Revealing The Story Behind Project #CWkissaLZ

04 January 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ I'm really nervous right now. I blogged this a day before the official launch, to be exactly the official launch is on 05.01.2019, 10am. The fifth day of 2019. Welcome to my blog and trust me, it has been a long time since I started this project. Today I'm not going to show you the glam side of the project but I'm going to bring you along through this journey. The story behind the #CWkissaLZ project.

Finally I can reveal the story behind this project with you guys and it's my favourite story telling time! So this project started 4 months ago in Sep-Oct but to be exactly, this ideas came when I have my first meeting with Kissa team back in July 2018. You guys know I started my blog 10 years ago. Back then, that time blogging is not my full time yet but I love buying new clothes, selling some of the pre-loved and share it online. I do sell some of my favourite clothes online because I realise most of my followers have the same style and preference like me. Although I stop doing that since 4-5 years ago but I know I always wanted to share what's in my closet for you guys.

I'm not really a petite size girl. I'm 161cm but due to my skinny upper body, I tend to have a hard time to get clothes that really fit me perfectly. Therefore, I use most of my time exploring and figuring what type of clothes suit me the most. By sharing all my favourite picks of #OOTDchanwon online, how mix match to the style that I love and how to style my outfit during my trip as well. Then by doing that, I gained quite a number of followers. From that I slowly go out from my comfort zone, learning how to public speaking on the stage, handling workshop, appearance for events & etc and one thing that makes me feel confident is through the outfit I wear.


Kissa is one of my favourite team to work with ever. I have work with them for a year plus and during the first meet up, I'm really happy that we both have the same mindset. The team drive 2-3 hours to KL just to meet me before I'm leaving to New York. I remember my bro work as my assistant on that day. All of us had a great time together just sharing some of my social media knowledge with the team, chatting and some casual life update until one question throw to me.


They asked: 'So Chanwon, do you have any future plan in your mind?'

I have no idea what is the best answer for this question. I just talk anything that pop up on my brain and I just answer them like...

'I wish to work with people that see my values and maybe come out with something that is fun and meaningful?! Maybe collaborate on some project, like hmmm... I wanted try something new, creating new project, maybe step out from being just a blogger' I answered.

Next, I continue to elaborate more and said....

'I have a team now, if you guys interested maybe I can collaborate with you and come out with something fun on this coming Chinese New Year hahahaha' I said.

Then I saw they a sign of 😳 *light bulb turned on* and they answer me like..

'Interesting! If it's you and we are really confident with it. Why not!!!' 


I be like ' WOW...WAH... 😱😱😱😱😱' ARGHHHHH!!!

Next, I immediately feel the 'click' with them. I talk to them what I wanted and also show one of my super talented friend's artwork to them. I told them I wanted to come out with our own CheongSam maybe if it's something they wish to create! The next person I think of will be my super talented friend, Limzy who is really good on flora prints and drawing. So here's how I kickstart the whole idea.


Until now I still can't believe we make it for the project. Because the idea just bumped into my mind and suddenly someone turned it on lol. 


This is how we started & our story behind the whole project of #CWkissaLZ.


Limzy was one of my 'online friend'. We knew each other 7-8 years ago through blog and then instagram. She started her handmade DIY and vintage store as 'Cute Granny Vintage Store' many years back. I remember I'm really into flower crowns and handmade stuff, so I guess we both started follow each other back then. I also shared her flower crown with my lousy selfie through my blog and instagram! But still, we never met before. lol (Ps: back then the cute granny vintage store is actually her assignment I think *if not mistake I remember I asked her before during our first trip together lol)

Both of us see how each other grow. We chat with each others, supporting each other even we never met before lol. I see her chasing her dream from teaching the kids drawing, working in an art gallery until Lovelimzyco. The first time when we both met with each other was the time I wish to purchase her artwork and she is just so down-to-earth. She came to me and hand passed the artwork to me. It was on my 7th anniversary with Smelly and it's also the gift for Smelly.

I received the artwork from her, the moment we (Smelly & I) look at it. We both tears so much. She draw and spread the happiness for us through all her artwork. Also, she can draw out whatever in my mind. I can't draw tbh. The only thing I can is drawing a stickman lol. I admire her work and how talented she is. Then we both continue chatting until I'm finding new travel buddy to Japan. She saw my stories and so sudden, we both travel together to Japan.

We met for the first time in 2017, we travel for more than twice within a year. We went to Fukuoka to chase our flower dream and when I talk about the project, the first person I think of was Limzy. We both hardly meet each other in KL because both of us are really busy with our own job. In 2018 she started her Lovelimzyco right after our first trip together and I'm so proud of her because I know it's the journey isn't easy. 

