood to tell the whole story again lol. I'm old now I need to take care of my heart lol *Just joking!
I admiring and inspired by all the homestay I used to stay in Japan. I love wooden W shape flooring. At first they want to advice me to get the / wooden style, but it will make my house look very 'cafe' style. I want it to be more like a home and cozy, so ended up my decision is good. So pretty and I love my platform room so I can sleep directly placing my bed on it. There is another room with storage bed not the platform one, so I can also use this as a photo worthy corner ☺️ Also finally I have makeup storage drawer for vanity table. Gonna taobao or look for a nice pastel / gold chair to match with my overall theme too.
I never order any furniture from taobao but I'm really eyes on one pink working table which also comes with a mirror. Going to place it on my working room area or probably in the living area because it's also a space saving furniture with multi style of using it. I just ordered a week ago cost me about RM2k, two thousand with the postage. Hopefully it arrive after MCO period if not I'm not sure where should I keep that and then I can fix the furniture with you guys, recording video for my youtube. Wanted to share my furniture haul with you guys as well. Also getting everything install in my house, shop for kitchen stuffs and all. I'm excited until I have dream moving in, cleaning mopping my house yesterday lol.

Look how desperate I am and it's why I'm blogging this on my blog now. My dream reminds me to do so lol. Also in the future I can read it back like how freaking hard I can get to move in my house. I will always remember it and for my second home in the future I dont want to work with contractor which make blank promises. I know there is some good one out there, just I haven meet them and hopefully they get to come across my life path. #fingercrossed

So I guess that's all for my current house renovation update and wedding preparation. Seems that I can only have an update after the MCO ended. But no worries, I feel so blessed to be able to share this journey with you guys. I'm half dead here because I thought I could work from home but reality is working from home for 6 weeks is hard.

I got so many thing to do in the first 2 weeks and after I done with that, I got no more footage of video I can edit, no more photo and content I can do and share with you guys through my instagram. So I'm quite neglecting it and continue with my blog since I can clear so much pending draft now lol. Also started to figuring out how to record a video with effect on tiktok. Guess I'm really productive over the past few weeks. But this week everything get worst when I get the extension news, means I need to continue motivate myself again to come out with something....

I know everyone doing the same too but dont give up! We can fight through it and I will see you on my next post. See you soon. Love, xoxo.

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