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12 June 2020

Arghhh!! So happy that it's currently the RMCO. Extension of CMCO but most of us are slowly back to work and finally after 2 months of #stayathome, I can back to our studio to work. I never once feel so motivated, like the past two months my mood swings a lot, sometimes I feel I'm okay to rest, sometimes not and there are days that I just keep trying and think of a list of to-do after MCO. Not sure if it's because of my PMS symptoms I sometimes do feel so emotional a week before my PMS. 

Looking back my planner and diaries during #stayathome days and now, I really see myself growing. Like how I can improve my time management and making it possible to think out of the box during MCO. How I'm able to communicate and explain everything with my team. At that point of time when I started to accept everything, I have told myself not to worries the rest and put effort, time and plan on all the to-do task once I can go back to work then I can straight kickstart my plan.

So there are those days I wish to put effort on youtube but because of my travel and work schedule, I always postpone it but now, since I can't travel like how I did in the past, I decided why not I just go ahead and try everything I can to make use of my time. I want myself to be busy with work again and make the day go by faster. Time pass faster at work 🧐

When I'm busy at work, I realised I normally catch up on tasks I have been putting off as this will keep me focused on my work rather than the time. I also listening to music while I'm blogging (like now), taking the morning free time to clear my mind, or outlining my ideas on a piece of paper to note pad. 

In the past, when I'm lack of sleep, I realise it's so hard to make myself focus on the same task for a long time and being so forgetful. I forgot what day is today, I will suddenly forget about what should I do next, I forgot where I put my phone and at the end of the day, I dont even remember how much I spent on online shopping as well. Normally I'm so so so sensitive about numbers. I always remember clearly how much I spent and have all of these in my mind but when I'm lack of sleep or short-term insomnia (sleep disorder).

Then I just anyhow since I'm shopping online lately, I got myself some essential oil and new diffuser as well to help improving my sleep quality and sleep better at night. I just try my best to be calm and not too worry about the rest. 

The next changes is, I change to reply email in the early morning when my brain and mind is clear. Listed out all the to-do task a day before my working day so that I wont feel so anxious. When I have the schedule and plan all ready, I can easily fall asleep at night. When I don't finish my work, I can't sleep and eat well lol. Now I know that I'm quite a workaholic since work is my priority now. If I can't manage myself well during this period of time, I couldn't manage my team well and they will get affected because of me as well. So I have to really get rid of my negativities thoughts and motivate myself before the day I start to go back my studio and work.

So far so good, everything goes smoothly and here's some little life update that I wish to update it on my blog.

The day  after end of MCO and started the CMCO, I immediately drive all the back to my parent's house and I miss my Bebe a lot. Like damn alot and he became so sticky. Followed me everywhere, when I'm going to toilet, waking up in the morning going to the kitchen and have a cup of water, siting in between my leg when I'm scrolling my social media platform. If you watched my stories, you know every week I sleep in diff home. HAHAHAHA I stay over at my studio during weekend, then after clear all my work I will then back to my parent's house and also staying with Smelly too. It's why I always carry things and clothes like I'm having a road trip lol

I feel like Bebe can read my mind. Whenever I feel sad and he is here with me. When I'm still staying with my parents, when he became the one of our family member until he's five, he accompany working and blogging at home, asking me to massage and kiss him when I back, every time cry when I'm going to event and I treat him like my own son. HAHAAHAHAH Sometime he is really annoying because he's now like the king of the house. Even my mom put him as her phone's wallpaper. You know like... how she use to scold my bro and I when we bring Bebe home lol. That time is world war period and although sometimes she still complain but we knew that Bebe is now way more important than us lol.

As for the first week I'm back to my studio, I clean the whole room. Making it as clean as possible and realise how much I'm afraid of bugs. Like damn those bugs that fly into my room because it's raining lately, the dead bodies of the bugs. Just yiuuuuuu! Sibeh scary okay 😂

On the other hand, for the longest time ever, I decided to rebrand or give my blog a makeover. Now you can see the overall style and new html template and layout of my blog. I takes me one whole month to think of exactly what I want for my header. I create the mood board, finalising everything and I decided to let go some part of the preparation for my team. If I always do it myself and dont let them to try, they can't grow. 