Life is unexpected and it is the unexpected change our life. I really think she is the person who can work this out with me. I saw all her artwork and secretly admiring her. She brought me happiness and I truly know, she can also bring happiness to everyone of you. What makes me happier is She said a YES for this project. During our second meet up, Limzy , Kissa and I were really happy to kickstart the project. Then, our baby born! lol Giving birth is like a 9 months journey, our #CWkissaLZ is our 4-5 months journey. 


The journey wasn't as smooth as we expected. We faced lots of challenge but I'm still really happy that we made it together. Feeling blessed and thank you to all of our team and everyone who contribute and commit to this big project. There are things that we stressed for months and lots of learning process through this collaboration.

Because this project including printing and unlike printing on paper, printing on a real cloth is really diff. There are tons of texture to choose from. We got no knowledge from that. I only know what I like and what kind of mix &match style I'm looking for, but when you ask me how or what to decide. I really can't decide. We discuss with each other, making decision together and just..everything...

Limzy squeezing her brain thinking of the prints, because the style of our collaboration outfit have to look good with the prints. We keep changing the prints, the colors, the texture of the cloth. I almost puke with the amount of decisions to make. Not easy and this is the one and only opportunity I got, I must give the best for this project.

The challenge is real hard. There are many design being turned off because of the cutting, prints, style and texture just doesn't works together. There are few that I thought it's nice but ended up I laugh my ass off when I see the actual product. For example Limzy did the print in light pink color but when we printed it on the cloth, it turned out to look dull with diff texture and the color look so diff. 

This is all the fail one, things we turned off lol

I remember I was so struggle on making decision because the prints that Limzy created and draw are super nice but when it combines with my outfit idea, it turn out to look super weird lol. I'm really speechless when I saw the design and want to cry out loud lol. But nvm, this is the process of making the best #CWkissaLZ. I was sooooo happy when I touch on the real and actual product. You know how I feel when I saw Limzy's print on the cheongsam? I feel like crying and I did lol. For maybe few second but I don't wanna turn out to be too drama, so I just told myself 'TAN CHAN WON YOU BETTER DONT'

So I just quietly admiring and touching all our babies of #CWkissaLZ. Limzy also feel like crying and Zen be like 'can you all start your discussion?' lol Moral of the story 'Girls tend to be more emotional than boy lol'

I emphasise a lot on the quality and making sure that the print of Limzy must look good in real. Also we come out with diff sizes from XS petite to L size

Limzy and I both have our own full time job on daytime and dealing with all the project at night. Kissa trusted on me and I really really dont want to make them feel disappointed. I'm so afraid everything turn out like a nightmare, I afraid my decision was wrong but you know, all this negative thoughts can't help me. So I just stay calm and keep pushing myself!

I told myself is okay but looking at the deadline I was nearly dead. I can't breath for few second. We only see and receive the actual product at the end of December (last week of December). The shipment was delayed for a month and at first we plan to get our lookbook and everything done before December. But the reality was, we got only one month left before the CNY and everyone started their new year purchase now. I rejected all the events and meetings, didn't really update on my instagram stories and now you know why 😩 I wish to tell you guys what happen but I can't reveal anything before we done the whole project and I have not yet prepare to tell anyone of these. 做到完成後才能大大聲說出來!

Then when every pieces of our baby arrived at Kissa warehouse. Limzy and I then turned to be like a superwomen. We finished and 'chiong' (rush) all our work before until 26th night, we gather together to discuss about our lookbook project. To be exactly we have only 2 days left because we leaving our shooting venue on 28th. During our countdown, I'm doing all the editing and teaser on the last day of 2018 😂😂😂 Yea I'm crazy! 


The first night we arrived at the venue. Since it's CNY collection and together with Cheongsam, I'm looking for a very unique place to shoot. Also I really really love this place, it was one of my friend's homestay. I love every corner of the house especially the kitchen and just loving the whole concept of it. it's why no matter how far it is, I still decided to go for it! We arrived there at 10pm.  Driving from KL to the venue for 3 hours. Like a short getaway but it's a work getaway xD Limzy brought her assistant, Kah Yee to help on the shoot.

I preparing on how to style, discussing on what to match with the clothes, accessories, sequence of each piece of outfit, which scene for which together with the team. Taking challenge to do hair and makeup stylist at the same time. I dunno how I did it but I just freaking dont think of anything and JUST DO IT.