So I just write out everything I want, give it to my team and open a Watsapp group for better communication purpose. I use to keep asking and reminding for all my work but this time, I just let them to do the rest as it's been almost a year now since I have the team and working in our studio. I need to trust them as well although I'm 99.9% trust but sometime it's just me..like over worried HAHAHAHA 

Then the rest they just prepare and seek for my approver. They have skills and aesthetic sense / sense of beauty that seems to be slightly different than mine. I love to work with them and create something different as well as learn from them. I love to work with people who are punctual on time, responsible and passion about their work. Work ethics is really important and have to follow when working with me. Other than that, end of the working hour I will change my working mode to friend mode. 

The button auto turn on and off in my brain. I differentiate my work and personal life clearly. It's sharply contoured. When we are traveling, we are basically like friends and I will take care of them but when I'm work, what I want to see is get things done based on the timeline given and provided. If anything delayed, I'm the one need to take the responsibilities. Things getting more and more clear now as my brother recently joined my team. He's now doing subtitles and basic editing on my youtube video content. 

At the first two weeks it's quite hard as both of our sense of beauty is really diff. Like I'm using final cut pro, he's using windows video editor. The color and all software is totally different. I use to talk to him and he might not get it but I decided to just let him be and knowing that it's also his first time. I want to see how he can work closely with the rest of my team as my team are mostly girls and my brother is quite shy lol. AHHAAHAHH

So now it's the third week of him working for me. I quite stress too, I never work with family members before but I guess all I want is seeing him growing and improving. Also want him to find back his passion. He use to tell me that he love doing videos and be in a creative industry, but our family couldn't afford back then. But since young I always believe my brother is smarter than me. He can remember things by just reading it while I need to keep writing it on a paper, do extra note, read and force myself to remember it so I can get higher score in the exam lol.

I myself really interested in finance so I studied Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Finance with multimedia in MMU. I love what I learned from my Uni life, I love presenting in front of people making people laugh with my really broken English HAHAHAHAHA. My bro in the other hand studied Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Management. Although I use to advice him to take finance because it's just diff in few of the subject and syllabus but at the end I as a sister, will support and taught him to be responsible on his choice. He at the end get graduated in flying colors and the best part is no need pay for his degree fees. Then I patiently waiting  him to start working in others company and experience how's working life is... in a big company. 

And only pursue and know what he want in the end after trying all. I always told my friends and you guys, to not afraid trying new things. Never stop trying until you found what you want. Without trying, you will never know what you want. Only when you experience the good and bad, then you know exactly what you want and all these experience will mold you to be a better person.

People who always think they are good enough and not open minded to learn will never improve. In the past I wish to learn but no one is here to guide me or give me a sign or hint in my life. I swear to myself if one day I'm the leader or having my own company, I will guide and teach them as long as they willing to learn and responsible. How time flies, it's been 7 years since I graduated in 2014. I never thought I could have my own company and studio but now all I have it.

There are no other ways than giving yourself some yearly goals. I'm a determined person and need to live with purpose and goal. Once I set my goal, no matter what nothing can stop me. If I'm not interested on something, I will never touch it but when it's something that I'm involved and interested to, I will just give my best, do better and try my best to add value on it.

Success or not, as long as I try and for those who ask how I motivates myself, I guess this is the answer maybe? Also , you guys, my sweeties fam is the one who supported me all these years.  My strength on achieving all of these as without the internet, my blog or the social media platform, I guess my life might be slightly boring, and I'm sure I will be a banker who work for a 9-6 job, and if I choose that I guess I will be regret on not following and listening to my heart.

So for those who still struggling on finding your purpose of life, your passion and feeling lost. No worries, it's a process of growing and you have and will need to go through it. When you are young, try anything you want. When you got no commitment, give it a try as well. It's my advice to you guys. I don't want you just to follow me because of how I look like in the photo, I wish to give you more than just my face lol. If I'm a book, I wish you to read me, learn from reading it and get inspired. Not buying a book just because the cover of it. 

Next, we also changing the living area table layout by adding a new corner for #TeamChanwon. I feel so sorry to my team that they have to sit with the same table with me and don't have their own privacy space. Then I decided to add another 1-2 working tables and chairs as well.

So suddenly, the mood come already we just go to the Ikea and trying to get everything we need. At the end everything out of stock. OMG seems like everyone buying table to work from home in the past few days lol. The Ikea staff told us we have to wait until end of June / Mid-July. OMG Now I really desperately wish one we can get our own table within this few week. I'm OCD there are black table available but I just want white one so it looks nice and matched our studio theme lol. 