Kah Yee recorded and listing down everything and Limzy is the creative director, she's good on her art sense and placing each props making sure it look good on our lookbook. Zen brought all his props, lighting because he is the photographer on this project. I hope he could learn more on lookbook style of shoot. He is really nervous as well because 3 of us from diff background, diff preference. When we wanna make it 3-IN-1, there is a lot of diff opinions and problems. But still, WE DID IT 😭 I also can't believe it myself. hug** 😭😭😭

Then story not end yet. On the first day 27th our shoot, I woke up at 7am, started the shoot at 9am. In the middle of the break, alamak, flood happened right after we back from our lunch and when we count on the items, we realise left out few designs / outfits. The shoot stop and the whole team can't focus anymore. I got no choice but to continue because that's what leader do, motivating people even I feel so stress and crying inside lol😂 Also enjoying the challenge lol

Honestly, if you ask me how I did, I think it's all because we work as a team, we take this project, we take the challenge therefore, I die die also must finish the whole shoot on the day. I called Kissa and they drive all the way to Johor despite they have event on the next day, they still came to JB and save us. We have 1 hour break and after we collected the clothes, we continue to decide which to shoot first. That time was around 7-8pm, I remember clearly and how nervous I am. But I still stay calm because I can't let the negativity affect me and I dont wanna affect others.

See all our face, really no joke one. 像女生月經第一天那麼可怕那麼難

KahYee was the person who help to record all of these so that I can have all these BTS on my blog. Thank you for everyone who helping and trusting us on this project. We start our shoot in the morning 9am. I can't sleep well, my body automatically wake up at 7am. Limzy also can't sleep lol.  So I started doing my hair and makeup at 7.30am.

until almost 12, we are still shooting on it.

We got no time for food and my long distance friend, miing came to save us. She know I'm really stress and without me asking for help, she came and help me on the shoot. Since it's all our first time, just because of how brave we are, taking a big step from what we usually good at, doing and creating something...To be honest, not easy. I thought it was sooooo easy at first but no 😭😭😭😭

11.30pm we still shooting for it. I die die also wanna 親力親為, at first we thought of getting model to shoot on the lookbook but since this is our baby, I wanna do it once for my own. I just wanted to get the best look to represent each of the outfit.

In the middle of the shoot, I fall asleep. I wear my contact lens since morning 7am til 2am. My eyes were so tired. Total 19 hours of working time. Break my own record and we made it all TOGETHER. My eyes can't really focus on things. At that point of my life, I'm telling myself few hours more, chanwon few hours more! Keep it up keep it up. Also giving each of us 1 hour break to relax but my brain just can't relax at all.

Through this collaboration, I wish to come out with something new, something emphasise on versatility, prints, easy mix & match and suit each of our diff personalities. Just like how I always style myself, Chanwon , Chantik and Changih. Also I hope all these outfit can bright out the confident for you guys.

Shooting our last outfit at almost 2am midnight lol !!!!

I remember it was 3am when I'm on my bed. The next day we need to wakeup and do the editing together. I dunno how we did it. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Oh my god...


Acquainted through the love of flowers, Limzy and I venture through a journey of passion and friendship. We curate a collection that reminds all of us the very first sign of bloom. For every women deserves to be refreshed, renewed and reempowered for the brand new year. I love beautiful outfit and I believe Limzy's artwork and our project can bring out the idea. I want people who wear #CWkissLZ items feel happy, beautiful and confident. I want these prints / colors to brighten your day and making it versatile for all of us. It's easy to style for everyone and you can wear it in multiple ways.

Limzy's creation 

(*I can't reveal the design until the official launch tomorrow. I will upload the photo here again after the official launch)

The first highlight of all is these beautiful CheongSam series for this coming Chinese New Year. Limzy create few prints that suit for this whole collection and curate these beautiful flora prints on both maxi Cheongsam & short flare Cheongsam. 

Stripes linen maxi dress: I often get question from followers asking how to look nice with Maxi dress. This is the maxi dress that can make you look good when you are wearing it. The texture of the clothes, the stripes / color that I pick is something that can wear as a daily wear , when you are hanging out with friends or even traveling to your favourite country.

Floral asymmetrical ruffle hem midi dress: Just like how feminine it is to add and create such beautiful piece with Limzy's artwork. This time instead of choosing the pastel flora, we decided to go for something diff. This color look good on everyone and making you stand out from others. This color can brighten asian's skin color and the sleeve and ruffles at the bottom of the dress just making this pieces a little more feminine. Available in diff color and print. You can choose between the plain color or this. Both look good because I got both for myself! HAHAHAHA

Wrap skirt faux romper: I gave some crazy ideas to Kissa. Asking if i can make an outfit that can wear as a romper and dress at the same time. Turned out we curate such beautiful pieces which available from XS - L sizes. It's actually a dress but when you take off the wrap skirt, it turned out to be a romper. I want this outfit to stay at your wardrobe longer and giving this piece of item a few ways to style with. You can wear as a romper in a day and turn it to be a dress at night. Or styling it different by taking off the wrap skirt. 