While busying with my working life, I also feel so exhausted on my personal life. The renovation of my house which soon I will share once it's complete. Then one day when I'm back to my studio room, servicing my aircon the uncle told me that I have to take note of my room's ceiling due to the leakage might cause a big problem if it fall down or due to heavy rain.

The mold making my sinus getting so serious and I just feel so 🙄 like fml why there is a leakage. Few contractor came to update the condition and provide different quotation to the owner. I just worry if it fell down, all my camera and things spoil then GG.COM. Thank god after 3 weeks of living under this damn ceiling, the owner finally approve the contractor quotation and now they are still scheduling the time to fix this. 

It's getting darker shades now. The mold is just so disgusting. Mold is a type of fungus. These small organisms can be black, white, orange, green, or purple and live almost anywhere indoors and outside. It thrive on moisture and reproduce through lightweight spores that travel through the air. It's why my sinus and running nose making me crazy at night.

Now have to fix it, I have to move and cover everything in my room. All my closet and dust gonna be EVERYWHERE. WAHLAO and when I sharing this on my instagram stories, few of you recommend me to get the canvas cover from the contractor to cover things up. But you know my biggest energy is dust, I want to make sure there are no dust sticking on my bed and pillow and just everything I have to cover and stick tightly lol. One of you recommend me to get the car cover from shoppe or lazada and just wrap everything / can be reuse too. Then I sekali buy 5 CAR COVER! I going to cover everything and also look after the contractor who will be fixing my ceiling and the rooftop leakage. I hope it wont leak again after it get fixed.

Oh yea, also if you watched and subscribe my youtube for the latest video which I posted yesterday (here). You then will see the intro of the youtube. During MCO I listed down everything I want to do and then one of the plan is getting my youtube intro done. I love creative stop motion did by my talented friend, Limzy and her team. I want to support them as well and at the end I decided to go for it and put some budget on the youtube intro so that once it's done, I can also force myself to regularly upload to my youtube lol. What kind of reason is that 🤣 

We did few online meetings during the MCO and here's my stickman story board and ideas. Sorry I really dunno how to draw human AHAHAHAHH I love stickman and only my friends and team can understand what I want.

AHAHAHAH So sorry I keep laughed at my own drawing but you know ya, no one is perfect. As long as the ideas is there and they know what I mean then I'm happy! HAHAHAHAHAHA You know like all my friends are good at their own passion. We attracted to each others and I love Limzy's artwork and I still can't believe they say yes when I told them to share the working space with me. #TheWonzyStudio = ChanWON & LimZY. Also with the help of her team, the ideas turn into reality.

So with my cacat stickman drawing, Limzy then transform it into this story board. All these BTS can only see from my instagram stories and blog too. Not easy every seconds have to move pieces by pieces and I will share some video on my story when I free by this week. Seriously I love it to the max!! So so so so so happy 😭 Thank you Limzy and Lovelimzyco team.

After some edit and changes on the story board, I then confirmed the final and Limzy will draw it all and making the digital drawing, filling the colour of my choice, cut it into all these small pieces and from dunno how many photos become a 15 seconds intro. I this might more than hundreds of movement and photo into that 15 seconds video. Wish to see more of the bts and join them as well but due to Bebe's sick I need to go back home on the day they are shooting this stop motion, I can't witness it myself. Only BTS videos taken by them  😭 I'm sad!!

So all of these cut into pieces by Lovelimzyco Team. Not easy at all. I cherish all the effort and see their passion on stop motion. They told me when they first started playing around the stop motion, they started with taking it by the phone and edit it on their laptop. Every project and campaign for their stop motion, they improve by trying and experimenting diff method and using camera to done everything now. 

After they are done with the stop motion, I'm then choose the music and insert the sound effect with final cut pro. Also last but not least, the end of this intro (clicking scene effect) is edited by my team. So all of us contribute our part in this stop motion and I hope you love it as much as we love.

Really can't wait to share all the BTS videos! Please give me some time to edit and soon will be uploaded to my instagram or youtube. Let me check if I have enough footage lol. If not enough then I will post through instagram 💕

Last but not least, finally more progress at my new home. It's now remain the last 8% then I have to start heavy clean my new home. I now then every time have to wrap myself like a confinement lady lol wth. I look at myself also want to laugh out loud lol. Dust is my biggest enemy!!! 

I guess that's basically sum up what's I'm doing and happening this few weeks. I hope you are doing fine and please stay safe & take care. That's all for now and I will see you on my next blog post. Til the next time. Love, xoxo.

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