I love versatile items. The next items which I really love is this wrap trench dress. Both Limzy and I love trench jacket. But it's hard to get it in Malaysia and how if I can wear it as a dress and as a trench. So this is how we created and come out with idea. As a modern women, we holds many roles in our life. Work and fun always intermix. Being versatile and multifaceted are keys to your very own unique style. You can style or wear it as a dress itself, or as a trench outer which can simply mix & match with any top and bottom.

Satin Mini Dress that came with diff colour to meet each of your preferences and personalities. It can be easily mix match with your jacket or you prefer to wear it alone. In the lookbook I style it with the wrap trench dress. I will style it alone on my coming #OOTDchanwon soon.

Layers off shoulder lace dress. Something for the new year, I come out with my favourite shades of red and lace. Off shoulder is really my thing. I love off shoulder and the cutting of the dress is really pretty because the waist cutting is slightly higher than normal and that makes your body look taller. The layers appear on the lace dress, the cutting, off shoulder design can make your body look beautiful on its own. Even I'm flat like a wood, I look so beautiful like this. It comes with diff sizes as well. The cost is really expensive for this piece of item but looking at the value of money, it's really beautiful and Worth it! 

Next is something that giving a twist for this collection. Something from Day to Night. Even for this coming festival season such as CNY, it's something that you can't live without. All of these outfit can make you stay chic and elegant throughout the day.

The Asymmetrical ruffles midi top and skirt set. I love top and bottom set because I can basically style with anything I want. It comes with diff color and the length of the skirt just really nice. It's asymmetrical but at the same time allowing you to style differently and whether to wear it together or with diff bottom / top.

Plaids blazer and shorts / skirt set: I went to both Japan and Korea in October. I saw everyone looking beautiful with plaids blazer but it's always too big for me. Mostly only available in free size so I thought why not I pick my favourite color of plaids and make it matching with either a same plaids shorts or skirts! There are more than 300 designs of plaids, by looking at it and making decision + imagine it = a nightmare for me. But I'm soooooooo happy turn out the final one look really pretty! It's available in diff sizes as well. If you are petite size can get XS! dont missed this! At the end of the day, I decided to go with grey plaids and the brown one! Both beautiful on its own. Both color can be easily style for everyone.


The journey isn't easy but still, we made it. It's 4.1.2019 6pm by the time I'm typing these. I can't wait for everything to reveal on tomorrow at 10am sharp. You can come back to my blog tomorrow at 10am and click here (will put on the hyperlink tomorrow) to see how we style with each of the outfit we curated through the Lookbook. 

It's hard to hold many roles on this project but this is something that I wanted to do for a long time. I can't stop myself from taking new challenge and learning new things. I love how things brought together and turned all our dream pieces in real. Sometime, 

it takes courage to try something new
it takes time to make it happen
it takes passion to drive through our dream
it takes effort to make everything alright 

But as long as you don't give up, keep doing, take the challenge, life will show you the way and I'm looking forward for more and more creation in the future. I'm not only Chanwon, the blogger, I'm always a person who is full of passion on doing what I love, creating something that we will be proud of. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

I really really can't wait the lookbook to be up on tomorrow, @10am in the morning. I start counting now. I always believe creating something and sharing happiness with people is the best feeling ever. Thank you Limzy who believes me and created such beautiful pieces with me. Thank you for your sleepless day and night rushing the design, staying late with me through the shoot with Zen & KahYee. Thank you Kissa team who turn on for the project and believing me and my team, trusting me and Limzy can work this out even we only met once.

I prefer to stay like this, helping brands to create awareness and add value on their branding. Collaborating with people, brands and clients. I don't like to come out with my own brand because I always believe I will be happier if I'm able to add value and work with people who appreciate and trust on me. I feel alive and I gain satisfaction by doing these. I will never ever forget the reason why I started this.

Once again, thank you for reading and joining this journey with me. I hope all of these beautiful outfit can encourage every one of you to love yourself, feel confident inside out, to think of us when you are wearing it! It takes a long time to come out with such good quality items, I really really hope you will love it! 

It's also every girl's closet must have items. If you are wearing any of these remember to hashtag #CWkissaLZ . I would love to see how you style with each of it, and thanks for supporting me if you purchase any items from this collection. Let's do it together and see you on tomorrow. Remember it's 10am ya!

兩個不同崗位的人就會產生出不一樣的火花  This is one of the biggest highlight and project in 2018. WE MADE IT 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱




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